Posted: September 18, 2018 by Erin Marie Durcan

I haven’t been an avid comic book reader my whole life. In fact, I just started really making a collection the past few months. Mainly collecting a few Batman and Doomsday Clock issues, with a couple of Superman comics here and there.

At Wondercon this last December I attended the Superman 80 Years panel. And one of the topics they talked about was the Man of Steel 6-issue comic, which was to come out after the big 1000th Action Comic was to hit stands. I was sold. I knew I had to get my hands on it.

As I waited in line at my comic store with my 1000th Action Comic of Superman to pay, I saw their advertisement for the issues and I had them put my name down to make sure I got every one of them. Once I got them home, I read all of them in one night! And Brian Michael Bendis was the writer of these comics!

Mr. Bendis has been a writer for Marvel and was the co-creator of Netflix’s Jessica Jones winning him a Peabody Award. He made his debut into the DC Universe with the 1000th issue of Action Comics where he continues to write as well as Superman, and is organizing a new line for DC called JINXWORLD.

“The new deal brings the JINXWORLD line of creator-owned comics to the DC fold. These new titles include PEARL, with Jessica Jones co-creator Michael Gaydos, COVER, with award-winning multimedia sensation David Mack, the return of SCARLET, with co-creator Alex Maleev, and the return of the United States of Murder, Inc. with Powers co-creator Mike Avon Oeming.” –

After reading The Man of Steel issues, I have continued my collection of Action Comics. I believe Mr. Bendis is going to have a very long and happy stay with DC Comics and its universe.

You can follow Mr. Bendis on Twitter and Instagram.


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