Supergirl Season 3, Episode 1 Recap: The Girl of Steel

I’ve got two words for you, IDENTITY CRISIS. Supergirl premiered its third season with a powerful, very quotable first episode as well as a new Supergirl title treatment. Supergeeks rejoice!

Millions of viewers tuned in to see The Girl of Steel struggle with her identity and try to overcome heartbreak while being National City’s favourite superhero.

How about that (literally) dreamy opening sequence where we got a glimpse into a ‘perfect world’ for Kara Danvers. From sharing a moment with Mon-El (the lover she sent away at the end of Season 2. Ouch.), to embracing her mother. Talk about an opening to hit you right in the feels. Don’t lie, you cried too.

Well, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Dreamland was short-lived as the opening scene quickly cut to Supergirl hovering above the high-rise buildings of National City and listening in for any trouble she could dive right into. Trouble didn’t take long to find. Maggie Sawyer and Alex Danvers were right in the thick of a high-speed car chase with a semi-trailer and bad guy, Robert DuBois, whom they identify later on in the episode. You could feel the Sanvers fandom lose its breathe for a good few seconds as an insane (but very cool), large gun blaster was ready to fire at them. Supergirl to the rescue, of course. You can breathe again Sanvers fans. Breathe.

Back at the DEO, the crew are reunited and Supergirl means business. With no time to waste and no time for small talk (I’m looking at you Winn). You can sense her detachment from a mile away, especially after blowing off her own sister’s tasting for the wedding reception. How good was that dig from J’onn, “Come on Alex, your unrelenting seriousness is one of your best qualities”. Ouch. But we still love you Alex.

In this first episode of the season, we are introduced to Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar). The new bad guy of National City disguised as a hot-shot real estate mogul. Edge is on a mission to drive out the low-middle-income residents from the waterfront area, where the Supergirl statue is unveiled, and replace it with overpriced high rises. Typical bad guy thing to do. We’re onto you, Edge. Lena Luthor on the other hand is always ready for a challenge, putting Edge on blast in front of the city’s leaders. The award for most quotable bad-ass dialogue goes to Lena Luthor in this episode. Power to the strong female that she is. Slay girl.

Now, I must give a special shout-out to the Supergirl writers for Cat Grant’s speech as the new White House Press Secretary. Cat’s rant on the President believing in Global Warming and that the Earth is round because the President is not a moron IS-JUST-EVERYTHING. Well played Supergirl writers, well played.

It’s not long before Supergirl is back at it again chasing all the trouble she can. Clearly distracting herself as she tries to forget that devastating Season 2 finale. Is anybody really over it? I’m not. Kicking ass and saving the city post-breakup. Sigh. If only we could all deal with breakups this way.

Soon after they identified Robert DuBois, a mercenary by the codename Bloodsport, Supergirl was back in action. Tracking down Bloodsport at a secret building guarded by military personnel. Well, not that guarded considering by the time she flew there, the guards had been knocked out. Inside the building she has a choice to take down Bloodsport, who jumps out of a Daxamite Ship, or attend to an injured guard. Of course she chooses the guard. There’s our Kara.

James interrupts her by signalling the emergency beeper. Bad idea James. When Kara zooms over to CatCo to confront James, the conversation ends with Kara quitting CatCo and leaving her reporting life behind. Real smooth move James.

Meanwhile, the DEO has discovered that Bloodsport has stolen some serious equipment to cloak any vehicle (a submarine let’s say) so it can send a nuke right into the heart of National City. If you put two and two together, you’ll realise that Bloodsport is obviously working with new baddie Morgan Edge. But we could smell that evil duo brewing from a mile away.

Let’s talk Danvers sisters. Alex and Kara share an intense, unforgettable scene in Kara’s apartment. Alex storms in to tell Kara the ‘pity party’ is over and she needs to get her true self back in the game. This is actually quite an intense scene for the pair and I give props to the writers for the beautiful dialogue exchanged between the two. Kara has clearly bottled up all “human” feelings regarding the loss of Mon-El, all the while struggling with whom her true identity is. Words were thrown around like “I’m not human” and “Kara Danvers was a mistake”. Then we all died a little inside.

Alex makes a quick switch to business mode as she briefs Kara on Bloodsport. Telling her to be there at the unveiling of her own statue. Before leaving Alex hit us right in the feels with “Kara Danvers is my favourite person. She saved me more times than Supergirl ever could. So just think about that while you’re trying to get rid of her.” Did I mention we all died a little inside?

If Alex trying to get through to Kara wasn’t enough, J’onn also tried his luck with a little one-on-one at the waterfront unveiling reminding Kara that she also has a human heart which is essential to part of her identity. Reality check Kara. Get it together GF!

At the waterfront, during patrol, Maggie and Alex discuss their wedding over comms. Alex explains her hesitation to tie the knot with Maggie, and her reasoning is just the sweetest thing. The absence of Alex’s dad is giving her cold feet and making her second guess plans for a big wedding. Of course Maggie has some words to say and damn were they some sweet words. The Sanvers fandom (myself included) goes into meltdown. Actually, any scene with Alex and Maggie sends me into meltdown. Yes, guilty.

We are briefly introduced to a new character by the name Samantha (played by Supergirl newcomer Odette Annable). Samantha’s character will be important as we discovered she possesses some sort of super strength, saving her daughter from being trapped underneath a heavy steel girder. At first she’s introduced as a normal human, but I’m excited for the rest of the season assuming she transitions into the villain Reign.

Lena Luthor had some nice words to say about Supergirl after the unveiling of the statue. This was soon interrupted by an explosion rocking the waterfront. Bloodsport was back at it again, this time attacking from underwater in an invisible submarine. VERY COOL. But also not cool. Supergirl finds his heartbeat and plunges into the deep water (knowing very well she can’t breathe underwater). Where is Aquaman when you need him!

As another missile is fired from the submarine, Supergirl is knocked back by the blast and she drifts unconsciously underwater. But not for long. The sound of Mon-El’s voice brings Kara back to life and before you know it she submerges from the water, lifting a whole submarine above her head. Yes, Queen.

Some notable mentions:

Lena Luthor buys CatCo and convinces Kara to become a reporter again.

Supergirl warns Morgan Edge that all her attention is on him, before leaving him scared and abandoned on a container ship in the middle of the ocean. But that won’t be the last we see of him.

An alien ship activates underwater. Curious to see who or what is in the ship.

Alex asks J’onn to walk her down the aisle because she sees him as a father figure. I’m not crying, you are.


Finally, an ending I won’t forget because it terrified the hell out of me! We return to the opening dream sequence with Kara’s mother. Except this time, she turns around and her face turns into something from your worst nightmare and then some. Samantha also wakes up in a panic, ending the first episode of a promising new season.

What are your thoughts on the Season 3 premiere? Did episode 1 hit all the right notes for you?

HOF: August Entrant #6 – Floriana Lima as Maggie Sawyer

Each month our team of dedicated writers and DC fanatics will be nominating one person to enter the DCWorld Hall of Fame Monthly Semi Final. We will be each posting an article, to put to you the people, why our nominee should go into the HOF Final in December. Here is the sixth entry into the DCWorld Hall of Fame August semi-final.

The DC world is not just about valiant heroes and iconic villains. There are people in the background, on the side lines, in Metropolis, Gotham, Star City or National City, wearing open wounds and fighting their own battles. Supergirl’s Maggie Sawyer is one of them.

She’s a tough cookie, this Sawyer. NCPD cop, going undercover, finding out about aliens in the city, fighting alongside them. Falling in love with a DEO agent, Alex Danvers, risking her life for her, but also being incredibly guarded, and incredibly human at the same time. Maggie Sawyer embodies Supergirl, not only because she is a strong woman on her own right, but also because her feelings are there, in plain sight. There is no false irony, no cynicism, in the way she carries her love for Danvers, her love for her city and her wish for justice. Floriana Lima’s portrayal of Maggie is one of the show’s main strengths; she’s never always right, she makes mistakes, she learns to forgive, and to be forgiven. She gives a voice to everyone who has been crushed at some point in their lives, and continued to carry on, somehow. And for this, she deserves a place on our hall of fame.

Teen Choice Awards nominees feature DC TV stars!

The Teen Choice Awards is an annual awards show that airs on the Fox television network. The awards honour the year’s biggest achievements in music, film sports, television, fashion and more. All the nominees and winners are voted for the viewers.

The second wave of nominees have been announced. One category in particular stood out and got the twitter universe tweeting, Choice TV Villain ( #ChoiceTVVillain).

Four out of the six nominees were villains from Dc shows:

  • Cory Michael Smith – Gotham
  • Grant Austin – The Flash
  • Josh Segarra – Arrow
  • Terri Hatcher – Sugergirl

I know who I am voting for. How about you?

Here is how you vote:

  • Voting starts on the 12 July 2017
  • Voting ends on the 19 July 2017

On Twitter:

  • Your account has to be public
  • You can vote from anywhere in the world
  • Your tweet must have #ChoiceTVVillain
  • Your chosen full name OR his / her twitter @
  • You can include gifs, pictures or videos
  • You can only vote 10 times a day
  • Retweets count as votes

Cory Michael Smith took to Twitter this evening to thank everyone for loving Nygma and was delighted to be nominated.

Nygma has definitely been a popular growing villain, especially throughout season 2 of Gotham. Ed started working at the Gotham City Police department as forensic scientist, who also was very fond of speaking in riddles. Edwards path of villainy started when he murdered police offer Tom Dougherty who physically harmed his future girlfriend Miss Kristin Kringle. That romance was not to be as Ed took Miss Kringle’s life. As Jim Gordon looked further into the her disappearance, Ed framed Jim for the murder of Strike Force police officer Carl Pinkney. He was later captured and sent to Arkham Asylum.

Edward Nygma was released after six months into his sentence this was made possible by Oswald Cobblepot, who decided he needed Ed to help him run for Mayor of Gotham.

In a twisted fate Edward met and fell in love with Isabella. She too was murdered which had been organised by Oswald Cobblepot. Nygma soon formed an alliance with Barbara Kean, Tabitha Galvan and Butch Gilzean after discovering Oswald was responsible for her death.
As he took Oswald down, Nygma started on his own way in Gotham. He is ready to unleash wrath on Gotham as The Riddler.

Good luck to all the nominees, I am sure the best villain will win….as always.

DC World Celebrity Shoutouts from HVFF London

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to Heroes and Villains Fan Fest at the London Olympia.

The event was absolutely amazing and very interactive with celebrity guests from TV, Film, Artists and more.

Guests from Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Legends of tomorrow, Supergirl, and Guardians of the Galaxy and others were there signing autographs, taking pictures and talking on stage.

I was lucky enough to get a few special shoutouts from guests from Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl so take a look below, plus more DC World Exclusive interviews coming throughout the week so stay posted, plus a full in depth article on the whole weekend events and more.

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Heroes & Villains FanFest London

Heroes and Villains Fanfest comes to London Olympia May 27th and 28th 2017.

It is an amazing event ran my James Frazier of the walker stalker conventions and now brings this special event to the UK.

Fans of TV shows and movies and who love superheroes and villains can meet their favourite characters in person, get photos with them, watch panels and get autographs too.

The Lineup for London’s Heroes & Villains FanFest 2017 so far is as follows:

Arrow cast- Stephen Amell, Emily Best Rickards, Colin Donnell, Katie Cassidy, Michael Rowe, Charlotte Ross, John Barrowman, Matt Ryan, Josh Segarra.

Gotham cast- David Mazouz, Sean Pertwee, Drew Powell, Robin Lord Taylor, Jessica Lucas, Milo Ventimiglia.

Supergirl- Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chris Wood, Italia Ricci.

The Flash cast- Robbie Amell, Shantal Vansanten

Plus Superman and the Atom star Brandon Routh, Maisie Richardson Sellers, Hayley Atwel, Michael Rooker & Sean Gunn From Guardians of the Galaxy and Brian C Roll (Artist) see example below.. Stanley Tucci, Richard Brake.


Check out the official website for tickets and links, link is below.



It is on May 27th and 28th, More information and tickets can be found here on the website. Heroesandvillainslondon 

Follow on Twitter at @heroesfanfest

DC World at City of Heroes 3 Event

This weekend I went along to the City of heroes 3 event held at telford international centre and organised by Rogue Events. I have been to the last two of these events and met many guests from accross a wide range of TV shows and movies, like The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, legends of tomorrow, Supergirl, Aquqman and more. Of course myself being a massive DC Comics characters fan I am always eager to meet them all from the shows I support and the movies I love. You get to meet the guests, ask question, have 30 minute lounge talk sessions and get photo shoots and autographs.

Interviews, talks and sneak peaks as follows by each guest.


Ray Fisher Cyborg from Justice League.


To start off I shared an Exclusive article on my twitter page @_DCWorld which went global overnight regarding Ray Fisher who is playing Cyborg in the upcoming Justice League movie out November. He was on stage taking questions and I asked a couple too.

Ray confirmed that the standalone Cyborg Movie is about to start writing its first draft and is still on target for a 2020 release date. He also mentioned in another question that Lex will be appearing across the Justice League series. To me this means more than two Justice league movies are planned maybe?? A series is the word he said, are DC and Warner Bros planning more than two Justice League movies I certainly hope so but we shall have to wait and see.


I also asked about his fitness regime for the role of Cyborg in Justice League and Ray told us about he put on around 30lb for justice league and was training  with Jason Momoa who plays Aquaman and also described him as an absolute animal in training but he was a good motivator to keep up against!
I also had a photo opportunity with Ray to which I took along to Gotham city University jackets that were given out to the film crew after the Justice league was finished, he actually wears this style of jacket in the movie as this is the football team he plays for. I managed to get hold of these and we wore them in the photo shoot, A very special moment for myself and even got one signed on by him, he’s a really lovely guy and was an absolute pleasure to meet in person and wish him all the success in the future.
Maggie Geha aka Poison Ivy in Gotham.
I asked Maggie to talk a little on Gotham and she loved season 3 of Gotham and becoming an older Ivy and also Jerome aka the Joker stays in character on set and is a great actor, a little like Jared leto did for Suicide Squad. She also commented on how she always ends up carrying around everything for the penguin, like she his little assistant and he will never seem to do this himself in the show.
I asked Maggie in a q&a session if during her development in Gotham as Poison Ivy would she would love to eventually have a Poison Ivy costume later on as the character develops to which she said yes she can’t wait to get a costume even if it was at the ending final episode with Bruce putting on his cape. Also Maggie confirmed that her role as Poison Ivy will eventually be a more darker Ivy like in the comics than we’ve seen on screen before!!
She also said that she would love to star in a wide range of movies such as an Alien sort of movie, a western riding horses and shooting guns and any movie across different scenarios and wants to voice a fluffy cute cartoon character and that will also be her life goal, Like the cute lemur from Madagascar.
Maggie also loved my orange Sharpie paint pen I was using for autos so I let her keep it!
I later had a photo session with Maggie too.
One more exclusive Maggie and Brianna from Deadpool were on stage together and  sang a song which I will post at a later date.
Rick Cosnett from the flash.
I spoke to Rick briefly at an autograph session to which I asked if he liked being back for the brief appearances in season three of the flash and asked if he is returning for season 4 to which he smiled and replied we will have to wait-and-see?
Maybe he can’t say but I got the idea that he will be back in someway.
John Wesley Shipp from the Flash.
I spoke to John regarding the flash TV series and if he was returning for season 4 to which he confirmed but was no other details at this time.
On the Sunday morning I had a 30 minute coffee lounge with John And other people to which I asked a few questions.
From being the flash in the 1990s what was it like getting the part in the current flash tv show.
He answered that he had been hoping for a new Flash to happen again as after the 90s as there was not much happening regarding the Flash and it was slow for superhero movies and there was lots of talk of even Ryan Reynolds taking on the role as the Flash  in a movie.
Also when he got the part to play Barry’s dad Henry Allen, he read the script and thought of how the part was on such a personal level with Barry and this child who saw his mother get murdered and Barry could alter confide in him visiting him in prison and that overall he eventually knew Barry was the Flash, but just gave little hints to him so that when he was ready he would reveal himself to his father.
John also spoke of Grant Gustin getting the role as Barry Allen which was great but the weeks of the Flash tv show starting the movie World decided to announce Ezra Miller as the new flash for the movie franchise, and they all felt they could of waited to give grant so much more time settling in than announcing another person so soon in the separate world even Stephen Amell got on board on social media to support Grant at the time, but now the Flash is the most successful TV show currently and it didn’t effect anything, to which at present the flash movie is still delayed and having issues still and maybe pushed back to a 2020 release with the Cyborg Movie.
I Also asked would he like to have his flash from the 1990s maybe one day come through the speed force and meet Grants Flash, to which he replied he’d love to see that happen even for one episode.
I also had a few photo sessions with John, he is a really nice guy and chatty and friendly, all I hoped he would be and more meeting  him in person, a real Hero.
By Paul Edwards
DC World.
All images are owned by  DC World, Paul Edwards
If using my articles on other sites please link me.
Thats all from me Thank you for reading, please share and feel free to comment or contact me via the Twitter page.

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