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You’ll get Deja Vu now but, Spoilers ahead…

Previously on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow…

The Bahamas 1717 and pirates arrive at an island where they are to bury their treasure.  The captain has a large necklace with an emerald on it (it’s obviously a Totem) and he puts it around the neck of his lady, Annie.  The emerald glows and vines come up from the ground covering Annie.


On the Waverider Amaya, Mick and Ray are discussing the hunt for the totems.  They are aware of 5 totems as they all belonged to tribes of people in Zambesi.  Ray tells Amaya that the fire totem is in Detroit with her granddaughter Mari, the other Vixen.  Her boyfriend has dedicated his life to finding more out about these totems.  They decide that, to get the fire totem, they must go to Detroit.  As the season goes on it is clear that these are so important.


Ray suggests that they tell Sara of her plan but Mick chirps up saying that she will be in Star City on a date.  When asked how he knows all this he admits to looking at everyone’s phones.  Amaya tells everyone that she will have a date with Ava, Mick replying “Oh, that’s hot”.  But, Sara then walks in, is told of the suggestion but says that she’ll be sitting this one out as she has some business to do at home.


Sara is in a restaurant waiting for Ava to arrive for their date.  She arrives and they tell each other how beautiful they look (hard to argue).  Drinks are ordered (Vodka Martini dirty, stirred) which leads to some James Bond discussion (dissing James Bond – no, no, no).  Sara asks how work is for Ava but Ava doesn’t want to talk work but be normal for once, a normal first date.


Amaya and Zari are on the Waverider, where Amaya is looking at a picture of Mari, her granddaughter.  Amaya wants to see her but can’t because of the changes to history that it could cause.


Ok, now freaked out because the second I typed that, Amaya then tells Zari that she loves her hair how she has it.

Anyway, Ray and Nate arrive with bad/good news.  The fire totem has been taken is the bad news, Mick tells how they tried to steal the totem from Mari but someone got there first, Damien Darhk.  He left the team a note saying that now he has two.  The good news though, Nate knows where the earth totem is, rather when it is, 1717.  It was put there by…


Despite a warning from Gideon about how Sara would react if they go to 1717, so Darhk is not aware where they are and con not get another one, they all decide to do it anyway and it’s off to the Bahamas in 1717 to find the earth totem.

They arrive and, due to the time period, the dress as pirates and walk the streets, being careful not to be too loud in their talk of Blackbeard.  That doesn’t work and they are overheard by another pirate who asks them why they are looking for Blackbeard, and they state they want to join his crew.

We go to China, where it seems that Rip and Wally haven’t moved since the last episode.  Wally asks how he was found by Rip, Rip obliges and tells Wally that he is needed.  Wally says that his days as a speedster are over.

Back to 1717 and the Legends are in a pirate bar.  Amaya and Mick drink together and Mick realises something is wrong with Amaya.  He asks her and she says she wants to change the past of Kuasa to enhance her future, but she is worried that if she was to do that, how would it affect the future of Mari.  It also means that whatever she does, herself and Nate could never be together.  She feels paralysed and that everything she does could have disastrous consequences.  Mick tells her to look around and ask herself if the people there give a damn about consequences.


She thanks him but she doesn’t know the first thing about being a pirate.

Back to the date of Sara and Ava, Sara is telling Ava about her childhood with Laurel.  Ava knows all about Sara as she has read her file as part of her job when Sara went missing.  All of a sudden, Sara’s phone vibrates, Ava tells her to answer it and it is Gideon, telling her what is going on with the rest of the team.


Gideon tells Sara the team are going back to 1717.  Ava asks if everything is ok and Sara replies saying that everything is normal.

In 1717, Mick does his thing to show the rest of the pirates in the bar that Amaya is the most fearsome of all pirates on the seven seas (she will know what it’s like to be a pirate soon).  Everyone listens and take note, when Blackbeard walks in, hearing the same.  Blackbeard walks towards Amaya, who then realises that everyone is watching her and asks why.  Nate and Ray tell her to hit them, to show how fearsome she is.  Blackbeard welcomes her, Captain Jiwe, to Nassau.

Ray and Nate go back to the Waverider, trying to communicate with Mick and Amaya with no joy, something is interfering with the systems.  Zari assures they’ll be ok but Gideon intervenes and tells them of a systems failure.  She also tells them that they had parked in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.


The power is going out on the ship.

Back in the pirate bar, Blackbeard believes Amaya and her team want to join his crew but is quickly told by Mick that the dreaded pirate Jiwe works for no man.  Amaya tells Blackbeard they are looking for treasure and that he can lead them to it.  Blackbeard denies this until Mick goes to attack him and he backs down, saying he can help them.  Blackbeard is impressed by the both of them and tells them he will tell them where the treasure is, including the totem.


Navy officers arrive looking for Blackbeard, but their commander is none other than Damien Darhk. Darhk takes Amaya under his control, coking the life from her, taking her totem from around her neck.

Blackbeard becomes afraid of the powers that Darhk possesses, feeling threatened and he tells Darhk exactly where the totem is, offering him a map.

In China, Rip and Wally are a little drunk, well Rip anyway, thanks to Wallys super quick metabolism it doesn’t affect him the same.  Rip tells Wally that he lied to Sara, is responsible for the resurrection of Damien Darhk and sending agents to their deaths.


Wally puts it right, but Rip wants to make amends but he needs help from Wally.

Next up, Gary.  He’s talking to another agent when all of a sudden Wally speeds in, takes his time courier and drops his trousers.


He takes the time courier to Rip, who tells him there is one more thing he needs, his long brown coat.

On the Waverider, Nate, Ray and Zari are stuck.  Because they are in the Bermuda Triangle Zari says they need to time jump out of there but Nate says that they can’t leave Mick and Amaya there with the pirates.


Ok, maybe not as they have been captured by the Darhks and are up for the chop, the head chop that is.  Amaya apologies to Mick who tells her that she is more fearsome than any dreaded pirate.  As Blackbeard is about to lose his head, Amaya, thanks to Mick, turns and attacks those holding them captive.  They fight their way out of it and Amaya gets herself in a sword fight with a Navy officer.

Gidoen is telling those on the Waverider that they have zero chance of escaping the Bermuda Triangle as there are multiple cannonballs being fired at them.  Ray thought they were cloaked but no, the cannonballs hit and cause damage to the ship.  Again, it’s Darhk who is firing at them.

Amaya gets the best in her sword fight and surprises Blackbeard by showing mercy.

The Waverider, still being shot at, Nate is at the controls and makes the decision to get out of there.

Ava and Sara are eating, talking about their younger selves when Gary arrives at the restaurant.  He gets Ava’s attention, who makes her excuses to go to the rest room, but is going to see what he wants.  Then, Sara sees that the Waverider is back and is looking to crash in Star City.


Sara makes contact with Zari on the Waverider and decides that her date with Ava has to be over.  Ava is asking what Gary is doing there, he tells her about the speedster taking his time courier and that Rips coats had been taken from storage.  He also tells Ava she looks great.


Ava returns to the dining table that she and Sara shared, to notice that Sara had left money and gone.  She looks visibly upset that her date with Sara has gone awry but is aware of the need to find Rip.

TOKYO 1992

Rip and Wally are doing a bit of karaoke, giving it their best George Michael impressions, banging out Careless Whisper.

Sara goes back to the Waverider and is told what has happened.  Sara is very despondent about the lack of normal life she can have, therefore, tells Zari to get the ship up and running because Mick and Amaya are on their own.

That’s where we go next.  Amaya and Mick are with Blackbeard and need to use his ship to get to Grace Island, where the totem is buried.  He tells them the necklace is cursed and Blackbeard appears to be a bit soft.  Amaya tries to bring him around and tells them he swore that he will never go back to that island.  He says he’s a man of his word and he’s off.


Amaya and Mick don’t need Blackbeard, just his ship so they go to the bar and tell everyone they need a crew.  She tells them all about the treasure they could have and they all agree to take over Blackbeards ship.  Just at that time, he walks in, tells them all about a mutiny and that he’s in too.


The ship sets sail and they are off to the island with Amaya at the helm.

On the Waverider, the rest of the team find another in 1717, where naval ships get in to a battle with Blackbeard.  A portrait of the navy admiral in on-screen and it’s a picture of Damien Darhk.  Just then, Ava arrives on the ship after using her time courier.  Ava is pissed with Sara for standing her up on their date, calling her a jerk.  It looks like it’s back to the no-nonsense Ava from earlier episodes.

Amaya, Mick et al arrive at the island, Blackbeard is nervous and tries to make an excuse to go back to his ship, there is something he isn’t telling them.  He explains he left some details out about the totem.  He explains what happened to Annie and how he had to shoot her dead, burying her with the totem.  As he is telling the story, we see that Damien Darhk and Nora are already there digging up the body of Annie to get their hands on the necklace, she has risen from the grave and is attacking them.  The Legends and Blackbeard make their way to the same place.

On the Waverider and Ava is showing her upset towards Sara standing her up.  Sara tries to explain what happened, Ray and Nate won’t interrupt but Nate has Ava’s time courier so they can get to Mick and Amaya.

Back on the island, Amaya and all race towards the totem.  Annie is still attacking them as the totem has taken over her.  Nate and Ray arrive in 1717 thanks to the time courier.  While also this is going on Sara and Ava are still arguing over their date.  Sara tells her that she can’t be normal and Ava replies she doesn’t want her to, hell no.  They embrace, about bloody time too.

On the island and thanks to Ray and Nate using the time courier, Blackbeard and friends find that they can enter the Waverider, which they do. Obviously, Ava and Sara are kissing as the pirates walk in.


Blackbeard is claiming the ship and the women as his.  Ok, so that isn’t going to happen with these two is it?  Therefore, Sara and Ava get to kicking pirate ass.

Amaya is trying to communicate with Annie about the totem taking over, how it will burden her.  Nora is still tied up on the ground with vines as this is all going on.  Darhk comes up from behind Annie and uses his powers to kill her.  Powers gone and the vines retract, freeing everyone from their grasp.  With Nora loose Damien says he now has to kill Amaya.  The Darhks get the best of her and have her by the throat.  Ray and Nate interrupt, meaning Amaya can then turn the tables on Nora, putting a knife to her throat.  Unfortunately, Nora uses her own powers and gets Amaya by the throat, draining the life from her.  Ray has the nanite gun and shoots Nora in the back.  Ray looks as distraught as Damien when he realises what he has done.  He sees the despair on Damien’s face, his daughter dying in his arms.  As this is going on, Amaya takes the totem from Annie and they leave.

On the ship, the fight is still going on between Sara, Ava and the pirates.  Obviously, Sara and Ava get the best of them.  Blackbeard offers for them to join his crew but we all know that won’t happen.

Amaya shows Blackbeard around the Waverider, and he thanks her for everything he has done, including saving his life.  She warns him to tell everyone that the dreaded pirate Jiwe, spared his life, to which he agrees.

Nate is looking at the newly found earth totem, when Amaya walks in.  He apologises for what happened and her losing her totem.  He assumes it must be difficult for her not having it but she tells him she feels free and able to make her own choices for once.  She pulls out a sword and points it at Nate.  He looks worried but she’s only fooling and they kiss.

Ava and Sara are having a drink together, rum float, using…


Sometimes screwing up works for the better, Sara says, to which Ava agrees.  Sara apologises for bailing out on Ava but things are all good.  About being normal, Ava says she would rather fight pirates with Sara than be sat in a restaurant.  In that case…


They go to Sara’s room.

Rip Hunter looking worse for wear after a night on the drink is woken by Wally, who suffered no more than a 3 minute hangover.  Wally tells him the night was fun and that he is lonely where he has been.  Rip tells him the world needs Wallace West and that he can become a Legend.  Rip asks if Wally wants to join him and he agrees.

On the Waverider Mick asks Ray if he wants a beer.  Why not?  They drink together and it becomes apparent that Mick knows something is bothering Ray.  The fact that he shot Nora with the nanite gun and he knew her as a kid.  Despite how evil she has become, he still feels guilty.  Mick tells him that what he did saved Amaya and that Nora is a wrong ‘un.  Ray believes that, as has happened with Mick, she could have been redeemed and became a much better person.

Back in the Bahamas and Damien is over Nora’s dying body, Ray uses a time courier to take himself there.  When he arrives he tells Damien he wants a trade, he can save Nora if he gives up the totem.  Damien agrees very quickly and throws the totem to Ray.  Ray injects an antidote in to Nora and she comes around.  She calls Rays name, recognising him.  But, it doesn’t last long as She then chokes him, draining away his life.  Damien stops her short, leaving him unconscious.  He tells Nora that he could be of use to them.

Episode end.

Again, a great episode of Legends, which has become my favourite show from the CW.  It is such fun and there is always something going on.

Love the relationship between Sara and Ava.  I really hope this works out as I think they make an ace couple.

A great episode that, similar to Zari last ep, had Amaya pretty much front and centre.  It was nice to get a bit more from her than he issues with Nate.

Mick Rory, he is turning in to the agony uncle of the team.  He was brilliant and such a turn from how the character was when he started the show.

Ray is just a great, nice character.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens now, this could be an interesting time for the character.

Blackbeard being a coward, never saw that coming.

I’m usually dismissive of Damien Darhk but, after what happened with Nora towards the end and the despair it brought him, we did see a different side to him, especially giving up the totem because his daughter was the most important thing.  Be interesting to see if this goes any further.

Won’t say much on Rip and Wally as that is still progressing.  Great rendition of Careless Whisper though.

Great fight scenes, great action, super humour, all round good, fun episode.

Only downside for me – Gary.  Just, no.  Sorry, but no.  Annoying. although there for comedy moments.

Easy 8.5/10

Hope you enjoyed the read and, as always, if you wish to gives us your views, please do so below or on our social media pages.

Cheers, John

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