Posted: April 15, 2018 by John Hammond

The Finale and yes, there will likely be spoilers here…

The episode starts with the usual “Previously…” montage type thing.

I was so hyped for this episode, I’d waited, ever so patiently, all week waiting for the chance to be able to watch this episode.  Legends… has been my favourite CW show fr a little while now, its sense of fun, the time travelling, the sets, the costumes were all top drawer and this season had been the best so far, getting so many things right.

So, when it came to this expectations were extremely high.  This season has given us so much and the story of Mallus trying to break free from his prison had been played so well, without showing us anything until the penultimate episode last time.  He was built up as a bad guy of such proportion that watchers of the show truly wondered if this was a villain that could be beaten.


And that’s where we start, with the Legends attempting to use their totems to defeat the newly released Mallus, with little success.  Needing a way to stop Mallus, the team ask Rip Hunter for ideas, who believes the time drive is the way to slow the beast down.  Rip takes this upon himself, stopping Mallus (for now) but sacrificing himself in the process.


The team want to do their best to respect what Rip has done.  They need a plan and to do that they take their selves to a blind spot in time, The Old West of 1874, a town called Salvation. Sara, Wally, Zari and Mick make their way to Salvation with Ray staying behind in the lab with the order to do nothing that is stupid.  Well, this is Ray and we know that ain’t gonna happen.  Ray is concerned for Nora and devises a plan to go back to their previous battle with Damien in the hope of saving her from being taken over by Mallus.  Nate catches them as they are to fly away in a jump ship and questions what Ray is doing.  Ray gets nervous and land a punch on Nate before getting on the jumpship and away they go.  (Answers on a postcard for the name of the juice please) and they go together and see how the totems can be used to defeat evil.

Ray and Damien find Nora, with Damien knocking her out.  As he does this, he turns the hero, allowing Mallus take over his own body to save his daughter.  It’s like he knows that the Legends will defeat Mallus, something he has no problem with as long as his daughter is safe.


Back in Salvation the other legends run in to Jonah Hex who is now the sheriff of the town.  As they’re about to have a fresh round of drinks, they are interrupted by some faces from the past, Blackbeard, Caesar et al.  They are being controlled by Mallus and give the legends until high noon to hand over the totems or they will be dealt with.

On the ship, they Sara believes that they are not the people who should be bearing the totems and comes up with an idea to find those more suitable.  Nate arrives on the bridge, still high as a kite, with Amaya and they explain what they have seen and how they can use the totems – to create a being of light.  As Nate said, like Voltron.  The team try but they are unable to focus fully and create a being that is nothing more than a jelly like monster, which Mick promptly puts out if it’s misery.


Sara says she will not try again unless new totem bearers are found.  Just at that moment, Ava arrives with reinforcements, those being a good Kuasa, the most beautiful woman ever in Helen Of Troy and, returning to fight the good fight, Jax.  There are changes to these characters, Amayas village was saved so Kuasa turned out differently, Helen Of Troy was taken to Themiscyra so has trained as a warrior and Jax, well, he’s married with a kid.

As much as they are here to help, Sara can not give the totems away and Ava reminds her of the fact that her and her team must be the ones to bear them.  As Ava and Sara are talking and pretty much reconciling, Ray walks in with Nora and he explains everything that has transpired.


It’s High Noon and time for Sara to put up the totems to the bad guys.  That’s not going to happen and Sara tells them to either leave or get hurt.  That is also not going to happen and a battle ensues between the Legends and Ava’s back up again the pirates/vikings and Romans.  The Legends believe they have won the battle but, because those they are fighting against are controlled by Mallus, he can bring them back to life as it were and it carries on.  Sara realises they need the being of light to battle and finish off Mallus.  Amaya tells the legends to think of a being of pure goodness, however Nate then thinks of something else, something the legends can’t believe and something that the title of this episode gives away quite blatantly.


Yes – the Legends somehow create a giant Beebo to go up against in the fight against Mallus.  As it is Mallus is back, winged and in Salvation.  Here, we get the strangest fight that the CW is ever likely to see as Beebo takes on Mallus in something that wouldn’t look out-of-place in a Power Rangers episode.  The win goes to Beebo after he cuddles and drops from a great height finishing off Mallus in the process.

After the fight, the Legends pass the totems to Kuasa for safe keeping, the anachronisms are all sent back to their own time after having their memories wiped and Ava and Sara will see each other again which is great news.  Nora, who fought with the Legends here, is taken to the time bureau prison, Ray feels she deserves another chance as he has always known she can be good and lets her go with her father’s time stone.

Amaya – destiny calls and she decides she needs to go back to her own people in Zambesi, leaving Nate behind in the process.  Nate is about to wipe her memory but she doesn’t want to forget, they kiss and he walks away.


The next we see of the Legends is chilling out on a beach after they all join Mick on a trip to Aruba.  However, it’s not all peaceful as, one of the best cosplay’s I’ve seen and John Constantine, make an appearance.  He explains that when the Legends let Mallus out of his prison, it wasn’t the only thing released as JC drops the head of a dragon at their feet.

And there we have it.  The season done and dusted.  This has been a cracking season of Legends of Tomorrow, certainly the craziest it has ever been.  The writers have so much imagination it is unbelievable and the same can certainly be said about this season finale.  

So, about this finale.  Well, it’s certainly crazy and it lives up to its title.

The Good – the team are brilliant, the fights scenes, the battle were quite excellent.  Damien Darhk – Redemption.  This, for me, was wonderful.  I’ve spent the season not really wanting him there, seen him too much in the CW.  However, to finish his arc in this episode, the hero to his daughter, being the father he wanted to be was quite powerful and certainly had me whooping for him at the end.  The return of characters from past episodes and former member of the team.  Yes, this was also brilliant, seeing the pirates, Romans and vikings back was a nice touch, but then having Kuasa back, a different person after her village was saved, Helen of Troy fresh from training at Themiscyra and showing what a warrior she is and then Jax, yes, Jax was back as well, fantastic stuff.  Reconciliation between Ava and Sara is also a big plus.

The Bad – For me, the only bad thing was the romance aspect between Jonah and Zari.  Legends seems to be getting in to a habit of “shipping” (yes, I read this term somewhere) most of their major characters.  It’s really not needed.

Also, after all the build up of how much of a badass this Mallus was going to be, he was very easliy beaten in my opinion.  I think, because of the below as well, it made the big bad a big easy, there was just no threat whatsoever if you ask me.

The Cuddly (Ugly) – I’m sorry but I wasn’t a fan of Beebo in the viking episode and this really doesn’t change here.  This shows how crazy these writers get on this show and they must have had some of the juice before coming up with this part of it.

Anyway, no matter what I’ll look forward to next season.

For this episode, it’s a 7/10

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Cheers, John

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