Posted: July 29, 2017 by Mary Jane Estrada

Gail Simone - DCWorld HOF

Each month our team of dedicated writers and DC fanatics will be nominating one person to enter the DCWorld Hall of Fame Monthly Semi Final. We will be each posting an article, to put to you the people, why our nominee should go into the HOF Final in December. Here is the seventh entry into the DCWorld Hall of Fame August semi-final…

Here it is, my first choice for our DC World Hall of Fame: Gail Simone.

If you don’t know, now you know. I am utterly-obsessed with all things Gail Simone!

A veteran to the comic world, Simone doesn’t receive nearly enough credit as she deserves. Simone’s passion and creativity oozes throughout her extensive list of beloved comics such as, Birds of Prey, Action Comics, Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, JLA Classified, The All-New Atom, Batgirl, and the list goes on.

Originating from weekly column writing, Simone started to make her mark on the world. From scripting for The Simpsons to scoring a mainstream gig with Marvel Comics, writing Deadpool and its successor, Agent X. By this time, Simone had made a solid imprint in the comic world, landing herself a five-year run, penning the beloved Birds of Prey. After her lengthy run on Birds of Prey, she continued her work with DC on the mini-series Action Comics. Come 2007, DC announced that Simone would be the new regular writer of the third volume of Wonder Woman, where she ‘changed the game’ and became Wonder Woman’s longest-running female writer.

Gail Simone has come a long way from gaining fan attention through Women in Refrigerators, a website created in 1999 by a group of feminists and comic book fans. Women in Refrigerators focused on discussions regarding fictional female characters who had been “killed, maimed or depowered” as a plot device for a male character. Outside of the comic universe, Simone continues to educate and entertain us through her twitter account. WHY AREN’T YOU FOLLOWING HER? @GailSimone. A strong supporter of the LGBTQ community and just an all-round awesome gal.

Gail Simone is my hero. Said every woman. Ever.