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The episode starts off where we last left: in the Fortress of Solitude. Adam Strange has just explained to Seg why he is there, who is coming to destroy his planet, and showing Superman’s disappearing cape.

Seg still doesn’t believe Adam and doesn’t want anything to do with him. He wants the revenge of his family’s death and to bring honor back to his family. To keep Seg from doing something rash, he makes an arrangement with him to find evidence to prove his story. Adam tells him to try to get into the Science Guild where they can have access to all the information for him to find Brainiac. If he can’t find any evidence to back-up his story, he’ll leave him alone.

After a fight with the Sagitari, who he was trying to avoid, he is caught and sent to Nyssa-Vex. Before meeting with her father, she gives him a change of clothing with the Vex shield on it. When they meet with the Head of Magistrate, he expresses how disappointed he is on how long he had to wait and that would not be tolerated the next evening at the binding ceremony.

Under her mother’s orders, Lyta-Zod’s regiment goes down to the Rankless area to see if they ca find terrorists belonging the Black Zero. After what happened with Seg’s parents and their so called allegiance to Black Zero, General Zod doesn’t want to take any chances that they may have indeed been a part of the group. Lyta tries to talk to Dev-Em to not go along with it. He reminds her his family was murdered by Black Zero terrorists and that it has to be done.

After getting a letter from Seg, Lyta goes to him who is waiting at the place where his grandfather died. Seg understands it is not her fault for his parents’ death. But he can’t get the fact it was her mother who did. Lyta consoles him and says for him to be his true self.

Seg then goes to the Head Magistrate to request a traditional funeral for his parents. He is denied being told they were enemies of the state. The Magistrate then goes on to give Seg a history of Val and how he talked about a being called The Collecting of Worlds. With the information he is given about his grandfather, he asks to join the Science Guild to continue his grandfather’s work and to get the information for Adam to prove himself. He is accepted into the Guild and meets Adam at his friend’s Kem’s bar telling him he has 2 hours to find something to prove Brainiac.

Meanwhile, in the Military Guild, Lyta challenges her commander to a duel to be in charge of her command. Her mother gets concerned and tells her she doesn’t think she’ll succeed. Her mother also doesn’t think she can be a true Zod and Lyta wants to prove her wrong. It’s a hard battle and the commander asks for mercy. “We never ask for mercy,” she says after breaking the commander’s neck killing him. Her mother knows she did what she did, not only to prove her wrong, but to also protect Seg.

Time is running short for Adam to find his proof. When they finding nothing, Seg makes his decision to get his revenge on the Head Magistrate before Adam’s time is up. He arrives at the House of Vex but is intercepted by Nyssa. She has Seg follow her into her room and gives him his parents ashes concealed in an urn with the House of El shield on it. Touched by what Nyssa does for him (the House of El shield is banned and she could get arrested for it), he forgets what he originally came to do and leaves with the urn.

He arrives at his old apartment where his lived with his family. As he is reminiscing about his life with his family, two neighbors knock on the door. They express how much his parents meant to them and the little girl hands him a rock with the House of El shield carved into it. He realizes his family was honored more than he thought.

Back at the bar, Kem and Adam are still looking for any abnormal activity showing in the database of the Science Guild’s records. They finally come across a meteor shower that shouldn’t be there.

Seg returns to the Fortress to think, wondering if everything that has occurred (or about to occur) is true. He then uncovers a saying that says “The blood of House of El will forever binds us”. He then cuts his hand and puts it over the House of El shield above the saying letting the blood drip onto it. This activates his grandfather’s computer and brings a hologram version of Val to greet Seg.

Val: I’m a projection. A copy of Val-El. I share his thoughts and memories, but in essence I’m a computer program.

Seg: You knew they were coming for you.

Val: I suspected it. But I knew I have a responsibility to you Seg. That’s why I created this program. To guide you. To educate you. When the time came.

With the help of his grandfather, Seg is reminded of the honor his family accomplished over history. Val-El then talks about what he discovered with his technology he invented and the realm of the Phantom Zone. With the Phantom Zone’s inter-dimensional, he was able to travel from planet to planet. And he found them all to be under a threat. But because he was silenced before he could tell the council, he wasn’t able to finish his work. Seg then promises his grandfather he will finish what he started.

Seg then returns to the Lawmaker’s Guild, the same place where he watched his parents die, for his binding ceremony into the House of Vex. He has another idea:

Seg: There isn’t going to be a ceremony. You want me to be ranked again? Join the Science Guild, bind with your daughter, okay. But even if I never get to bear the sigil of my own house, I will not wear yours. I’d rather die Rankless.

In finding the information of the meteor shower, Kem and Adam get a ship and go to the outlands to find any meteorites. They find something that looked more like it crashed.

Seg: This better be something real, Earthman. I’m getting tired of being–

Adam: Not sure what you call it. Brainiac sends them out to any planet that he deems worthy of conquest as a forward scout. Brainiac isn’t on his way. He’s already here.



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