Posted: April 6, 2018 by John Hammond

Hello, and welcome to another edition of “Confessions Of A DC Week”.  Can’t believe that this is the 7th issue already, and I must say that I am very happy to see that it has been as welcomed as it has.

This issue, we have one of our newest DC World team members, Jim Curl, answering the questions.

You will see from his answers to these questions that Jim is a big fan of DC Comics and quite the collector.

Please enjoy and, if you’d like to take part, please feel free to get in touch, all the contact details are at the end of the interview.

Anyway, on with it…

First of all, tell me a bit about yourself – name, age (if willing), where you’re from and what you do for a living, anything else you wish to mention.

My name is Jim Curl and I am 35 years old. I was born and raised in the small town of Ulysses, Kansas, Now living in Tulsa, Oklahoma where I’ve worked in the natural gas industry as a pipeline controller for the past 8 years.

What, or who, helped kickstart your DC Comics fandom and when?

It was probably the mid to late 80s when I first remember watching Superman: The Movie starring Christopher Reeve.  From that moment on, I was hooked and began reading Superman comics, and still do to this day. 

Who is your favourite DC Superhero?

Superman has been, and always will be, my absolute favorite superhero. 

Who is your favourite DC Villain?

This is a very tough question as there are so many great villains in the DC universe.  I’m going to go with a group of villains known as the Crime Syndicate.

Overall, who is your favourite DC character?

Superman’s son, Jonathan Kent, has been my favorite character over the past couple of years.  If you’ve been reading Super Sons, Action Comics or Superman, you’ll know why.

What is your favourite DC Movie?

The one that started it all; Superman: The Movie.  A 3 hour extended version was released last year that is absolutely AMAZING! 

TV shows – which is your favourite DC effort?

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was my favorite show growing up and I still enjoy watching episodes.  I’m also a fan of every DC TV show at the moment.  I’m especially looking forward to diving more into Krypton. 

Do you listen to DC related podcasts? If so, which ones are worth listening to? 

I don’t, but I follow ComicsExplained on YouTube.  He has great content and can really break down what is going on in the world of comics. 

Is there a DC character, one we haven’t seen a live action version of, that you would like to see enter the movie or TV Universe? If so, who?

I would love to see Damian Wayne introduced in the movies, especially since we have an older Batman whose exploits over the past 20 years haven’t really been touched on.  Just imagine a 10 year old assassin being dropped off on Bruce’s door after the events of Justice League.  I would love it.

The DC Universe has featured many, many actors on TV and in the movies, as well as animated movies/series’, so I ask you – who is your favourite actor, anyone who has made some sort of appearance within a DC creation?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played The Comedian in Watchmen, has become my favorite actor over the years.  I met him at a convention last year and he was a delight to speak with.  He also gives the best hugs!  So if you like hugs, go meet him sometime.   

Comics – do you read them? And if so what is your favourite comic/graphic novel to read?

Ohhhhhh yeah!  I visit my local comic store every Wednesday for new comic day.  There are so many great stories that I love but my favorite series is All Star Superman by Grant Morrison.  Issue #10 includes what I feel is the most powerful page from any comic book series that shows Superman at his absolute finest.

This week’s controversial question: The Bat-Suit, Nips or No Nips? 

Oh my gosh!  Whoever thought it would be a great idea to put nipples on the Bat Suit should be cast out! 

Now we have the necessities from you, on to the reasons that I created this feature, your DC collectables/memorabilia or whatever you wish to call them.

First up, do you collect large amounts of DC merchandise or is it just a select variety of items that appeal to you, which you like to pick up?

I enjoy collecting comic books, movie posters and statues.  I love getting comics and posters signed for display. 

Do the items you collect relate to one specific character/movie/TV Show etc. or is it just all things DC Comics?

I do get a bit more excited when I come across old Superman, Flash or Green Lantern memorabilia.  But my collection pertains to all things DC Comics. 

Of the items you own, do you have a most prized possession? – I’m not asking for your favourite here, but the one/s you cherish most of all. Why does it/they mean so much to you?

I’ve mentioned a number of times my love for Superman: The Movie.  About 4 or 5 years ago, I was able to acquire a movie poster signed by the entire cast.  It is by far my favorite piece of memorabilia that I own.

Is there something in your collection that you would consider the strangest? If so, what made you buy it?

My mom got me some NECA Scaler figures for Christmas a couple years ago.  They are so weird looking but I love them regardless.  They hang on my fan and light pull cords in my living room.

Do you have something in your collection that could be described as a rare item?

I have some old comic books that I consider rare; Superman #2 from 1939 and Superman #4 from 1940. (Ok, so I may be a little bit jealous here – John)

What is the your “go to” item when showing off your collection to, say, friends or family?

The Superman books mentioned above and a wall of comics that I enjoy and have had signed over the years.

Is there a Holy Grail for you, an item that you would love to own that may prove to be extremely difficult?

I would love to come across an Action Comics #1.  But then I’d be torn on whether to sell it for a big payday or keep it.  What would you do? (No, no I would not, no matter the money on offer, I’ll starve thanks. – John)

Cheeky question, but most and least expensive collectible you own?

The most expensive would probably be my Superman #2 comic and least expensive goes to some DC character LEGO keychains.

Aaaaaand, there you go.  Very sorry to say, but that’s another issue of “Confessions…” finished.  Another cracking read I am sure you will all agree.

My massive thanks go to Jim for taking part and showing off some of his wonderful, wonderful collection, including some very, very early issues of Superman in the comics – Fantastic.

I have no doubt that you all agree, Jim certainly merits the title of a DC Geek.

Again, my most sincere thanks and, if like Jim, you would like to take part in a future issue, then please do contact myself, or the team, in any one of the following ways…

My own Twitter – @DC_ComicsGeek

Email –

Team Twitter – @_DCWorld

Please do feel free to contact us, it is always a pleasure to interact with other fans of the things we all love.

Cheers, John


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