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Season four of Gotham is proving to be its creepiest, freakiest season yet! Professor Pyg is certainly no exception quite a few Gotham viewers were going to have a sleepless night after this episode. The wonderfully theatrical actor Michael Cerveris takes on this role, I did a little bit of research about this actor I discovered he recently has been starring on Broadway in one of my favourite musicals Sweeney Todd. I also spoke to my team members at Dc World to see what they thought of this new character we were all in agreement Professor Pyg fits perfectly in the city of Gotham.

Cherry’s fight club is bustling as people cheers on two fighters in the ring. One of the fighters gets knocked to the ground, his nose is busted Dr. Leslie Thompkins fixes it with two expert clicks. As she walks away Edward Nygma follows her to the bar, Ed uses an incredibly cheesy line to encourage Lee to talk to him. Her face is of disgust when she sees him and enquires that Lee thought Ed was frozen. Ed senses sarcasm in her voice after he asks “your not still mad at me are you?” Lee quickly runs over exactly what Ed had done in the past, killing Kristin Kringle, setting up Jim for murder so he would be in prison when she lost their child. Lee seems to think Ed is as sharp as he was, as Lee has just mentioned his mind Ed decides to take the opportunity to ask but she says goodbye. Nygma grabs her arm, Lee goes to punch Ed but Grundy who is stood behind Lee grabs her arm. When Lee sees Grundy she is so shocked and calls him Butch Gilzean and instantly assumes Ed has something to do with his change in appearance. Of course Ed is completely innocent in what has happened to Butch to become Grundy, he tells him to go and watch a wall to make sure it doesn’t wander off, Ed try’s again with Lee he explains how he is hoping to get back to who he was as when he was on ice his head got scrambled. Lee believes she doesn’t need to care about Ed’s situation, but he believes that Dr. Leslie Thompkins can fix him. Lee accepts that Ed is really dumb, tires to leave again. Ed doesn’t pretend to know why she is the doctor at the fight club, he wants Lee to help him and in exchange he will help her, but she makes it very clear Lee will never help Ed.

After three evening in a row dining out with Sofia Falcone, Oswald certainly has the support of the Falcone name. Oswald has escorted Sofia home because he was brought up to be a gentleman, Sofia is fairly certain no one’s watching them now. This scene shows us Jim Gordon hid behind a door frame listening to Oswald’s and Sofia’s conversation which actually made me wonder if she knew Jim was there she did play it well when Jim appears. Sofia wants to know where she stands with Oswald, he admits he finds it difficult to trust anyone and find a real friend. Sofia takes his hand and makes Oswald believe he can trust her and and arranges lunch with him the next day. Sofia is stood in front of her roaring fire pondering, Jim appears and demands to know what she is planning. For Sofia it’s a tired conversation, since she has been back in Gotham Oswald has become stronger so Jim wants to know her end game. Sofia asks Jim what if she refuses to tell him, well he is going to put her on the next train home. Sofia makes Jim a promise that in a matter of days she will have Cobblepot in the palm of her hand, if she’s fails Sofia will stay or go back whatever Jim wants. Jim doesn’t look overly convinced when Sofia hands him a tumbler of whiskey.

On a traditional rainy night in Gotham two GCPD Police officers meet in a ally way. An exchange of money has been made, one officer is left he hears growling and uses his flash light as he heads down some steps. Thunder is still rolling over head the Police Officer sees a door slightly ajar with a red light glowing through, he opens the door a cat is keeping shelter from the rain. He bends down to pick the cat up and from behind him a figure wearing a real pigs head as a mask and says “oink oink” the police officer hears this and turns in shock then he gets struck by the heavy meat cleaver.

Detective Jim Gordon goes to the crime scene where Captain Harvey Bullock has started to investigate, Jim asks if its true that the victim is one of theirs, Harvey confirms it is. The killer took his badge so they can’t confirm who he is for a good reason. Harvey takes Jim to the body which is sat up against a wall wearing a real pigs head Jim is shocked and Harvey remarks how freaky it is. Harvey lifts of the pig mask to reveal the identity to GCPD police officer Dave Metzger ( Warren Bub ) Jim has seen him around, Harvey doesn’t want to speak ill of the dead but he wasn’t particularly a good man, he was Penguins bagman. He was the one delivering payoffs to cops in the precinct. Jim looks at this murder as a message so he decides to go and see Penguin, Harvey warns him not to go stirring the pot.

A fine looking dining table is set up for two at the Iceberg lounge, Oswald Cobblepot is checking over the glasses before Sofia arrives. He is willing to give Jim three minutes of his time, Jim tells Oswald the name of the bagman on his payroll but it means nothing to him. Jim goes on to explain that someone is trying to leave Penguin a message, a severed pig’s head over Metzger’s own isn’t a very clear message to Oswald. If someone has a problem with Penguin then he would know about and he would deal with it. Jim comments that he is always one step ahead, Oswald believes that’s why he is still alive. But he wants to help so Mr. Penn is summoned, Oswald asks “Do we have anything that could assist Detective Gordon in doing his job?” Mr.Penn opens a large book a few days ago Mr. Wally Clarke applied for a burglary permit, The Pork Barrell its a butchers. Jim doesn’t need anymore information he thanks Penguin, but its the licensing system that Jim hates so much that he needs to thank. Jim is stood with his back to Oswald and is not impressed  at what Penguin has just said to him, Oswald is happy to get more involved and just to press Jim’s buttons a bit more he tells him that he is rooting for him.

This is where the episode gets freaky and creepy, whilst listening to opera the killer who still wearing his Pig’s mask is preening another severed pigs head. He applies mascara, lipstick, tweezes out any untidy hairs and pencils in a beauty spot.

Jim and Harvey have Wally Clarke ( Will Janowitz ) in the interview room, he is handcuffed to the desk. Jim asks him if he knows what they do to cop killers. Wally pleaded innocence as he certainly hasn’t killed anybody especially a cop. Harvey tells Wally how Metzger got his skull spilt open and sticks a pig’s head on him. Wally claims that is crazy, the GCPD have searched the dumpster behind his apartment. Jim uncovers a headless pig’s carcass, Harvey’s had enough he goes to charge Wally with the murder of Officer Metzger. Wally goes onto explain about the Professor, he calls him that because he talked all fancy. He got Wally to rob the butchers, Harvey and Jim need a name and description but the deal was done over the telephone. Wally dropped the heads off at underneath the midtown bridge, the money was there he never got no name. Jim realises that there will be more victims and needs to know how many heads Wally delivered, which was four. Jim and Harvey leave the interview room Jim needs to know who else are bagman for the Penguin, Harvey warns Jim that they are not going to talk, but Jim is going to make them.

Oswald sits alone at his lunch table, Zsasz comes to tell him Sofia has cancelled their lunch date which Oswald makes perfectly clear that its not a date. Sofia didn’t say why Zsasz wasn’t listening, he takes a piece of the french bread from the centre of the table. Oswald pulls an annoyed face Zsasz doesn’t see it as a problem as everything will go to waste. Oswald demands Zsasz follows Sofia to find out who she is with. Oswald insists that Sofia and himself aren’t dating when Zsasz asks “do you think she’s two timing you?”

Cherry announces to excited crowd at the fight club that they have a treat, crowd favourite Hammer will take on a new challenger. Cherry waits for Grundy to announce himself, “Grundy comes from swamp.” The crowd laugh at Grundy, Leslie watches with dread in her eyes as Cherry explains the rules which are simple last man standing wins, and anything goes. The crowd whoop and cheer as Cherry drops her arm so the fight can begin. Hammer begins to circle Grundy, but Grundy looks a little bit lost not quite sure what to do, Hammer hits Grundy several times with his big metal mallet Grundy falls to the floor, Leslie is still watching as Ed arrives and puts his head through the ropes of the ring, he tells Grundy to get up and start fighting. Grundy understands that he now can fight because Ed has told him to, he gets up takes the mallet very easily from Hammer with a couple of strikes he’s is splat on the ring floor. The crowd are cheering Grundy’s name, Ed is elated at his success. Cherry quickly realises they have a new star attraction and cash cow, she asks Leslie to look after Grundy.

Harvey and Jim are out on the investigation talking to different cops about who else are the other bagmen for a Penguin. This scene reminds me of an investigation they did back in season 1 where Harvey used all his connections. Jim wants to get heavy handed with the Police officers that refuse to help, Harvey intervenes each time. They are talking to another officer in an indoor parking lot, Harvey explains they are just trying to stop cops from getting killed. The officer sees it as a cop snitching on another cop, Harvey chuckles and agrees they will find out Jim’s way. With a punch to the stomach the officer groans Jim and Harvey push him into the trunk of a car, Jim and Harvey talk about how it’s going to be a hot day. The officer is banging on the lid of the trunk of the car asking to be let out, Harvey decides that himself and Jim should go for lunch and they will be back in a couple of hours. The officer is still shouting asking Bullock to let him out, Jim and Harvey wait a moment the officer agrees to give them a name Chris Whitlock he makes deliveries on the west side of Gotham, they can find him at the courthouse. Harvey has managed to find through a source of his the bagman on the south side of Gotham is Jenny Butler they are trying to reach her. Jim wants to find Officer Whitlock so he can give them the name of the last bagman. Jim discusses with Harvey that he believes that bad cops should be prosecuted  and have their badges taken off them, not butchered, There is screaming from a woman, they both draw their guns and run around a corner there waiting is two dead police officers wearing severed pigs heads, one of the pigs head is wearing the lipstick and mascara that we saw Professor Pyg applying earlier on in the episode. I also really like how the ending of this scene was filmed when we see the pigs head close up there is a blurred sharpness and the suspense element reminded me of a 90’s cop show. Both police officers have had their throats slit and its the two officers Jim and Harvey have been looking for, Harvey informs Jim that nobody saw anything or admit they did. Butler finished her duty the night before, Whitlock was due in court at 9am but never showed up. Jim’s conclusion is that they were abducted, taken somewhere, killed, then brought to pose in front of the building. The killer believes his message is important specifically the ones who work for Penguin. Harvey notices the police officers who are helping with the investigation are on edge, Harvey gets agitated when Jim wants to know if they have an I.D on the fourth bagman, he’s working on it. The saxophone player nearby gets Jim’s attention when a attractive lady puts some money in his case, the saxophone player watches her walk away over his dark sunglasses. Jim introduces himself and puts some money in his case as he wants to know if he has been there all morning, which he has on and off. Jim knows he isn’t blind so he asks the saxophone player if he saw anything, but the sax player claims he hasn’t seen anything since the war. Jim walks away jangles his keys in his trouser pocket then throws them at him which the sax player catches, but this catches him out and reveals he isn’t blind. Jim asks him again and he does admit that he saw a van with “Filippelli Plumbing” on the side parked up a good part of the morning with a guy just sitting there. The saxophone player took a break and when he returned the van had also gone.

Leslie is patching up Grundy, she asks what happened to him but calls him Butch which he didn’t recognise. Lee also notices that his left hand has grown back, she questions “how is that even possible?” Grundy has an open wound Lee uses gauze to soak up the liquid which isn’t even blood but swamp water, this distracts Grundy from looking at his hand and tells Lee that Grundy is from a swamp. He has no heartbeat, but Grundy seems to be doing okay. Leslie decides to tell Grundy that Ed isn’t really his friend and using him, Grundy disagrees as he does believe Ed is Grundy’s friend, in fact best friend. Leslie explains that Ed only wants him to fight so he can make money and make his brain better again, she thinks Ed will then kill or discard of him even if that’s possible. Ed is listening in the doorway, Leslie grabs Grundy by the jaw to see if he understands but he just replies “Ed Grundy best friend.” Nygma agrees with Grundy as he enters the room he is holding a large sum of money in his hand, Grundy is now Cherry’s biggest new attraction. Ed fans the dollars in Grundy’s face and smells the money it looks like they are sticking around for a while. Leslie is packing her doctors bag as Ed asks if she fixes the broken connection in his noodle then they wouldn’t stick around they be….Ed can’t quite remember the word which Leslie tells him is “gone” Ed is willing to pay Lee and teases the money in front of her, she informs Ed that she is only patching up Grundy because Cherry tells her too. Cherry comes to see her best new fighter to see if he is ready to fight again which Leslie agrees he is. Lee needs to step out for awhile she has an ongoing deal with Cherry, she walks through a door and down some stairs where there are stick people waiting for her. With apologies of keeping them waiting Lee unlocks a door where there is a doctors couch, a woman starts coughing as Ed who has decided to follow her makes his way down the stairs. Leslie calls her first patient in a mother and her daughter, Ed watches from the doorframe as she listens to the young girls breathing. Ed smiles gleefully to himself as he may of just got his first piece of blackmail to get Leslie to help him. I am so excited about this trio working together. Ed and Leslie always were great when they interacted with other at the GCPD. Grundy, Ed and Leslie are in different situations and trying to work out their new life in Gotham and I think it works extremely well.

Harvey has just finished a conversation with the Mayors office the press have gotten wind of the murders. Jim hands Bullock a list of all the police officers who haven’t turned up for duty, Harvey reads out the names and he isn’t surprised by any of them. Jim wants to take the list to Penguin and have him point to a particular name. Harvey doesn’t think there is any need as he knows Nakajima the bagman, because he is dirty. Police units are already on their way to his apartment Jim wants to retrace their beat steps, Harvey closes his office door he thinks they should concentrate on their resources. Harvey feels that there is something weird and asks Jim if he feels it too. The killer seems to know everyone’s schedules, Jim suggests that it may be one of their own, Harvey continues to agree that someone wants to make a stand and fed up with the corruption. Displaying the bodies like they have been, Jim’s not convinced but Harvey thinks they need to consider it. Detective Harper knocks on Bullocks office door, they have a lead on the plumbing van it has been spotted near the abandoned dairy on Commerce. Harper asks should they get strike force together but Harvey just wants himself and Jim to cover it and warns her not to say a word. Bullock picks up his hat and Jim just looks confused at the order that has been given.                                      “Oink oink little piggy”  is the words from Professor Pyg. He drives the plumbing van to the dairy, Nakajima is in the back he is panting with fear. His mouth is taped and so are his wrists, Professor Pyg opens the squeaking gates doors so Nakajima can see him.

Grundy is back in the ring, his opponent is roaring he is taller then Grundy he wears spikey armour, chains and has a metal mallet.  The crowd is cheering, he whips the chains around the ankle of Grundy he falls to the floor. Ed watches from one side of the ring, Leslie from another. She can’t bare to watch as another chain gets wrapped around  Grundy’s neck, Grundy grabs the chain with his strength and pulls his opponent to the ring floor. The crowd roar with delight as Grundy grabs the metal mallet and finishes him off in gruesome bloody scene. Again the crowd chant Grundy, Cherry announces him as their new champion.

I am glad someone else stress eats, Oswald is frantically chewing on chicken legs as he waits for news from Zsasz. He has been out following her and taking photos of Sofia’s movements. It turns out that Sofia broke her lunch date with Oswald to have lunch with the Mayor, Oswald very loudly reminds Zsasz their lunch wasn’t a date. Zsasz in detail explains where they went for lunch and what she ate, after they parted ways Sofia went to the old Gotham Heritage Hotel. Oswald doesn’t understand this as it has been vacant for years. Mr.Penn interjects he got word that a couple of months ago a secret buyer had purchased the hotel at six percent over the asking price, it’s safe to say that Sofia Falcone has purchased the hotel. Oswald questions why? Zsasz has photographs of Sofia meeting another person which he calls a clown, placing the photos on Oswalds desk. Sofia met with the zoning commissioner, she would need his permission for the wall and gate she has built. As Oswald looks through the photos he chuckles softly to himself and decides  she is making alliances with politicians, building a fortress all while she is pretending to be Oswalds friend. Zsasz smiles as he knows what is coming next as Oswald decides they will be having a chat with Ms. Falcone. This is one of my favourite lines in the episode when Zsasz asks Oswald “is this a chat-chat or a shovel in the trunk kind of chat?” Mr. Penn looks very nervous as he hears this conversation, Oswald decides for Zsasz to get the shovel.

Ed shows how much money he is making to Leslie, he asks if there is any apartments to rent in her building. She strongly recommends that he finds a neurologist, which Leslie isn’t. Ed insists that it has to be Leslie as she knows him, he refers to his brain as a coconut Leslie knows what it’s capable of. But Leslie’s answer is still no! Ed tells Leslie that he knows about her clinic and he is guessing that Cherry let’s her keep it as long as she works the fights, Ed also assumes that the clinics mean something to her, which to Ed makes Leslie vulnerable. He gets stuck with what to say next Leslie prompts him with the word blackmail. Leslie wants to hear Ed’s brilliant scheme to force her to help him, what is his threat? As Ed is talking he trying to think if Leslie doesn’t help him he is going to….do something to her clinic. Leslie starts laughing as she realises Ed really isn’t smart.

Jim and Harvey arrive at the dairy, a train whistle can be heard in the distance. They use their flash lights to enter through a door. The background music is full of suspense Harvey whispers  Jim’s name as come to an opening the officer they are looking for is tied to a chair with a severed pigs head on his head. Harvey touches him and he jumps, he starts to struggle as Jim pulls the pig head off him. There is a wire attached to the pigs head which feeds out of his mouth, the camera goes down to his abdomen where something has been inserted. Jim continues to pull the wire which with a click comes free, Jim realises and shouts “Grenade” Jim and Harvey both run as Officer Nakajima explodes. Jim wakes up tied to a chair he is slightly disoriented, Professor Pyg turns on a light which puts him in a spotlight. He is tickled pink to meet Jim as he is a fan and wants to shake his hand if it were possible, his identity is still concealed by the severed pigs head. I find Professor Pyg voice voice very engaging his diction is perfect. Jim wants to know where Harvey is, Professor Pyg thinks he is a dirty pig and doesn’t understand why Jim bothers with him as he thinks Harvey is holding Jim back. Harvey is alive at the moment, Professor Pyg tells Jim he is safe as safe as they can be. Jim asks Professor Pyg if he is a cop, he snorts with laughter and wonders why Jim thinks that. Jim explains because he knew the routes and schedules of the cops he killed. Professor Pyg asks out of curiosity if he were a policeman would Jim reason with him, appeal with what they have in common. He pulls a light right beside of Jim’s face which shows the amazing detail of Professor Pyg mask. Jim is disgusted to think they have something in common, which they don’t, but actually they do. The corruption and filth inside the GCPD, they both know that Gotham cannot survive unless the cancer is cut out. They both share the same mission but Professor Pyg does it with flare, he draws out two meat cleavers and does a very theatrical twirl. Jim believes killing Penguins bag men won’t change a thing, Pyg agrees but it doesn’t stop there is going to kill every single swine on Penguins payroll, which surprises Jim as that could be half the department. Jim accuses him of being disillusional, Professor Pyg isn’t doing this for Gotham but for his own demented reasons, Pyg voice becomes soft as he has his reasons are as real as them come. He has suffered profound loss at the hands of the greedy pigs in power he becomes emotional when he says “profound.” Jim wants to help him put it right, Harvey shouts out Jim name which interrupts their conversation. Jim warns Professor Pyg not to touch Harvey, Jim is still taped to the chair he manages to shuffle the chair to the edge of a ledge. Professor Pyg has a knife to the throat of Harvey there is also rope around his neck, Pyg calls Harvey a liar as he doesn’t believe back up is on its way. Jim falls to the ground smashing the chair to set him free, Pyg tells Harvey he deserves this. Jim comes through the plastic curtain, Professor Pyg lifts the knife “i do hate to cut and run” he slits the front part of  Harveys throat. He throws down the knife and runs, Jim tells his partner to hang on and cuts the rope. Jim uses his neck tie to put pressure on Harvey’s wound.

Leslie is working in her clinic, her patient needs strong antibiotics for her cough but doesn’t have the supply she needs. She looks out into the waiting area where she has lots more patients to see.

Sofia Falcone is getting ready to go out, Oswald appears behind her.  Sofia didn’t know he was coming over, but Oswald wanted to surprise her. Sofia apologises for cancelling lunch and promises to make it up to him. Oswald suggests “how about now?”  Sofia can’t because she is on her way out, Oswald asks where to but she won’t say as she wants it to be a surprise. Oswald is looking at her framed photographs, then decides with rage to tell Sofia he knows what she is up too while pretending to be his friend. Sofia is a taken back by Oswalds outburst, she has tears in her eyes when Oswald comes up close and says he should of known because Sofia has her fathers blood running through her veins. She pleads he has made a mistake and insists that she is Oswalds friend. Oswald takes her by the elbow to go and see what she has been doing at the Gotham Hertiage Hotel.

Its day time at Cherry’s Fightclub, Ed is at the bar and asks for another grasshopper cocktail. Leslie tells him they won’t help him, she asks for the money that Grundy made. Leslie is willing to help Ed but will not make any promises that she can cure him, Ed wants to know why she changed her mind “is it my charisma?” Leslie tells Ed he is close, she does explain why she is   Working at the fight club. Leslie doesn’t really want to be there but she couldn’t stay away from Gotham because of the Tetch virus it hit The Narrows harder then anywhere else. It was her fault, Jim tried to stop the virus but she would not let him and with herself being infected she was there. Before Leslie leaves she tells Ed if he wanted to blackmail her he should of taken advantage of Grundy being popular, threatened to take him away then Cherry would of been afraid of losing her star would of then forced Leslie to help Ed. She shrugs her shoulders to show it would of been as easy as that. Ed is excited that he is going to be smart again.

Zsasz opens the car door for Sofia and Oswald, they walk up to the gate Sofia tells Oswald she forgives him as cheering children come running out to meet her. Zsasz looks a bit ill when he sees the kids and Oswald doesn’t really know what is happening. Oswald reads the sign which says “Falcone Home and School for orphans.” He is in shock as he asks you “have started an orphanage? “ Sofia wanted to surprise him when it was finished, she concludes she understands the pressure Oswald is under his very survival depends on seeing everyone as a potential threat. Sofia watched her father bare that weight for years she doesn’t want Oswald to end up like him. Oswald asks for Sofias forgiveness but she has already forgiven him.  I actually find this scene strange because I don’t understand why Sofia would surprise Oswald with an orphanage. He certainly didn’t grow up as an orphan.

Harvey wakes from his hospital bed, Jim is sat in the chair waiting for him to wake. Jim tells Harvey that the doctor says he is going to fine. Harvey knows the way Professor Pyg cut him gave Jim the choice of either going after Pyg or saving Harvey, for Jim there was no choice. Harvey tells Jim he owes him one, Jim wants Harvey to pay it back to him now he wants the truth in how long Harvey has been taking money from Penguin. Harvey has been taking money since the licensing started, the commissioner ordered them to comply. Harvey needs Jim to understand he has bills and debts to clear, Jim orders it stops he leaves a very emotional Harvey in his hospital bed. Outside of Harvey’s room the television is on and the news is reporting about that the city is on high alert and Gotham finds itself gripped by terror at the hands of a ritualistic cop killer being called Professor Pyg, Jim collects his jacket and leaves the hospital. This scene between Jim and Harvey was brilliant and emotional, we are really seeing their friendship and partnership being tested. Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue are just one example of how brilliant the acting is in Gotham.

On the outskirts of Gotham in a pig shed Professor Pyg is telling a nursery rhyme to his pigs and piglets which sends them to sleep. He wishes them a goodnight sleep as tomorrow the axe will fall.

Gotham episode 7 airs on Thursday 2nd November it is titled A Day in the Narrows, Professor Pyg is striking fear throughout Gotham. Gordon and Bullock head into the The Narrows to look for clues. Bruce Wayne meets a former friend who convinces him to come along for a night with some old classmates.