Posted: June 1, 2018 by Erin Marie Durcan

The second half of the season of Krypton set up nicely for the next season. And fans of the show are in for a great Season 2. There are lots of open questions and stories to what may have and are going to happen to many of the characters. Unfortunately fans will have to wait to have them answered. But it’s the fact they are there and give us the anticipation in seeing if our predictions are right or wrong.

What happened to Jayna? Was it her brother who saved her?
In the 9th episode, Jayna is challenged by Zod, her grandson, for a battle-to-the-death match. She gets the upperhand on Zod, but is shot by Lyta. When Lyta tries to help her, she tells her to get away from her and Lyta leaves with Zod. Jayna starts walking and is overtaken by the pain from the shot and passes out. A man who has been following her and knows her name picks her up off the street.

Is Daron-Vex truly dead?
In the season finale, we find Nyssa-Vex was in a same accident as her father was (her father went down in a skinner in episode 9). But Nyssa’s conscious was put in a clone. Was the same done to Daron?

When is Adam Strange returning to Krypton?
To save Kem and Seg from a bomb in which Brainiac planted in Ona, Adam uses the Zeta Beam to block the blast. But it also sent Adam to another world, Earth. There he finds Earth has changed with what happened on Krypton, where Zod is the ruler of both worlds.

(My thought) Is the baby Nyssa saved from the Genesis Chamber really Jor-El?
Nyssa is a clone and because of this she may not feel worthy of Seg since she is not the real version of herself. So what if she gave her life for the love and sake of Seg when he returns from the Phantom Zone and tells him to take care of their child?

Will Lyta tell Seg her true feelings for Dev?
Lyta has feelings for Dev. But just how deeply are they compared to Seg? Fans of the show know Zod is a son of both Seg and Lyta. So is Zod before or after Jor-El?

Will Val sacrifice himself for Seg?
Zod brought up to Seg that Val would be a great prize for Brainiac in leaving Krypton because of his knowledge of the future due to the Phantom Zone. Val expressed he would never return. Since Zod destroyed it, leaving Seg and Brainiac in the prison, Val was seen hard at work building it back.

For the sake of Seg, will he return to the Phantom Zone?
Will Zod and Doomsday have a battle to the death?
There seemed to be one little mistake Zod had forgotten about. Doomsday has now escaped from his cell and he didn’t look to be a happy person.


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