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Hi all and welcome to a special video filmed this week with myself Paul Edwards From DC World and Cody from The Dude of Cinema. Cody has a successful Youtube and twitter site and talks all things TV shows, Movies and more and even does trailer break downs and reviews, not only DC related but on absolutely anything.The Dude of Cinema is in the USA and Im in the UK so to pull this off we had to Skype call each other and record which was fun getting going but we did succeed and below if the finished article. We talk about the upcoming DC Comics movies slate plus some of the changes and also the Flash TV series, The Justice League movie and Trailer and more. So grab a cup of Tea or Coffee, put your earphones in and start watching our chat on DC.

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Leaked Images from Justice League surface

Justice League has recently been doing some retakes in Bedfordshire, and Paul Edwards last week got some exclusive photos from the set.

This week it seems promotion and leaked images have been all the go. First off, it seems that there has been a redesign of the Batman suit, with the previous being based on the ‘Dark Knight Returns’ comics, and the new one for Justice League seemingly similar to the suit from the Arkham Knight video game.

Batman Justice League

There has also been a leaked photo of the new Batmobile for the movie. It is on the back of a trailer seemingly being prepared for filming.

batmobile justice league 2017

Progress on the film is fast heading to a conclusion ready for the release later this year, and things are definitely getting leaked more and more as the months go on. We at DCWorld are very excited to see what comes next in the months ahead.

Michael Beach announced for Aquaman Movie

It has today come to light (via Firstpost) that actor Michael Beach (famous for Lean on Me, One False Move and Short Cuts) has been cast in the upcoming DC Comics movie, Aquaman.

His addition is to a star studded cast including Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe amongst many other stars of Hollywood.

Michael Beach is set to play Jesse Kane in the new film, a part of a high-seas hijackers group, and has a fateful interaction with Aquaman, according to Deadline.

The film is set for release on 21st December 2017, by which time we will have seen Wonder Woman’s full reception and the Justice League reception, so will have more of an idea on how Aquaman could be taken by critics.


Wonder Woman Review

To start with the Wonder Woman movie had an amazing new DC Comics intro at the beginning which I loved and was very unexpected.

It has a great origin story as with every superhero movie and a beautiful setting too.

The directing was incredible and the style was unique for Patty Jenkins which I loved especially as it was a female superhero on the big screen.

The Fighting scenes on Themyscira and during the war parts were amazing.

Lots of great special effects and even a good few laughs in the course of the film which I liked, I think even as it’s a superhero origin story we are still allowed to have fun, which some superhero movies in this day still lack.

There were great plot points and the Amazing soundtrack which I must say the Wonder woman theme gave me chills when the scenes kicked it in throughout.

Anything that gives me that tingly feeling inside on screen deserves everything and for that I’m grateful.

Gal Gadot plays Wonder Woman magnificently and couldn’t imagine anyone else playing this part, plus she is stunning.
Patty Jenkins has really turned around the female Superhero on film and this is one movie that was a long time in the making and coming.

I did feel like the final battle could have been more, but it was satisfying to see what we had.

However I am going to see this again on release day with my wife as she wants to see it too which is a first for a superhero movie to make her go, so I do feel that this is the female superhero film that appeals to both men and even more to women as maybe some superhero films nowadays appeal mainly to the male audience.
A strong iconic female role played brilliantly.

Overall I would rate this film 8 out of 10.

Gotham and Deadpool stars sing the USA Anthem

Here is a DC World Exclusive video of Two amazing stars singing the American National Anthem. Maggie Geha who stars in the Gotham TV show playing a young Poison Ivy and Brianna Hildebrand who is in the Deadpool movie as Negasonic Teenage Warhead. This happened at and event in the UK this weekend during a stage talk and q&a session.


Hope you all like this special moment and wow what a voice too.


Amazing new wonder woman trailer

Today we have been treated to  the long awaited new Wonder Woman Trailer and I must say it looks amazing, not many spoilers also the big bad was  not shown so looking ahead all good.

The movie stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine and releases June 2nd.

Also a New Wonder poster was released this week to

Check it out below and what are your thoughts, comment below.






new justice league statues

This week we have been given a small glimpse into the merchandise arriving later this year for the Justice League Movie and I’m sure a lot more is coming too.

At Toy Fair New York this week they have had The Justice League New Statue set on display in all the amazing glory they deserve. This Movie certainly going to be a money maker this christmas for many DC fans out there like myself.

The Flash, Aquaman, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg will all be available at around $149 dollars TBA.

Which will you be buying


The Justice League Official Website

If you are like me and can not wait to see the Justice League all Together on screen next year than while waiting take a look at the Official Website Launched.


Not much on there yet but has a cool animation of all the Logos for our Superheroes as an intro and also the sneak peak trailer from San Diego Comic Con earlier this year and the cool wallpaper of the Team Together.

Take a look here click on the link…