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  1. As always, please be aware there WILL be spoilers throughout this recap.

Also, please accept my apologies as these, for a while, are likely to be much shorter due to the wonders of a busy, busy life.

On with it and first up, as per the norm, is the “Previously on Legends of Tomorrow…” segment.

The show opens on the day after the night before and AvaLance/SarAva (Any other suggestions welcome, haha – John) are talking about their night together. – I love that these guys are together, they are a great looking couple and you can see from their interactions how much they feel for each other. I hope that this continues for as long as possible as I feel Sara deserves the happiness.

WHO’S DOING THE DISHES? (And Brian McFadden nowhere in sight)

In walks Zari, talking to Sara and ready for taking the Waverider on a jaunt. She notices Ava standing there and backtracks stating that she’d never do that. Zari mentions that the dirty dishes haven’t been done to which Sara replies something along the lines of Ray enjoys doing the dishes and start to become a little worried of his whereabouts, despite initially having no idea he wasn’t around. – Not sure how I feel about the team not realising that Ray was gone, didn’t seem right, especially after the happenings from the night before (As seen in the previous episode, The Curse of the Earth Totem) where they had battled the Darhks.


Yes, it’s #ControversialGary (remember that hashtag – John) who’s calling the group from TBHQ (Time Bureau Headquarters for you cool kids) and he has received an artefact that contains a video message from Ray telling the Legends about his kidnapping by the Darhks, Damien and Nora. We then cut to them and we see Ray telling them he has done what he was told and they aare all watching (including Kuasa). Nora and Kuasa are trying to get Amaya’s, newly stolen, Totem to work without any success and Nora is becoming frustrated because she can’t get it to work for her. Damien shows they the part of the Fire Totem he has on his possession, something which causes Kuasa to recoil from, scared of the Totem, even with it being only a little piece of it.


Back on the bridge of the Waverider, we see Sara and Ava trying to come up with ways to find Ray and bring him back. Suddenly, Rip Hunter and Wally (using the stolen Time Courier) board the ship and ask for help in their quest to defeat Mallus. We also see more of the team in this scene when these two arrive, wondering why they are there. Mick states that he stole a pair of glasses in their last adventure, which Wally quickly takes from him before being told that small things being taken like that are fine as souvenirs. – As part of this scene we see Mick Rory in the loudest shirt I’ve seen in a while. Wally not making friends straight away, especially Mick. All seems very calm after what Rip has done before.

The Darhks want the Totem to work and feel that Ray is the person to do it but Ray tells them he needs the right tools. He’s taken to Upswipez (Tinder is given a quick rotation) where he can have those tools. When there, Ray’s former boss is critical of him. Damien decides to have some fun, tells them he prefers the swiping right/left but the boss tells him otherwise. Damien then uses magic to do just that, swipes him right and left, but enjoys up and down much more. – During this scene, Damien is constantly making joke after joking trying to be funny. I’m not the biggest fan of Damien Darhk but we do see another side to him here. I’m gonna say the embarrassing dad; I know because I get that myself from my kids. And, as much as it pains me to say it, I did enjoy this side of his character for the most part.


On the Waverider, Amaya (Still, what is with her hair, is that a wig? Answers on a postcard) comes to the realisation that, if she could meditate, she may be able to gain access to the ancestral plane, meaning that she could track down and find her own Totem. Thanks to Wally’s recent experiences he offers to help them do that. – Convenient.


Damien goes all Jackanory, telling the story of a doomed scientist, one he killed back decades ago. The scientist was working on an energy source, one that Ray would require to enable him to get the Totem powered up and working. He thinks that he should be the person to go back, stop himself killing the scientist and bring him back to 2018. Nora disagrees and believes that she and Ray should be the ones to go and retrieve him. She states that Ray should go because he speaks nerd and would be able to connect with the scientist. Damien, ultimately, agrees and the two use Nora’s time stone (is that correct cos I ain’t sure? – John) to go back to 1962 to retrieve the scientist and stop him being assassinated by the Damien of the time. Despite a fight, and the threat of Damien coming for them and the time stone being damaged, Ray and Nora escape with the scientist intact, but not back to 2018 just yet. Nora also comes to the realisation that her powers seem to have gone, probably thanks to Ray saving her life. – Nice fight scene but WHAT is with Damien’s hair at this time? I know that there is meant to be a bit of an homage to Oscar winner No Country For Old Men, but I haven’t seen that so have no idea but I am sure it is.

Nora and Ray need to cross the border to safety, stopping them being chased by the authorities. They are given details of a criminal who can forge the relevant immigration documents to help them cross. The person is not there so they create their own documents that should allow them to travel. They also commandeer a couple’s clothes etc. to help them look more authentic when they are at the border. Unfortunately, as they are about to gain access to cross the border, the “Damien Of The Time” arrives and takes aim at their car that is being driven by the, wanted dead, scientist. Gunshots ahoy, but luckily the “Present Day Damien” is wary that they have been longer than they should have been and tells the dead former boos so. He decides to go back to 1962 himself and, as this is all going on, he is just back in time to save his daughter, Ray and the scientist from t’other Damien. Nora and Damien argue about her inability to carry at the task as ordered. – I love the sets here, the set up for the border, the uniforms, all very authentic. Fair play to the guys who set this stuff up.

After getting rid of Wally, Amaya and Zari manage to meditate and take themselves to the ancestral plane, which doesn’t look as beautiful as it should, but dark.


Nora storms out after arguing with her dad and is approached, and taken by 1962 Damien. Present Day Damien is talking to Ray about the treatment of his daughter when he gets a phone call from his earlier self. The 1962 version threatens to kill Nora if he doesn’t hand over the scientist, post haste. – Yes, I said post haste, 3 times. I’ve never used it before.


Back in the dark Ancestral Plane and Zaris is getting worried. She tries to convince Amaya to leave but she isn’t having it. They then see an ancestor of Amaya’s, who warns them both that the longer Amaya does not have her Totem, the stronger Mallus will become. – Again, the set work here is great and the look given to the Ancestral Plane. Dark with a purple hue, great work again, something that Legends Of Tomorrow is very good at, especially when it comes to the different decades that episodes are set.


The exchange and both Damiens meet, although Present Day Darhk is wearing a scarf around his face. 1962 Darhk shoots the scientist.  He also throws Nora over the edge of the building and Damien and, erm, Damien start to fight.  2018 Damien tries to use his powers to save Nora from falling but he struggles and, at times, loses his grip on her but manage to grab control back.

Ray – he may have been saved, but is tied up.  He sees Huss suit, that Damien as been holding, across the room.  He’s gagged but manages to talk clearly enough to activate the suit, and use it to free himself.


Back on the rooftop, the fight rumbles on. Nora is still up/down/up/down as her dad tries to stop her from falling.  Nora doesn’t want to see her dad hurt and tells him to let her go.  Begrudgingly, he does just that, letting her fall to her, apparent, death. – To be fair, the father/daughter thing has been well done here and is gives the characters a bit more depth. 


Seconds later and Nora is back, and the Totem as been activated.  Father and daughter work together to overcome 1962 Damien. – I was all ready for Ray to arrive, save Nora and NoRay become a thing.  Nope, it rumbles on.

Ray does arrive there but not to save Nora.  The scientist is still alive and gives Ray a doll that he had said he was wanting to give to his daughter.  In fact, it had the secret to his work and he wanted to pass it to Ray.  Nora wants the doll, Ray unwilling to give it her. He makes out a threat to shoot Nora (We know that isn’t going to happen) and instead shoots a hole in the Berlin Wall (Did I say they were in Germany?? – John), creating an anachronism.  The Legends realise that this is Ray and set off to 1962 on a rescue mission.  When there, Wally is sent to rescue Ray, doing so as quick as a…….well, you know. – Introducing Wally to the team, I would have expected more but this was pretty much it for Wally.  Hopefully more to come from him. 


Ray returns to the Waverider and Wally reveals that, as he learnt earlier, taking souvenirs was ok.  He shows his own souvenir that he took from Damien, the piece of the fire Totem.  – Nice work, BUT, as he is so quick, why, oh why, did he not take the Totem from around Nora’s neck?  


Sara, Ava and Rip are talking to the director of the Time Bureau about recent happenings, including the “arrest” of Rip.  In the background, Gorilla Grodd comes forward in a rampage and kills the director. As Rip mentions, this makes Ava the new director.  – Alright Rip, let people take a minute, where’s the compassion?  Very quick to ensure people know that Ava is new director.  


Rather than leave with Rip, Wally makes the decision to stay with the Legends, with a little nudge from Sara.  Rip is glad of his choice.  As he is about to leave the ship, and not in earshot of anyone, he orders Gideon to remove a Dulce regarding Ava, telling her that Sara can not find out the truth about her.  – Nice addition to the team in Wally, hope he gets plenty of time.  What is the secret about Ava?  Exciting, but I do worry that Sara will have her heart broken.  Rip doing what he did, for me, shows that he really does care and doesn’t want to see Sara hurt.  

Ok, so this was an ok episode.  I do feel that it is weaker than previous weeks and the rest have a lot to match up to after the wonderful Here I Go Again (Which I love but very upset it wasn’t named after the Whitesnake track).

My notes throughout the recap give you my thoughts on various aspects but, still, i don’t think it was the best, but still half decent.

I’d give this a 6/10.

If you would like to comment then please do so below or on any of our social media pages.

Thank you for reading.

Cheers, John

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