Posted: November 9, 2017 by Adam Carr

Image courtesy of Legends of Tomorrow - Phone Home

Legends of Tomorrow was back to cheese in it’s latest episode, with ‘Phone Home’.

I am starting to have to dig down really deep to find anything of note to say about Legends of Tomorrow.  As watchable as it is, that is all it is, watchable .   The references to real world things are starting to become tiring, and I wish they’d just get on with making good solid TV instead of forcing these references.

All the way through this weeks episode, we saw Ray as a child with his Alien best friend, ring any bells?

The Dominators also made another appearance in this episode, with a mother trying to hunt down her child.  The peak of this week’s episode was when Nate kissed Ray’s Mom (AKA a Dominator in disguise).  He didn’t seem too happy and that part bought some laughs.

The episode made a reference to ET when we saw a bicycle ride in the sky across the moon.  The reference in Legends was to the below scene from ET.

ET - Legends of Tomorrow - DCWorld

This legends main purpose seemed to be to introduce the newest Waverider team member.  Zari seems like she could be a good member of the team and i’m actually looking forward to seeing how she gets on with the team in the coming episodes.

However, Legends really does need to start stepping up it’s game.  The references are all well and good, but please, some solid episodes with more story and less a little less cheese (we all love a certain amount of cheddar) would be awesome!

This episode gets a 5/10 from me, a drop from last week, but i’m sure Legends will improve as the season goes on, i’m begging it too!