Posted: January 5, 2018 by John Hammond

Beware – If you haven’t seen this episode of Legends of Tomorrow, then spoilers are more than likely.

Legend Of Tomorrow: Helen Hunt

As with all these shows, we start with a “Previously on Legends Of Tomorrow” segment before leading in to the main episode and here we are shown Kuasa (so you know she’s appearing here), Nora Darhk (Ditto), Damien Darhk and the proposed break up of Firestorm.

Finishing with the previously stuff, we arrive in, the extremely glamorous, Hollywood in 1937 where we follow a blonde woman to a movie set, the movie being about Helen Of Troy.  The woman, very attractive, catches the attention of a producer who asks her name, to which she replies, “Helen Of Troy”.  Boom, anachronism right there, the real Helen Of Troy who just happens to arrive at the filming of a movie about herself.  Therefore, we know where this story is going to take us.

Cut to the Waverider and we happen upon Ray, Martin and Jefferson undergoing tests to enable them to split up as Firestorm in order for Martin to return to his family full-time and play the doting Grandfather he wants to be.  Unfortunately, test 1 goes awry and, well, we’ve all seen Vice Versa, Freaky Friday and all those kind of movies haven’t we?  Yes, Jefferson and Stein have switched bodies.

So, the anachronism is known and the Legends arrive in 30’s Hollywood (or Hollywoodland) as the sign on the hills stated during this time.  Figuring out that Helen is THE Helen of Troy (basically due to the effect she had on members of the movie crew), they need to figure out a way to help her return to her rightful time.

Speaking of the effect that Helen had on the crew members (male of course), mirrored the effect that she was said to have had on male suitors during her own time; mostly because of her beauty and how she was said to have been the most beautiful woman the world had seen.  Ok, so the history of Helen Of Troy is used loosely, for the most part, here (though her relationship with Paris is mentioned correctly), it does give a sense as to what her life was like.

Anyway, as the story goes on, contact is made with Helen, who states to Sara and Zari that she has no intention of returning to her time (we find out later why) and that she has learnt much in such a short amount of time and that she takes advice from her agent.

Ah, her agent, who could that be?  Well, the Legends take their chances at a Hollywood party, where we learn that Helen’s agent is none other than Damien Darhk.  Are you surprised after he was shown in the “Previously” scene, who is at the party with Nora and Kuasa.  Before anything gets going between Sara and Darhk though, Ray and the other, male, Legends end up starting a fight over Helen.  During this scene though, we see Martin (as Jefferson), first try to take to Hedy Lamarr (an actress long admired by Martin and, in agreement with is wife, his “Hall Pass”).  Due to his adoration of Hedy, there is a lovely moment where, during the fight that breaks out at the party, Martin saves Hedy from harm.  Following on from the fight, Darhk gives Sara an ultimatum, go back to 2017 or he’ll do what he’s tried to do before and kill them.

Because of the actions of the male members of the team, Captain Lance decides that herself, Amaya and Zari should deal with trying to get Helen back to her time.  Thankfully, they manage to find Helen, show how they deal with male pains in the butt which, in turn, shows her that they are warriors and she knows that she can now trust them.  She tells them of the misery that seems to come to men because of her and doesn’t want it any more.

On a side note, because of the changes to history, Martin feels he should do what he can to help Hedy become the Hollywood great she was destined to be as she was acting for phone operating.  This also means that Hedy wouldn’t invent Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (no, I’m not sure either) as well as being a successful actress; he gets her to get up from the phone and leave with him.  Unfortunately, this results in a showdown with Darhk and Nora who then hunt Martin and Hedy down.  Cornered, they are joined by the other Legends (Amaya and Zari are left guarding the Waverider, along with Helen).  Sara takes on Darhk in a sword fight (no magic), while the rest take on Nora unsuccessfully.  Being told of their predicament, Hedy tells Jefferson and Martin that they should join as Firestorm.  Not only would this assist them in defeating Nora but could reverse the body switch.  After a discussion they do this, Martin (as Firestorm) fends off Nora, and then her and Darhk (he has defeated Sara by having Nora use her magic as opposed to his) and the two of them scamper off like the cowards they are, leaving Sara in a coma.

Back on the Waverider, as this was going on, Kuasa has boarded the ship and, after knocking out Zari, fights with Amaya.  Before fighting it emerges that Kuasa is Amaya’s granddaughter (the clues were there).  They fight and Helen intervenes by sticking a knife (given to her by Amaya for protection) in to her.  She turns to water and makes her escape.

Helen is still determined she does not want to return to Troy, giving good reason why.  Therefore, Zari takes her to, yes, her own time, BUT not her own place, taking her to an island of women warriors.


Hugely enjoyable episode, the setting for this was brilliant, a time when glamour meant glamour, Hollywood of the golden age.

Loved the title card (picture above).

Loved Helen’s reaction to Amaya, Sara and Zari fighting.

Woman power throughout, right until the very end.  Fantastic.

Good fun during the Martin/Jefferson body swap, some good and funny moments.

Didn’t really need to see Damien Darhk, to be honest, not my favourite villain from the show.  Not sure why, may be the actor, how he’s written etc.  Not sure but not a massive fan.



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