Gotham Season 4 Episode 1 A Dark Knight: Pax Penguina

Gotham is the first of the DC shows to return this autumn. Highly anticipated fourth season made its debut on its new airing night Thursday 21st September 2017. With Gotham teasing us with new promos, an exciting trailer and new cast images gave the fandom of Gotham a lot to look forward to. The cast photograph alone showed two new additions to the principal cast, Ra’s Al Ghul ( Alex Siddig) and Sofia Falcone (Crystal Reed ).

The identity of Butch/Solomon Grundy played by one of my personal favourites Drew Powell will be kept a secret until the episode airs. As always the countdown on social media began, especially on twitter. Gothamites got to together to live tweet get the #GothamSeason4 trending. One of favourite tweets was from GothamTvPodcast

So let’s start from the beginning. The episode opened with a darker scenic view of Gotham city as Bruce Wayne surveys and watches, he spots a mugging and intervenes to prevent a potential tragedy. There is something different about this criminal he has a license to commit a crime which has been issued by The Penguin. A movement in the shadows spooks Bruce, Ra’s Al Ghul is watching in the darkness. Alfred and Bruce discuss his training, why he has chosen to wear a mask in a brilliant scene. Bruce discussing the madness of the licenses being issued, I personally am not surprised it is Gotham after all. Alfred expressing his concern that he should concentrate on one thing, get ready for Ra’s Al Ghul. Bruce bring the determined young man he is believes he can do both and make Gotham safe.

One of the stand out scenes in this episode sees the return of a Gotham favourite Victor Zsasz. A wedding interrupted by a gang to rob the guests of their jewellery, unknown to them Zsasz is there to remind them ‘No License No Crime’ Penguins rules. The fun part of this scene was when the wedded couple thank Zsasz, he soon informs them that the another gang arriving does have a license and therefore rob them.

Before we get to see the grand opening of The Iceberg Lounge, Oswald ‘The Penguin’ Cobblepot discusses with new Mayor of Gotham and the Commissioner of the GCPD the value of the licenses. Within three months Oswald took back control of the underworld and reduced crime at a historic low by reducing crime by 57%. The Mayor doesn’t want to unionise crime, but with the usual persuasion from Penguin and that using “Crime Enhanced professionals where they held upon agreed terms.”

With the gathering of the press at The Iceberg Lounge, which is visibly stunning as I expected it to be, Penguin is asked a few tricky questions one being the whereabouts of Barbara Keen as the club used to The Sirens and she hasn’t been seen for months. With Penguin managing to steer the conversation away from the licences he reveals with Ivy’s help the centre piece of the nightclub frozen Edward Nygma. The press believe Penguin’s very well thought through story that Ed was suffering with a brain disease and will remain frozen until a cure is found. Not good old fashioned revenge. Jim Gordon turning up in front of the press doesn’t go down to well as he accuses Oswald of being a fraud.

At least Jim Gordon’s starts this season as a Detective and not demoted or as bounty hunter tracking down the Gotham monsters. His disapproval of the Licenses of Misconduct becomes very apparent as he goes to get his coffee from the corner pub, Frank the owner is being held at gunpoint by someone who has been issued one of these licenses. For Jim his main concern when he discuss the licenses with Captain Harvey Bullock is that the GCPD are losing respect and they would rather turn to Penguin. Jim is not prepared to turn Gotham city over to Penguin. Bullock is prepared to bust Penguin but not yet as Gotham as is getting back on its feet. So what Jim needs to do if he sees a license ignore it and walk away.

Arkham Asylum was another new visual treat. We don’t enter through the usual familiar gates the camera angle takes us over the river of Gotham to see a remarkable side view. Arkham itself has new impressive creepier, darker and spooky feel to it. The Merton gang, lead by Merton (Michael Buscemi) decide because of their failed attempt of robbing the wedding. Grady ( Michael Maize ) an ex orderly from Arkham arranges a meeting with the new Arkham Warden, Warden Reed (Damien Young) who in his own persona is incredibly creepy and hasn’t really got the best intentions for the Arkham inmates. The person they are here for is Jonathan Crane (Charlie Tahn) returning from season one, who is crouched down on the floor in his padded cell scribbling on the floor. Grady recalls how he used to talk about a formula that his father made “some sort of scare juice. Makes you see your greatest fear”.
Merton is keen to get hold of that so they don’t have to worry about Zsasz or Penguin and in fact nobody. So a large sum of money is exchanged and intensively scared Jonathan is taken by the Merton gang. What is left in Jonathan’s cell on the floor a drawing of a Scarecrow which is symbolic as Jonathan Crane’s biggest fear is Scarecrows.
It’s when the Merton Gang take Jonathan to his old family home that’s when I really feel deeply sorry for him. His father, Gerald Crane hid his notebooks and formulas under the floorboards. So Merton himself expects Jonathan to replicate the formula into more scare juice, with this they proceed to rob a bank. With the first question being asked do you have a license and Merton spraying the man full in the face with fear toxin, which he sees fiery demons. With knowledge that the gang that hit the bank had no license Gordon calls it a public message to Penguin. With a lead Gordon notices the way the victims are acting their,terror reminds him of the Cranes formula. As Jim points out to Harvey, Gerald maybe Dead but Jonathan isn’t.

Selina Kyle came out of the darkness and walked into a gang in the alley way, she did warn them to leave her alone. With a crack of her whip Selina takes out all five of them, what I realised at the end of this impressive action sequences it was a training exercise and Camren Bicondova now is doing some of her own stunts. Selina is now with her mentor Tabitha who is impressed with her latest efforts. When they arrive back at their apartment with their pizza, Zsasz is waiting for them. With an invitation to kiss the ring so Selina and Tabitha can obtain their license at the opening of The Iceberg Lounge. Tabitha refuses to work for Penguin, but Selina is quickly points out that she came to Tabitha to do better in life, which ain’t happening at the moment. The roof scene between Selina and Bruce I discussed with my friend Sara who live in Florence Italy, felt it was a very good metaphor. Bruce and Selina were trying to say the right words while trying to keep balance and how their actions related in their movements.

Bruce Wayne definitely starts to show some impressive proto-Batman skills he appears behind Jim at the GCPD after a discussion about the licenses and how to get the master list so they can trace the criminal to the crime. Bruce invites Jim to dinner at the house, Jim turns his back still talking to Bruce, but Bruce disappears in silence.
Bruce and Alfred’s meeting with Oswald at the opening of The Iceberg Lounge was another favourite scene in this episode. Bruce’s confidence and Alfred commenting in the only way Alfred does on Oswald frozen mate and enquiring if Nygma is still alive in there. Bruce congratulating Penguin on what he has done for the city, but Bruce wants to know how the licenses work. Alfred reminding Bruce that a little discretion might be needed. But Bruce pushes forward for information. Of Penguin doesn’t want to implicate himself, but Bruce reassures him that anything is said stays between them. Penguin asks Bruce “would you be agreeable to the idea of licensed crime?”
“If crime had been licensed and controlled three years ago my parents would still be alive.” Bruce quite bluntly tells Penguin. Penguin deals with the guidelines while Mr Penn ( who is stood over in the corner looking awkward) handles all of the details. Alfred congratulates Bruce on his findings, but is soon distracted when he see Selina.

The other Bruce and Penguin scene that stood out for me was when Oswald discovers the Merton gang in the kitchens at the nightclub and decides to make an example of them and why the licenses are needed as they are men that want to put fear into the people of Gotham. Bruce watches on as Penguin wants the people in the club that it’s Oswald Cobblepot that keeps Gotham safe not the GCPD. Bruce intervenes and demanding to know what Penguin is going to do with the men. Bruce understands that Oswald does the dirty work that nobody else will do it, but he feels the Merton gang should be turned over to the police. The key moment for me personally in this scene is when Oswald tells Bruce he is young with a good heart, there is moment in Oswald’s reaction his emotions slip back in as he looks at Bruce almost remembering how he was at Bruce’s age and his desire to be loved and never really having a chance at a good life.
In good old Gotham chaotic style, Ivy decides to get a little bit of revenge on Penguin and shuts down the electrics in the club which enables the Merton Gang to attack Oswald and spray him with scare juice. Gordon and Bullock turn up as Zsasz and Tabitha pull out their guns. Alfred knocks a few of the gang out and ends up in a pretty impressive face off with Zsasz. Oswald opens his eyes after being sprayed and sees his fear, a demonic Edward Nygma asking  “are you scared?” Penguin is left screaming as Bullock and Gordon arrest Merton, still begging and screaming for help Oswald clings to Jim as the press very happily get there opening night pictures at The Iceberg Lounge.

The episode is rounded up nicely with a hooded and masked Bruce retrieving the master list from Mr Penn and following an alarm bell Bruce looks through a glass roof top window watching licensed criminals during a burglary. The glass breaks beneath his weight and sends him cashing to the floor which startles the intruders as they make a run for it as the GCPD turn up and Bruce’s is under arrest.

Grady returns to the Crane house to get Jonathan to make more scare juice to get Merton out of prison. He is greeted by a figure dressed in sacks and a low growling sinister voice “Jonathan Crane isn’t here anymore, just the Scarecrow!”
The Scarecrow has this deep distorted roaring as he gases Grady he falls to the ground screaming. Whilst being left alone Jonathan learnt to embrace his fear.

This was an excellent start to the new season of Gotham A Dark Knight. Some really interesting new characters such as Warden Reed. The return of Charlie Tahn playing Jonathan Crane was a huge relief to lots of Gotham fans as he was a favourite from season 1. You can see why the team at CoSA VFX recently won an Emmy for their special effects work on Gotham already what they have done with the Scarecrow is superb. Victor Zsasz being a huge part of this episode lets hope we see a lot more of this homicidal maniac throughout the season. As always the writing and direction has already surpassed season 3.

The next episode is called “Fear the Reaper” which was previewed to an audience at the New York TriBeCa Television Festival last night, Saturday 23 September 2017. Danny Cannon, Robin Lord Taylor, Ben McKenzie, Erin Richards and Jessica Lucas attended the festival.


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REVIEW: Batman & Harley Quinn – Animated Movie

If you didn’t read my article in the Hall of Fame section of the DCWorld website, then you don’t understand how much of a fan I am of the animated series in the nineties. So when I heard that a new animated movie was coming out with Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester as the voices of Batman and Nightwing along with Melissa Rauch (Big Bang Theory) as the voice of Harley, I was ecstatic. And seeing it in the theaters was the icing on the cake!

The movie starts out with the Floronic Man and Poison Ivy busting into S.T.A.R. labs to steal a formula to change everyone into a leafy-green walking vegetable. The cops arrive and they get away. Batman and Nightwing show up later to find what the bad guys were up to. They find that the formula they stole belonged to a scientist who changed into The Swamp Thing in Louisiana. They know they need to find Poison Ivy, but don’t know where to start. They then decide they need the help of Ivy’s BFF Harley Quinn.

The movie has its nineties animated series feel to it, but contains some adult humor. Along with sexual innuendos, language, and violence. Even though it was more of a grown up version of the series, I felt like I was a kid again watching it on the WB channel after school.

Check out the trailer below. And see what writer Bruce Timm has to say about Batman and Harley Quinn. Available now on DVD and HD Digital. – trailer – writer Bruce Timm interview with SYFY Wire

Nightwing: The Series Review

Nightwing: The Series was a Youtube series that was originally uploaded in 2014. If you do watch it, i will warn you before i start, it’s awesome that fans can make something this good – but don’t expect it to be The CW standard as you are setting unfair standards for hardworking fans. I will also warn you there are potential spoilers in this article but i will try to not give the plot away too much.

The first episode begins with Deathstroke turning up at an event and killing everybody. Now, Manu Bennett for me has already set the standards of Deathstroke and as much as I wanted to give Michael Tylo a chance, he’s just not Manu Bennett. However, he does a decent job of Deathstroke in the scenes with his mask on (which is the majority of the Deathstroke scenes.)

We see the beginning of Nightwing as a long ranger in this series, and Grayson is in fine form when he deals with his first bad guy. For me, Danny Shepherd does a stellar job as Nightwing and I would definitely suggest that with a ‘CW’ budget, he could easily set the standards of Nightwing in the Arrowverse. He’s a perfect casting for me and portrays Nightwing just as I would imagine him.

In the second episode we see the past, where Dick Grayson hangs up his shoes as Robin and becomes Nightwing. This includes our first sighting of Barbara Gordon (Lenna Karacostas), Bruce Wayne (Scott Kinworthy) and Jason Todd (Noel Schefflin). This shows the beginning of Nightwing, and the end of Robin. Again Danny does a stella job as Nightwing, and Scott is by no means the worst Bruce Wayne i’ve ever seen (he’s better than George Clooney and Val Kilmer at least) and does look how you might imagine Bruce to look.

We don’t see much of Jason Todd in the episodes compared to the other characters so at this point I wouldn’t want to judge him too much. However, Lenna is great as Barbara Gordon and again has just the look you imagine Barbara to have.

The next few episodes are where the story really gets going and we also get a taste of Joker from episode two through bit appearances in onward episodes too. I’m not sure if it’s on purpose but there is a feel that, Jake Taylor wanted to bring a bit of a Jack Nicholson/Heath Ledger crossbetween to his Joker and again is another actor in this fan series that does a great job.

The production values for a fan series are superb. Throughout most of the episodes you wouldn’t tell that this was not a TV production and for that you have to give deserved props to the crew that produced it. However, at 8-11 minute episodes per episode, it does feel hard to get into. For me, it might have been better to release it as one 60 minute long one-off show, which could have given a better ability to get hooked by the series.

It also felt that things were a little rushed at times, but with limited funds, time and resources you can’t blame the team for that. It’s a fan made youtube series and that’s what you get.

I would be very excited to see this series produced by The CW, but with the same actors and actresses, however with Manu Bennett as Deathstroke. I think it’s a powerful series and this Nightwing would slot right in to the Arrowverse with much ease.

My suggestion would be that you watch this yourself and see just how well the whole team have done in producing a well polished series with limited funds and with such short episodes.

You can check out the whole series as well as many other DC related videos on Ismahawk’s youtube Channel here.

DC World Report Of Heroes & Villains Fanfest London

Hi all here is my report for Heroes and Villains FanFest London!


So I was lucky enough to get myself a Media pass to Heroes and Villains Fanfest at the London Olympia .

The amazing event is run by James Frazier who also runs the Walker Stalker events and Stephen Amell, actor from the Arrow TV show.
I even met James for a sneaky free photo too.
I arrived at the London Olympia on the Saturday and got to go in at 9am with the early crowd and had a look around to get the feel of the layout and where each guest was located as they would be signing autographs and taking photos with the public plus a photo shoot area too.
The first person I was able to meet was the very talented artist Lord Mesa he was selling some great items of his work and even got a quick selfie with him.
Then as 10.30am approached all the guests were arriving at their desks ready for meeting the fans and and sign autographs.
The first I met was Maisie Richardson Sellers from Legends of Tomorrow then shortly afterwards Jesica Lucas from Gotham, Brandon Routh from Legends of Tomorrow and Superman Returns, Mehcad Brooks from Supergirl, Josh Segarra from Arrow, Robbie Amell from The Flash and Shantel Vanstanten from The Flash.
I got a few autographs to add to my huge collection from each plus some funko pops signed too as I have now got into these getting signed and they look amazing.
The best part was that I managed to get most of the guests to do a quick video shoutout to DC World my site I run which is a DC Comics fansite for all DC Comics news and is on all social media platforms and I have been running for three years now.
I also had some professional photo shoots too with some of the guests which I must say was smoothly run and only there for a few minutes, you got in a line to queue and as soon as you left the booth your picture was printed ready for you to take home.
There were also some amazing stage talks with all the guests throughout the weekend and got to see some of these too, my favourite was the Gotham
At one point I even done a live stream video walk around for about eight minutes showing my audience from around the world what was happening at this great event, its had hundreds of views and was a great thing to do for some people who maybe looking at coming to one of these events or who couldn’t make it.
Later that night I attended The Nocking Point wine party which is a wine company owned by the Arrow star Stephen Amell and this was a great night. We all got a unique glass to take home plus food and drink all night with some guests on stage talking and a band.
The best part was at the end I managed to ask someone running the event if I can take a bottle of the special wine home to which I was given a couple of full bottles plus 3 glasses, a nice heavy backpack on the way home but worth it and I’m saving to open them on a special occasion.
The next day on the Sunday I returned to Heroes and Villains but this time I was in full Clark Kent reporter mode.
I managed to get four interviews with a few guests on camera including Sean Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy and Mehcad Brooks from Supergirl, all have now been uploaded all to my YouTube channel and website, which you can view there. 
This day I also met Robin Lord Taylor and Drew Powell from the Gotham TV show and had photo sessions with them too, they were both great.
Overall the event was very well run and I had an amazing time, the autograph queues went quickly and the photo sessions were incredibly quick and the speed they was printed out was amazing. I will be returning next year and just awaiting the date announcement.
The Ticket collection on the Friday was very quick at will call and was amazed I was seen in minutes, no queues at all.
Overall Heroes and Villains Fanfest gets a 10 out of 10 by me and was a joy to go to.
I think a lot of other events could learn a thing or two from these guys.
A big thanks to all of my fans and supporters who I met too and even asked to have pictures with me, this felt amazing and can’t wait for more.
(All images and videos are property of Paul Edwards DC World. If you want to use then please link me to any posts)
Thank you all
Paul Edwards
DC World.

Wonder Woman Review

To start with the Wonder Woman movie had an amazing new DC Comics intro at the beginning which I loved and was very unexpected.

It has a great origin story as with every superhero movie and a beautiful setting too.

The directing was incredible and the style was unique for Patty Jenkins which I loved especially as it was a female superhero on the big screen.

The Fighting scenes on Themyscira and during the war parts were amazing.

Lots of great special effects and even a good few laughs in the course of the film which I liked, I think even as it’s a superhero origin story we are still allowed to have fun, which some superhero movies in this day still lack.

There were great plot points and the Amazing soundtrack which I must say the Wonder woman theme gave me chills when the scenes kicked it in throughout.

Anything that gives me that tingly feeling inside on screen deserves everything and for that I’m grateful.

Gal Gadot plays Wonder Woman magnificently and couldn’t imagine anyone else playing this part, plus she is stunning.
Patty Jenkins has really turned around the female Superhero on film and this is one movie that was a long time in the making and coming.

I did feel like the final battle could have been more, but it was satisfying to see what we had.

However I am going to see this again on release day with my wife as she wants to see it too which is a first for a superhero movie to make her go, so I do feel that this is the female superhero film that appeals to both men and even more to women as maybe some superhero films nowadays appeal mainly to the male audience.
A strong iconic female role played brilliantly.

Overall I would rate this film 8 out of 10.

the art of the brick dc superheroes

An amazing looking exhibition is coming to London on the south bank this March and tickets are now on sale here on the website

The art of the brick exhibition is by Lego Artist Nathan Sawaya and he has made some amazing Lego designs all based in the DC Comics universe. Including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, The Joker and many many more and also a massive Batmobile over 5 meters long too.

You can see a video introducing this amazing event below and also a few pictures from other countries the event has been to.

I am lucky enough to be going to this event and will be writing a review at a later date.

Book your tickets on the website.







Batman Noir The Killing Joke Review by Ross McFadyen

Batman Noir, The Killing Joke

by Rosswhatever on Twitter @rosswhatever
Recently I decided to go out and buy The Killing Joke hard cover but while I was searching for it I stumbled upon Batman Noir: The killing Joke, the book stood out on the shelf, it was completely black and white and caught my eye. The front cover was amazing; Brian Boland’s art was complemented by the black and white. The cover made me go to the counter and buy it.
I had never read The Killing Joke at this point and the moment I started reading it I fell in love with it, Alan Moore’s story is brilliant and full of depth that explores The Joker’s backstory and shows the readers how strong Jim Gordon is, even after being pushed almost to limit. I really cannot fault Moore’s attempt at Batman, it had a great story structure, the characters where wrote well and I thought that the Joker’s tragic backstory was brilliant.
Brian Bolland’s art works extremely well with Moore’s writing, the characters look great and the locations make Gotham look like a dark and troubled place to live, the fairground was one of my favourite locations because it was drawn with so much depth and shows the audience how much Bolland cares about the art. The Joker looks extremely creepy but before he becomes the joker he looks like a caring guy and I love that the same face can be drawn with so many different expressions and look totally different. I am glad that I picked this version of the book up because the black and white convey the darkness of the story and the art to the reader so well making the book look beautiful.
I love The Killing Joke so much and this version looks absolute great on a shelf especially next to other black and white hard covers but also stands out well against the colour hard covers. I would recommend Batman Noir: The Killing Joke to any batman fan or collector because it is simply amazing and is up there with Moore’s best work and the drawings are a piece of art, the art is worth the cost of the book alone.


Feel free to post comments below…



The Flash Season 2 review

Out now on DVD, BluRay and Digital release is The Flash season 2.

Here is my review of this amazing second season.

As season 2 begins its set a little while after the wormhole event that ended in season one. Barry, The Flash is a lot more emotional  and not his self and not the Barry we saw in season one because of the tragic consequences in the shows first season finale. We get to see some series regulars like Captain Cold and Heatwave and a few more too and with Diggle from Arrow coming to help catch a Killer Shark, the main villain of this season is ZOOM! Harrison Wells returns but a version from Earth 2, yes we get to explore Earth 2 and the story opens even more exploring Wells and his Daughter Jesse (Quick) with a hidden lair of Zoom and someone in an Iron Mask being held there which we find out in the finale of the season. As always some funny stuff going on with Cisco as he and Caitlin meet their doppelgangers from Earth 2 with Joe West and also Barry Allen meets Barry Allen?? Iris West meets her Brother Wally West and spends some time in the show this season. Later in the season an event at Star Labs sees Wally and Jesse caught in a blast from the Particle Accelerator, will anything come from this in season 3? Barry gets to be in the Speed force and meets his mother again for some emotional scenes as always. Also a crossover with Arrow again this season meets Hackman and Hawkgirl being helped by the both of them against Vandal Savage from Legends of Tomorrow. The season has some Amazing special effects and the story gets stronger with some funny parts and emotional, the Reveal of the Villain Zoom will take you all by surprise and also who is in the iron mask. The seasons finale will grip you as Barry faces off with Zoom and what Barry does in the end will change Everything for everyone and will now lead us into season 3.

I loved this season and thought it was better than the first and look forward to season 3.



by Paul Edwards

DC World

Twitter @_DCWorld