Posted: July 5, 2016 by Adam Carr

Since the end of Season 2 of the Flash, DC fans across the world have been wondering how Flashpoint is going to adjust the world in Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

Just yesterday, there was a hint that Arrow will be heavily changed by what happened in Flash. We also heard news that Cody Rhodes of WWE fame will be starring in Season 5 of Arrow:

One can only imagine that Arrow might possible have three timelines going on in the new season. These would be the real world, the flashpoint world, and the past before Oliver was arrow that we have had throughout every season. For this reason, it’s possible that Cody might be a one to two episode big bad, the same as Edge (Adam Copeland) was in the most recent season of Flash.

There are rumours that in Flashpoint we may well see Robert Queen as Arrow and Oliver will never have donned the hood.

How do you think Arrow will altered by Flashpoint?

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