Posted: November 2, 2017 by Adam Carr

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 3 - DCWorld

Legends of Tomorrow started weak this season and has started to get better episode by episode.  The show has been very strong over the past few seasons, but does normally start weak and grows better as the season goes along.  This season is no disappointment.

Zari is based around the newest member of the team, and the latest person to step on the waverider – Zari Adrianna Tomaz.

At the start of the episode we find out that she is a criminal and because of that Mick is used to communicate with her.

In 2021, metahumans are banned (we saw the start of this with the Metahuman Act in the following episode of Arrow) and the Argus bot knows it.  It detects that the team are metas and tries to put them under arrest, meanwhile Zari makes a run for it, not realising that the team are trying to help.

After that the usual happens for Legends, a bit of drama, a few jokes and everything was solved and set up for the next show.

However, one bonus of this week’s episode was the continued development of the big bad for this season, Kuasa.  She is a mysterious water being, able to turn into water and appear anywhere she likes.  She could prove a formidable challenge for the team as the season goes on.

One has to wonder how Victor Garber’s character will leave the show, now we know that he will be leaving Legends this season.  Will Kuasa be the one to kill him?  Or will he walk away?

This episode continued to build the story but it will be a while before Legends gains any weight this season.  For me, it’s the least enjoyable show of the DC shows on TV right now – and there is room to develop characters like Rory and Ray Palmer a lot more.  I’d give this episode 6/10,  low but getting better with every episode!