Posted: July 15, 2016 by Adam Carr

There have recently been a lot of DC Universe movies announced but one character who has yet failed to make it to the big screen is Oliver Queen, AKA, Green Arrow.

As DC Fans we all know that the TV show is a smash hit even though the more recent series might not have totally lived up to some fans expectations with Laurel dying and the botchy ending of Season 4.

But, if there was to be a movie who would you cast in the big roles? We’ll get you started with a couple, and you guys can discuss below.

Tom Hiddleston as Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)


Yes he has already been in the Marvel movies as Loki, and yes he has brown hair, and YES he is British.  Tom Hiddleston is one of the best actors around at the moment, and he has the physique and ability to play the more physical side of arrow, yet has the look and voice to also play the more ‘playboy’ side of Oliver too.

Blake Lively as Black Canary (AKA Dina Laurel Lance)


Can’t say I know much about this choice, but looking at a list of the best actresses in 2016, a lot of them are already in DC movies or are British, and we don’t want a Brit for every role, do we?  She was in the Green Lantern movie a few years ago and so knows a Little about the DC Universe, and also kind of has the look one might expect for Black Canary.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Merlyn


Although another Brit after just stating we don’t want everybody to be a Brit, Benedict seems to have the dark edge that we might expect Merlyn to have.  He probably isn’t the only big bad you might choose, but he has come off well in the TV Series thanks to John Barrowman, and Benedict has the look of the comic book version of Merlyn, if he is just to grow a beard!

Rupert Grint as Speedy (AKA Roy Harper)arsenal

Yes i agree not the obvious choice and sadly another Brit (perhaps we just have the best actors and actresses at the moment?).  Need a younger face to play Roy Harper so that he comes across as a bit of a Robin to the Batman that Arrow is, and Rupert has that younger look when compared to Tom Hiddleston.

I’m not saying that I am right or wrong with these choices, in fact if any, i’m probably wrong. It would be great to hear your views on who you would cast in a Green Arrow movie, so go ahead and comment below.

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