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Gotham finally returned to our television screens and the mid season premiere was a triumph. Pieces Of A Broken Mirror directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper had a unique set up feel for lots of the Gotham characters. With new happenings and focusing on personality traits of characters which we have not seen before. So what did episode 12 bring?

Captain Jim Gordon is looking for Bullock he visits a brothel which the Madame owner calls respectable. After reassuring Madame that Jim isn’t there to close her down Jim hands over a photo which she confirms that Bullock was there the night before and spent the night with Tullulah and Pip. What is extremely clever I noticed about this episode of Gotham is the interconnecting shots of the area which most of the plot takes place in the episode. As we see Jim walking away a parked car with three tweakers make their way to the Chinese Apothecary which we saw last in episode 2 when Ivy (Maggie Ghea) raided his supplies and drank every plant toxin she could get her hand to go through a new transformation. As they break into the shop they see everything destroyed but it’s the large cocoon that starts to hatch in the middle of the room that gets their attention. A new Ivy is born, she is older, voice is more sultry and deeper and Ivy is impressed by her ability to poison one of the tweakers by the touch of her hand after he makes advances on her. As the other two tweakers run away Ivy looks around her surroundings and finds her new reflection extraordinary. Peyton List shows straight away in her first scene there is a silent danger about her and Poison Ivy has finally arrived. Ivy makes her way out of The Narrows and is angered by the sight of dying plants on the streets of Gotham which are mainly being polluted by car fumes. Ivy sees a couple leaving with suitcases in a taxi and uses this opportunity to take up residence in their property. Choosing a dress, checking out their fridge Ivy sits down with a tub of ice cream and flicks through the channels on the television. An advertisement for The Sirens nightclub starring Barbara, Tabitha and Selina gets her attention as Ivy does remember them but she is sure she hated them. Whilst Ivy enjoys a free drink at At The Sirens nightclub, ladies drink free whilst men don’t. She soon has the attention of two men, Barbara asks who this mysterious woman is as she watches the men take in her scent. Selina doesn’t recognise Ivy until a fight breaks out between the two men which Tabitha Intervenes. Tabitha tells Ivy to leave, which Ivy finds incredibly rude but Ivy always found Tabitha rude which leaves Tabitha puzzled at who she is. Selina has a brief interaction with a drunk Bruce which she isn’t impressed and asks Bruce what is he trying to prove by firing Alfred. Ivy waves at Selina as she leaves The Sirens, Bruce slurs his words as he reminds Selina that redheads are always trouble. This is when Selina realises it’s Ivy. Selina follows Ivy back to the house she is staying. Ivy catches Selina and informs her that she isn’t very good at following people. Selina is certainly shocked at Ivy’s new appearance and asks what happened to her? Ivy confesses that something wonderful happened to her takes Selina’s hands and scratches the top of one of them. Poison slowly spreads though Selina’s body as Ivy explains the power of her essence and how it lives in her now. Ivy hands Selina an antidote to counteract the toxin which took her a few attempts to perfect. Selina thinks Ivy has gone crazy but Ivy refuses to be ignored as Ivy has been reborn and will never be underestimated. It’s Ivy’s turn to look after Selina her offer to Selina is to make Gotham their bitch. I really like this new Ivy and I will look forward to see how Peyton List continues with throughout the rest of the season.


Alfred is my character of the week. As much as I dislike the current rift between Alfred and Bruce, Sean Pertwee let us into a side of Alfred which I think we all knew was there but the range of emotions he shows in this episode alone is brilliant. As Alfred sits alone in a diner, some construction workers know Alfred is knew to the area. They ask the waitress Tiffany (Caissie Levy) who Alfred is? Tiffany tells them that Alfred is a new customer, polite and tells them to leave him alone. One of the construction workers can’t help but ask Alfred if he knows him. Alfred firmly tells him that he doesn’t. Alfred pays his bill leaving a large tip for Tiffany, the construction man notices Alfred’s shoes are worth more then his car and they decide to follow him. Alfred is alone when the three men catch up with him and demand Alfred hands over his wallet, watch and jewellery. But Alfred has already sized him up and knows he Is three beers in. Alfred blocks his first punch, Alfred throws a punch knocking him to the ground when Jim comes around the corner. The construction men leave knowing that they took on more then they could handle. Jim is just as surprised to see Alfred and asks if Bruce is with him. Being reluctant to reveal what has recently happened between himself and Bruce, Jim asks further questions about Alfred living in the area of The Narrows. An explosion happens in a nearby building which I will get to in a moment as it’s the main plot of this episode. Alfred and Jim run to the building to help people, Alfred is impressed with how Captain Gordon has the GCPD in now some order. Alfred returns to the diner where he receives an around of applause, Tiffany pours some of her boss’s secret whiskey. The construction men admit to Alfred that they would not be brave enough to run into a building on fire and apologises with a handshake. Alfred hands him the other whiskey glass, Tiffany also drinks their eyes make a connection but Alfred notices she has bruising on the side of her face by her hairline, he asks but Tiffany puts it down to falling. Alfred doesn’t believe her. It’s dark Tiffany finishes her shift and Alfred agrees to walk her home and she compliments his accent. Alfred reveals a part of his past to Tiffany originally coming from charming Whitechapel in the Eastend of London and being part of the military. What I really liked about this scene how Alfred managed to express his sadness that his friend a man had helped him, gave him a job and how Alfred misses him terribly without having to explain that his friend was Thomas Wayne. Tiffany’s boyfriend shows up, Alfred’s temper gets the better of him and pushes her boyfriend against the pick up truck. Tiffany’s boyfriend accuses her tittle tattle when Alfred asks him about her bruises. Alfred punches the boyfriend who falls to the ground whilst Alfred is telling Tiffany to stay away from him the boyfriend finds Alfred’s SAS ring which he wears on his right baby finger and keeps it. Tiffany assures Alfred she will be fine as she gets in the truck with her boyfriend.

A call has been made to Jim from Detective Harper there has been a body of a woman found and the suspect is in custody and its Alfred Pennyworth. Jim shines a tourch over her face its Tiffany she has been beaten badly and there is an impression of Alfred’s SAS ring on her forehead which was also found next to Tiffany’s body. Jim already doubts Alfred would do this but Harper reminds Jim that Alfred does have a temper. Her boyfriend has an alibi of being at work all night. Jim talks to Alfred alone and asks if the ring he is holding does belong to him. It does but Alfred knows the boyfriend is responsible. Alfred becomes agitated and angry as he tries to explain but Jim tells to calm as he is in enough trouble as it is. Alfred saw Tiffany as a kind soul and they connected but with a witness seeing Alfred and the boyfriend fighting Jim wants Alfred to make a statement. Harper asks where is Alfred? In the only way Alfred knows how he has decided to sort this out himself. Alfred finds the bar where the boyfriend is and he confidently asks Alfred why is he there considering he is a wanted man. Alfred grabs a beer bottle and smashes it, this bar fight sequence is extremely pyshical and Alfred is taking on two guys with his fists. The boyfriend gets out a knife and informs Alfred he will say its self defence but like a hero in the night Harvey Bullock uses a baseball bat to help Alfred out. Alfred doesn’t realise it him until Bullock apologises “sorry it took so long i was in the john” which has to be my favourite line of the episode. Harvey does comment that he prefers Alfred when he is making the tea. Alfred explains that one of the guys is a murder, Harvey now working at the bar he calls the police. Alfred and Harvey toast a drink to Tiffany who Alfred considered to be a kind beautiful soul. Alfred needs a lady in his life and now Harvey and Alfred are drinking buddies their futures scenes are going to be very interesting to watch.

Back to the main plot of this episode. Leslie Thompkins is talking to the people of The Narrows to convince them that they don’t need to steal and punish each other. Lee understands times are tough but she strongly believes their community should protect each other. One of the residents explains they do it to survive but the question Lee puts to them is that all they want, just to survive. As Lee settles the gathering of people by explaining that the diseases she is treating should not be in a modern city. They need to stop stealing from the rich as it makes doctors afraid to visit them in the narrows. A mystery man is at the back of the room setting up a toy plane which has a device wired to it. It’s incredible to see Lee evolve into this character i have always enjoyed her storylines but she is constantly proving to be one of the strongest women in Gotham. With convincing the residents of The Narrows that she can prove to them that they can turn The Narrows into a nice place to live. A resident stands up to applaude this along with Ed who has been listening the rest of the crowd start clapping as the toy plane takes flight right towards her. Luckily Grundy knocks it off course through a window and it explodes.

Lucius turns up to help Jim locate the source of the blast. Lucius finds the toy plane its covered in plastic explosives and shows Jim the tigger wire. Lucius notices the incredible detail of how it has been modified and that it was possibly intended for one person not the whole room. So this was an assassination attempt on Lee but Jim doesn’t know that yet. Ed wants the people responsible to be made an example of as he won’t stand by and watch someone try and blow up Lee. Ed naturally thinks its someone from The Narrows but Lee thinks otherwise. In a heated argument Ed thinking that The Narrows should be burnt to the ground so they can start again Lee strongly disagrees leaves Ed to vent his frustration with Grundy who remains silent on this matter. Jim and Lucius visits Kranks Toys and Models because they are the only place in Gotham that manufacture their own toys. They enter a very dark looking shop with various antique rocking horses and manichanal monkeys holding cymbals. A young man asks if he can help them Lucius hands him the toy plane asking if he recognises it, which he does but its been altered. Jim tells him that it was altered to carry a bomb and enquiries who also works in the toy shop, which is the young man father. Jim asks to see him, as they wait a nutcracker statue rotates and follows them around them then starts to fire bullets. Jim and Lucius take cover as the father who is the mystery man from the narrows runs out the back as a small robot comes towards Jim and Lucius to with another bomb on it. Jim picks it up and throws it which explodes at the back of the shop. Jim and Lucius run out the front of the shop to see Mr Kank getting into his car, his son stops Jim from shooting him. Considering there is machine gun fitted inside the hand of the nutcracker staute Jim finds it hard to believe that Mr Kanks son Cosmo didn’t know what his father was up to. Cosmo Krank explains that his father doesn’t like to be disturbed but Jim needs to know who the toy plane target was for. Mr Krank works mostly at night and boxes up things to send over seas but the Cosmo does remember his father talking quietly to someone about ‘The Doc’ but he doesn’t know who that is.

As all good nightclubs in Gotham The Sirens is the place to go for information. Whilst Barbara comments on maintaining a good relationship with her exes, Jim doesn’t see it that way he wants to know if she has heard of someone called “The Doc”. What i liked about this scene is that Jim assumes The Doc is a man and Barbara knows it is actually Lee but doesn’t correct Jim. She teases Jim that The Doc is a dangerous character and maybe Jim should shoot first and ask questions later but Jim just wants to know where he can find The Doc. Barbara reveals that The Doc is in partnership with Ed Nygma in The Narrows at a place called Cherry’s.

Ed thanks the crowd at the fightclub for waiting. In his snowman skills are on poin as he makes an introduction Ed reminds the people of The Narrows what passion she has and bombs and bulletts won’t stop her. Jim has arrived and stands in the crowd as Ed continues to introduce “The Doc” Lee comes down some stairs as the crowd cheers and it quickly apparent to Jim that The Doc is Lee. Lee spots Jim in the crowd but continues to talk to the crowd about her attempted assassination. Lee believes maybe who ever tried to kill her did not like what she had to say about a united Narrows as it would scare people. Lee believes that a united Narrows is a strong Narrows and they should be scared. Jim is watching as Ed appears behind him and mentions how magnificent Lee is. Jim threatens to bust Ed but Ed doesn’t want Jim to be grumpy as he supports Lee fully as she will change The Narrows. Jim tells Ed that it was Krank the toy maker and the assassin sent the bomb to kill Lee, Ed laughs as it is so Gotham. Lee finishes her speech with telling the people of The Narrows they and their children deserve better. She makes her way to see Jim who calls her “Doc” Lee sees this a sign of respect not lack of imagination. Jim wishes Lee had contacted him when Lee arrived back in Gotham but Lee claimed she was busy. With applying her a compliment saying Lee looks great, Lee returns the compliment that Jim just looks the same. Which I did find very funny. To move on from an awkward moment Lee asks if Jim is here to arrest her. Jim explains the assassin who tried to kill Lee is still on the loose and the person who hired him. Jim questions why Lee is partners with Ed. Why not is Lee’s answer, Ed would of not been her first choice but the universe works in funny ways. This conversation happens while Ed is stood right next to them and Ed reminds Jim and Lee that he is still there.

After Lee says goodbye Jim decides to take a look around which leaves Ed looking complexed. Mr Krank is stood at the back of the room looking at Ed, Krank leaves quickly as Ed draws his gun and runs after him into the alley way outside of the fightclub. Krank knocks the gun out of Ed’s hand and tells Ed that he has been trying to get to him. Ed begs Krank not to hurt him but Krank has no intention he asks Ed why would he do that? Because Krank is trying to kill Lee! But the marvellous twist in this tale is that Ed, well actually his alias The Riddler payed good money to Krank to assassinate The Doc. Ed still disbelieves this but sees The Riddler in the alleyway mirror and sees a flashback of The Riddler giving Krank money. Krank wanting to know if he should finish the job Ed is horrified and wants Krank to repeat to Ed that The Riddler came to him because The Doc is holding him back. The Doc has to die or Ed could not be free, Krank gets angry with Ed as he risked his life and now the GCPD came to his work shop and Krank can’t go back there. Jim appears Krank goes to shoot but Jim kills him outright. Jim asks Ed if Krank told him who hired him, Ed thinks quickly and tells Jim that it was Kranks idea because of what Lee wanted to do to the narrows. Jim pursues that there was a telephone call made which Ed again makes up that he was ringing around to drum up support. As Jim reluctantly tells Ed he did good, Ed looks up to the mirror and his reflection is The Riddler telling Ed “i am back”. I absolutely loved this twist in the plot line. Ed looks exhausted at the thought of The Riddler making his way back into Ed’s life and how exactly it will effect his partnership with Lee as it’s obvious to me he values their friendship greatly.


Other great scenes in this episode was the coroner showing Lucius the body they found beneath the explosion. It’s the tweaker that Ivy poisoned. He has poison ivy starting to grow out of his nostrils and however he ingestied it, it has started to inhibit from the inside of the dead body. Poison Ivy multiplies as it lives off the dead tissue. The coroner takes a scalpel and cuts down through the chest where more poison ivy grows out of his chest. Lucius is fascinated in a good way. Chris Chalk did tease that he would briefly fall in love with someone and i think Ivy is the one.

Jim finally finds Bullock in the bar that he now works in with chatting with Alfred. Jim places his GCPD badge on the bar and confesses he has missed Harvey. That may be so but Harvey has not missed Jim. Harvey hasn’t missed begging Jim not to go and do something he shouldn’t and watching Jim be used by Sofia whilst she gets rid of Penguin. Harvey knows Jim has got something on his chest he doesn’t know what it is but Jim isn’t very good at keeping secrets and he won’t feel clean until Jim gets it off his chest. Harvey very bluntly tells Jim he didn’t come to the bar because he misses Harvey as a cop, Jim came to the bar to confess but Harvey isn’t his priest and tells Jim to take his badge and leave.

The scene that felt a bit flat and i hope it does eventually go somewhere is the moment between Grundy and Tabitha. I really like that Grundy has remembered he is used to be Butch and seeing the flashbacks of having his left hand chopped off by Penguin and shot in the head by Barbara. Ed has not suspected that Grundy remembers who he is. So visiting Tabitha at The Sirens nightclub in secret was a bold move. Tabitha is surprised when she hears Butch’s voice coming from Grundy as effort in beating him with a metal pole worked. Grundy doesn’t really know how he ended up the way he looks but he knows something in that swamp changed him. Grundy turns off the lamp light as he knows he looks like a monster but Tabitha doesn’t exactly make Grundy feel better about himself. One thing for sure Butch’s feelings for Tabitha have not changed he still loves her, but he doesn’t get any kind of answer or reaction from Tabby which makes Grundy believe she doesn’t anymore. Maybe?

The next episode of Gotham titled A Beautiful Darkness airs on Thursday 8th March. Jerome is back and he becomes obsessed with Penguin. Gordon begins to second guess his deal with Sofia and Ivy begins to target anyone that can give her information about a secret project at Wayne Enterprises.

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