Posted: June 25, 2017 by Adam Carr

Justice League has recently been doing some retakes in Bedfordshire, and Paul Edwards last week got some exclusive photos from the set.

This week it seems promotion and leaked images have been all the go. First off, it seems that there has been a redesign of the Batman suit, with the previous being based on the ‘Dark Knight Returns’ comics, and the new one for Justice League seemingly similar to the suit from the Arkham Knight video game.

Batman Justice League

There has also been a leaked photo of the new Batmobile for the movie. It is on the back of a trailer seemingly being prepared for filming.

batmobile justice league 2017

Progress on the film is fast heading to a conclusion ready for the release later this year, and things are definitely getting leaked more and more as the months go on. We at DCWorld are very excited to see what comes next in the months ahead.