Posted: July 27, 2017 by Vanessa Deroo

The Flash Comic Con

The best weekend of the year, San Diego Comic Con, just ended and brought its lot of exclusives and sneak peeks for 2017 and beyond. DC shows were again strongly represented this year, and CW’s The Flash cast graced the Con with their presence for a very entertaining panel on Saturday, moderated by Stephanie Smith. They didn’t give a lot away (despite Grant Gustin confessing being awful at keeping secrets) but here are a few things we can expect in Season 4:

flash team

More Badass Iris West

Iris takes the lead of Team Flash in Barry’s absence, Candice Patton has confirmed. After an emotionally charged season for Iris, where she nearly died and lost Barry, it’s a very welcome turn for the character to come back to a strong, fierce leading lady who gets things done. According to Candice, Iris is “devastated, and focuses her energy on being a leader.” Interesting fact about season 3: No one except Grant told Candice about her character not dying.

A lighter tone

Producer Todd Hellbing promised “more jokes” in season 4. Season 3 was very dark and allowed characters to develop so much, but yes, a lighter tone is much needed this season!

Killer Frost is back! Or is she?

Danielle Panabaker had a blast on the panel teasing fans about the frosty villain. “No one’s gonna be disappointed” she promised, adding that playing Killer Frost was “so much fun”. Nothing else escaped, her lips were sealed!

Wally West keeps growing

Keiynan Lonsdale (dressed as Where’s Wally – a nice touch!) discussed character growth for Kid Flash. “Wally had to step up when Barry left and this gave him more freedom and more self-confidence. He’s humbler about his role in the team”

New faces

We know The Thinker is the new “Big Bad” this season; The 100’s Neil Sandilands portrays the new villain; whose name is Clifford DeVoe.

Kim Engelbrecht also joins the cast as The Mechanic, the Thinker’s sidekick.

Todd Hellbing also confirmed that we will see more of Gypsy, and her father, The Breacher, who will be played by Machete’s Danny Trejo, no less!