Beware – If you haven’t seen this episode of Legends of Tomorrow, then spoilers are more than likely – including for m,myself as I am yet to see the “Crisis” episodes.

“Previously…” on Legends of Tomorrow.  Time Bureau / Agent Sharpe / Darhk and Grodd / Stein and Jax / Young Martin Stein / Leonard Snart

So, to 1992 and we see young “Marty” in a toy shop queue, waiting to by the latest toy, Beebo and finds that they are sold out.  Disappointed he sees a display toy, which he manages to get ahold of.  Running from other shoppers, desperate for the toy (for his daughter), he runs…right into the time of the vikings.

Anyway, the Legends are taking Psychiatric advice from Leo on the ship before getting ind of the anachronism in the viking age, not knowing that it’s a young Marty who is the anomaly.  It appears the vikings are “worshiping” a blue god.

Jax and Nate see young Martin has been taken prisoner, hanging from a try in a rope net.  The Legends release him and take him aware, despite his insistence that he “rescues” Beebo from the vikings.  We then see them worshiping the toy.  “Beebo, Beebo”.  Ok, so a little weird so far.

Back on the ship, Martin is explaining that the vikings do worship the toy, the reason being that because the toy talked they assume it was a god and was the only reason they kept Martin alive.  Martin questions were his older self is but the Legends swerve the question with a white lie.

Jax is struggling to come to terms with the death of Stein during the Crisis on Earth X story.

Leo changes settings aboard the Waverider, due to Micks excessive drinking issue, and he takes the alcohol away from the beer.

Sara receives a communication from Ava Sharpe who and talks of Beebo Day (Dec 25th apparently) and decipher that this is the anachronism.

They come off the ship and make their way to the vikings themselves, in the hope that they can set things right and ensure that Beebo is returned to where it should be.

Mick gets caught stealing from the “Blue God” and Freydis wants him punished, asking Beebo how.  After rubbing the belly of the toy (I know right?), Beebo says he’s hungry, which then determines how they this Mick should be punished.

Mick is taken to a fire and thrown in it, however, Leo puts the fire out with his gun.  Amaya is then caught, with Nate, trying to take Beebo away and swords are pulled by Freydis and her brother, who happens, if you know your viking history, to be Leif Erikson.

Zari and Jax are playing a video game on the Waverider when young Martin states that he wants to get back to where he should be, with or without the Beebo toy.

During the battle outside, Mick decides enough is enough and burns the Beebo toy.  The vikings realise they have been worshipping a false god.

Damien Darhk has obviously been watching the goings on and appears after the battle, claiming to be the god, Odin and the vikings, ultimately, bow to him.  The Legends retreat back to the Waverider, where they feel another timequake.

Martin and Jax make their way back to Central City, 1992, and Jax is quiet, Martin seeming to know something is wrong. Jax gives Martin a letter to be opened in November 2017.

Mick is still craving a drink, searching everywhere for any drop he can find.  Leo is being tough on Mick but mainly because of his Earth X doppelgänger.  They do argue like a married couple at times.

Ava is on to Bennett from the Time Bureau and informs Sara that Rip is in prison, Grodd is causing havoc in time, thanks to Darhk and the Bureau is in disarray.

Jax has returned and Sara wants the team to take the Waverider and leave her in the time of the vikings, facing Darhk on her own.  We then see Sara face Darhk before he breaks her neck, killing her (possible outcome), before we see the next scenario where e see the Legends make sure that she is not on her own and they do it together or not at all.  Their second scenario works to a point but Darhk stops himself being killed (surprisingly).  Ray brings back Beebo from the dead, the other Legends face Nora, seemingly finishing her off.  Darhk tries to make a getaway to another time, Sara grabs him and ends up in a world she has no idea on and a voice taking to her.  The voice?  Mallus.  Thankfully, Harper grabs her back after deciding she should work alongside them.

Sara explains how the void she entered, where she heard Mallus, to Harper and, on hearing the name Mallus, wants to inform the Bureau as Rip was, in fact correct, being worried about this villain.

Gideon confirms that the timeline in restored, yet Jax is upset that his Back to the Future moment with Martin hasn’t worked and he hasn’t read the letter, but burned it.  Jax goes back to 1992, where Martin confirms the same.  Martin tells Jax that be won’t be cheating death and wants to live his life to the full and allow Jefferson to live his.

On his return, Jax goes to see Sara and explains that he wants to leave the ship so he can move on.  Sara doesn’t want him to, obviously, but lets him go with her blessing.  Jax takes a last look before leaving but the Legends wouldn’t have that and Sara has arranged a little Christmas get together before he goes  Jax makes a speech and he leaves the Waverider. (Booooooo).

After Sara gets back on the ship after seeing Jax off, she returns to find John Constantine waiting for her.  Ooohh…

Ok, so a strange episode for me.  The character stuff I really love but the story, the Beebo thing, Darhk returning for a short period seemed a bit like filler almost.  The main story was that of Martin and Jax leaving, which were pleasant.


Cheers, John


Ava Sharpe having no idea about Christmas, hilarious/

The respect now being shown between Ava and Sara I like.  Character growth.

Jax final scene, the ship, the moon in the background.  Beautiful.