Posted: October 30, 2016 by Paul Edwards

Hi everyone today myself Paul Edwards (DC World) had an end of year convention day out at MCM Comic Con at Expo London Excel Centre with my good friend Vince and as always had a blast and love this event as it a short drive from my home too.

The main guests I wanted to see were Violet Beane aka Jesse Quick from The Flash and Micheal Rowe aka Deadshot from Arrow. Had a photo op too with Violet and had to do a flash run pose.

Sunday was a quieter day there and had a great chat to both guests as well of loads of pictures and videos and autographs, see below for a small video I put together for youtube.

Also I found a massive Justice League banner was on display and I fell in love with seeing this up at a convention with just over a year until release.(Im a big fan)

The Ghostbusters were also there with a Giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man coming out of the ground from and even got a free statue for taking part in a photo, see in video.

Overall had an absolute blast and was a great day to end my end of 2016 conventions.

Roll on 2017!!

Thanks all.

Paul Edwards

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