Posted: March 8, 2018 by Jim Curl

We’re back this week to discuss the next issue of Supergirl: Being Super.  For the first issue, I avoided spoilers but this issue kicks off with a tragic event that drives the entire issue and really can’t be avoided.  So…SPOILERS AHEAD.

Chapter 2: Hold On!

A massive earthquake strikes during Midvale High School’s track meet.  Kara reveals her powers to save her friends by catching a light pole before it crushes Dolly then leaps into a large hole to save Jen from falling in.  Just as Kara grabs Jen, her hands begin to glow and her powers fade, causing her to drop Jen to her death.

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Kara’s inability to save Jen hits her very hard.  She isolates herself at home, eats all the cereal in the house and ignores the world.  Local news stations report there is no clear cause of the earthquake.  During this time, we truly see how amazing and supportive her parents are.  Later, Kara goes out for a run to reminisce and blow off some steam, also loading up on more cereal.

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At Jen’s funeral, Kara’s track coach approaches her, urging Kara to call her about anything she may need.  Kara mutters a “Thank you”, thinking her coach’s behavior is weird.  That night Kara and Dolly have dinner together. As they mourn Jen, Dolly mentions the athletic bracelets and wonders why they are the only three who received them.

Back at home, Kara’s parents continue helping her get over her grief.  She falls asleep and dreams of a man and a woman crying and talking in a strange language, calling her “Kara Zor-El”.  Recognizing her pod from the dream, she goes to it, looks inside and finds a red blanket with the letter “S” on it.

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Kara attempts to fall asleep again and hears a voice crying out for help in a weird language.  Elsewhere, someone is shackled to a machine with glowing green cuffs and another person is operating several knobs, causing Kara to glow brighter and cringe in pain as she curls up on the blanket.

That’s it for this very emotional issue.  I really love the moments between Kara and her parents in this one.  Even though Jeremiah comes off as a hard nosed man, he’s such a softie when it comes to his daughter.  And Eliza is just amazing.  Doing what many people do in times of mourning…cooking and feeding everyone in site.

Be sure to check back next week as we dive into issue #3.  We’re going to find out who is on the other end of those glowing green cuffs and what is causing Kara’s powers to act up.  As always, be sure to share your thoughts on this series.

See you next week!