When Hank commandeers the Waverider in 1973, the Legends find themselves on the run in an RV after kidnapping the President who is only able to tell the truth. With the help of Constantine, they discover the reason that none of them can lie making for an uncomfortable family road trip. Meanwhile, Nate and Zari, with the help of Nora and Gary, work together to find out what Hank is really up to.

Trippy Dick

Mild spoilers ahead – Following on from the previous week, this is pretty much the second of a two parter that does a decent job of setting up the remainder of this season. The mission is to ensure that President Nixon remains the crook that all know him to be. But that can’t happen, no, thanks to a truth bug that he seems to have inhaled at some point.

With the Waverider being commandeered by Hank, the Legends are on a road trip alongside said President. Thanks to the truth bug, we have some hilarious consequences, along with some hard truths between the guys on the RV they are using on the road trip.

‘There’s A New Sheriff In Town’

The Legends are on the run from Hank and the bureau. Hank is after them alongside his son Nate, taking over use of a police car on the way and dressing as sheriffs as a kind of cover. As Nate knows Hanks has been up to no good, he is always in contact with Zari, now employed by the bureau, giving assistance to the Legends as needed.

I love the scenes here between Nate and Hank. Despite anything that has gone on before and what is happening now, they do show deep affection for each other in some quite tender moments, even when it’s found out that Nate is looking in to his fathers wrongdoings. This brings more to Hanks character going forward, giving you more reason to really like him.

‘I Said His Name Was Konane!’

As this episode follows on from the previous, there are still the ramifications of Mona’s discovery about herself. Despite grievances with Sara, not helped by the truth bug, we see more about her feelings for Konane. We see her taking umbrage with a number of restaurant go-ers after hearing an untoward comment. It’s up to Sara to calm the situation, being the captain she leads by example.

Without spoiling anything here, the ending is a heartbreaker. We lose a cast member who ‘probably’ leaves the show in awful circumstances. With the appearance of another character, the impact this will have on the rest of the season will be massive. We are now nicely set up to see where this goes, especially with this seasons big bad.


What this episode does very well is set up the latter end of Season 4. The impact this will have on the season as a whole is huge, with characters returning, one gone and the big bad. The emotional turmoil this will have is massive. And that’s not it all, there is so much more going on.

An improvement on the previous week, can’t wait for the rest.


Cheers, John