Legends of Tomorrow shows no sign of letting up whatsoever.  The more this series goes on the wackier it seems to get.  For me, this is no bad thing and I love that this show is a world away from what we see on Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Black Lightning.  It’s one hell of a ride.  That’s not to say that the serious moments aren’t there; there are plenty of them and I think where this season is excelling, compared to others is the emotional and serious side of their stories, the character building, and the relationships of all involved.  Within all the fun that everyone is obviously having, the performances during more serious scenes is quite brilliant, with Matt Ryan as John Constantine standing out in particular, which is a nice intro in to this review.

Review Part 1: Hell No, Dolly – Brought to you by “Love Is Only Love” by Barbara Streisand

The two-parter revolves around John Constantine and the demon that has been plaguing him since joining the Legends.  Neron, a demon on the hunt for JC, wants his soul.  However, unable to get what he wanted he attached himself to a guy called Desmond, with John, had forced, having to weave his magic to send both the demon and Desmond to hell.  Who is Desmond I heat you ask?  Well, as it all seems to be, JC isn’t one for falling in love, rather more enjoying sexual liberality, sleeping with anything that has two legs.  Desmond however, was a guy that John fell for in a big way, falling in love with him very quickly.  Unfortunately, John has his demons and they always catch up with him.  As the episode goes on we see Johns’ despair of what happened and he is struggling to live with the consequences of his actions in sending Desmond to hell.  He therefore makes the decision that he wants to go back in time, change the timeline and save Desmond.  Zari warns him that he can’t do it, he and Desmond are a fixed point in time.  Ignoring her, John receives help from Charlie and does as he pleases, changing the timeline.  How is it changed, well part 2 of this review will show you.

As always, lots going on in a Legends episode, so we also have the fact that another magical creature on the loose, in this case we’re going all Chucky on the Legends asses.  Yes, a possessed doll, which is quickly burnt to a crisp and taken back to the Waverider.  To be fair, as much as this part of the story is relevant to what the Legends job is nowadays, it still plays second fiddle to JC.  However, it’s a fun part of the story, especially as the “creature” then lifts itself from the burnt doll to possess Captain Colds’ puppet of Dr Stein, then going on to try to murder all about the ship.  A fight ensues but, thanks to John and his attempts at changing the timeline, the fight isn’t finished with Sara, in particular, left stuck in mid-air about to flying kick the puppet in the head.

At the Time Bureau, there’s the possibility of a love triangle occurring, with the trio of Mona, Gary and the werewolf currently in a holding cell.  Gary has feelings for Mona, Nate tries in a roundabout way to tell her that, when she makes the statement that she has feelings for someone.  Thinking that someone is Gary, Nate advises her to tell her feelings, unaware that she is talking of the werewolf.  While she does attempt to do just that, with the werewolf showing the same sort of feeling, two men attempt to take him away (I’m guessing this is something to do with what Mr Heywood is up to).  A scuffle occurs, with Mona being clawed by the werewolf.  But what next?

So, the timeline is changed and we end the episode with Charlie on the Waverider, making her way to Zari…………………………who is now a cat.

This was a cracking episode and so good to have Matt Ryan centre stage.  He is a fine actor, a great Constantine.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I was a little wary when I heard he was joining the show full-time.  How my worries quickly went away, he has been the finest addition to the show of all those who have arrived after it started.  Seriously, I cannot gush enough about brilliant I think his performances are, especially here with what he is going through due to the guilt of Desmonds’ demise.  I will argue with anyone who says otherwise about Matt Ryan’s performances.

The story being told for JC is hugely emotional and in complete contrast to the rest of the show.  It is testament to the writers and everyone involved that they can separate the two and still give us a complete story that is stitched together so well.

I also enjoyed seeing Maisie Richardson-Sellers being more prominent too, her character Charlie not only helping John in his quest to change time, but in her own quest to regain her powers.

A good fun episode and a nice cliff-hanger to lead us in to Part 2.

Review Part 2: Legends of To-Meow-Meow – Brought to you by “Back In Time” by Huey Lewis and The News

Ok, so we all know that Legends of Tomorrow has its moments of complete Bat-Shit craziness.  Thankfully, there seems to be no end in sight for it.  Following on from the previous episode, the timeline is changed………………………………..big time.  But still, despite this, the episode is extremely touching.

Zari is a cat for a start, but that is really one small thing compared to what follows.  John and Charlie need to make good the mess they have caused, but without the need to send Desmond to hell.  John really can’t live with that.

Anyway, we start in 1962, a party, one attended by the blonde bombshell that is Marilyn Monroe (I’ve been a massive Marilyn fan for so many years so do enjoy seeing someone act as her, even in these circumstances).  While Marilyn passed away in August 1962, as she turns out to be a shapeshifting Charlie, the dates become irrelevant (unless this is the first half of 1962).  Carrying on, the party is interrupted by a band of men who call themselves the Custodians of Chronology, complete with a wonderful 80’s style opening credit scene.  I’m guessing they were going for an A-Team vibe, the credits were very much a wonderful tribute to the action shows of the 80’s.  Such a big part of my childhood were these shows.  The Custodians are on the hunt for creatures, but these guys have no interest in capturing but ensuring they never bother anyone again.  They promptly murder the Leprechaun friend of Charlie who is also at the party.  The reason they now act in this way?  In this timeline, Sara was murdered by the Unicorn seen at the start of the series.

John and Charlie believe that going back and killing said Unicorn will reset the timeline.

Yes, well that didn’t quite work out as expected either.  The new timeline furnishes us with a new force to be reckoned with; gone are the Custodians (RIP to those 3 fellas, killed by the Fairy Godmother) and welcome to The Sirens of Space Time, aka Sara, Ava and Gideon, all in black leather.  Calm down now people.  Title credits please…

This time we have a credits sequence paying homage to Charlie’s Angels.  The Charlie of this piece is none other than Biff Tannen (can’t help myself, sorry) Hank Heywood.  Their mission, as with the Custodians, is to find mythical creatures and ultimately kill them.  That includes Charlie who, as Amaya, tries to join them to see if she can change their ways is found out.  She makes her way back, they do the necessary to rid themselves of the Fairy Godmother and the timeline is reset again.

Please also remember that during all these, Zari is still advising Charlie and John that they shouldn’t be doing this and that the fixed point should remain so.  Oh, and she is doing this as a feline.

Timeline number 3, ramping up the crazy.  We have DC’s Puppets of Tomorrow.  Yes, I kind you not.  Zari has had her form changed, finally.  Not in the way you might have expected though, no.  She’s now a puppet herself.  She’s not the only one though, because Ray, Sara and Nate are also the same.  Singing puppets, but still murderous.  Mick, meanwhile has gotten away with being a puppet, instead bringing his own brand of creature hunting, alongside none other than the Fairy Godmother.  I kid you not.

Still, there is a death in the team, meaning that another reset is in order.

Numerous attempts later, no deaths but that isn’t the end of it as John is now in such a state that his brain is in many realities and the timeline still not set back correctly.  John wrestles with the fact that he knows what must be done, and with the help of Zari he is aware that the fixed point must be corrected.  Charlie still has issues with this but more on that a little later.

After some difficulties, the timeline is restored and everyone is alive, but Desmonds’ fate is back as it was.  Coming clean to Sara about what has gone on (obviously they are unaware), he is offered help, which he accepts.  He does give Sara a warning however, the demon that is after John will hurt them all in ways they couldn’t imagine.

As with the first episode, Matt Ryan is absolutely magnificent in this role.  If award bodies weren’t so sniffy, I’d expect him to be up for numerous awards, I think he has been that good.  You believe how he feels, you believe how confident he can be.  Such range.

Charlie – nice little arc for her here.  Despite her actions here, she does realise that, without her the Legends would have no idea that the creatures they are hunting do have good in them and continue to murder each and every one in any broken timeline.

As I always say, this is a bonkers kinda show but I love it.  This really does ramp it up and it’s a fine way to bring us to a mid-season finale.  To be fair, after all the fun, mixed with huge emotion, we probably all need a bit of a break to be calm, gather our thoughts and figure out what the hell we have just witnessed.

The ending was a nice little twist.  We already knew that Mr Heywood was in cahoots with someone, but a demon that takes on the appearance of Desmond?  The effects of this will have some crazy consequences that I look forward to seeing, in particular how it will affect John.

Oh, and the little nod to the annual crossover of the CW shows, despite them not being involved.  In fact, this was the Legends of Tomorrow Elseworlds episode without a doubt.  Excellent.


Rays ‘tache.

And with that, the Legends are off on their mid-season break, returning to TV screens in April 2019.  Quite the wait unfortunately but I’ll be ready.

As much as this is a recap/review and I could write on, I just have to say that this is a wonderful episode of LoT.  I don’t need to tell you why, just go watch it if you haven’t (and if not, why not and why are you reading this?).

Thanks for reading, comments below if you wish to do so.

Cheers, John