Posted: February 2, 2018 by Jim Curl

After the fight between Lena Luthor and Morgan Edge takes a deadly turn, Kara steps in to help.

The episode starts off with Kara waking from a vision of Reign and two other World Killers standing over a destroyed Earth.  At the D.E.O., Winn, J’onn and Kara continue to try and track the World Killers to no avail.  Winn mentions the only Kryptonian signatures he can track are Kara’s and Superman’s.  Mon-El suggest the reason they may not be able to track their Kryptionian signatures may be because they are not Kryptonian, but hybrids that were created on Krypton. This makes sense as we’ve learned that Reign doesn’t need a yellow sun to retain her powers and Kryptonite really has no affect on her.  He also mentions that pods and Kryptonite fell to Earth at the same time.  J’onn tells Winn to pull all records from meteor showers to see if they can determine when the World Killers might have arrived.

Alex and Sam are at the L Corp lab to run a few tests to find the reason Sam’s memory loss.  The first test is an MRI.  Sam is extremely nervous as she has looked up symptoms and thinks she could possibly have a brain tumor or ALS.  Alex does a great job of putting her at ease by mentioning another thing that causes memory loss, caffeine withdrawal. Alex says whatever the problem is, they will face it together.

James and Lena are on their way for breakfast before going into work where they run into Morgan Edge, who is leaving the same restaurant.  As usual, James and Lena have a hateful exchange with Morgan.  Lena tells him to burn in Hell to which he replies that he hears the company is fantastic there before getting in his car and driving off.  While Morgan is driving, a hacker takes control of his car and starts driving straight for the bay.  He is able to escape through the trunk just before his car leaves the road for the bay and explodes.  Morgan immediately goes to CatCo. to confront Lena in front of Kara and James, accusing her of trying to kill him and threatens war with her.

Alex and Sam are looking at her MRI results.  Alex says nothing appears out of the ordinary but the images will still be sent to an expert along with a blood sample for further examination.  Sam is tired of lying about her black outs and is afraid she is becoming a burden to everyone she knows.  Alex tells her that maybe it’s time to tell the truth before pulling out a needle to obtain a blood sample.  Sam is afraid of needles but Alex again assures her that it will be quick and painless.  Surprisingly, Alex is able to get the blood sample which leaves more questions about Reign.  After, Alex continues urging Sam to let people in as she is not alone anymore and has great friends to rely on.  Sam agrees and says she will talk to Kara and Lena while receiving an orange lollipop from Alex.

At CatCo., Miss Tessmacher brings Lena her morning coffee while she is trying to figure out what might’ve happened with Morgan’s car.  After one drink, Lena passes out and begins foaming at the mouth, a sign she’s been poisoned.  James goes to the cart where Miss Tessmacher always gets Lena’s coffee to find it abandoned.  He quickly sees a man running with a gun chases after him.  James soon catches him but the man is shot dead before he can question him.  Kara flies Lena to the D.E.O. to receive immediate medical attention.  Alex determines that she has been poisoned by cyanide after smelling almonds on Lena’s breath and the best way to keep the poison from spreading through her system is to induce hypothermia.  Kara does this by using her freeze breath to lower Lena’s temperature, saving her life.

James, as Guardian, confronts Morgan to get answers for the attempt on Lena’s life by dangling him over the edge of his parking garage.  Morgan denies the accusation and says there are many others in the city that would be happy to rid the place of a Luthor.  James tells Morgan that if anything happens to Lena again, he’ll find him and he won’t be walking away, proceeding to throw Morgan into the windshield of his car.

Supergirl (2015)

At the D.E.O., J’onn informs Kara that Lena will be waking up soon and it would be best to take her back to Cat Co.  J’onn praises Kara for risking her identity to save Lena by taking immediate action.  Kara is concerned about Reign and the other World Killers being out there planning their next move while she is just waiting for them to attack.  J’onn tells her that the World Killers will come and he knows she will be ready when they do.  But right now, her job is to protect the people of Earth and be there for her friends.  J’onn talks about how crazy the world is right now with people’s initial reaction to anything is with violence and lawmakers not doing any good by going around in circles with each other.  He tells Kara there is great power in being the calm in the center of a storm.  A beacon to light the way.  Supergirl is here to show the people of Earth the best of themselves.

Lena wakes up at CatCo. and is told that her coffee was poisoned by a hit man believed to be working for Morgan.  James tells her that the hit man is dead, meaning there is no way to tie the attempt on her life to Morgan.  But they may have a lead.  The bullet used to kill the hit man left no fragments or casings.  If they can find who makes this type of bullet, they can find the shooter.  Lena immediately jumps into action, remembering an old Luthor Corp proposal about dissolving bullets.  She goes to the old manufacturing warehouse where these bullets were made and finds her mother, Lillian, waiting happily for her arrival and asking for a hug.

Lillian tells Lena that she is going to kill Morgan for trying to kill her.  Lena doesn’t want Morgan dead, but rather jailed.  Lillian reminds Lena of her true Luthor genes by explaining that she and Lex have a lot in common, with Lena being equally fiendish, but more savvy, always being three steps ahead. Lillian goes into how after months of planning, Lena destroyed a young girl’s reputation in the fifth grade by outing her diary to everyone because she stole Lena’s boyfriend.  Lillian continues to talk at Lena, asking why she would run CatCo. when she could be changing lives at L Corp.  The ultimate question being “Why would you want to be Cat Grant when you could be Lena Luthor?”.

Lena returns to CatCo. to inform Kara of Lillian’s plan, but finds Alex and Sam wanting to talk to her.  Sam tells them about what has been going on and also opens up about her fears and how hard it is to let people in as she has handled everything on her own since she was sixteen years old.  After insisting that she is the only one that Ruby has, Kara, Lena and Alex remind Sam that they are all family and they will support her however she needs.  After Sam and Alex leave, Lena informs Kara of Lilian’s plan and also reveals that she once tried to kill Morgan herself after he framed her for poisoning children earlier in the season.  Kara is shocked at this admission but reminds Lena that she is not a killer since she didn’t pull the trigger.  Lena believes she knows how Lillian plans to kill but requires Kara’s help to save him.

Kara and Lena attend the National City Gala where they believe Lillian is planning to kill Morgan.  Kara distracts Morgan’s security guard and Lena sneaks by.  The security guard tries to escort Kara away by grabbing her arm.  Kara does not take kindly to this as she stops and knocks him to the ground, telling him ” Don’t grab women, sweetheart!”.  Lena approaches Morgan and tells him that she is there to save him from Lillian unless he confesses as she shows him a tape recorder.  In the distance a drone is approaching that is programmed to kill Morgan.  It starts firing and Morgan finally confesses to poisoning children and trying to kill Lena.  The drone is called off and Lillian shows up wearing her own version of the Lexosuit to kill Morgan herself.  Supergirl springs into action.  At the D.E.O., Mon-El tells Winn to hack Lillian’s drones to use against her.  Supergirl attacks Lillian but is met with Kryptonite from the Lexosuit.  Mon-El arrives to help Kara in the fight and together they easily take down Lillian.  After the fight, Lillian and Morgan are arrested, both promising to be free soon.

The next day, Sam finds out that all tests have came back negative to the relief of Kara, Alex and Lena.  Sam is still very concerned because something is still very wrong.  Alex again reassures that they will figure it out.  But for right now, accept the great news.

At the D.E.O., Winn finally tracks down the possible World Killers.  He shows Kara images of four different women who have survived horrific accidents.  Kara immediately recognizes one of these women as she was part of her vision at the beginning of the episode and decides it’s time to go get her.

Check out the preview for next weeks episode titled “Both Sides Now”.  Looks like Supergirl is going to have her hands full with a new World Killer.


This episode took a break from Reign and focus on characters we haven’t spent much time with in recent weeks but still kept her character arc relevant.  I’m interested to see how Lena continues to evolve over the rest of the season as I’m sure her mother’s words will stay in the back of her mind for quite some time.

I loved loved LOVED the scene with J’onn telling Kara how important she is to the world.  The acting along with the music literally gave me chills.  The good kind of chills.  Please give me more J’onn J’onzz!

What did you think?  Do you think Lena will continue down the good path or will she inevitably take after her brother Lex?


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