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Posted: December 18, 2017 by Claire Payne

Gothams mid season finale was a solid episode wrapping up nicely some character arcs, more reveals of revenge and bringing back a character we have all enjoyed since season 1. My usual nervous excitement disappeared before the opening titles began, and as always Gotham is the quickest 42 minutes of the week.  We now have to wait until spring 2018 for the return of this brilliant show, thankfully we have 11 excellent episodes to binge on as I’m sure it will be worth the wait for the remaining 11.

Mr Penn is giving instructions to some armed men at The Iceberg Lounge, he is making quite clear that they need to wait for Mr Cobblepot orders. Unknown to Mr Penn the sirens are waiting, Tabitha takes out the first guy, Barbara now using her own martial art skills and Selina is on the bar takes out another with her whip. Mr Penn looks terrified as Barbara comes behind and says “Hello” Sofia appears from a corner and walks towards Mr Penn, she wants to know where Penguin is.

Captain James Gordon leads the GCPD up several winding staircases carrying torches, they walk along a corridor and come to an opening in a room. There is body laying on a medical couch, Jim radios through he needs forensics at west end valley, it’s a black market doctors and Pyg has been there and now has now got himself a new face. The body is still alive and starts coughing blood he points for Jim to look at a message written in blood on the wall “Toodles Gotham it was a gas, your pal piggie.”

Tabitha is torturing poor Mr Penn in Penguins office at the Iceberg Lounge, Barbara discusses with Sofia how Penguin is out and about building support amongst the gangs. Because of the delay in finding Penguin, she thinks very soon every criminal  Gotham will be hunting them. Sofia believes Penguin is out there building support because she made him look weak, as soon as Sofia kills Penguin she will gain support of the gangs. Sofia has mentioned it a few times that she is still a Falcone, Barbara points out that she has told them about a million times, Selina justrolls her eyes. Tabitha comes out of the office she breathing heavily after torturing  Mr Penn, he definitely doesn’t know where Penguin is. Sofia’s cellphone rings, she answers sharply, listens and tells the person on the other end she will be right there. Barbara is hopeful that it’s news about Penguin but it  isn’t .

At the GCPD Jim arrives to see Harper holding a ice bag to her forehead, she explains to Jim that Zsasz took off with Sofia, gave her the knock on the head and she woke up in Virginia. Jim’s annoyance is evident as he had a deal with Penguin, another detective informs Jim that they have had a report in that Penguin had a meeting under the Crown Point Bridge, there was gunfire and a car blown up. Also Sofia Falcone was definitely there. Jim asks Harper to start looking for Penguin, he will look for Sofia, Harper asks about the Pyg as she heard he escaped from Arkham. Jim tells Harper that he tracked him to a black market surgeon and Pyg already has a new face, Lazlo Valentine is gone, Jim wants Harper to focus on the bigger problem. They have got a war to stop.

Sofia leads the way into a lounge of a mansion, Barbara enquiries why they are at her fathers house, Sofia coldly answers “why do you think?” Sofia stands in front of a window as Don Carmine Falcone walks into the room, Barbara looks a bit apprehensive and looks to Tabitha and Selina who are just as curious. Falcone kisses Sofia in the middle of her forehead and comments how tired she looks, his greetings then turn to Barbara “Ms Keen, nice to see you again” through a stiff smile Barbara responds “likewise” and comments how weird this is to Tabitha and Selina. Sofia asks her father why she is here, Carmine firmly reminds Sofia what did he tell her when she asked to return to Gotham, Sofia quietly responds “i know” Carmine then raises his voice to show his anger and asks her again what did he tell her. Sofia knows the answer which is she wasn’t ready. That is exactly right, but Sofia went to Gotham, he didn’t stop her Carmine admits to being indulgent, even curious. He asks who is this daughter i raised? Sofia quickly tells Carmine that Penguin is weak, and if he helps her they can end this, but Carmine doesn’t want Gotham. Sofia doesn’t believe this as he loves the city, he used to but Carmine is dying, someone else can have Gotham and all he cares about is family. Sofia desperately pleads because she is family, she wants Gotham, deserves Gotham and it belongs to her. Carmine slaps her around the face which makes her fall against a chair, he continues to tell Sofia that her actions have disgraced their family, and wants to know how sleeping with Jim Gordon, the man who killed her brother has helped Sofia reclaim Gotham. Barbara’s reaction he is fantastic when she hears this. Carmine admits he has done many things that he will have to answer for, but he has always known the meaning of honour. Sofia has shown her father she does not. Penguin walks out of another room to Sofia’s horror, Oswald sarcastically mentions “children they can be such disappointments.” Selina makes a noise as Zsasz has got her captured at gunpoint, Sofia draws her own gun, points it at Oswald but Falcone knocks it out of her hand, Sofia pleads that killing Penguin it will be over. Carmine explains why he came when Penguin called him it’s  because Sofia was going to loose and if she wasn’t his daughter Sofia would be dead by now.

Alfred Pennyworth arrives at a penthouse, it is trashed after a party. Alfred speaks to an officer as the neighbours complained about the noise, the officer nods his head towards where Bruce Wayne is. Master B is laid out unconsious on a bed between two girls, Alfred walks over to the bed picks up to read what champagne they have been drinking. He picks up the ice bucket which most of it has melted and throws the ice water over the two girls and Master Bruce. Bruce wakes with shocked gasp, in Alfred’s own polite way he tell them the party is truly over and wishes them a good morning.

Jim arrives at the Falcones mansion, he shows his GCPD badge to one of the security men. Before Jim can explain why he is there Carmine tells Jim that Sofia is with him, Jim didnt expect to see Carmine. Jim assumes that he heard Sofia is in danger, but Carmine corrects him as Sofia was in danger, he has made a deal with Cobblepot that Sofia leaves Gotham today and she will live. Jim made the same deal with Penguin but didnt keep it, Carmine ensures Jim that Penguin will keep this deal. There is a short awkward silence between them, Carmine is glad that he never killed Jim, in which Jim thanks him. Carmine doesn’t want Jim to thank him as killing him would of been a kindness as Jim has no idea what he has brought to his city. Carmine can imagine when Jim finds out the truth it will destroy him, which is a comfort to Falcone. Another day, another man sending Sofia out Gotham, Jim explains they are just trying to keep her alive. She tells her Father and Jim that they can keep telling themselves that but Sofia sees it they didnt believe in her, it could of been so different. A kiss from Sofia to Jim to say goodbye, Carmine watches, before he leaves he doubts that he will see Jim again as the sun never shines in Gotham. Sofia tries one last time before they get in the car, everything she did was for the love of her father, she realises now that doesn’t matter. What matters to Carmine after everything she has done he still considers Sofia his daughter, and that’s enough. Sofia looks to the roses that her mother planted she wants to take one with her, Sofia pricks one of fingers on a thorn. As she sucks the blood away from her finger she turns her head to look down the path, Jim sees what Sofia sees a van driving up the road. Jim shouts for everyone to get down, the side door is open a man with an automatic weapon shoots. The first bullets hit Falcones car, his men and Don Carmine Falcone himself. Jim continues to fire his own weapon, as Sofia gets hit and falls to the ground, the van speeds away. Jim gets to Sofia first she looks up to see her father laying dead on the ground. This scene is a brilliant way to say goodbye to fantastic character Don Carmine Falcone, played by the fine actor John Doman.

Alfred is drinking tea in the kitchen at Wayne Manor whilst watching a news report about how Gotham City is still 3 days  after the death of Don Falcone. Alfred hears Bruce come in the back door and wonders if he has had a pleasant night. Bruce throws down the keys of the Rolls Royce and tells Alfred there is a mess that needs cleaning up.

Oswald Cobblepot is watching the same news report, he says to himself that Falcone should of never came back. Zsasz enters his office at the Iceberg Lounge, Zsasz wants conformation from Oswald that if they were going to kill Falcone he would of told him. Oswald raises his hands in the air, obviously he would of told him, Oswald is firm with his words as he did not kill Don Falcone. Everyone on the street thinks he did, but Oswald claims his hands are clean, Zsasz leaves but I don’t think he totally believes Penguin.

Church bells are ringing, as choir singing at the funeral of Don Falcone. His casket lays open at the front of the church for everyone to pay their respects. Oswald looks sideways at a grieving Zsasz who just stares straight ahead. Jim Gordon has just been to pay his respects as Sofia is pushed down the aisle in a wheelchair, Jim visited Sofia in hospital but she refused his visits, he shows respect in showing how sorry he is for Carmine death. Sofia is pushing the idea that Penguin is responsible, but Jim has no evidence supporting, if he did he would arrest him. Sofia is angry that Penguin is in the church and wants to gloat in her face, to Sofia he is a liar and a murder many times over, she finds it hard to believe that Jim needs evidence. Sofia excuses herself as she has to bury her father. Oswald sees Sofia and sighs heavily, Zsasz gets up unexpectly and walks up to Carmines open coffin, he pushes another man out of the way. Zsasz opens the barrel  of his gun remove a bullet and places it inside the jacket of Carmine, this silent message speaks of respect and Zsasz will always serve the Falcone name. He walks past Sofia, then Oswald who calls after him quietly. Jim sits quietly, he sees Harvey arrive who sits behind him. Jim reminds Harvey that his leave time is nearly up, Harvey still hasn’t decided if he is returning. He wants to know why Jim hasn’t arrested Penguin yet, because Penguin still owns the judges if he arrests him and not rock solid evidence he will just walk. Harvey sees Jim siting on his hands whilst Penguin gets away with Falcones murder, he asks “what good does that do?” Jim turns around to talk to Harvey face to face, he tells him that it was Sofia who paid the mayor to make him captain, and ever since then Sofia has been pressing on Jim to arrest Penguin even before her father died. Harvey warned Jim that his bill would come due one day, Jim can’t allow Sofia to use the GCPD as her own private army, they have come to far it needs to be done by the book. Harvey recommends forgetting about Falcone as Penguin is to smart to get caught for his murder. Jim is sure what he means, Harvey explains that Jim needs to get Penguin to do something that he can actually bust him for, and get him off the street. Jim understands this as starting a war, Harvey means get Penguin to a war, Jim knows he will come for Sofia. Harvey doesn’t care about what happens to Sofia, he sees everything that’s happened including Don Falcone lying in his coffin comes down to Jim deciding months ago to go after Penguin. This is all on Jim and Harvey tells Jim to finish what he has started.

Oswald pays his respects to Don Falcone, he tells him he won’t  forget all the things he taught him. Oswald turns sharply to look at Sofia who is sat in her wheelchair wearing a black opaque veil over her face, Oswald tells her he had great respect for her father, he hisses quietly that once Carmine is in the ground he.., Oswald didn’t get a chance to finish as Jim moves him away from Sofia, Jim pushes Sofia in her wheelchair but two of Oswalds men stand in the way. Oswald shouts quickly “not here” to stop them from from taking a hit at Sofia. Sofia asks Jim what he is doing, he answers “finishing what i started.”

One of the things i have always liked about Oswald is how he always storms into the GCPD looking for answers especially from Jim, this next scene is no different. Oswald men move the desk sergeant out of the way so Oswald can use the microphone, “testing testing one two three” can be heard across the GCPD. Oswald wants to speak to James Gordon, Jim comes out of his office and asks Oswald what he wants. Oswald tells Jim that is knows what he wants, Sofia. Jim refuses to tell Oswald where she is, Oswald laughs as Jim is seriously going to war for Sofia. Jim disagrees he is upholding the law as no one gets to decide who lives or dies in Gotham. Oswald can’t understand why Jim can’t see that she has manipulated him, lied to him, Jim interrupts him the law is the law and Oswald needs to get over it or face the conquences. Oswald puts the microphone down and decides to try a different way, he walks through the centre of the GCPD knowing that Sofia Falcone is somewhere in the building, whoever brings her to Oswald will be richly rewarded. Oswald insists he will start counting to five, but Detective Harper who calls Oswald a twerp, which was very funny stops him from counting. A police officer reminds Oswald that they don’t work for him, Oswald points at Jim as he because he asking all the officers to risk their lives for a gangster, whilst Oswald is offering them money and as an extra bonus no one gets killed. One of the officers aks Jim “can we..?” Jim seems to know what the officer is asking as he has no problem of the officer getting hold of Oswald and removing him from the GCPD, Oswald is shouting blood will run, this will be on your head. Jim gives his officers a great speech about the first day he put on the badge he was told things could never change. Gotham was corrupt, GCPD was corrupt, criminals and low life’s ran things. His officers have shown Jim different, he warns them that Penguin will be coming for them and its time to show Gotham who they are with one last command Jim orders everyone to suit up.

The GCPD take out several gangs throughout the city, in one of the buildings being targeted Tabitha, Barbara and Selina have their hands tied to the back of chairs, Barabara asks to be let go because the men who have got them captured have got their hands full being  shot at. One of the men tells them to shut up, Tabitha can see any minute the men are going to be dead. As she says that he gets shot in the head and in a really cool move, Tabitha still with her hands tied behind her back, slides off the chair, rolls on her side and manages to pick up a gun. Tabitha aims the gun at the other men in the room, Barbara directs her more left but that shot misses. Selina give out a better direction of telling Tabitha it’s her left she needs to shoot the gun, it works she hits one man, the other man turns to see who made the shot. Barbara rapidly tells Tabitha it’s her left to finally shoot the other guy, Selina takes a deep sigh of relief, Barbara is impressed by their team work. I really liked this very small scene as it shows the strength of the women in Gotham and just how good these three work together.

Jim looks through the window of his office door, Sofia comments on how he is winning. Jim agrees so far he is, but every gang in Gotham owes Penguin allegiance and he can’t arrest them all. Sofia suggests arresting Penguin as she thought that was the whole point, but with Penguin using proxies he is protected so Jim will just have to start pressing him. Jim is confident he will do something he can’t take back or explain. Sofia now understands that Jim is baiting Penguin into committing a public atrocity. Jim doesn’t say anything, there is a brief silence between him and Sofia, she asks what if Penguin already has? Sofia tells Jim about the boy at her orphanage, Martin. How Oswald cared for him, Sofia goes on to explain that she hid Martin away for safety but Oswald forced Sofia into telling him where Martin was. Sofia’s voice breaks a little with emotion as she carries on how Oswald put him in a car, then blew it up. Jim wants to know why she didn’t tell him before, Sofia uses the excuse that she is his enemy so who would believe her? Sofia admits she didn’t see Oswald plant the bomb, Jim sees this as Sofia having nothing. Sofia continues to tell Jim that Oswald never understood the way people cared for her father, and one of those people has just contacted her.

Oswald is very loudly asking Zsasz how is Jim Gordon beating them, well Zsasz believes “every cop in Gotham is behind him. I’m guessing he has great leadership skills.” This is one of my favourite lines from Zsasz in this episode. Oswald is a little calmer and explains when this is all said and done, they are going to have a frank discussion about a chain of command. But at this moment Oswald wants Zsasz to go and do something horrific…they are interrupted by Jim “Oswald Cobblepot your under arrest.” Oswalds other me take aim with their weapons, Oswald himself asks Jim if he has completely lost his mind? Jim orders that nobody has to die as they only came for a Cobblepot. Oswald wants to know what the charge is, Jim informs him it’s for murder. Oswald declares enough and annoyance at still be suspected of Don Falcone death, Zsasz takes a dangerous looking side glance at Oswald. He dares Jim to prove that he did but Jim informs Oswald that it’s not for the death of Don Falcone but for the boy he blew up in the car under the Crown Point Bridge. Oswald is stunned for a moment then starts to laugh, Jim wants to know what’s so funny. Well everything is funny to Oswald  becaue the boy isn’t dead, he explains that he faked Martin death so that Sofia Falcone couldn’t use Marin against him. Jim wants to know where he is, to my own surprise Oswald doesn’t know where Martin is, as he left it to Zsasz to take him out of Gotham. Oswald encourages Zsasz to tell Jim the location of a Martin, in an unexpected twist of events Zsasz has nothing to tell as he confirms that Oswald blew up the boy sky high. Oswald is so stunned by what Zsasz has just revealed, Zsasz carries on to make Jim believe that Oswald did kill Martin. Oswalds breathing is shaky as he claims that this is not true, Zsasz is willing to testify as he won’t take no rap for a kid murder.  Oswald is furious and goes to attack Zsasz but Jim holds him back, Oswald is screaming at Zsasz that he is a lying traitor as the GCPD put handcuffs on him. Zsasz watches with no emotion on his face, Jim tells him that this doesn’t give him a free pass. Zsasz turns his head slowly to look at Jim and warns him coldly “not now.”

Oswald is led to a cell at the GCPD by two officers he shrugs them off before he enters the cell, the door closes at this moment in Gotham Oswald has lost the war. Jim and Harper watch from the upper level, Harper starts to clap her hands as she tells her captain he did it and won. The other officers start to clap, there are shouts of “you did it captain.”

Zsasz is assuming that Jim doesn’t know that Martin is alive, Sofia is satisfied that Jim played his part in showing the underworld that Penguin was weak. Zsasz agrees that he was, at the end of the day he is only a Cobblepot, and Sofia is a Falcone. Sofia smiles victoriously at Zsasz’s conclusion, he shows his respect by kneeling in front of Sofia and kissing her on the hand as Gotham now has a Queen. Sofia looks to the corner of the room where Barbara, Tabitha and Selina wait upon news, she tells them to smile as it’s a new day in Gotham.

The Iceberg Lounge is no longer, the Sirens  have got their nightclub back. Barbara is happy that Sofia was as good as her word, Tabitha sarcastically enthuses that they get to serve drinks again. Barbara intends to use the club as a base of operations but she is meeting with a designer to make it less…Penguiny. Tabitha has been loading a hold-all of metal tools, she tells Barbara to have fun as she puts a vinyl record back in its sleeve. Barbara comments is that music to soothe the savage beast.

Bruce Wayne is looking at some tickets, he calls for Alfred. Alfred instantly appears surprised to see the front page is up! As he didn’t expect Master Bruce to brave the light of the day for another couple of hours. Bruce is up becaue Tommy wants to go to the horse races, he asks Alfred about all the suitcases in the lounge. It’s a project of Alfred’s which he likes to call “Operation  Save Bruce Wayne.” Bruce laughs and guesses another trip to Switzerland, Alfred thinks a few months in the alps will make Bruce tickety-boo. Bruce finds this amusing and questions if Alfred was going to kidnap him. Alfred was going to appeal to his better angels and if that didn’t work he was going to beg. Bruce doesn’t say anything, Alfred wants Bruce to do it if for no other reason, do it for him. Bruce begins telling Alfred how much over the last few weeks he has thought about Ra’s al Ghul? About his parents? He hasn’t, Bruce sees what Alfred is offering him is pain. Alfred tells Bruce there is no life without pain, there is no love, there’s no joy, Bruce doesn’t know about that as he is having a fair amount of joy. Alfred can see that Bruce is miserable, Bruce understands that Alfred cares about him but he wants him to stop what he is doing. As Bruce is not who Alfred thought he was and he’s not who his parents might have wanted him to be, but Bruce is okay with this. Alfred is definitely not okay with it and he doesn’t believe it, Bruce sees this as Alfred’s problem. Bruce goes to leave to meet Tommy, Alfred grabs him by the arm as he can’t let Bruce do that, Alfred stands in front of Bruce, pulls his waistcoat down and stands in his usual butler way. Bruce asks Alfred if he is going to stop him, if needs be Alfred will. Bruce steps back pushes the sleeves of his jumper up and asks “you really think you can?” Alfred confirms to Bruce that he knows he can but he doesn’t want Bruce to make him try. Bruce throws the first punch, Alfred blocks it, Alfred walks away as he has decided they are not going to fight. Bruce wants to fight, he does a roundhouse kick with a sequences of punches which Alfred manages to block, which makes Bruce fall on the couch. Alfred comments how slow Master Bruce is, as he hasn’t been training. The only one Bruce can see breathing hard is Alfred and calls him an old man, the fight continues Alfred manages to lock one of Bruce’s arms and asks him to stop. Bruce agrees, but soon as Alfred releases him Bruce headbutts him. Alfred punches Bruce in the side of the head which sends him falling to the couch, Alfred is horrified by his actions and apologises as he doesn’t know what came over him.  Bruce doesn’t say anything as he leaves and slams the door behind him.

Edward Nygma is shouting at his Riddler persona in the mirror, that he is in control The Riddler asks Ed why would he want that as they had so much fun when Ed was The Riddler. Ed breathing is heavy as he stares into the mirror, The Riddler asks “please tell me it’s not that. I leave when spurned. I give all. I take nothing. I can raise you to a king or make you a beggar. What am I?” Ed can’t fugure it out, Riddler persona flickers in the mirror and decides he isn’t going to get it so he tells Ed “love.” Ed screams I am in control. Riddler implies that Ed is in love with Leslie Thompkins and calls him a pathetic loser, Ed tells the Riddler to shut up and punches the mirror. Ed rests his hands on the bathroom basin when Grundy comes to see him, Grundy asks Ed if he is angry at the mirror. Ed’s calm response is no, Grundy asks again if Ed is angry at Ed? Ed turns sharply and realises this is surprisingly perceptive from Grundy. Ed leaves as he needs some air, Grundy is left alone he starts to hear a familiar song “Soloman Grundy born on a Monday” Grundy makes his way down some steps, a gramophone is playing the lullaby, a rolling can hits his foot Grundy is curious as it starts to smoke and makes Grundy pass out and he hits the floor. A door opens a lady wearing a face mask appears, it’s Tabitha. Grundy wakes up after having a bucket of water thrown over him, he is chained to a chair and asks where Grundy is. Tabitha has kidnapped Grundy, and for the record he isn’t light. Grundy asks what the pretty lady want, Tabitha talks about the time they were fighting in the ring and after being hit on the head by Tabitha, Grundy called her Tabby but in Butch’s voice. Grundy becomes nervous and asks to go back to his friend Ed, Tabitha scoffs at the idea of these two being friends. Tabitha explains that his best friend Ed once tied them both to a chairs, he electrocuted Grundy and cut off Tabitha hand. Tabitha shows Grundy her scar to make him try and remember, Grundy shakes his head as he doesn’t remember. Tabitha kisses him and quietly pleads for Grundy to remember his Tabby he doesn’t and apologises. Tabitha is sorry too, she removes her coat, she explains to Grundy before when he said her name she hit him around the head. As Tabitha picks up a metal bar she thinks maybe this is the only way, Tabitha’s determination for Grundy to remember her is so impressive and really how much she loves him and wants Butch back.

Sofia is sat by her open fire when Jim arrives, she wasn’t sure if he was going to come. Jim was coming to see Sofia as they need to talk, she agrees. Jim is going to ask Sofia not do to what she is about to do, unify the gangs and put the Falcones back in charge of the underworld. This wasn’t their deal according to Sofia, she would replace Penguin, Jim would be the law and Sofia the order. Jim disagrees, if she tries and take over he will have no choice to come after her. Sofia smiles she finds Jim nothing but predictable, it’s time for him to listen to Sofia’s proposal. Jim isn’t interested but Sofia thinks differently. A gun clicks behind Jim and as a surprise Professor Pyg or Lazlo Valentine is aiming a gun at him. Pyg mentions that Jim would expect him to have a different looking face since he killed that doctor but that was to throw Jim of his scent. Sofia tells Lazlo that’s not why Jim is surprised, Lazlo wants to tell Jim. When he went to Sofia he had a problem, a Penguin problem and Pax Penguina was going to last and Sofia had an idea. Sofia carries on their tale, she heard of a contract killer impersonating serial killers. Lazlo continues what if there was a killer, real vicious, hunting the police slicing and dicing them. Sofia needed the police to turn on Penguin, and she knew a few cops that needed to die. Jim concludes that Sofia set this monster, meaning Lazlo on his city. Sofia let him improvise, Lazlo admits he got a little carried away with the whole cooking folks routine. The only hook up was the mess up with Sofia’s daddy, Jim looks at Sofia sideways and everything falls in to place, it was Sofia who murdered her father. Sofia defends herself in that she gave her father a chance, if he has shown one bit of appreciation for what she has done for this family, for him he would still be alive. Jim reallses there was another shooter there, Sofia had to do something to throw off suspicion. We see a flashback of how Pyg was hidden to the side of the rose bushes, Pyg thinks he did a pretty good job, he missed her vital parts. Jim manges to grab Pyg’s gun, punches him a few times and promises he will rot in Blackgate prison. A shot is fired at Pyg’s head by Sofia who is up and standing out her wheelchair, she sees that as another job done. Sofia removes the metal neck brace and points the gun at Jim, she begins telling Jim that her father had his moment of truth now it’s jims turn. Sofia asks how many cops died under the Pax Penguina? Not one, it was Jim who could not stomach it, it was Jim who came to the Falcones for help. There is a direct line from Jim’s decision to a dozen police officers that have been brutally murdered. Jim calls Sofia Insane, and asks why not just kill him? Because Sofia needs Jim to be the head of the GCPD, Jim injects as Sofia actually needs someone to control and she has been planning this the first day they met, this isn’t about Gotham it’s about revenage for Jim killing Mario. Sofia puts down the gun, she gives Jim the option for Jim to arrest her but she will talk. About the cops that died and the friends he betrayed will have all been for nothing, the GCPD will crumble. Penguin or someone worse will take over and Jim will loose Gotham forever. Or take on the sin as your own, keep the GCPD   Let Them think you are a hero but live knowing who you are and what he has done. That is Sofia’s revenage. She speed dials the GCPD on her cellphone, Jim takes the phone and reports that he is at Sofia Falcones and has just shot the Pyg. Crystal Reed the actress who plays  Sofia has been excellent in interviews not to give to much away about her character. This episode really does show what Sofia’s plans are for Gotham and how she the death of her brother was used as revenge on Jim, especially as she has got him right where she wants him. I don’t often get theories correct but I suspected back in episode 9 that Sofia knew who Professor Pyg was. Is Sofia possibly the most dangerous woman in Gotham?

Night is upon Gotham, Alfred anxiously awaits Bruce’s return. He is relieved when Bruce walks through the door as he is safe, Alfred doesn’t want to fight anymore, he is willing to accept if this is how Bruce wants to deal with what he is going through so be it, Alfred is not going to stop him. He wants Bruce to remember when he does remember who he is, Alfred will be right there. Bruce has been to his lawyers to draw up emancipation papers, Alfred is no longer his legal guardian. Alfred picks up the papers and refuses to sign them, but he doesn’t have to. Bruce is going out again, if Alfred is still there at Wayne Manor when returns he will go to the police and show them his face, which we can see is a huge red bruise on his left cheekbone. Alfred pleads, but Bruce fires Alfred and very firmly tells him to get the hell out of his house.

Tabitha is still hitting Grundy with the metal bar to get him to remember, Grundy groans that he is tried. With one last whack Tabitha shouts Butch and hopes he will say something, she walks back to Grundy, apologises then kisses him because she tried. Tabitha takes her coat and walks away in her defeat.

Alfred is ready to leave Wayne Manor whilst Bruce parties at another nightclub, the scene switches between Alfred making sure the house is safe as his last duty to Bruce drinking and maybe realising he doesn’t want to be experience the partying lifestyle anymore. It has been incredibly sad to watch these two characters be torn apart, Bruce definitely needs to go through this stage i just hope it doesn’t go on for too long.

Jim returns to the GCPD, Harvey is coming out of his office. He was dropping something off, Harvey heard he got the Pyg and Penguin. In an awkward realisation that Jim didn’t need Harvey from Harvey himself Jim asks for a second of his time to talk. But Harvey wants to go as he tells Jim the GCPD believe in him and asks Jim not to let them down. Jim goes into his office there on his desk is Harveys badge and gun, he has resigned.

Grundy awakes from his exhausted beaten state, he sees a reflection of himself in a puddle of water, in Butch’s voice he asks himself “what the hell happened to me?”

Arkahm Asylum has a new inmate, Oswald Cobblepot has returned and he is shouting that they are all traitors every single one of them. Oswald swears he will kill Sofia, Gordon and Zsasz. There is loud knocking from the cell beneath Oswald a mans voice get his attention. Oswald doesn’t want to talk to the man, but he gets it as the place is full of loonies, he just thought they could help each other out. Oswald wants to know how this man can help him? “Well not to loot my own horn but I’m a very…resourceful fellow.” The man starts to cackle, Oswald recongises the laugh. Jerome Valeska appears and wants to know what he thinks as Jerome will be his best friend. Jerome asks Oswald to give him a smile and laughs uncontrollably. Jerome appearance is very different to when we last saw him in season 3. His face has detail scarring where his face was stitched back on, his mouth is wider and looks more and more like the iconic smile of the joker.


Gotham returns spring 2018. The title of the episode is “Pieces of Broken Mirror.” Enjoy the video promo as it teases lots of amazing Gotham to come in 2018.