DC World at City of Heroes 3 Event

This weekend I went along to the City of heroes 3 event held at telford international centre and organised by Rogue Events. I have been to the last two of these events and met many guests from accross a wide range of TV shows and movies, like The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, legends of tomorrow, Supergirl, Aquqman and more. Of course myself being a massive DC Comics characters fan I am always eager to meet them all from the shows I support and the movies I love. You get to meet the guests, ask question, have 30 minute lounge talk sessions and get photo shoots and autographs.

Interviews, talks and sneak peaks as follows by each guest.


Ray Fisher Cyborg from Justice League.


To start off I shared an Exclusive article on my twitter page @_DCWorld which went global overnight regarding Ray Fisher who is playing Cyborg in the upcoming Justice League movie out November. He was on stage taking questions and I asked a couple too.

Ray confirmed that the standalone Cyborg Movie is about to start writing its first draft and is still on target for a 2020 release date. He also mentioned in another question that Lex will be appearing across the Justice League series. To me this means more than two Justice league movies are planned maybe?? A series is the word he said, are DC and Warner Bros planning more than two Justice League movies I certainly hope so but we shall have to wait and see.


I also asked about his fitness regime for the role of Cyborg in Justice League and Ray told us about he put on around 30lb for justice league and was training  with Jason Momoa who plays Aquaman and also described him as an absolute animal in training but he was a good motivator to keep up against!
I also had a photo opportunity with Ray to which I took along to Gotham city University jackets that were given out to the film crew after the Justice league was finished, he actually wears this style of jacket in the movie as this is the football team he plays for. I managed to get hold of these and we wore them in the photo shoot, A very special moment for myself and even got one signed on by him, he’s a really lovely guy and was an absolute pleasure to meet in person and wish him all the success in the future.
Maggie Geha aka Poison Ivy in Gotham.
I asked Maggie to talk a little on Gotham and she loved season 3 of Gotham and becoming an older Ivy and also Jerome aka the Joker stays in character on set and is a great actor, a little like Jared leto did for Suicide Squad. She also commented on how she always ends up carrying around everything for the penguin, like she his little assistant and he will never seem to do this himself in the show.
I asked Maggie in a q&a session if during her development in Gotham as Poison Ivy would she would love to eventually have a Poison Ivy costume later on as the character develops to which she said yes she can’t wait to get a costume even if it was at the ending final episode with Bruce putting on his cape. Also Maggie confirmed that her role as Poison Ivy will eventually be a more darker Ivy like in the comics than we’ve seen on screen before!!
She also said that she would love to star in a wide range of movies such as an Alien sort of movie, a western riding horses and shooting guns and any movie across different scenarios and wants to voice a fluffy cute cartoon character and that will also be her life goal, Like the cute lemur from Madagascar.
Maggie also loved my orange Sharpie paint pen I was using for autos so I let her keep it!
I later had a photo session with Maggie too.
One more exclusive Maggie and Brianna from Deadpool were on stage together and  sang a song which I will post at a later date.
Rick Cosnett from the flash.
I spoke to Rick briefly at an autograph session to which I asked if he liked being back for the brief appearances in season three of the flash and asked if he is returning for season 4 to which he smiled and replied we will have to wait-and-see?
Maybe he can’t say but I got the idea that he will be back in someway.
John Wesley Shipp from the Flash.
I spoke to John regarding the flash TV series and if he was returning for season 4 to which he confirmed but was no other details at this time.
On the Sunday morning I had a 30 minute coffee lounge with John And other people to which I asked a few questions.
From being the flash in the 1990s what was it like getting the part in the current flash tv show.
He answered that he had been hoping for a new Flash to happen again as after the 90s as there was not much happening regarding the Flash and it was slow for superhero movies and there was lots of talk of even Ryan Reynolds taking on the role as the Flash  in a movie.
Also when he got the part to play Barry’s dad Henry Allen, he read the script and thought of how the part was on such a personal level with Barry and this child who saw his mother get murdered and Barry could alter confide in him visiting him in prison and that overall he eventually knew Barry was the Flash, but just gave little hints to him so that when he was ready he would reveal himself to his father.
John also spoke of Grant Gustin getting the role as Barry Allen which was great but the weeks of the Flash tv show starting the movie World decided to announce Ezra Miller as the new flash for the movie franchise, and they all felt they could of waited to give grant so much more time settling in than announcing another person so soon in the separate world even Stephen Amell got on board on social media to support Grant at the time, but now the Flash is the most successful TV show currently and it didn’t effect anything, to which at present the flash movie is still delayed and having issues still and maybe pushed back to a 2020 release with the Cyborg Movie.
I Also asked would he like to have his flash from the 1990s maybe one day come through the speed force and meet Grants Flash, to which he replied he’d love to see that happen even for one episode.
I also had a few photo sessions with John, he is a really nice guy and chatty and friendly, all I hoped he would be and more meeting  him in person, a real Hero.
By Paul Edwards
DC World.
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dc world goes cartoon art

Here is an amazing piece of artwork made for me by the very talented Stevenson Johnson on Twitter and online, link here @StevensonJohns1

Follow him and have something created for yourself as he does commissions too of these great character style superhero themed art works.

I wanted myself with my ultimate Superhero Superman and a few days later here is the finished artwork.

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here it is the new justice league trailer

After a long wait here in all its amazing glory is the New Justice League Trailer.

This week was epic as warner bros teased us with each character on a poster and also a mini clip until the main trailer release today and also the first official logo poster too.  Included were Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash, still no sign of Superman but as time goes on I’m sure we will get a glimpse of him on his return.

Also a the official website has been updated with some fun stuff as well as a new one Unite The League too.

You can see all the posters below and also feel free to share your favourite with me on twitter @_DCWorld.


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IMG_4029 IMG_4030 IMG_4031 IMG_4032 IMG_4033 IMG_4034



new justice league statues

This week we have been given a small glimpse into the merchandise arriving later this year for the Justice League Movie and I’m sure a lot more is coming too.

At Toy Fair New York this week they have had The Justice League New Statue set on display in all the amazing glory they deserve. This Movie certainly going to be a money maker this christmas for many DC fans out there like myself.

The Flash, Aquaman, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg will all be available at around $149 dollars TBA.

Which will you be buying


Aquaman actors and director get together

Today Aquaman movie director James Wan has tweeted a picture of himself,  Aquaman, Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson who is playing Ocean Master and Amber Herd  who is Mera with the hashtag Table Read! 

I would safely say that the production of the Aquaman is is moving forward ahead of filming soon and it is great to see the actors together for another instalment into the DC Movie Multiverse.


Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 18.36.10

has john cleese comfirmed he is in the dc universe

British actor John Cleese of Faulty Towers and Monty Python has Tweeted a picture of himself in a changing room but what is most interesting is the stack of books on his desk.

Batman noir and Justice League origin are among them!!

Rumours are still active that he has a part in the upcoming Justice League movie out November 17th and this just may add to the speculation.


Who could he be playing??



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another new justice league image

Today we got another treat as the hype starts to build towards the Justice League movie due out November 17th.

Empire magazine has released a new image of Batman, The Flash, Cyborg and Wonder Woman together but missing out is Aquaman and of course Superman.

From what we can see in the article that goes with the image  Director Zack Snyder promises that Superman is around and quotes “Superman does play a big part in this movie”  “His presence, and lack of presence, are big story points…”

We all know the Man of Steel will return and I can not wait to see all the surprises we are in for.


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by Paul Edwards



New Justice League crew t shirt slogan

Yes I was one of the first to report after finding some crew members from the Justice League Movie were selling T Shirts on Ebay which were given out to members while filming.

Below is  pic from one which was for sale but more interesting is the slogan which reads…

They’ve Never Faced Us Before. Not Us United!!


Could only imagine it is a tagline used in the movie and hope we get to wee Batman or Wonder Woman say this. Even Heroic hollywood picked up on my scoop and comic too.

Thanks to them for sharing my information and mentioning me.

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Today we got the new trailer for the new game Injustice 2.

After the very successful first instalment we are now getting a second game coming on 16th May 2017 on Xbox one and playstation 4 formats.

The graphics look amazing and a whole line of of DC characters are included, even more being announced as the Hype builds to launch day.

Below is the new trailer and a few images to tempt you for now.

Visit the Official website here for lots more


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Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 17.15.23

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 17.11.27

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 17.11.44