Posted: February 11, 2018 by Paul Edwards

Here is my choice for our Hall of Fame this time for voting and why I have chosen this amazing person and Wonder Woman Character.

Gal Gadot is my choice and why not, the portrayal of the Wonder Woman character has blown audiences worldwide and all because of her believable acting skills and for playing such an iconic superhero. One powerful story and Epic scenes that we saw in the Wonder Woman the movie were mesmerising and the movie gave chills in the cinema and it takes a powerful and amazing story to do this to me, trust me. For any movie to have this affect on fans gets my vote permanently.

I always wondered if we would ever get a Wonder Woman on the big screen and thanks to director Zack Snyder for giving Gal the chance in Batman v Superman, she has now become a legendary icon again after so many years of waiting we now have our Diana Prince for our generation and thanks to Patty Jenkins for going ahead on the very successful solo Wonder Woman movie and now ready to make the sequel to start filming this year.

Another reason too was after meeting Gal Gadot in person at Ace comic con in December 2017 at long island New York made me love her even more. Gal is such a real and true person and wanted to engage with her fans, hug them, hold them and pose for amazing photo ops plus sign some great autographs and spend some time talking to you. You just don’t get this with every Movie Star you may meet but Gal Gadot was the full package deal 100% a real Wonder Woman.

I wish her all the success with the Wonder Woman character and hope to see a lot more of her in our DC Universe and looking forward to Wonder Woman 2 in 2019.

These are some of my reasons for picking Gal Gadot for my Hall of Fame choice.

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