Posted: February 23, 2018 by John Hammond

Please note that this contains spoilers, so please don’t read on if you haven’t seen it yet.

As with all CW episodes, we start with a “Previously…” segment.  This gives us a little bit about Mallus, Darhk and the team of course.  Plus, John Constantine.

It’s Back!!!!!!

Star City 2017 – The episode starts with John Constantine entering an asylum.  He’s there to perform an exorcism on a girl called Emily.  Before he gets to her though, he has to use his abilities to ensure that the nurse he meets in the hallway forgets about him.  It appears he has tried before, however, unsuccessfully.  It appears that whoever is possessing the girl is not letting go and it becomes more terrifying for Constantine when the name Sara Lance is mentioned.

We then see Constantine with the Legends aboard the Waverider.  Apart from a little showing off a little to the team, flirting with Leo, he asks what Sara has got herself in to.  Sara tells him about Mallus, how she was taken to the spirit world.  Constantine wants to leave after receiving the help he needs from the team but Sara wants her and a number of the Legends to go along with him.

John Sara and the rest arrive at the asylum looking for Emily.  As they go to find her, Kuasa appears and Nate and Amaya stay behind to try to take care of her.  Amaya doesn’t want to fight her, but Kuasa has other ideas.  John, Sara and Leo find Emily and as they are to start the exorcism, Zari gives them the bombshell that the girl is, in fact, Nora “Friggin'” Darhk.  Constantine gets the exorcism underway but, as per previous efforts, Mallus (the demon possessing the girl) is too powerful.  Nora then draws a symbol on the floor and this transports the 3 members of the team back to 1969.

Back at the asylum and Nate decides to use the freeze gun of Leo’s to freeze Kuasa and stop her from killing Amaya.  Amaya isn’t happy about this, despite his reasons for doing so.  They take Kuasa back to the Waverider and once she defrosts, herself and Amaya talk.  Kuasa tells Amaya what happened when men attacked the village.  Amaya is told that, on that day, she will be killed and that, Kuasa herself, will be abandoned.  Amaya tells Kuasa that it was thought she was dead.

Ray and Zari get to the asylum and break out Nora.  They take Nora to the coffee shop, CC Jitters where all seems to be going well until a tv clip shows Damien Darkh being murdered by the Green Arrow.  This causes Nora to go crazy and she is taken over by Mallus, causing havoc in the coffee shop.

In 1969, Sara is showing signs of being possessed and they need to get a message back to the Legends.  Leo is given the task of putting a note behind a picture, one that is still hanging in 2017.  Unfortunatley, he gets caught and the plans go awry.  As Mallus, still in possession of Nora is causing strife at CC Jitters, Sara is in the spirit world and talking to Nora, telling her how strong she can be to beat Mallus.

Amaya tells Kuasa that she was given a message to protect the totem bearer, thinking it was meant to be Zari.  She is now of the belief that it was to protect Kuasa.  Amaya, being the caring person she is, wants to help; unfortunatley, Nate arrives on the scene and Kuasa goes to attack him as he is holding the cold gun.  The gun falls and Amaya picks it up, pointing it at Kuasa, but can’t go any further.  Sheputs the gun down, Kuasa lets Nate go and she disappears.

At CC JItters, Nora is back to being herself, when her father turns up.  He talks of Mallus being her saviour and that the power he gives her can bring him back from the dead.  The asylum doctor also arrives and they convince Nora to go with them, back to 2017.

On the Waverider, Zari and Ray tell of how Mallus fears the totems.  During the fight at the coffee shop, Zari touched Nora, who called her one of the six.  Amaya tells that there are only 5 and that they must find the others, inluding the sixth.  At this point, Constantine leaves.  Before he goes,he speaks to Ray, telling him to continue working on his magic-surpressing gun and that he worries for Sara.  If they have the gun close by if she is possessed by Mallus, it can help stop her going further.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — “Daddy Darhkest” — Image Number: LGN310b_0320b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary and Matt Ryan as Constantine — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Leo also states that he is leaving and it’s Mick who he gives the news to.  He also tells the team that he is to propose to Ray, the Ray from his own earth.

About Mick, he was watching football through the episode, although he did offer up some managerial qualities that may come in handy in the future.

Sara is about to invite Ava on to the ship, obvious chemistry between the two.  However, Ava give Sara some unwanted news; Rip Hunter has escaped from prison and they have no idea where/when he might be.

Episode end

A cracking return for this show, which is turning in to one of may favourites from the CW Universe.  It is such fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously and is one hell of a ride.

A fun episode, lots going on, although Mick as only watching a football game.

Gonna be interesting to see how Mallus will affect Sara over the rest of this series as we know it will happen and if she loses it, who would step in to stop her.  No thanks, difficult enough when not possessed  but, possessed?  I’m running.

Shame to see Leo go, always liked Wentworth Millers take on the character,  no matter which earth he comes from.

I’m glad there was a nod to Firestorm in the first scene with Ray and Zari, glad it is acknowledged, especially when we’ve been on a long break.

John Constantine fits the show very well and I hope we see more of him in future episodes; it’s made me want to get hold of the Constantine series as that is something that I haven’t watched just yet.

Anyway, solid, fun, exciting, action packed, scary at times (the beginning was fairly dark) – 8.5/10.

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Cheers, John

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