Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 1 – Aruba Con

Legends of Tomorrow is back and boy are we glad to see our hell raising, unlikely team back on our screens.

The episode started in 2017, where time was broken as per the previous episode, the last in the season just gone.  T-Rex’s were running amok and citizens were scared for what was to come!

We got to see Sarah Lance working in a department store.  Here she was throwing knifes at things, as she always does.  My particular favourite part of these scenes was when she threw the knife at the loser Shop Manager, he had that coming!

We also saw Nathan Heywood as the ‘second favourite’ super hero in Central City – hey he stated that himself, i wouldn’t even rate him at second with Kid Flash & Vibe ruling the roost there!

In Silicon Valley we saw Ray Palmer trying to put across how his shrinking technology was the next big thing – but got shot down with the guy he was talking to declaring, ‘if it’s not on a phone it’s not the next big thing’.

Meanwhile, Mick Rory was soaking up the sun in Aruba, and of course – he was the first one to get in on some drama when Julius Caesar himself came strolling across the beach – time is certainly broken!

Everybody was failing at life since the ‘Legends’ disbanded it was evident that they all wanted to get the band back together, even if it was only 6 months apart.  I mean hey, if Take That can get back together, why not the Legends…It only takes a minute, girl!

Back to the story and Rory had called up the Sarah and told them what he had found.  Sarah then gathered the team back together to go to Rip Hunter’s Time Bureau to tell them of Rory’s find.  Of course the stuck up jackasses that work there couldn’t believe it – and thought they’d been proved right when Mick turned up with a kid dressed as Julius Caesar.

The team really needed to prove a point to Rip (Did they? who care’s what Rip thinks?) and so they stole the Waverider from the Time Bureau (now being used as a training console no less) and went to Aruba Con to find the REAL Julius Caesar.

They did catch him, but in true Legends style, some drama and catastrophe had to happen first.    The usual oh no he’s got away, oh yes we’ve caught him again filled up at least 10 minutes of the show and if i’m honest – i did find this very cheesy and a waste of my viewing time.  Yes, Legends is lighthearted, but it would be lovely if it wasn’t so darn predictable all the time!

Again we had a bit more of this when the Legends took Julius back to his own time, only for him to steal a book about the Roman Empire and change the future, with Caesar ruling everywhere.

That didn’t last long, and after yet another catastrophe of the Time Bureau’s Agent getting kidnapped, Sarah saving her and then everything being fine and dandy the episode was over.

The episode started solid, and got weaker as it went on.  Not to say I didn’t enjoy it because I did, but the predictability of Legends does get a bit tiresome at times.

The most notable moment of the episode for me was the part where Martin and Jefferson were talking, Martin wasn’t sure about coming back to the team but Jefferson feels that its now his home.  Martin was willing to give up his dreams of being a grandfather to be with is other family, the legends!

Sidenote here but, there have been rumours recently that Martin is going to leave Legends this series, possibly to do with Victor Garber staring in the new Seth Macfarlane show, The Orville.

So far, so good for Legends of Tomorrow.  It didn’t feel as good as previous series, i’m not sure how they can beat the likes of Vandal Savage from Season 1 personally, but i’m very excited to see what unfolds in the upcoming episodes.

With the stars such as Constantine and Kid Flash featuring this series, and i’m sure many more surprises, the series can only get better as it goes on!

DC World Celebrity Shoutouts from HVFF London

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to Heroes and Villains Fan Fest at the London Olympia.

The event was absolutely amazing and very interactive with celebrity guests from TV, Film, Artists and more.

Guests from Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Legends of tomorrow, Supergirl, and Guardians of the Galaxy and others were there signing autographs, taking pictures and talking on stage.

I was lucky enough to get a few special shoutouts from guests from Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl so take a look below, plus more DC World Exclusive interviews coming throughout the week so stay posted, plus a full in depth article on the whole weekend events and more.

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DC World at City of Heroes 3 Event

This weekend I went along to the City of heroes 3 event held at telford international centre and organised by Rogue Events. I have been to the last two of these events and met many guests from accross a wide range of TV shows and movies, like The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, legends of tomorrow, Supergirl, Aquqman and more. Of course myself being a massive DC Comics characters fan I am always eager to meet them all from the shows I support and the movies I love. You get to meet the guests, ask question, have 30 minute lounge talk sessions and get photo shoots and autographs.

Interviews, talks and sneak peaks as follows by each guest.


Ray Fisher Cyborg from Justice League.


To start off I shared an Exclusive article on my twitter page @_DCWorld which went global overnight regarding Ray Fisher who is playing Cyborg in the upcoming Justice League movie out November. He was on stage taking questions and I asked a couple too.

Ray confirmed that the standalone Cyborg Movie is about to start writing its first draft and is still on target for a 2020 release date. He also mentioned in another question that Lex will be appearing across the Justice League series. To me this means more than two Justice league movies are planned maybe?? A series is the word he said, are DC and Warner Bros planning more than two Justice League movies I certainly hope so but we shall have to wait and see.


I also asked about his fitness regime for the role of Cyborg in Justice League and Ray told us about he put on around 30lb for justice league and was training  with Jason Momoa who plays Aquaman and also described him as an absolute animal in training but he was a good motivator to keep up against!
I also had a photo opportunity with Ray to which I took along to Gotham city University jackets that were given out to the film crew after the Justice league was finished, he actually wears this style of jacket in the movie as this is the football team he plays for. I managed to get hold of these and we wore them in the photo shoot, A very special moment for myself and even got one signed on by him, he’s a really lovely guy and was an absolute pleasure to meet in person and wish him all the success in the future.
Maggie Geha aka Poison Ivy in Gotham.
I asked Maggie to talk a little on Gotham and she loved season 3 of Gotham and becoming an older Ivy and also Jerome aka the Joker stays in character on set and is a great actor, a little like Jared leto did for Suicide Squad. She also commented on how she always ends up carrying around everything for the penguin, like she his little assistant and he will never seem to do this himself in the show.
I asked Maggie in a q&a session if during her development in Gotham as Poison Ivy would she would love to eventually have a Poison Ivy costume later on as the character develops to which she said yes she can’t wait to get a costume even if it was at the ending final episode with Bruce putting on his cape. Also Maggie confirmed that her role as Poison Ivy will eventually be a more darker Ivy like in the comics than we’ve seen on screen before!!
She also said that she would love to star in a wide range of movies such as an Alien sort of movie, a western riding horses and shooting guns and any movie across different scenarios and wants to voice a fluffy cute cartoon character and that will also be her life goal, Like the cute lemur from Madagascar.
Maggie also loved my orange Sharpie paint pen I was using for autos so I let her keep it!
I later had a photo session with Maggie too.
One more exclusive Maggie and Brianna from Deadpool were on stage together and  sang a song which I will post at a later date.
Rick Cosnett from the flash.
I spoke to Rick briefly at an autograph session to which I asked if he liked being back for the brief appearances in season three of the flash and asked if he is returning for season 4 to which he smiled and replied we will have to wait-and-see?
Maybe he can’t say but I got the idea that he will be back in someway.
John Wesley Shipp from the Flash.
I spoke to John regarding the flash TV series and if he was returning for season 4 to which he confirmed but was no other details at this time.
On the Sunday morning I had a 30 minute coffee lounge with John And other people to which I asked a few questions.
From being the flash in the 1990s what was it like getting the part in the current flash tv show.
He answered that he had been hoping for a new Flash to happen again as after the 90s as there was not much happening regarding the Flash and it was slow for superhero movies and there was lots of talk of even Ryan Reynolds taking on the role as the Flash  in a movie.
Also when he got the part to play Barry’s dad Henry Allen, he read the script and thought of how the part was on such a personal level with Barry and this child who saw his mother get murdered and Barry could alter confide in him visiting him in prison and that overall he eventually knew Barry was the Flash, but just gave little hints to him so that when he was ready he would reveal himself to his father.
John also spoke of Grant Gustin getting the role as Barry Allen which was great but the weeks of the Flash tv show starting the movie World decided to announce Ezra Miller as the new flash for the movie franchise, and they all felt they could of waited to give grant so much more time settling in than announcing another person so soon in the separate world even Stephen Amell got on board on social media to support Grant at the time, but now the Flash is the most successful TV show currently and it didn’t effect anything, to which at present the flash movie is still delayed and having issues still and maybe pushed back to a 2020 release with the Cyborg Movie.
I Also asked would he like to have his flash from the 1990s maybe one day come through the speed force and meet Grants Flash, to which he replied he’d love to see that happen even for one episode.
I also had a few photo sessions with John, he is a really nice guy and chatty and friendly, all I hoped he would be and more meeting  him in person, a real Hero.
By Paul Edwards
DC World.
All images are owned by  DC World, Paul Edwards
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Youtube video for march 12th is here

Hi all and welcome to DC Worlds latest youtube video for march 12th, this week I talk the New Wonder Woman trailer just released, also all this weeks DC TV shows including Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of tomorrow and Powerless. I also mention some of the UK Conventions coming from May.


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city of heroes 3 by rogue events

For the last 2 years I have been to and event run by Rogue Events called The City of Heroes.

This year is no exception as City of Heroes 3 is coming in May and the event is based on all superhero TV and Film Stars coming together at the weekend long events to meet fans, sign autographs, participate in photoshoots, stage talks and lots more. ( see some of my past event pictures below) Stars from Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Gotham, Legends of Tomorrow and more.

I must say I have loved all the events and they have an amazing atmosphere and I have got so much over the years that I can not thank the owner Wayne and all the staff enough for all the help, advice and hard dedication on doing these events for the fans.

For this event it includes stars from Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, The Justice League movie and many more to be announced.

This event is being held at Telford international centre from 19th to 21st May 2017.

Check out the website for latest up to date news and guest announcements and also to buy tickets.

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Tickets are still available on the website link here www.rogueevents.co.uk

They run many other themed events too.


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CW Justice League fan video

Today I have watched an amazing fan made video on Youtube featuring all the DC characters from the CW network over the years and more in the form of a great video of the Justice League.

Featuring casts from Smallville, The Flash, Arrow, Batman, Green Lantern, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and more.

The creator and video owner is UltraSargent on youtube and Twitter @UltraSargent   be sure to subscribe and follow this guy for some awesome stuff.

Watch the Video below.



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Why I love DC Comics and who is my favourite Character by Paul Edwards

Why I love DC Comics and who is my favourite Character.
By Paul Edwards (DC World)

Hi all and thanks for taking the time to read my little article on why I love DC Comics and the characters.

I’m Paul Edwards, 37 from London Essex ,UK.
Ever since I was a young child I can remember my ultimate Superhero was Superman.
I was born in 1979 and probably saw my first real superhero movie when I was around 5 or 6 years old, and that movie was Superman with Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Gene Hackman and Marlon Brando.

Ever since watching that movie numerous times I realised Superman was my ultimate Superhero even still today!
I don’t know what it is but he’s just the most Amazing Comic book character I could of ever of wished to see and inspire me throughout life.

I Loved him flying, the cape, all of the Superpowers and weaknesses along the way, and mainly thought he was the ultimate good guy and has great values and morals and the story of his home planet dying and as baby Kal-El being sent to earth by his parents to be one of the last Kryptonions left to help save our world  and living on a farm growing up with the Kent family who found him as a baby.

The thought he had to grow up not knowing where he was from and not knowing why he was on earth and he had to learn how to evolve and use all his superpowers from the beginning must of been a very scary rollercoaster of a journey throughout his stages to becoming Superman and taking on the alter ego Clark Kent on the farm.
The most ingenious part is his disguise with just a simple pair of glasses he takes on the disguise and as Clark Kent he gets a job working as a reporter at a great Metropolitan Newspaper, The Daily Planet in the city of Metropolis.

What a journey and a great job to have to be at the centre of breaking News and then becoming the Superhero we all know and love to go save people and help catch criminals and villains in anyway he can. This is where he meets the later love of his life, Lois Lane another great reporter and the 2 of them get very close.

Of course every hero has a nemesis and It didn’t take long for Superman to get his.
Lex Luthor the great criminal mastermind was always against Superman and was always plotting very clever ways to take down The Man of Steel, but Superman always found a way round them and came out fighting on top.
So this is why after so long I think Superman is my Greatest Superhero of all time and will continue to be for a long time to come.

l watched all of the Smallville series when it was around but was sad the way it ended up after 10 years and just wish it was on now with all the freedom the TV shows now seem to have merging with one another and creating the great Multiverse.
Christopher Reeve had a guest appearance in a few episodes and was a fantastic performance and great to see and he will always be the ultimate Superman in my books followed by Henry Cavill and Brandon Routh.

I still love all the other DC characters too, Batman being my second favourite followed by The Flash and the rest of the gang.
With all this in mind two and a half years ago I started DC World on Twitter @_DCWorld
This become very successful as a fan site for fans by a fan to talk about and share all things DC related and more in a great way as news happened.
I go to Comic Cons around the UK and other events to meet the casts and movie stars of various TV shows and movies and just this year started going to London Movie premiers and also was invited onto the BBC Radio to talk Superman on the day Batman v Superman was released in the UK, which was a fantastic day.

Also I was invited to a Sky TV show DC Fancast which was all about The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. Sadly the show was not renewed for a second season.
I Love collecting Autographs and merchandise from all over and getting pictures with the cast and stars. I Read some comic books when time is available but I’m no oracle to knowing all there is to every character as do many more fans out there, I just do not have the time with family life with my amazing wife and stepson. (who have to put up with all my geekiness they say)

Following the success of the twitter account I then Created a website with the help of Adam Carr a website designer, www.dcworld.org.uk

This was another place to share even more posts and to an even bigger fan base for anyone to see. I post articles, Competitions, videos and lots lots more. Currently the TV shows such as, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Gotham and also the latest and upcoming DC Movie titles are a very big talking point and the fans are on an Epic journey with the DC future mapping out, which will be Amazing and can not wait for.

The Superhero multiverses have now merged into our Golden age and the TV shows and Movies are catching up on the Hype and are really pleasing fans of the DC Comics and Superhero genre and me.

This was a little insight into me and my favourite superhero and why I started DC World.

For fans by a fan.
Thank you all for supporting

Paul Edwards



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The Epic DCTV CW Crossover Event Trailers

The Epic DCTV and CW Crossover event is almost here and below are the latest trailers and I think you will agree it is looking amazing.

Spread across all 4 shows starting with Supergirl on Monday the 28th November then onto The Flash , Arrow then Legends of Tomorrow across each night of that week.

The superheroes have to join forces to save Earth from an Alien invasion from the Dominators.




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