Posted: July 9, 2016 by Adam Carr

It seems that breaking news is that John Barrowman will be playing Malcolm Merlyn across all three DC shows in the new seasons when October comes. is reporting that John Barrowman has signed a contract across all three shows which will see him become a season regular in Legends of Tomorrow and Flash as well as Arrow.

How this will work is anybodies guess, but it is exciting to say the least.  John has become an integral part of the Arrow universe and it will be very interesting to see how it goes from here.

John was recently at the City of Heroes 2 convention in Birmingham where he held two audience lead question and answer sessions as well as doing signings on his own, and with his sister, Carole Barrowman, with whom he has recently released a book with and is also writing the Malcolm Merlyn comics with.

What are your opinions on Merlyn becoming a big bad across the whole of the DC Universe?  How do you feel about the possibility of Merlyn causing problems for Flash and the Legends in the upcoming seasons?

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