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Posted: December 18, 2017 by Claire Payne

Gotham is back after a one week break and as promised in this weeks episode things certainly did go boom. With this episode being the penultimate before the fall finale next week this episode not only stood on its own as another brilliant episode the writing, acting and story telling from Gotham. It also gave us answers, big reveals and made me nervous and extremely excited for the fall finale.

As with all good episodes of Gotham it starts with a visit to Arkham Asylum, sereval of the inmates are in the recentional room. Music plays on a old record player, one inmate is painting on a white canvas with no paint, another paces up and down talking to himself. The music stops which gets the attention of the inmates, Professor Pyg is stood at the record player and he changes the record over. Ava Maria plays and Pyg stands and conducts, this seems to soothe the inmates apart from one. The very tall inmate that was pacing up and down tells Pyg he doesn’t like this song because his mother used to beat him while she listened to it, then he killed her while it played. He tells Pyg to turn it off and threatens to do the same to him, Pyg stops conducting and asks “why did your mother beat you?” Was it because he was naughty boy or because maybe he soiled his trousers. Pyg continues to torment him, the inmate punches him in the face which puts one of his cheekbones out of place. Another inmate stands in front of the doors so the guards can’t  get in to break up the impending fight, as Pyg tells the inmate that punched him he will wish he had not done that, Pyg uses his hand on the opposite side of his face to push back his cheekbone, you can hear clicking of metal. Pyg tells the inmate that he paid a fortune to look as good as he does, the inmate growls and runs at him at him. Pyg takes the vinyl record which he removed from the player and snaps it in half, the first half is used to stab the inmate in the stomach, the last remaining part is used to slit his throat. This is done with flare in the only way Pyg knows how too as Ava Maria continues to play and Professor Pyg continues to conduct the music.

Captain James Gordon and Lucius Fox are looking at X-rays films which were taken of Pyg after his fight in Arkham. They reveal that he has titanium plates surgically graphed  to bones, which is a result of radically changing his appearance. Jim tells Lucius when they arrested Pyg his fingerprints had been burnt off, Jim has seen this before in criminals wanting to hide their identity. That is not the only thing Lucius was told by the doctors, they discovered there is scar tissue along his neck line and behind his ears which indicates multiple surgeries. So Professor Pyg’s real identity still cannot be comfirmed, which to Jim makes no sense as he is a glory hound and everything he has done is to grab the spotlight. This is classic sociopath behaviour, but the question is why doesn’t Pyg want them to know his real identity? Jim certainly feels now it is the time time he should be taking credit for his crimes, Jim asks Lucius if they can use the X-ray to reconstruct his face to see what he look like before Pyg had his surgeries. Lucius definitely thinks its possible, but it will take time.

Detective Harper has made a return to work, she plays down her injury from Pyg as just a scratch. Harper informs Jim he has a visitor waiting for him in his office, Jim can see it is Sofia Falcone. Jim asks what she is doing visiting him, Sofia is there because she hasn’t heard from Jim. Sofia is definitely under the impression that after the kiss they shared the other night they would start seeing each other again, but Jim does not want to be back in a relationship with Sofia. She thinks its because Jim was worried that Penguin would find out about them and Sofia making him captain. Well Jim doesn’t need to worry anymore as Sofia already told Penguin and Jim isn’t best pleased, Sofia reassures Jim she has it under control because she will remove Penguin, so Sofia and Jim can be together. Jim doesn’t see anyway forward for himself and Sofia even with Penguin out of the way.

Leslie Thompkins is holding court for the people who live in the narrows who have disputes so they can be worked out peacefully. A  lady is accusing a man moving in on her dog racing business, he has mouths to feed so sees no harm in it. The lady pulls a switch blade on him, Ed whispers to Leslie “if she stabs him it will solve the issue” Leslie wants the people of the narrows to understand this is how things are done, she suggests that considering they are both suffering business wise maybe they should partner up. Ed claps his hands to move on to the next case, but Leslie wants to know how the mans daughter is. Thanks to Leslie her fever came down and is on the mend, Ed reminds Leslie how lucky the bums of the narrrows are to have her as she cures their children, and solves their problems. Leslie reminds Ed she hasn’t forgotten about him and still promises to fix him, Ed is annoyed as he still remains a moron. A man enters shouting wanting to see the doctor, his nose has been cut and broken, he explains how one of Sampson’s  men came into his shop demanding protection money but he told them no as this neighbourhood belongs to Leslie now. Ed doesn’t know who Sampson is? He controls the territory south of the narrows, Leslie sends the injured man to the clinic where she will stitch him up. Ed is not surprised by a threat being put on Leslies leadership of the narrows, Sampson is testing her. Ed advises Leslie that she needs to show people of the narrows and Sampson that she wont be pushed around. Leslie asks Ed what she should do, how about sending Grundy to rip their arms off, Ed looks up to Grundy who has been stood waiting “look at him its what he lives for!” Leslie refuses to be a hypocrite, whilst she is asking people to settle things amicably she can’t send in Grundy every time they have a problem.

Sofia arrives home, in this episode she is wearing a beautiful red coat which I would love to have after the Gotham wardrobe department have finished with it, I will keep my fingers crossed!  Oswalds voice in the darkness can be heard saying hello to Sofia, she is a little surprised to see him. Oswald assures her that his visit isn’t pleasant as Victor Zsasz appears from behind her. Oswald admits he has been continually suspicious of Sofia, but at every turn she always has the perfect explanation to put his mind at ease. But Oswald now has his proof that Sofia is his enemy, Sofia lied to him and pretended she didn’t like Jim Gordon. Oswald moves closer to Sofia and quietly tells her that he knows they are lovers as Martin saw them kissing after the party. Sofia instantly calls it ridiculous as there was no kiss, Oswald has had enough of her lies as their entire friendship and the intimacies they shared were nothing more then a pathetic charade. Sofia continues to swear that she cares for Oswald deeply, Oswald wishes this were true. Oswald did a little digging into Jim and he found out that he took a trip down south shortly before Sofia arrived in a Gotham. Even Victor doesn’t see this as a coincidence, Oswald knows they have been plotting together to destroy him. Sofia takes a deep breath and her attitude to Oswald changes, she was warned that Penguin was a mastermind but she thinks he is an easy mark as it took  goulash and a foot rub to break Oswald. Victors expression is excellent when hears that Sofia gave Oswald a foot rub. Oswald becomes very emotional but manages to control it, he admits that he was blind to Sofia’s manipulations. Oswald wants to know the full extent of her plan and if her father was involved and which of his captains she has turned against him and how Sofia planned to rid Oswald from the city. Oswald looks at Victor who shouts instructions to bring out “the denist” Oswald introduces him as not the kind of densit that gives out lollipops.

Jim has arrives at Arkham Asylum to talk to Professor Pyg, they are alone together in a cell. Pyg was wondering if his scuffle with the other inmate would bring Jim to Arkham, and Pyg is glad it did as he has missed their little chats. Jim is happy to hear this as Pyg can start telling him who he really is. Pyg is surprised that Jim doesn’t know, as he is a reflection of Jim. Jim leans forward in a really clever shot scene, Jim closely glances at his eyes “I don’t see it” is Jim’s response. To Pyg’s surprise Jim punches the left side of his face, Pyg chuckles and calls him a swine. With his right cheek bone sticking out he uses his left hand to push his face back into place with the sound of clicking metal, Jim wants to know who is hiding behind that mask, but Pyg informs him what you see is what you get. Jim sees someone who craves great attention, so why is Pyg concealing his identity? Jim wants to know why he doesn’t want to take the credit for all his brilliant crimes, but Pyg has taken the credit for his crimes because the town has gone hog wild. Jim breaks it to him since Pyg has been in Arkham he is yesterday’s news, with Gotham City being what it is he is second class psychopath compared to Jerome Valeska, Fish Mooney,and Penguin they have staying power, Pyg doesn’t and this information really winds him up. Pyg tells Jim he is wrong as he terrified Gotham City for months and people will remember it, Jim disagrees as they won’t. Pyg manages to twist his words in saying Jim will never forget him because he is here with him in Arkham, with one more mind game from Jim he tells Pyg that he is here for a final visit and Jim is going to walk away and never think about him again. Pyg chuckles at the mind game that Jim has tried to use on him, when Jim calls for the guard to open the cell door Pyg becomes agitated. Jim turns his back and wishes Pyg a nice life anger comes to the surface of Pyg his accent changes to a deep southern “Don’t you walk out on me. You’ll never forget me, I promise you that.” Jim is delighted that Professor Pyg has slipped into his real accent and knows that is the real him, Pyg himself realises when it’s to late that his anger has revealed him as Jim leaves Arkham swiftly.

Leslie and Ed walk together into the narrows, washing is hung horizontally out to dry, the residents watch as they walk towards Sampson who is feasting upon his lunch. Sampson is the first to speak to Leslie and is surprised to see she hasn’t brought Grundy along rather then “The has been” which he refers to as Ed. Ed goes to protest but Sampson’s armed men click their guns and Leslie shakes her head to indicate Ed to back down. Why would Leslie bring Grundy to a polite discussion is this first thing she discusses with Sampson, next is the arrangement he had with Cherry where Sampson would leave her people alone and Leslie expects him to honour the same with her. He stops eating and asks why would he do that? Leslie isn’t from the narrows she has no idea how things work. Leslie doesn’t disagree with him, but one thing she does know Sampson loves money and offers him 10% of fight night. Sampson is not negotiating he is taking Leslie’s clinic, the club, and the whole neighbourhood. Ed turns into to speak to Leslie quietly and suggests now they need to use Grundy, Sampson starts to cough and we see blood on his cloth napkin. Leslie uses this as an opportunity, she asks if he has coughed up blood yet as there is a bad case of narrows lung going round, Sampson has not heard of this. Leslie convinces him that it’s a new versus going around and she has seen some people killed by it, unless he gets treatment he could be dead in a few days. The deal is Leslie will doctor his people free of charge, but he laughs and coughs up more blood. After still not coming to an agreement Leslie will return in a few days to negotiate with whoever will take Sampson’s place after he has drowned in his own blood. Sampson decides he wants 30% of fight night and they have an agreement, Ed thinks it’s far to much, Leslie agrees and tells Sampson to come by the clinic later.

The Denist is having a good look inside of Sofia’s mouth, she is struggling as he holds her jaw in a tight grip. Laid out are various metal instruments, the denist compliments Sofia on how lovely her teeth are. He is looking forward to putting them in his display case, Sofia thinks the denist doesn’t know who she is. Of course the Denist does, he knows she is Don Falcones daughter, because Falcone killed his brother. The denist tries out one of his drills, he informs Sofia that he is going to enjoy it. Sofia knows it’s true that her father did kill his brother, but not his wife Elaine, or his son Joesph as they are still alive probably having lunch in their two bedroom house on 7th Avenue. The drill stops spinning near Sofia’s mouth, she has done her research in learning about everyone in Penguins organisation. For instance Sofia learnt that he only trusts one man for this type of job, which is the denist and in the event that if Sofia is ever tortured she has instructed her people to kill his family. The denist finds this an interesting threat as no one would know Sofia has been tortured, because no one will find her body. He raises the drill, Sofia laughs as she confesses she  has spies inside Penguins organisation. Penguin is right she has been conspiring against him for months, turning his captains against him one by one and today is the day Sofia will finally take Oswald down, so if Sofia’s people don’t hear from her soon the dentists family is dead. Sofia gives him the option of drilling away if he doesn’t believe her, the denist asks one of Penguins men to tighten her restraints. As he does that the denist uses his drill in the back of his head and kills him, Sofia sighs a satisfied sigh as that was a wise decision.

Sofia leaves her mansion to go to her car, the back doors are locked. She looks through the window her driver he slumped against the wheel dead, in the reflection of the window you can see Sofia has been captured by Selina, Tabitha puts a cloth over her nose and mouth which knocks her out, Barbara is rather pleased as things are finally looking up.

Sofia is tied to another chair, Barbara encourages her to wake up. Barbara introduces herself as she believes they have never met. Sofia is then introduced to the ferocious lady on Barbara right as Tabitha Galavan and her right kitty cat Selina Kyle. Sofia knows who they are because Penguin wants them dead because they betrayed him down at the narrows, but she wants to know what they want with her. Barbara explains that she heard that Sofia and Oswald are best friends, Sofia conclusion is that they want to use her as leverage so Penguin want kill them, Tabitha confirms that is correct and some other demands. Sofia admits that’s a good plan, but Penguin had just tried to kill her, Selina asks why would he do that. Sofia explains that she is so close to taking his underworld from him, Selina chuckles as she thinks Sofia is lying. With Sofia working on Penguin for months and manipulating him into behaving exactly how she wanted him, every move he has made up to today Sofia has orchestrated. Sofia tells the sirens they are screaming things up, so if they want penguin out of their lives they need to let her go, Selina whispers to Barbara that she may be telling the truth but Barbara sees a Falcone sitting in front of her. Sofia probably learnt to lie before she could read, but to Barbara it makes no difference to her whether they are friend or foe as Penguin will still make the deal. Barbara orders Selina to get Penguin on the telephone.

At the Iceberg Lounge Martin is trying out Oswalds chair, Oswald happily tells Martin he will grow into it. Oswald thanks Martin for helping him vanquish his enemy, now that Martin has proven himself Oswald sees a beautiful  future for him. Oswald really wants to share his wisdom, if Martin pays attention everything that Oswald has could be Martin’s one day. Martin slightly shakes his head and looks sad, Oswald notices his change in mood. Martin uses his notebook to write “i lied” Oswald wants to know what he is talking about, is Martin saying that he didn’t see Sofia kissing Gordon? Martin writes again on his notepad “she wanted me to tell you they kissed” Oswald asks himself why would Sofia do that, it could be possible that Sofia would know how exactly Oswald would respond and wanted Oswald to comfront her. Zsasz comes in carrying a telephone with his hand over the mouthpiece, “Boss The denist is gonel” Oswald asks what happened to Sofia, Zsasz is a little unclear as Barbara Keen has Sofia. Oswald goes into a small rage and wants to know how exactly Zsasz knows this, in another great Zsasz moment he mouths quietly to Oswald that Barbara is on the telephone and wants to make a deal. Oswald still raging takes the telephone off Zsasz, he takes a moment before speaking, they exchange fairly pleasant greetings. Oswald straight away asks why they have Sofia, Barbara explains that when they scooped her up they thought Sofia was Oswalds best friend but with her now being his worst enemy, Oswald wants her back and asks Barbara to name her price. She wants the gun shop, no profits are shared and they operate with  complete autonomy. Oswald agrees, he is sending Zsasz over to collect Sofia. Oswald gives the telephone back to Zsasz and they exchange a look of you know what to do. Oswald turns back to Martin as their conversation isn’t over.

Lucius shows the artist drawing of what they have managed to take from the X-rays, Jim is happy with the result and asks Lucius to send it out to the police stations across the country. Jim wants to start with the south, Lucius is curious in why the south first. Jim explains that Pyg  spoke in a southern accent when he pressed him, Lucius questions Pyg could of done that deliberately to throw Jim off. Jim knows Pyg slipped up as he saw it in his eyes, the drawing is the best lead they have got and Jim is looking forward to seeing where it takes him.

Ed is asking Leslie if Sampson cough can kill him then why isn’t she letting him die? Sampson doesn’t have Narrows Lung no such thing he had bronchitis, Leslie will give him some medicine Sampson will feel better, problem solved. Ed is satisfied with Leslie’s answer but Ed wants to know what happens when Sampson wants more then 30%, Leslie doesn’t seem to concerned about that at the moment. They arrive at the clinic door which is slightly ajar, Leslie and Ed both know the clinic has been broken into. Leslie looks around in horror as all her equipment, lamps have been turned over she knows Sampson is responsible for this. Ed understands that Leslie wanted to negotiate in her own way but seeing the damage Sampson has done maybe Leslie needs to rethink, Ed wants Leslie to take Grundy to Sampson and end it. Leslie is kneeled down looking at some bottles with liquid in, she disagrees with Ed as she has a better idea.

The Sirens comment on how easy it was to negotiate with Penguin maybe a bit too easy. Sofia thinks Penguin got them of the telephone too quickly they need to leave the gun shop as soon as possible. Barbara becomes defensive as she asks Sofia then what happens will she take over from Penguin? Barbara is not prepared for them to work for anyone else except themselves, Sofia is not asking the sirens to work for her but she is prepared to give them anything they want. Selina has spotted something happening outside on their security monitors, as Tabitha tells Sofia she is no position to offer them anything. Selina definitely thinks they need to listen Sofia as Zsasz is outside holding a rocket launcher. Zsasz positions himself with the rocket launcher in right shoulder he fires at the gun shop. The Sirens with Sofia run out the back exit covered in smoke residue, Barbara swears “she will break his little beak in half.”

Sofia storms into Jim’s office, Harper apologises for not stopping her. Jim looks genuinely concerned as Sofia is crying that she underestimated Oswald, yep she certainly did! Sofia pleads to Jim that Oswald just tried to kill her, Jim reassures her that she is safe at the GCPD. Sofia is worried that if Oswald finds out she is still alive he will keep coming until she is dead. With Jim being the captain of the GCPD, Sofia wants Jim to use his men as they will follow him anywhere. Sofia pleads with Jim to use the position she gave him and end this. Jim wants to know what she proposes he should do, Sofia wants Jim to take his army and the fight to Penguin. Jim hesitates as he finally sees what Sofia’s plan is, to start a war. Jim can see now Sofia hasn’t got the numbers to fight Penguin on her own so she made Jim captain knowing it would eventually come to this point and Jim would take out Penguin for her. Sofia sees Jim’s job as taking down criminals, Jim knows taking down Penguin is not that simple and Sofia also knows it. Sofia believes they can bring law and order back to Gotham, she sees it as exactly what Jim asked for when he came down south. With one last convincing try Sofia tells Jim to crush Penguin.

Oswald continues his conversation with Martin, as he trusted him and again Oswald feels betrayed. Martin writes on his notepad that Sofia used him and apologises for his betrayal. With a sharp inhale of breath Oswald decides that it’s time to take Martin back to the orphanage, Martin looks desperately upset and sorry. Zsasz has arrived back at the Iceberg Lounge, Oswald stops him before he speaks as Oswald at the moment sees Martin as a spy and sends him away. Zsasz continues in a delighted tone that the gun shop went up like a great ball of fire, Oswald is pleased to hear this, it’s time to alert the capos as he wants to unleash a crime wave on Gotham City. Oswald wants to teach Jim Gordon a lesson in aligning himself with Sofia Falcone. Jim appears to Oswald surprise warning him not to make that call, as he has just spoken to Sofia, she alive and she told Jim that Oswald tried to kill her. Oswald claims hearsay, he has witnesses as he has been at the Iceberg Lounge all day. Jim doesn’t care, he hasn’t come to arrest Oswald, Jim came to make a deal. Jim believes they have both put up with Sofia long enough, this changes Oswald hostility he is happy to listen to Jim and asks Zsasz to give them a moment. With Oswalds attention Jim begins with the moment she set foot in Gotham he believes that Sofia has put them on a path to war. Sofia is willing to let the city burn to the ground to prove herself to her father and Jim won’t allow it. Oswald wants to know what Jim wants from him, Jim plans to put Sofia on a train home, he needs assurance that Oswald won’t get involved. Oswald doesn’t see that as a good enough reason as he feels Sofia need some to suffer, Jim making it quite clear that is not going to happen. Oswalds question to Jim is how does he think his girlfriend is going  to react when she learns that Jim betrayed her, does Jim really think she will run away quietly? Jim assures Oswald if Sofia ever sets foot in Gotham again he will put her behind bars. With hesitation Oswald wants to know if he says “no” Jim will have no choice but to use the full force of the GCPD to tear Oswald apart piece by piece, this to Oswald doesn’t sound pleasant, Jim promises it won’t be. For the good of the city Oswald is willing to put his personal feelings to one side, but once Sofia has gone where does that leave Jim and Oswald. No more licenses, if Oswald or any other criminal breaks the law Jim’s men will enforce the law, and Oswald will never have to see Sofia again. With a deal agreed, resolved with a great deal of diplomacy Oswald shakes hands with Jim. One of my highlights of season four is the amount of scenes Ben McKenzie and Robin Lord Taylor have had together they bring a great dynamic to their characters.

Sampson is enjoying a tanker of beer when Leslie and Ed arrive back to see him, Sampson pretends to that he is sorry in what has happened to Leslie’s clinic. He was looking forward to Leslie curing his Narrows lung, she ignores his sarcastic laughing. Leslie is giving Sampson until the end of the day to leave The Narrows, with Sampson not quite believing what Leslie has just requested Ed feels that Leslie was very clear in her request. Sampson threatens Ed and Leslie because they have come on his turf, Leslie pulls a small glass bottle out of her jacket pocket and very confidently asks “oh well, then I guess you don’t want this?” It’s the antidote to the poison that Leslie had slipped into Sampson’s drink, Sampson is shocked as Leslie points out the irony that it was the only thing in the clinic that wasn’t destroyed. She had medicines mixed into a deadly combination, Sampson accuses Leslie of bluffing then he starts coughing and choking. His people who surround Leslie and Ed click their guns, Leslie warns them if they come any closer she will destroy the antidote. Still coughing and choking Leslie speaks to Sampson quietly he will live if he agrees to be gone by the end of the day, Sampson shakes his head in agreement as a deal is made, as Leslie turns to leave she throws the antidote for Sampson to catch.

Sofia is disappointed but Jim explains that he is putting her on a train home to protect her. If Sofia stays in Gotham Penguin will kill her, but Sofia doesn’t want the reason to be Penguin. Jim asks Sofia if she has something to say then she should say it, but Sofia kisses Jim. Sofia sees herself and Jim as the same, she saw it the first moment they met, they both want power. Jim stares at Sofia and we hear the clicking of metal as Jim handcuffs her, Jim asks Detective Harper to accompany Sofia Falcone to the train station and take escort her back home. Sofia pleads once more but Jim’s concerned she will miss her train.

With thunder rumbling  in the distance Oswald is sat at he bar when Zsasz confirms Gordon had put Sofia on a train, Oswald did not see the turn of events happening. Zsasz wants to know if he is taking Martin back to the orphanage, Oswald thinks for a moment as that won’t be necessary. Oswald goes to find Martin, talking aloud thinking he is talking to Martin he admits he was angry and he did not mean what he said. But Martin isn’t sat in Oswalds oversized chair, his notepad has been left behind showing a drawing of Tabitha pointing a gun at him and written underneath “kidnapped.”

Selina walks Martin to a waiting car, Barbara turns to look at Martin and thinks he’s cute, Selina thinks it weird that he doesn’t talk and Tabitha, well Martin gives her the creeps. I really like this small scene, as you can tell who is the maternal one out the sirens.

A speeding train carries Sofia and Detective Harper, Sofia checks her watch. Harper asks if she is nervous about something, Harper advises Sofia to get comfortable as they have a long journey ahead of them. The carriage door open and Zsasz asks for their tickets, Harper gasps. I thought for a moment that Zsasz was really working for Sofia. Zsasz knocks Harper out, he points a gun at her and asks where the boy is. Sofia confirms he is alive but if Oswald wants to keep it that way he must meet Sofia at the Crown Point Bridge. The train manager announces the next stop to be Stevenstown, which for Sofia is her next stop. Sofia asks Zsasz  if he would mind removing her handcuffs, Zsasz aims his shot in the middle of the metal link. As Sofia leaves the carriage Zsasz looks a mixed of confused and intrigue.

The Sirens, Sofia and Martin are waiting at the bridge when Oswald arrives with Zsasz and some other men for back up. Sofia is the first to speak as she is glad Oswald could make it. Oswald ignores this and ensures Martin that everything will be okay, Martin nods in agreement. Sofia thinks Martin’s safety depends on Oswald, he needs to agree in turning over the underworld to Sofia otherwise Martin will loose his head. The name Falcone used to mean something in Gotham, Oswald thinks Sofia’s father would be digusted when he hears that she threatened a life of a child. Sofia isn’t confident that her father would be proud, Oswalds next words reveal a truth about Sofia having to live her whole life trying to get a Daddy’s approval. Oswald himself gladly tells her he can’t  relate as his parents loved him without condition. Sofia pulls Martin to her tighter and warns Oswald one more word and she will kill him, then execute Oswald. She is choosing compassion but Sofia is definitely willing to change her position. Martin has tears in his eyes, Oswald is torn with emotion he pleads to Sofia not to harm Martin as he is innocent. Barbara is looking confident, Oswald sees this and he submits, Sofia quietly tells Martin to go to Oswald. Martin looks up to Oswald as he explains “Martin, I want you to know I’m sorry for what I said. I do care about you. You know that’s true, don’t you?” Martin smiles and nods, Oswald is happy that he understands and asks Martin to go and wait in the car, Martin gets in the car and Oswald turns back to the sirens and Sofia. With a confident smile Oswald tells Sofia she was wise to use Martin because she knows his heart is Oswalds greatest weakness but would not allow Martin to be used as a pawn in Sofia’s game anymore. Sofia frowns as Oswald pulls out a dentition switch and presses it, the car explodes. I personally was shocked that possibly Oswald had just killed Martin, but there was something the way Oswald spoke to Martin and the way he befriended Matin, Oswald  would not kill him.  The car continues to burn, Zsasz and his men start to fire bullets as a shocked Sofia and the sirens take cover. Oswald shouts with determination “you wanted a war, you’ve got one!”

Ed is watching people from the upper floor of the fight club Leslie asks him why he is so blue, they had a great day. Ed feels that Leslie had a great day he did nothing to help, Leslie believes this not to be true. She feels she could of not dealt with Sampson without Ed, but Ed doesn’t want to be someone’s sidekick. Ed agrees with Sampson he feels l ike a has been, Leslie disagrees. Leslie asked Ed to trust her today and now it’s her turn to ask Ed to trust him with something, Leslie hasn’t been looking for a cure for his brain because there is nothing wrong with him. There was definitely an effect from the ice, but after running the tests there is nothing wrong with Ed physically. Ed’s condition is psychological, Leslie asks Ed to think back he knew every move that Sampson was going to make before he made it. Ed is shocked as Leslie has lied to him, he wants to know why? Leslie was afraid that if she told Ed the truth he would go back to being the person he was before, The Riddler. Leslie likes who he has become, “who’s that?” Ed asks. Ed Nygma, the Ed that he was before, Leslie’s friend. I adore this scene between Leslie and Ed, it my favourite of the episode.

Sofia and the sirens arrive back at her mansion, Barbara isn’t impressed as Penguin is still going to come after them, she asks Sofia what are they going to do next?  Tabitha thinks they need to hit Penguin first, Sofia disagrees. Selina gets angry and points out that Sofia lost today as Penguin blew up a Martin, Sofia admits she did not see that coming. Oswald still needs to align his capos before he makes a move, Sofia wants to use that window of time to make their move. Barbara isn’t impressed and can see that Sofia didn’t get told “no” a lot when she was growing up, Sofia took her shot and she missed. Barbara has decided they are going in alone, Sofia warns them if they leave now they will never have a piece of the city. Barbara sees this as a threat, Sofia goes onto explain with her club now destroyed they have nowhere to turn, they need Sofia. Penguin may have won the battle but Sofia wants to win the war.

Oswald is back at the Iceberg Lounge, Zsasz interrupts his thoughts. Martin appears from behind Zsasz and Oswald can’t help but show emotion and delight in seeing Martin. Oswald commends him on the splendid job of dying, we see a flashback of Martin getting into the car where there is a sign saying “This way” for him to safely exit before Oswald explodes the car.

Oswald explains to Martin that Zsasz is going to take him to a safe location as he can never return to Gotham. With emotion in his voice Oswald says goodbye to Martin his friend, Martin shakes his head and writes on his notepad “i don’t want to leave you” Oswald pushes the notepad away and explains this is what he has to do to protect Martin, he hopes Martin will understand why he older. Martin hugs Oswald tightly in an incredibly tender moment, Zsasz looks awkward but presses the matter of  Sofia being on their heels. Zsasz wants to finish her off, and let someone else take Martin to his new location. Oswald disagrees because he wants his top man, Zsasz to take Martin. Oswald has already decided he has something much better planned for Sofia Falcone.

Lucius Fox is briefing Jim about being right about Professor Pyg, a precinct down south recognised the picture. His real name is Lazlo Valentine, he was being held for a string of murders down south ten years ago. Lucius goes to explain that his previous victims weren’t police officers and no Pyg persona. Jim sees this as strange because serial killers don’t usually change their M.O. Jim asks Lucius to clarify why he was being held, did the precinct say why their case fall apart? It didn’t Professor Pyg escaped. Lucius calls Arkham to put a guard on his cell, as Jim makes his way back to Arkham.

In the dark corridors of Arkham Asylum a guard is walking around with a tourch, you can hear metal clanking sounds the guard calls out to Pyg. With noises still coming from Pyg cell the guard enters, a rope is put around his neck.

Ed is in the bathroom washing his face, he turns the tap off and briefly stares at himself in the mirror. With a cloth he dries his face, Ed looks back in the mirror and gasps when he sees a reflection of The Riddler who greets him with a “Hello” Ed shouts no, but the Riddler asks “miss me?” Again another great scene with Ed trying not to let The Riddler back in.

Jim arrives at Arkham he requests the Pyg’s  cell door to be open, the dead guard is laying on the floor. The other guards sound the alarm bells, Jim notices written in blood on the wall a message from the now missing Pyg “it’s been fun James. Lazlo.”

Gotham returns on Thursday 7th December which will be the fall finale. The Episode is titled “Queen takes Knight” Carmine Falcone comes to town, making things complicated for Jim Gordon, Sofia and Peguin. Alfred tries to get through to Bruce once and for all. Nygma struggles to gain control over the Riddler persona. Meanwhile a familiar face resurfaces in Gotham.