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Posted: January 25, 2018 by Jim Curl

We pick up right where we left off from the last episode with Kara, Alex, Sam and her daughter Ruby at Alex's loft.  Alex is nursing a broken leg from the D.E.O.'s fight with Reign and volunteers to watch Ruby while Sam has to leave for a business trip.

Kara arrives at the D.E.O. to find out that J'onn and Winn have discovered a Kryptonian Priest named Jindah Kol Rozz.  They believe she can give them some much needed information about Reign.  They find that she is still locked inside Fort Rozz. But there is just one problem. Kara threw the prison into space during the season 1 finale.

Luckily, Fort Rozz has been located in distant outer space; however, it is orbiting a blue star which means Kara will be powerless there.  Radiation from this blue star is also deadly to men so it looks like this will be an all-girls trip.

Imra offers to join Kara on this mission and they decide to enlist others for help.  Supergirl seeks out Livewire, who is masquerading as a diner waitress named Roseanne to avoid crossing paths with Reign, who is still on a hunt for criminals.  After some convincing, Livewire agrees to join her on as she has lost a number of friends to Reign.

Back at the D.E.O. Supergirl, Imra and Livewire are introduced to the forth member of the team, Psi, a criminal with psychic abilities being held at the D.E.O.  Together, they set out for Fort Rozz in the Legion ship while Brainy and Winn monitor them from the D.E.O. command center.

Sam is going over some last minute trip details with Lena but before leaving, Reign takes over and goes to her fortress.  There, she is alerted that Supergirl is heading to Fort Rozz to find Jindah Kol Rozz. Reign gets in her own spacecraft with plans to stop their meeting from happening as she fears Jindah will tell Supergirl of her entire plan.

After arriving at Fort Rozz, the team is attacked by a loose prisoner.  During the fight, Psi is hit hard and attacks Imra by accident, causing Supergirl to force Psi to wear her power dampener.  As they learn about Jindah’s whereabouts, Brainy alerts them that their ship was hit by a solar flare, which is pushing them toward the blue star and causes communication with Earth to be lost.

With their connection to Earth lost, Supergirl and Livewire head back into Fort Rozz while Imra and Psi work to reestablish the connection with Brainy.  Supergirl and Livewire are attacked and separated.  Livewire is left with the two attackers who she easily dispatches of.  Supergirl is taken to meet Jindah Kol Rozz.

Winn discovers a way to return communication connection to the ship, which Brainy takes credit for, and helps stop them from being pushed into the blue star.  Psi convinces Imra to remove her power dampener so she can go help Supergirl and Livewire.

Jindah tells Supergirl of two more Woldkillers who will soon make themselves known, Purity and Pestilence, but is interrupted by Reign.  Jindah is blasted by Reign's heat vision, revealing she doesn’t need a yellow sun to have powers.  This leaves Livewire as the only one who can fight her.  It certainly is an "electrifying" fight that ends after Livewire jumps in front of a heat vision blast meant for Supergirl, sacrificing her life to save her.

Reign turns her attention to Supergirl when Psi shows up  and uses her psychic abilities to get into Reign’s head.  When she does, we see visions of Ruby holding tight onto Sam’s hand before Reign is gone and Sam comes to.  She looks around in a panic, recognizing Supergirl before quickly flying off.

After returning to Earth, Supergirl asks the D.E.O. to place Psi in a better room, one with a view, to which Psi responds with a smile.  Though Supergirl is very upset with the death of Livewire, she is reminded by Mon-El that the mission was not a failure as she was ultimately able to get through to Livewire and Psi, proving there may be a chance she can get through to Reign.

Sam arrives at the end of the day to pick Ruby up and reveals to Alex that she forgot about her work trip and didn’t go anywhere.  Even worse, she doesn’t remember anything about where she’s been or what she’s been doing as pieces of her memory are disappearing.

At the end of the episode, we see two women walking down the street when a car suddenly spins out of control and comes right for them.  One of them is struck hard by the vehicle and pinned between two cars.  After a moment, she wakes up, pushes the car away and stands up uninjured.  Here is our next Worldkiller.

This was another great episode and we learned so much more about Reign.  It seems the major conflict for the rest of the season won’t be just between Supergirl and Reign, but also Sam and Reign as they both fight for control.  I hope Sam doesn't sacrifice herself by season's end in order to fully stop Reign, but it may be the only way.

One thing I love about this show is that it has brought back so many actors and actresses to pay homage to previous superhero series’ and movies that we all know and love.  Supergirl seems to do this the most out of all other DC series as they have brought in Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher, Helen Slater, Linda Carter and Erica Durance for major roles.  This episode did it again by bringing in Sarah Douglas to play Jindah Kol Rozz.  You may recognize her as Ursa from Superman and Superman II.  She was so great in that role.  Hopefully the show will continue the trend and keep bringing more of these actors in.  Oh if only Christopher Reeve was still alive.

What did you all think of this episode?  What do you think it will take to stop Reign?  And is there anybody from a past movie or series you’d like to see Supergirl bring on for a role?