Posted: October 21, 2017 by Adam Carr

The Flash Season 4 - Episode 2 The CW

The Flash is back and in Mary Jane’s absence i’ve got the honour of writing the review on this week and next week’s episodes.

This week’s Flash was all focused around relationships as Barry & Iris had relationship problems and so did Cisco and Gyspy (surely this theme would have been better saved for Valentine’s week..but hey!.)

The Flash has always had a lighthearted feel about it in comparison to the likes of Arrow but this season so far feels very fluffy and not quite as much grit as we might expect from a super hero TV series.

However there were some pretty cool parts to this episode as the team juggled their relationship issues with saving Central City.  This week’s villain was Killg%re, pronounced Killgore, who had a vendetta against some people he was working on a project with who sold him down the river to take his profit.  Killgore had the power to mind control anything technology based,  he had technology in his genes – pretty cool!

As we have seen already, Cisco has overloaded Barry’s suit with some awesome tech – but it was all a bit Iron Man and it seems like it wont last long this series.  Killgore was able to mind control Barry’s costume and shut down his ability to move, locked him in the suit and started the self destruct mode (who would put that in a costume, really?)

Barry was yet again able to save himself by throwing a bolt of lightning at himself, which cut off the technology’s electricity supply.

Meanwhile within all the drama, Barry and Iris had a few meetings at a relationship councillor.   It was a lot of nothingness as Iris exploded and they had a conversation and now everything happy and Barry & Iris will live happily ever after.

I’d give this week’s episode a solid 6/10, it was pretty cool with what was going on with Killgore and the biggest story-line that is coming with ‘The Thinker’ seems to be on the verge of setting off pretty soon.  However, the scenes with soppy love interests and counselling just feel not superhero-ey at all.  This is early on in the series and we are still building up, Flash always get better as the series goes on, so here’s to Episode 3!