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Hall of Fame : October Semi Finalist 3 – Mark Hamill as Trickster/Joker

It’s that time of the month again, and we at DCWorld are launching the semi-final for September’s HOF chapter.  Here is the third entrant for the October Hall of Fame, Mark Hamill.

Mark Hamill is most famous for his role in Star Wars, but has also been a big hit in the DC universe, the original Trickster in the 90’s version of The Flash and returning again as The Trickster in the current season of The Flash.

Not only known as The Trickster, he is also very well known for his role as Joker which started in the animated series back in 1992.

Also a Star Wars legend, Mark is very well known amongst the ‘comic con’ generation and is totally deserving of being a member of the Hall of Fame.

Are you a fan of DC Comics?  Do you think Mark Hamill deserves to join Jackie Earl-Haley & Robin Lord Taylor in the Hall of Fame final in December? You can vote in October’s Hall of Fame semi-final here.  Every vote counts so make sure you have your say!

Hall of Fame – Entrant #2 – Camren Bicondova – Selina Kyle.


Catwoman who’s secret identity is Selina Kyle has always had a very complexed relationship with Batman, a real love-hate relationship. As a Gotham city burglar, her appearance in a tight one piece outfit with a bullwhip for a weapon. Her character originally was shown as a super villain but since the 1990s Catwoman became the anti-heroine, often doing wrong things for the right reasons.
Selina Kyle’s earliest appearances in comics made her character thrive and started to feature in many media adaptations related to Batman. Three actress alone introduced her character to a large audience in the 1960’s, but it’s the most recent young Selina Kyle played by Camren Bicondova in the television series of Gotham I would like to nominate for Octobers DC World Hall of Fame.

Young Selina Kyle is the first character that we see in the pilot episode of Gotham, running along the rooftops and managing to steal a pint of milk from a citizen so she can feed her friends which just happen to be stray ally cats. As a teenage orphan and living on the streets she also uses the alias Cat. Her interest in Master Bruce happened when she witnesses his parents being murdered. Season one of Gotham episode 2 was titled “Selina Kyle” this really showed how Selina is very cautious around strangers especially when they are giving out free food. Selina gets arrested stealing fur coats from a top boutique in Gotham, she will only talk to Detective Gordon as she has some information on the Wayne murder. With having seen the murderer Jim decides to put her into protective custody at Wayne Manor. Alfred is not best pleased as he is having trouble looking after one teenager. Bruce and Selina become good friends, Bruce is just as fascinated with Selina as Selina is of Bruce. Alfred soon realises after a few rocky patches when he catches them food fighting maybe Selina is good for Bruce.
Life on the streets Selina makes look easy, as well as looking out for herself she keeps an eye on young Ivy Pepper. After she finds Ivy shivering with the cold and having a slight fever Selina has an idea to take her to Barbara Keens empty apartment, as she knows she has left Gotham. With agreeing to help Bruce find the man that stabbed Alfred, they find Reginald and he was sent as spy from Wayne Enterprises. When he threatens Bruce, Selina pushes him out the window so that Wayne Enterprises don’t know Reginald confessed to be a spy for them. Towards the end of season 1 one when Fish Mooney returned to Gotham Selina joined her gang. Fish took a liking to Selina makes her an assistant with a new make over and outfit.

At the start of season 2 it is shown that Selina is working for Oswald Cobblepot, after James Gordon comments during a meeting. Penguin says he just likes having a pet cat around the house. Also in this season we get to meet another one of Selina’s friends from life on the streets, Bridget Pike.  Selina witness how Bridget’s brothers verbally abuse her and she encourages Bridget to get out of town which unfortunately goes wrong. The coolest part for Selina was when she assisted Gordon, Bullock, Alfred and Penguin in rescuing Bruce from Theo Galavan and the Order of St.Dumas. She knew a way in, knocked out a guard so Selina could open a garage door to let them all in. Selina’s friendship with Bruce becomes strong again after he decides he wants to know how life on the streets work.

Selina encounters the Bruce doppelgänger in season 3, for a while she believes it’s the real Bruce until she starts a bar fight so she can sneak into the back office to steal the takings. She gets caught and Bruce doppelgänger comes in and beats them up. Selina sees that he wounded and she investigates even further seeing scars then realising its not the Bruce but a creation from Indian hill.

Selina starts dating Bruce and turns up really late for their dinner date at Wayne Manor while Bruce’s wants honesty Selina admits that’s it’s all pretty weird for her too. Selina agrees to help Bruce and Alfred gain access into a building because they would like to get an item that is protected by the Court of Owls. The scene between them is excellent it’s like a recreation from Indiana Jones and Mission Impossible. After this event while Alfred is fighting a Talon a stranger helps them out and which just happens to Selina’s mother Maria. Again Selina is let down by her Mother and Bruce discovers she came back after she finds out that her daughter is friends with the billionaire. Selina is angry at Bruce in his involvement in telling Maria to leave Gotham.

One of the best parts of  young Selina becoming Catwoman is when she has an argument with Bruce Doppelgänger who has returned after being switched by the Court of Owls. Selina needs to warn Alfred but Bruce doppelgänger advises against this and pushes her out of the window. Selina lies there motionless, as lots of cats start swarming over her body. This scene was done so well the recreation of the famous Batman Returns scene . Ivy goes looking for Selina at the Sirens and Tabitha tells her to check the hospital. Selina is in a coma, but with Ivy’s plant skills she heals her. When Selina awake her first thought is she needs to kill someone. Bruce doppelgänger and Selina are fighting at Wayne manor when Alfred intervines, then sees himself its not the real Bruce. Selina refuses to help Alfred find Bruce and Alfred tells her to leave and never to return to Wayne Manor. By the end of this season Selina is lost she wants to be somebody, better herself. She goes to the Sirens to find Barbara but Tabitha is there on her own, Tabitha asks what does she want. Selina isn’t sure but she does know she is tired of surviving, she wants more, to move up. Tabitha is instantly interested and asks if she is hungry, but Selina eyes Tabithas bullwhip on the bar. Tabitha urges her to give it a go she picks it up and breaks  the bottles first attmept, Tabitha can see Selina has talent and decides to mentor her. The growth of young Selina Kyle into our Catwoman has been absolutely fascinating her mature attitude is also very present in season 4, as the Sirens are forming.

Camren Bicondova is an impressive inspiring young lady now 18 years old, born in San Diego, California. Camren enrolled in her first dance class at 6 years old. She soon became an “Elite Protege” for the world- renowned PULSE Dance Conventation traveling the country. Camren’s  first big break arrived at the age of 12, when her all girl dance group “8 Flavahz” became the youngest ever to compete on MTV’s Americas Best Dance Crew, finishing second place and becoming a fan favourite. All the hard work paid off when she landed the role as Selina Kyle becoming the first ever actress to portray the younger version. Camren portrayal earned her a Saturn Award Nomination for Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Television Series. Camren still finds time to actively support several charitable causes close to her heart, including SEAL Legacy foundation, North Shore Animal League and most recently Global Citizen.   Camren is also very active on Instagram often giving the Gotham fans access to behind the scenes at Gotham and when she attends San Diego Comic Con.



HOF: October 1st Semi-Final Entrant – Adam West

It’s that time of the month again, and we at DCWorld are launching the semi-final for October’s HOF chapter.  Here is the first entrant for the October Hall of Fame, Zack Snyder.

Is there a more iconic version of a superhero character than the 1960’s Batman? I struggle to think that there is a more memorable hero than the Batman played by the late Adam West; although Christopher Reeve’s Superman is certainly on a par.

Adam West, one of my hero’s during my childhood/teenage years, started his acting career in various films during the 1950/60’s, starring opposite stars, such as Paul Newman. He also went on to guest star in various TV shows of the same era; The Outer Limits, Perry Mason and many others. You may think that it was these roles that got him noticed by producer, Batman series producer, William Dozier, no, in fact West was noticed by Dozier playing a James Bond-like spy in a TV advert for Nestle Quik.

(Fun fact: Mr West was actually considered by James Bond producers for the role in Diamonds Are Forever).

Yes, the Batman TV series ensure that Adam West was a household name, starring in 120 episodes and 1 movie in just over 2 years. It was a role that turned Mr West in to a huge star, an icon and the show was a cultural phenomenon. His turn as the Caped Crusader is one of the most influential versions of the character; we still see the show, his Batman, being parodied today, which shows the effect that his efforts had on so many.

Unfortunately, because of his role as Batman, Mr West was typecast but, rather than let that be a burden, he embraced it and took on many roles playing parodies of himself. He also took on many voice acting roles, most famously in Batman: The Animated Series, playing Simon Trent, a washed up actor who played a TV superhero called The Gray Ghost. I remember reading that producers were close to scrapping the episode due to its similarity to Mr West’s own career. However, Mr West accepted the role happily, it’s a super episode of the show and, more importantly for me, gives a measure of the man he was, gratefully taking on any role asked of him and performing with such aplomb.

In 2016, he returned, along with Batman alumni Burt Ward and Julie Newmar, to the Batman series, voicing his own character in the movie Return of the Caped Crusaders, a cracking return for fans of the original show. Fans are also lucky enough to have a sequel to this coming very soon, Batman vs Two-Face due for release in mid-October. It is perhaps fitting that the part that made Mr West a star, was his final role as, sadly, in June this year, the world lost an icon in Adam West after he lost his battle with leukaemia.

The Bat-Signal will forever shine brightly. RIP Good Sir because, as Batman once said – “Even crimefighters need their sleep, Robin.”

HOF: October Semi Final is now ready for voting!

It’s that time of the month again, and nominations are now in from the DCWorld team ready for the October HOF semi final.

So far we have Jackie Earl Haley and Robin Lord Taylor in the final vote for December, but who else will join our two Hall of Fame contenders for the Christmas time vote!

Up for the vote this month we have two Batman’s in the late Adam West and Sam Heughan.

Facing off with our team of Batmen is Superman, Henry Cavill.  We all saw how he struggled to deal with one Batman in Batman vs Superman.  How will he vow taking one two more Dark Knights?

Also up for the vote we have some bad ass women in Emily Bett-Rickards, Katrina Law and Camren Bicondova.  Could one of our hardcore lasses take the vote and become the first ever woman to win a DCWorld Hall of Fame Semi Final?

Bringing the bad to the vote this month is Mark Hamill who played The Trickster in two different versions of The Flash.  Could the acting legend take the vote this month?

Finally this month we have writer/producer/director Joel Schumacher taking on the heroes for those behind the screen!

We are very excited to see who you bring to the final this month!

September Hall of Fame Semi-Final Results

This month the Hall of Fame has been a lot more closely contested than in August.  In August we saw Robin Lord Taylor run away with the vote, but who would come in tops for September’s vote?

Michael Caine & Margueritte Bennett (3% each)

In last place this month are Michael Caine and Margueritte Bennett sharing a spoil of the votes.  Alfred gets nowhere near the final this year!

Stephen Amell & Carlos Valdes (6% each)

In joint 6th place and sharing 6% of the vote this month are Stephen Amell and Carlos Valdes, staring in Arrow and Flash respectively.  It seems they haven’t done quite enough to win over the DC faithful yet as they come in joint second from last place.

Donal Logue & Gal Gadot (18% each)

Coming in joint 3rd place are Gotham star Donal Logue and Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot.  DC Fans obviously love them both, but not enough to become a finalist for the DC World Hall of Fame!

Zack Snyder (21%)

In second place is Justice League and Batman vs Superman director, Zack Snyder.  We have more to see from him yet, so perhaps he could make it to the final of the Hall of Fame in 2018?

Jackie Earle Haley (28%)

This months winner with 28% of the vote is Watchmen’s Jackie Earle Haley, who was put up for the vote by resident DCWorld Writer, Paul Tickle!

HOF: September Entrant #6 : Zack Snyder

It’s that time of the month again, and we at DCWorld are launching the semi-final for September’s HOF chapter.  Here is the sixth entrant for the September Hall of Fame, Zack Snyder.

Zack Snyder is a Film Maker Icon.

From watchmen, sucker punch to 300 and Man of Steel. Finally to have the DC Comics movies finally starting to form together and keep the same actors is something I have been waiting for a long time and for someone to get this going, Zack was the man.
I’ve met him in person in London expressing myself and appreciate all he has done and doing.

I do believe without Man of Steel kick starting the DC movies again we wouldn’t be witnessing the Magic we have had the past couple of years and the best is still to come. With Justice League, Aquaman,Batman and plenty more movies all in the world.

For this I thank Zack Snyder for making my childhood dreams a reality and I’m proud to be part of this Epic journey because of him.
This is why he is my nomination.

Are you a fan of DC Comics?  Do you think Zack Snyder deserves to join Robin Lord-Taylor in the Hall of Fame final in December? You can vote in September’s Hall of Fame semi-final here.  Every vote counts so make sure you have your say!

HOF: September Entrant #5 : Jackie Earl Haley as Rorschach

It’s that time of the month again, and we at DCWorld are launching the semi-final for September’s HOF chapter. Here is the fifth entrant for the September Hall of Fame, Jackie Earl Haley.

This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll whisper “no.”

Jackie Earle Haley’s delivery of these lines alone, for me warrants his entry in to the DC World Hall of Fame. Many of Rorschach’s lines are particularly powerful points of the Watchmen comic and the 2009 film. This is why the actor chosen to play this anti-hero had to really grab the audience by the scruff of the neck and not let go until the films conclusion.

Jackie Earle Haley’s career had been reinvigorated after receiving an Oscar nomination for his performance in Little Children (2006) but it was Rorschach who really brought him back in to the Hollywood limelight. After reading online how people thought he would be ideal for the role, Haley, decided to film his own audition at home, in a costume he had made himself and sent it to the producers. Needless to say they, along with Director Zack Snyder were impressed and cast him in the role. Haley immersed himself in the role, learning everything there was to know about the character. This was worth the effort. Rorschach was the stand out performance in the film, impressive in itself and even more so considering the talent amongst the rest of the cast.

With DC having the likes of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman it’s easy to forget that the Watchmen have their place in that world. The popularity of the film began to change that though and that is down, in part, to Jackie Earle Haley and what he achieved with Rorschach. The now famous changing ink blotches on his mask could quite easily have blended in to the rest of the film, but each scene featuring the masked detective or his civilian alter ego Walter Kovacs really stand out from the rest. His black and white attitude towards criminals and his brutal nature when taking them on were for me, what made the film so captivating.

Unlike other DC characters, this is the only on-screen version of Rorschach we have seen so we can’t compare him to others. However HBO have a Watchmen TV series in the works. It will have no links to the film, meaning new actors will be cast. Jackie Earle Haley certainly casts a big shadow as Rorschach and whoever the part goes to will have a lot to live up to.

Vote now to make sure that Walter Kovacs takes his place in the DC World Hall of Fame.

Are you a fan of Watchmen?  Do you think Jackie Earl Haley deserves to join Robin Lord-Taylor in the Hall of Fame final in December? You can vote in September’s Hall of Fame semi-final here.  Every vote counts so make sure you have your say!

HOF: September Entrant #4 : Michael Caine as Alfred

It’s that time of the month again, and we at DCWorld are launching the semi-final for September’s HOF chapter.  Here is the fourth entrant for the September Hall of Fame, Michael Caine.

Michael Caine, a legendary actor that was made perfectly for the role of Alfred in Batman.

Michael played Alfred in The Dark Knight series that featured some of the best outings in a set of Batman films yet such as Heather Ledger as Joker, Tom Hardy as Baine and Christian Bale as Batman.

Michael’s London accent and his grand look were made perfectly for the role of Alfred Pennyworth.

Since then, Sean Pertwee and Jeremy Irons have taken on the sword and played Alfred, but nobody played the character as good as Michael.  Sean’s version of Alfred seems to be very much based on a younger Michael Caine-esque Alfred, which means only one thing.  That Michael is the best Alfred Pennyworth around!

The below video shows Michael talking about the Batman film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

If you appreciate the Batman series, you will also have a great care for how it’s characters are represented.  If you have any heart, you will want Alfred to be the finalist in the Hall of Fame for September.

So, if you really do care about Batman, vote Michael Caine!

Are you a fan of Batman?  Do you think Michael Caine deserves to join Robin Lord-Taylor in the Hall of Fame final in December? You can vote in September’s Hall of Fame semi-final here.  Every vote counts so make sure you have your say!

HOF: September Entrant #3 : Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

It’s that time of the month again, and we at DCWorld are launching the semi-final for September’s HOF chapter.  Here is the third entrant for the September Hall of Fame, Gal Gadot.

My September nominee is none other than DC’s leading lady Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Is there anything this woman can’t do? Prove me wrong, I dare you. Gal Gadot delivers a performance like no other in the Summer box office hit Wonder Woman. Smashing many superhero and non-superhero movie records, as well as being an empowering, iconic, female lead, which is kind of a big deal. Especially now, more than ever.

With an unforgettable performance, Gal Gadot embodies Princess Diana of Themyscira in ways beyond expectation. A big screen hit 75 years in the making, the world finally got to experience the legendary, Amazonian Warrior Princess at her all-time best. Saving the world and reminding us that ‘love’ is the answer. Something we all didn’t realise we needed to be reminded of.

From the first release of Wonder Woman on the big screen, to the recent digital release, the hype has yet to diminish. And can you blame the world? Gadot’s on-screen presence shines as she takes on the role of the fierce Warrior Princess. Sending chills down our spine with her graceful, yet kick-ass action sequences, which show her Israeli Defence Force physique, and extra chills with empowering lines such as; “If I stay, who will I be?” All. The. Chills.

It’s no secret Gadot received wide-spread criticism regarding her short-lived title as The U.N’s Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. This perfectly said quote from Gadot has really stuck by me, “When people argue that Wonder Woman should ‘cover up,’ I don’t quite get it,” she says. “They say, ‘If she’s smart and strong, she can’t also be sexy.’ That’s not fair. Why can’t she be all of the above?” Since watching Gadot in Wonder Woman (probably 10 times), it’s safe to say that many were quiet about the way she looked and instead were blown away by her strong, inspiring performance. You can be sexy, you can be smart and you can be strong. Proven 10 times over by her incredible performance in Wonder Woman. Get me on the next flight to Themysicira. STAT!

Are you more of a movie fan?  Do you think Gal Gadot deserves to join Robin Lord-Taylor in the Hall of Fame final in December? You can vote in September’s Hall of Fame semi-final here.  Every vote counts so make sure you have your say!

HOF: September Entrant #2 – Stephen Amell as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen

It’s that time of the month again, and we at DCWorld are launching the semi-final for September’s HOF chapter.  Here is the second entrant for the September Hall of Fame, Stephen Amell.

Six years ago, Stephen Amell took the helm as the first show on the CW network to have a DC comic book superhero. (No pressure, right?) Then a trend started with The Flash being next, with the cartoon Vixen on CWSeed, then Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, and next is Black Lightening premiering mid-season 2018. And with Season 6 of Arrow coming up in October, there seems to be no slowing down for him.

Not only does Mr. Amell put everything towards playing the vigilante, he puts as much time as he can towards his fans. By going to as many comic cons as he can (even helping to create one called Heroes and Villains Fan Fest), putting inside scoops and updates on his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, having fundraisers for charities he finds through fans, and creating a wine company with his friend Andrew Harding and bringing his fans even further together with his wine parties.

To better understand why I chose Mr. Amell, just watch the clip below:

Are you a fan of Arrow?  Do you think Stephen Amell deserves to join Robin Lord-Taylor in the Hall of Fame final in December? You can vote in September’s Hall of Fame semi-final here.  Every vote counts so make sure you have your say!