Posted: March 18, 2018 by Jim Curl

We’re back for the 3rd issue of Supergirl: Being Super.  There’s a lot going on in this issue.  We finally get some answers as to what is going on with Kara’s powers and who’s voice she heard calling for help at the end of the last issue.  Spoilers Ahead!!!

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Chapter 3: Who Are You?

Kara’s memory of being placed in a pod by her Kryptonian parents is becoming more clear as she finally comes to the realization that she is alien.  She thinks back to the time of her discovery by Jeremiah and Eliza.  Eliza took her inside and fed her while Jeremiah hid the pod in a safe place.

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Before she can make sense of it all, she has to go back to school where she is constantly reminded of Jen’s death.  During the day, Kara and Dolly decide they need a break so they skip the rest of school.   Dolly tries to get Kara to open up about her powers but Kara won’t say anything.

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Kara returns home to find that coach Stone stopped by to check on her, much to Jeremiah’s chagrin.  Jeremiah has always believed that family business is just that.  He tells Kara that when she skips school, people poke their noses where they don’t belong; and he doesn’t want that for her so she has to go to school.

Later while Kara is resting, she begins hearing a voice saying “save me”.  She gets up and flies off, tracking the voice to a bunker deep underground.  There she finds Coach Stone experimenting on a restrained person.  Stone is startled when she sees Kara and turns a dial.  This causes Kara’s bracelet to activate, making her glow yellow again and causing her pain.

Stone reveals she is researching Kara’s powers to find a renewable energy source.  Kara begins destroying the lab causing Stone to run away.  She turns her attention to the restrained person, who reveals he is a Kryptonian named Tan-On.  Kara feels an immediate connection with him.

Tan-On asks Kara to run away with him.  He tells her the earthquake was caused by Stone’s experiments.  Kara surprisingly agrees to run with him but needs to go home to pack some clothes.  While she is away, Tan-On is waiting on a cliff when a man out doing some star gazing walks up to him.  Tan-On incinerates the man with his heat vision and declares that Earth will be turned to dust for what he has been through.

And that’s it for this one guys.  We got a ton of answers here and even a brand new character in Tan-On.   What do you all think of the story telling so far?

Be sure to check back next time as we dive into the final epic issue!