Posted: November 13, 2017 by Paul Edwards

Batman vs Two-Face Review.

Watching Batman vs Two-Face was an absolute joy, not only was it another amazing Batman animated movie but it was also the great late Adam West’s  final and last time of being an The iconic Batman.
Adam will be such a sad loss to the DC Community and he will remain one of the most iconic Batman’s for a long time too, I can say I met him a few years ago in the UK and he was a lovely person to meet.
The movie was fun and had some great moments plus I may go as far as saying I enjoyed it better than the previous movie The Caped Crusader.
Burt Ward returned as Robin and was great to hear along with Adam West again and also William Shatner done a great job of playing Two-Face for the first time.
The animation and direction was great and they have come a long way with these style of movies, getting better as each one comes.
Overall I found the movie great and would say it was not really lacking anything for me and fully enjoyed it, a pleasure to watch.
I would rate it an 9 out of 10 and would recommend to anyone out there.
Really looking forward to more animated movies in the future and DC Comics are doing a great job too.
Batman vs Two-Face is out now to own on DVD, and Digital download.
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