Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Hartley Sawyer, and Carlos Valdes

A Small Summary

This is just a bit of what happens in the season finale:

Thawne’s true plans are finally found when Ralph puts his detective skills to work. They can’t destroy Cicada’s dagger. Reason: it is the only thing drowning Thawne’s powers and keeping him from escaping prison. But Cicada is on a mission to kill all the metahumans in Central City. Nora has the idea of convincing young Grace to take Cisco’s Meta Cure by mind melting again with her. When Nora gets into Grace’s mind, it takes some convincing to get her to take it. When she injected with the cure, the black matter absorbs it making it useless in stopping older Grace. They are then back at square one. But the ultimate sacrifice is made when Nora puts herself in harm’s way and is killed.

Candice Patton and Grant Gustin

Changes For Season 6

There are many casting changes being made for season 6. In the finale, fans say goodbye to Nora Allen-West, Sherloque Wells, and Captain David Singh. Captain Singh is moving on to Chief of the Central City Police Department, leaving the precinct. With the opening available, he gives the promotion of Captain to Joe. Also, the former Captain shares a secret to Barry he knew all along. “I’m a detective too.”, he says to Barry.

Jessica Parker Kennedy and Grant Gustin

Fans also see Caitlin unveiling what looks to be a new suit. Is Killer Frost getting her own fitted outfit to wear in the field?

Fan also say goodbye to Vibe. Cisco decides he wants to take the cure to have a better life. He feels it has been a good ride, but he needs to be himself again.

In the last few seconds of the finale, we are taken into the secret room at S.T.A.R. Labs. Gideon turned on her screen showing the newspaper Nora sees about The Flash disappearing. But the newspaper headline doesn’t change. Only the date of his disappearance.

Stay tuned for Season 6 next fall, Tuesday nights on The CW.