Posted: May 31, 2017 by Paul Edwards

To start with the Wonder Woman movie had an amazing new DC Comics intro at the beginning which I loved and was very unexpected.

It has a great origin story as with every superhero movie and a beautiful setting too.

The directing was incredible and the style was unique for Patty Jenkins which I loved especially as it was a female superhero on the big screen.

The Fighting scenes on Themyscira and during the war parts were amazing.

Lots of great special effects and even a good few laughs in the course of the film which I liked, I think even as it’s a superhero origin story we are still allowed to have fun, which some superhero movies in this day still lack.

There were great plot points and the Amazing soundtrack which I must say the Wonder woman theme gave me chills when the scenes kicked it in throughout.

Anything that gives me that tingly feeling inside on screen deserves everything and for that I’m grateful.

Gal Gadot plays Wonder Woman magnificently and couldn’t imagine anyone else playing this part, plus she is stunning.
Patty Jenkins has really turned around the female Superhero on film and this is one movie that was a long time in the making and coming.

I did feel like the final battle could have been more, but it was satisfying to see what we had.

However I am going to see this again on release day with my wife as she wants to see it too which is a first for a superhero movie to make her go, so I do feel that this is the female superhero film that appeals to both men and even more to women as maybe some superhero films nowadays appeal mainly to the male audience.
A strong iconic female role played brilliantly.

Overall I would rate this film 8 out of 10.