Posted: October 16, 2018 by John Hammond

My nomination for this month keeps on the Superman anniversary them.

Cameron Cuffe – Born on April Fool’s Day 1993 (so still a relative pup really). But this man ain’t no fool, oh no, this man is one of the most powerful men in the universe.

Ok, so maybe only for the purposes of a certain tv show but, who knows, he may be!?!?!

Cameron is London born and graduated from the Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art in Dublin, who would have guessed that after his stage credits, the 2016 movie Florence Foster Jenkins and his recurring role in ITV drama The Halcyon, that he would go on to play the grandfather of one of the most loved superheroes of all time.

In 2017, after filming an episode of ABC drama Time After Time, he landed the lead role in a new SyFy show. The name of the show? KRYPTON.

Yes, Cameron was given the role of Seg-El, the granddaddy of The Man of Steel. A relative unknown, as a lot of the British cast in the show are, Cameron has gone on to be a household name among fans of DC Comics and the superhero genre. He has played the role with such aplomb that you can see how much that being in this role means to him. For me, he is the standout performer of the show, even surpassing that of another DC favourite Colin Salmon.

Cameron is certainly known now.

You can see how much of a comic book fan he is on social media too and he is well worth a follow if you wish. You may also have seen a little interview that DC World managed to get with him on our site HERE – go have a read and you’ll see even more what this role means to him.

As a newbie to the DC Universe, Cameron has taken it by storm playing one of the most important characters in DC history. He certainly deserves the chance to enter the DC World Hall of Fame. If you feel the same then please vote for him HERE

Cheers, John

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