Posted: October 24, 2018 by John Hammond

Before you read ahead, it is very likely that this article will contain Legends of Tomorrow spoilers.

As young Carol Anne stated in Poltergeist 2 – “They’re baaaaaack!” Ok, so obviously, she isn’t talking about the CW Legends but the quote is certainly relevant as the Legends of Tomorrow show makes its return.

And what a return…


It’s safe to say that this show is very keen on keeping hold of the mantle of the “Wackiest”, “Craziest”, “Weirdest” and most bonkers show that the CW puts out. Not just the CW but the television in general. Last year we had a giant cuddly toy, a young Barack Obama going up against a telepathic gorilla, a finale Power Rangers type fight, Helen of Troy (very welcome) and Legends vs Vikings / Pirates / Romans among many other things.

Keeping up to that level was never going to be easy but, for me, they have delivered straight away. From psychotic, nipple biting Unicorns to Hendrix and Joplin at Woodstock to high as a kite Legends and to Constantine being thrown about by an invisible entity, this episode did not only embrace the crazy but it also brought in a feel of how dark some of this series may be. The final scene, seeing someone going after Constantine, throwing him about like a rag doll and leaving a disturbing message on his mirror was one of the darkest moments I’ve seen in the series.

I’ll be honest here and say that I was a little underwhelmed when hearing the news that Constantine was joining the series as a regular, however, after seeing the performance of Matt Ryan here I really do think that we are in for a massive treat. He was brilliant and the best performance of all the team.

Speaking of Dark, or Darhk as the case may be, I am looking forward to the story of Ray. After last season we all knew that he had a thing for Nora (as he should really being married to the lovely Courtney Ford) so I do look forward to seeing how that progresses and whether the daughter of Damien can turn to the good side. I also like how Zari has decided to help Ray in his journey to find Nora. Loved their chemistry in this episode and seeing Zari high on love was hilarious to watch.

on Zari, we also see the sadness she has for he her family and the moments as she watches her mum and her younger self are extremely touching, as well as her dialogue being relevant in today’s world.

Being high was a bit of a theme for part of this episode, which brings me to Mick and Nathaniel. Again, hilarious and Dominic Purcell, despite a rough exterior, voice etc. really does comedy well. Watching them talk to “each other” at Woodstock once the Unicorn juice kicks in was brilliant. Seeing Nate talk to his father and Mick to Axl was a joy to watch. However, while this was a fun scene, it did give us an indication as to what goes on in their heads and also any emotional issues that these guys have. In this case, Nates issues with his dad (the wonder Tom Wilson who despite 30 years or so is still Biff Tannen) and Micks’ hurt at losing Axl. Funny, but still quite tender moments between the two.

More tender moments in our scenes with the captain of the Waverider, Sara, and her Belle, Ava. These two again share a chemistry that feels so real. They are completely in love. They are totally different people but their relationship has grown so much that the talk of them living together doesn’t eve scare Sara. Who’d a thought that? AvaLance are the sort of couple that we should all want in our life. Ok, so the moving it doesn’t work out as Sara needs to be out doing her thing with the Legends but it doesn’t cast any doubt about them not working.

I think I have covered the cast now, all bar the man in the title of the episode, Gary. Ok, so he can come across as annoying but I think this is the biggest part of any episode. HE, along with his fancy John C, was the reason that the Legends were triumphant and sent the Unicorn back to where it came from, despite losing his left nipple……………ouch!!

To be fair, the crazy kind of outdid the story, although I am sure that it will be something we see more of as the season goes on. I felt that the Unicorn story was second nature to the overall stories of Nate & Mick / Zari & Ray / Sara & Ava and JC. It’s all a nice set up for the coming season and I’m excited at what is ahead.

Random thoughts:

  • Biff Tannen – Time Travel – Perfect combination
  • Feels like Anti-Once Upon A Time
  • Woodstock
  • Nate’s mother is so cute
  • Mick – How many sandwiches did he eat?
  • The more serious moments are as good as we’ve seen in any CW show
  • Biff Tannen

Solid opener for Legends of Tomorrow. However, I do worry that not everyone is going to be a fan of the crazy, the magic and the dark. If this is the case and ratings fall, as seems to have been mentioned, I wouldn’t like to see it cancelled. I bloody love it!

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Roll on next week.

Cheers, John

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