New York Comic Con 2017: The Gotham Panel

New York Comic Con arrived again for another year at the Javits Centre between 5-8 October 2017. The Warner Brothers Television Takeover happened across the road at the Hammersmith Ballroom. At 3:45pm EST 15 members of Gotham took to the stage to talk about the upcoming episode of Gotham and what to expect from the rest of season 4. Damien Holbrook was the Gotham panel host, which I was please to see as he did the Gotham panel at PaleyFest NY,  I really like his direction with questions and the time he allows the cast members to talk. The panel started with a presentation of a sizzle reel which recapped season 4 so far, ending with Ra’s al Ghul and Barbara Keen with a freaky creepy new character called Dog Boy. The scene will feature in this weeks episode which airs on Thursday 12th October, this episode has been written by Ben McKenzie and directed by Kenneth Fink. This is exciting news as Ben McKenzie’s director debut was excellent in season 3 and Kenneth Fink directed my favourite episode from season 2 “Mommy’s Little Monster.”

I have put together some of the highlights from The Gotham Panel. The next episode is called “The Demon’s Head” which will focus on Ra’s al Ghul. Ben McKenzie was still writing the episode  whilst getting married and being on honeymoon with Morena Baccarin ( Lesley Thompkins ). Ben explained that the process of writing the episode took a few months. The walls of Gotham are closing in during season 4.

David Mazousz ( Bruce Wayne) said he had so much fun playing Billionaire Brat Bruce. There definitely will be a Bat – Cat connection which David was very enthusiastic about. David also mentioned he recently watched Batman Forever to study up and still reads a lot of comics. Camren Bicondova ( Selina Kyle ) feels that Barbara and Tabitha are mom and Dad but Selina is very much the real aldult in the room. Camren made it clear that Selina is only looking out for herself and isn’t really concerned what Bruce is up. Also billionaire brat Bruce was just a taster of what is to come. David mentioned a sequence they have filmed for episode seven and he said it’s was the best fun ever, best nine hours he has ever filmed. David also feels the theme to season 4 of Gotham is control and how to protect the Gothamites and every one has their way. Gordon has his idealistic way, Penguin has pax penguina way and Bruce is going to come up with his way.

Sean Pertwee ( Alfred Pennyworth) confirmed that we get to see a side of Alfred that we have never seen before. He will unravel very quickly and it ain’t going to be pretty. Sean Pertwee felt that his characters  defining moment was loving someone so much you allow them to kill you.

Donal Logue ( Harvey Bullock) talked about Bullocks decision in siding with the GCPD instead of going with Gordon in episode 2. Bullock has seen Gotham for a long time, he lost Falcone, Marconi, Fish Mooney, so the underworld he understood is gone and it’s going beyond good and evil. So going along with Penguin will mitigate some of the damage that has already been done and saving some cops lives. This will be the first time we see Jim and Harvey on a collision course where they cannot work it out and causes a rift between them.

Robin Lord Taylor ( Oswald Cobblepot) mentioned if Bruce wants to be the man he wants to be he is going to have to confront everyone. Batman has ultimate control of the city but it’s going to be a fight, lessons will be taught. Robin also mentioned Penguin’s main adversary this season is Jim Gordon, as neither of them want chaos but both want control. Robin discussed during the Q&A with the fans that trying to murder someone in Gotham is a positive thing “you tried to kill me so you care.”

Crystal Reed ( Sofia Falcone) will meet the Penguin for the first time in episode 4. Sofia needs Penguin for a mysterious purpose. Even though the death of Sofia’s brother Mario has not been discussed with Jim, Crystal as an actress she is using that emotion in her character. Sofia’s feelings for Jim are real but not exactly sure what feelings exactly!

You may not recongise Lee when she returns, she will show up in a fight club. She has changed a great deal since the virus and she couldn’t stay away from Gotham. Lee doesn’t want to come back to the GCPD but she starts working in a underground society called The Narrows. She is there to try and help people as the best she can. Morena  Baccarin would not say any more. But Lee does finally get her chance to deck Barbara Keen.

Chris Chalk ( Lucius Fox) we will definitely see how the relationship with Bruce develops and how he will keep the masked vilgilante safe, it his main objective. It’s very important to keep Thomas Wayne’s son a saint. Lucius will become more involved in the technical side as well.

Cory Michael Smith ( Edward ‘The Riddler ‘ Nygma ) when he watched the scene where Oswald freaks out because Ed has gone from his ice prison Cory absolutely loved it he loved the reaction. Robin commented that he screamed so loud he nearly passed out and saw stars. Cory commended the writers this season.

Erin Richards ( Barbara Keen) is back with a more zen like look on her world. She has got a different kind of way of moving through the world but you will see she still got the some of the old Barbara inside of her. Barbara is approaching Gotham in a bit more like a business woman now because she learned a lesson she just can’t be crazy because her best friend Tabitha won’t put up with it, she needs family, she needs Tabitha, she needs Selina to create safety around her even though she has new skills.

Jessica Lucas ( Tabitha Galavan ) is smart enough to realise she needs allies and that Barbara and Tabitha are stronger together then they are apart. When Tabitha sees Butch as Grundy she is delighted then horrified!

Drew Powell (Soloman Grundy ) feels that Butch is still somewhere in there, but he doesn’t remember anything, so his team up with Nygma who Butch hated, is so much fun to see these two teaming up. When people of Gotham who knew Butch, see him as Grundy they will be shocked.

Alexander Siddig ( Ra’s al Ghul ) the people he comes into contact will realise Ra’s is insane to late. He explains to Bruce very carefully what his intentions are and starts to exercise those plans. Some of the motives he is keeping to himself, but Barbara is the most useful persuasive ally Ra’s could find at the top of the show. Alexandar thinks it very exciting relationship especially when they doing the martial arts together.

The Gotham panel rounded up with questions from the audience and another sizzle reel which they called the Penguin rap containing scenes from episode 4.

Gotham Season 4 Episode 4 A Dark Knight: The Demon’s Head

The Demon Head means Ra’s al Ghul ( Alexander Siddig ), this episode featured the character very heavily to understand how and what his purpose is in Gotham and why he wants the knife. This episode was directed by Kenneth Fink, who directed on of my favourite episodes in season 2 “Mommy’s little Monster.”  What is extra special about this episode Ben McKenzie (James Gordon) has written this episode, it is exceptionally well written and an exciting progression of the characters.

Bruce and Alfred have taken the embalming knife to be examined by Dr Niles Winthrop ( Dakin Matthews ) historian curator of antiquities at Gotham Museum he complements how beautiful it is. The curiousity of Dr. Winthrop asks what is it you want of me Mr. Wayne, Bruce explains its supposedly a embalming knife he agrees for the knife to be left with him overnight. Alex Winthrop ( Benjamin Stockham ), Dr. Winthrop grandson arrives from the historical records room at Gotham Central library, where he does his homework. The Dr. Introduces him to Alfred and Bruce but his attention is already been drawn to the knife, he is also a historian enthusiast. Alfred pulls Bruce to one side for a word, Alfred’s concern is that he and Bruce have got one old geezer involved now a young man as Ra’s al Ghul is after the knife. Bruce feels very strongly that they need to know about the knife, he returns to Dr. Winthrop and Alex and asks them to keep the matter between them.

An empty bricked wall room lit with a yellow green glow sees a frantic Edward Nygma. The walls are covered of newspaper cuttings and drawings of Oswald Cobblepot. Ed stretches to refocus, he talks to himself to encourage the perfect riddle. As Ed screws up another bit of paper he grabs a knife and walks towards the newspaper cuttings. After picking a article he declares “tomorrow night Oswald is the night you die!”

Back at the museum Dr. Winthrop is studying closely through a magnifier he translates some of the writings. Alex asks him “What is the Demons head?” His grandfather corrects him it’s who! Dr.Winthrop asks Alex if he has ever heard of Ra’s Al Ghul, as he is explaining you see a dark shadow sweeping over the exhibits. Alex’s only knowledge of Ra’s al Ghul is that he is a warlord, but there has always been stories invented about them. Dr. Winthrop feels that Bruce has stumbled across something much more complex then he had imagined, and infinitely more dangerous. There is heavy knocking at the research room door, they look at each other as they are not expecting anybody, Alex takes the knife and hides. Ra’s walks in and apologises to the Dr. for the lateness of the hour as his business is pressing. Dr. Winthrop demands to know who he is or he will call the police. I really like how Ra’s goes about the room looking at different artefacts and picks up a few items and he has a different story about them from different centuries just showing how old he is. Ra’s explains he is looking for the knife that Bruce Wayne brought in earlier today, Dr. Winthrop quickly denies knowing no knowledge of this. After comparing the doctors lies to a brothel owner in Shanghai, Ra’s runs his hand over a frame photo of the Dr. with a young boy which we know is Alex, he sees his school cap and takes it. An alarm bell rings in the distance, the Dr. points out that the police are coming, Ra’s agrees and steps behind him and breaks his neck. Ra’s al Ghul looks around before he leaves, Alex is hid in a dark corner he is quiet, his breathing is trembling to what he has just witnessed.

Detective Harper ( Kelcy Griffin ) is taking notes of the dead body, Detective Jim Gordon turns up expecting to see Captain Bullock. Harper explains that Harvey has taken some sabbatical for a few days, Jim questions “are you babysitting me?” Harper answers back with “Do you need babysitting?” I already like Harper I hope she is around for a long time in Gotham. Harper explains who the victim is, Jim enquires if there is anything else apart from the body. Harper shows him a logbook the last entry was yesterday afternoon was Bruce Wayne, Jim sees Bruce with a police officer. Bruce looks concerned as he asks about what happened he see Dr. Winthrop dead body laying on the floor. Jim questions Bruce about his meeting with the Dr, he goes on to explain about the old knife he brought at auction and Dr. Winthrop agreed to examine it, Bruce is back to check up on his progress. Harper details that the Dr was killed after midnight, whoever did it slipped past security. Bruce remembers and asks about his grandson Alex, who is slightly younger then Bruce, but no one has seen him. Jim tells Bruce to slow down and agrees to tell Jim all he needs to know as long he can investigate with him. If the death of the Dr. Winthrop is to do with the knife then Bruce feels responsible with a man dead and a child missing, Jim doesn’t want Bruce playing detective he wants as much information as possible. All Bruce knows it’s an old knife, he payed a great deal of money for it as he was up against a very aggressive bidder. Barbara Keen, Jim’s reaction to hearing her name is not a positive one as he will have to deal with her, Detective Harper is assigned looking for Alex and Jim tells Bruce to go home.

Barbara has been awaiting the return of Ra’s as his two guests have arrived and don’t really fit in with the vibe of her place. Ra’s apologies ( he’s very good at that ) for keeping her waiting, he does remind her that if Barbara had acquired the knife when he first requested it his guests would not be necessary. Again Barbara asks of the value of the knife or is it sentimental? “Only a destiny born of blood and magic of 2,000 years in the making.” That is all Ra’s will tell Barbara about the knife. Gotham has possibly introduced to us one of the creepiest bazaar characters, Barbara calls him Dog-Boy and he instantly hisses. Ra’s calls him Anubis ( Anthony Rodriguez ), he is given Alex’s hat to smell his scent so he can fetch the knife. Anubis stops hissing when Ra’s approaches him, he is accompanied with a very tall well built man who is a hunter who has been given permission to kill the boy. Barbara looks on with slight distaste whilst Ra’s does his best evil smile.

Edward Nygma’s hat sits on Oswald Cobblepots desk at The Iceberg Lounge, Oswald sits and stares at it as Zsasz interrupts his thoughts to announce the arrival of Sofia Falcone. Oswald enthusiastically welcomes Miss Falcone to Gotham and he insists she calls him Oswald. Sofia instantly tells him that she learnt from her father when the King of Gotham summons you, you go and see him. Oswald asks after Carmine but Sofia just wants to address why she has been summoned, she explains that the illegal businesses hold no interest for her she is back because of the Falcone family has a number of charities that need her attention. Oswald sat in his enormous luxurious chair looking relaxed comments that she can only do this personally in his city. Sofia expresses she knows Penguin may be concerned, Oswald answers with sarcasm “oh do you?” He then goes on to explain to Sofia that her father taught him many things, among them was to nurture a healthy paranoia. When Oswald took over some of  Falcones old capos went underground, Oswald puts it to Sofia maybe they vanished or they are waiting for a Falcone to return. At this moment in the scene Oswald is sat right in front of Sofia. She shakes her head, Oswald continues to tell her he hears her fathers voice whispering in my ear. Oswald moves forward and whispers in Sofia’s ear “be careful.” Oswald asks again to make sure she isn’t on some fools errand to rebuild her fathers empire, Zsasz who has been in the room all along with perfect comedic timing whispers “I’ll stab you” and imitates stabbing Sofia. She stands up and makes her way to a window in Oswald’s office telling him she she was 13 when Falcone sent her away from Gotham, I really like Sofia’s dramatic emotions as she explains her father said Gotham was too dangerous. Gotham is her home, she wanted to come back, that is why Sofia Falcone is back in Gotham! Penguin is quite taken aback as she asks him “is that enough?” Oswald makes his way to her and agrees that Gotham is a mother to us all. Sofia still quite tearful, maybe she was seeing if she could get into his vulnerable side, as he feels maybe they have nothing to worry about. Sofia leaves in silence, Oswald looks on with a I am not so convinced look on his face.

For the first time this season Jim visits Barbara, he enters through the impressive doors to a busy gathering of people. Barbara already knows it Jim, she has her back to him playing solitaire. Jim remarks how she always lands on her feet, and she seems different. Barbara teases “you like this me better?” Jim doesn’t answer he wants information on the knife as she bid on at auction. He explains that the knife is missing and the person who had it is dead, Jim wants to know where Barbara was around midnight, she insists she has witnesses and that she was at her weapons shop.  Jim also wants to know who is bankrolling Barbara for her to be able to bid on the knife and set her up in her new place. With more teasing Jim “A client and now even though tempting I can’t give you the name.” Bruce appears and asks is it Ra’s al Ghul? He warns Barbara if it is she doesn’t know what she is dealing with. Barbara turns confidently to face Bruce and denies any knowledge of him. Jim take Bruce with him and Barbara carries on playing cards turning over the Jack of Hearts which has a very joker like smile on his face.

Jim sounds off at Bruce for following him, but Bruce feels responsible for the death of the Dr. Winthrop. This relatively small scene between Jim and Bruce I thought was excellent as there was an intensity between them. Jim asks Bruce who Ra’s al Ghul is and why Bruce didn’t mention him before, but Bruce wasn’t certain he was involved.  Jim now knows Ra’s is the real leader of the Court of Owls, he is responsible for the virus and Bruce being kidnapped. The conversation comes back again what does Ra’s al Ghul want with the knife? Detective Harper informs Gordon that there is no sign of Alex his parents are travelling so his grandfather was looking after him. Jim needs more details on the Dr. and Alex, so if Bruce wants to play Detective he needs him to think, Bruce remembers he studies at Gotham central library in the historical section. Between them they figure Alex is in hiding, Jim decided to take Bruce along as he will need a friendly face not a cop.

The Edward Nygma has two men from off the street to beatbox and rap a riddle to Oswald. He requests to hear it again, Oswald looks totally perplexed, Zsasz grooves along and Oswald comes the conclusion of not knowing what the hell it was, and Zsasz just wants to torture them so he find out where Nygma is. Oswald tells the two men to leave, he remembers Mrtyle telling him that Ed is not himself, but Penguin feels he is up to his old tricks. Zsasz is told to prepare his men and hide then attack when ready. Oswald makes it clear not to kill Ed, he wants Victor to freeze him again. This confuses Zsasz as he is also called Victor, in a very funny scene Oswald tells Zsasz “not you, the other Victor.” Earth meets sky, water flows, birds fly, to Oswald this means Ed is waiting for him at the pier.

Jim and Bruce arrive at Gotham central library, they make their way to the historical records room. Bruce calls out to Alex and  ensures it’s safe, he asks Alex once more,  he comes to the door tentatively looks out he sees Bruce and Bruce introduces him to Jim. He nearly closes the door Bruce tells Alex that he can trust Jim. Nervously Alex lets them in the room he is still trembling and clutching the items his grandfather gave him, he mentions the man that killed his grandfather. Jim asks if he saw his face, but he only saw him from behind, Alex does know he came for the knife. He asks Bruce “did you know it was dangerous ?” Bruce’s answers with honesty “No.” Jim wants to take Alex down the station to protect  him but he is apprehensive as he knows he will keep coming for him until he gets the knife. Bruce wonders if he has the knife with him but he hasn’t he hid it. They are interputed by women screaming, Jim pulls out his gun and goes and sees what the disturbance is, Jim tells Bruce to go ahead to the police station. Anubis launches himself at Jim pushing him to the floor. The Hunter arrives and has a fight with Jim who sent him but he answers in a accient language, Jim is none the wiser, Alex is attacked by Anubis and Bruce uses a large book to knock Anubis of Alex. Jim shouts to Bruce to run, the hunter is proving hard to take down so Jim manages to push a bookcase down causing a domino effect.

When Jim arrives at the GCPD he asks if Bruce Wayne has called in, Jim is carrying Alex’s rucksack. Harper explains she could not find out anything about the name Jim gave her. A man approaches Jim it’s Ra’s al Ghul and in a different disguise. He introduces himself as Master of Antiquities attached to the consulate of Nanda Parbet. Jim sees Ra’s check out Alex’s bag as he recognises the school badge on it. Jim knows that Nanda Parbet is in the Himalayas, Ra’s is impressed as not many people  have heard of their tiny nation. Jim invites Ra’s into the captains office, Harper doesn’t understand that he is the guy they are after for murder why would he just walk in? Jim thinks Barbara must of told him, that Jim was looking for him. The two thugs at the Libary must be working for Ra’s and told him they have contacted Alex, and Ra’s could think they have the knife. Jim grabs Alex’s school bag and tells Harper to call Alfred to see if he has heard from Bruce.

Bruce is seeing to Alex’s bite wound from Anubis at the bottom of a  staircase, Bruce wants him to go to the hospital, but Alex is too nervous that they will find him. He admitts he is scared Alex asks Bruce how he can fight those men as he just froze just like when his grandfather got killed. This scene becomes a really important and one of my favourites in the episode. It is wonderful to see Bruce talking with someone of his own age and assuring Alex that fear is normal. Recalling the moment his parents were killed Bruce was terrified and he just stood there, he wants Alex to believe there is nothing wrong with being afraid, “once you feel it’s normal, then you can put it in its place. Then you can act. Fight back!” Alex tells Bruce he felt bad for him what happened to his parents, all the kids at school kept talking about Bruce. Bruce is curious about what they said, that he lived alone in a big mansion, doesn’t go to school, fly around in jets, they made Bruce sound weird which Alex thinks he isn’t. Alex disagrees he thinks Bruce is cool, he thinks of himself as weird, but maybe a little weird too but Bruce is weirdly cool. They sit in silence at the bottom of the stairs, then Alex agrees to take Bruce to the knife.

Ra’s al Ghul is certainly a great addition to Gotham, when he sits down with Jim he doesn’t hold back on the information that Barbara Keen who is a acting on behalf of his government to procure a certain property. Jim asks why he didn’t bid on the knife himself, but Ra’s uses the excause there was competing claims so it was better to do it quietly. He regrets Ms.Keen failed and there has been a murder. The reason Ra’s is there is to press his claim on behalf of his government and entreat Jim to return the knife. Jim wants more explanation why this knife is important, Ra’s goes on to tell a ancient story among his people of a man who could not die, in his time committed terrible acts and raised a kingdom and then vanished. If a legend is to be believed he walled away and vowed he would return to complete his destiny but that would require a particular knife. Ra’s hopes this helps with his curiosity but his main is concern, there is a boy and he is being hunted because of the knife or perhaps the killer thinks he saw something, Ra’s asks if he did, Jim confirms that he didn’t but he isn’t willing to release the knife either as it could comprise the case but Ra’s would like to see the knife to put his mind at rest.

Alfred storms through two police officers furious, he wants to talk to Gordon on the whereabouts of Bruce. Alfred sees Ra’s al Ghul and punches him, Jim is trying to calm Alfred down, Harper interrupts to tell Jim that Ra’s has disappeared. Which means he knows they have not got the knife.

Sofia Falcone asks Falcone loyalists not to call her Donna Falcone she insists them to leave as she didn’t invite them but they want her to hear them out. They feel because they served Sofia’s father for years, when Penguin took over they had to go underground. When they heard a Falcone was back in Gotham they knew it was time. Sofia insists they leave again but they want to know when Carmine is returning, “its Penguin city now” Sofia tells them she wants them gone before Penguin finds them, but its too late as Oswald arrives with Zsasz. “How many graves did you dig Victor?” Penguin asks. With gunshots being fired Sofia sits at her table facing Oswald, she flinches with every shot. Oswald sighs a satisfied smile when the last shot is fired, Oswald’s paranoia is put to rest. Sofia emotions run deep as she knows Penguin used her, he doesn’t deny it, she asks Oswald if he trusts her now, he answers “you’re alive aren’t you?” In the way Oswald only does he advises her to plant roses as they cover up the smell, he goes to leave Sofia explains to Oswald the differences between him and her father in a wonderful dialogue “My father wouldn’t have killed those men, he would of invited me to his club as you did then gone further. He would have invited me to dinners, had us seen in public, sent me the message of the old order supports me. And those men you killed would have pledged you loyalty. Now they are fertilizer, my father built on the strength of others.” Sofia watches Oswald leave, she wipes away a fake tear, she knows which path, game plan she is going to take with the Penguin.

Bruce and Alex are at the hiding place of the knife, he hid it in plain sight. Alex goes on to explain the legend and the terrible things that happen because of it. Alex questions maybe it’s not a lengend as his grandfather is dead. He pleads to Bruce that the man who wants the knife can’t have it, Bruce promises he won’t give it to Ra’s. They are startled by a noise, they run as Anubis appears and is following their scent he hisses and chases after them through the museum. The whole sequence of how it has been captured and the cinematography is beautiful and incredibly creepy. The use of colours from the warm amber highlighting the stuffed dead animals to the cool blues that highlight the floors. Anubis sniffing everywhere and his senses are heightened, he just misses Bruce and Alex hiding in one of the exhibits.

The Nanda Parbat consulates is giving the GCPD the runaround and they can’t get in there without a warrant, Jim asks Alfred if Bruce has been in contact, which he hasn’t. Alfred is annoyed with Jim for letting Bruce tag along on a murder investigation. This becomes very heated when Jim points out that Alfred does not get to lecture Jim about the lack of honesty and openness. Because Bruce and Alfred have been up to something for weeks, Jim asks what have they got themselves into. With frustration Jim tells Alfred he is on their side, Alfred thinks its up to Master Bruce what he decides to tell. As Alfred is Bruce’s guardian Jim thinks he can violate his privacy if it’s going to keep him out of danger! Alfred just wants Jim to stick to the point what is he doing to find Bruce? Jim has every cop on alert in the city but now Ra’s thinks he has the knife, Alfred asks about Alex did he tell Jim where he put the knife? Jim is assuming that Bruce is taking Alex to get it. Alfred unzipps Alex’s back pack to look for clues he takes out a silver decorated  box, Jim touches it he knows where they are. Alfred is told to stay at the GCPD and Jim won’t give him any access as he won’t be honest with Jim, Jim gives instructions to Harper if Alfred tries to leave then arrest him.

So Oswald went to the pier and he waited, Ed didn’t show. Oswald tells the two guys that are back with another riddle to get on with it. The riddle makes no sense Oswald is exasperated as it could mean anything. Zsasz wants to torture them, Oswald agrees.

Whilst Bruce and Alex are in hiding the knife falls to the ground, The Hunter and Anubis hear it. Bruce and Alex run in an opening of the museum, Bruces gets leaped on by Anubis. jim tells Alex to get down as he fires his gun. Bruce’s leg is injured, Jim is attacked by the Hunter and Anubis. jim gets thrown against a glass box protecting some prehistoric bones. Bruce comes behind the hunter, but he is to strong and starts to throttle Bruce, Alex stabbs the hunter in the leg with some glass, then he gets knocked flying. the funniest part of this scene is when jim picks up a bone, Anubis stops for it and begs then jim throws it through the window, where that bone goes Anubis goes to. A fight continues between Jim and the hunter, Jim grabs another bone and stabs him in the stomach. As Jim asks Bruce why is this knife so important, why are people dying for it Ra’s appears telling jim he has asked an excellent question.  Ra’s has Alex with a knife to his throat, give Ra’s the knife and Alex can be set free. Jim asks Bruce  for the knife, but he doesnt respond, jim asks again, Bruce is still not handing over the knife. He tells Jim that he doesnt understand, Ra’s killed alfred the water brought him back to life. Alex’s grandfather was afraid of this knife so Bruce won’t and can’t give it to Ra’s. Jim pleads with determination that if they don’t hand it over Alex is dead, Bruce’s wants Jim to understand that he doesn’t know who Ra’s is, Ra’s congratulates Bruce as he is starting to see things clearly, with this Ra’s slits Alex’s throat, who falls to the ground. Bruce yells with distress, Jim gives Ra’s an order to drop the weapon and to his knees but Ra’s requests to be arrested. Back at the GCPD Bruce is distressed as he blames himself. Ra’s is on his way to Blackgate prison, my question is was this in his plan to end up there as he gave himself up so easily? Jim comforts Bruce saying Ra’s is a psychopath and Bruce is not responsible for his actions. Jim wants to help but doesn’t believe what Bruce has told him about Alfred coming back to life and magical waters. Alfred express this is why they held back, Bruce still extremely upset says to Jim no matter what he says Bruce believes this is all his fault, Alex is dead  because of him, Bruce believes he killed him.

Ed enters through the double doors of the iceberg lounge looking for Oswald, Ed calls Oswald a coward for not showing up. The brilliant part of this scene as Ed is walking around the Iceberg lounge we get to see the full scope and decor. The ceiling has upside down umbrellas for light shades, Ed calls out again to find Oswald, who has just come out of his office “here I am. I may be many things but I am not a coward.” Ed  turns and points a gun at him, Oswald tells Ed that his riddles suck as his last riddle described a range of human behaviour. The answer to the last riddle was Stoker cemetery which Ed thinks was clear as only an idiot wouldn’t see that. Oswlald chuckles at Ed as he can’t write riddles to save his ass anymore! Oswald realises Mrtyle was right there is something wrong with Ed, it took him a while to believe it but Ed isn’t smart. Ed  believes he is smart and calls himself The Riddler, Oswald can’t stand that name he wants Ed to tell him how long it took him to come up with those riddles? Ed confesses it took him six hours for two bad riddles! Oswald asks “does that sound like the old you?” Ed puts it down he’s still recovering from being frozen in a block of ice, but revenge will certainly make him feel better. Oswald is confident that Ed will never revenge him, Ed points his gun at Oswald, he drops his head with a sigh. Oswald agrees that Ed may shoot him, kill him, but only “he” can get revenge on me. The man that Oswald froze at the pier, the man who would’ve killed himself before writing those idiotic riddles. The man whose name Oswald will not speak. Oswald believes he is gone and just Edward Nygma stands before him, and not even Ed Nygma would of noticed something. Ed doesn’t understand what Oswald means, the temperature of the room has dropped as Oswald’s other Victor shoot the gun out of Ed’s hand with ice. Oswald decides he is going to put Ed on ice, again. Victor asks does he want a different pose or the same. Ed admitts he isn’t The Riddler he agrees to be frozen, but Oswald has changed his mind as he would only be freezing Edward Nygma and one cares about that. A better revenge is having Ed live knowing that he ins’t The Ridddler and he will never be again. Oswald says goodbye to Ed. Which leaves Ed questioning himself “Who am I? This scene is my favourite in the episode as it ties up the ongoing feud between these two brilliant characters. Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith are alway incredible together on screen. The light and shade of humour and despair was brilliantly written, acted and directed. Anyhow I did feel for Nygma as he really needs to find himself and I will look forward to his next story arc.

Sofia and Jim are having drinks at the Falcone Mansion, Sofia goes over a memory when she was seven years old she snuck downstairs to find her father with a man before him begging for forgiveness. Sofia saw her father stab him in the neck. The next morning there was no trace of blood and she had breakfast it’s him as nothing had happene. Because of this you would think Sofia would want to stay away from Gotham but the house, the city is in her veins, she is home. Jim mentions he heard word on the street three Falcone capos have gone missing. Sofia explains they were in hiding and Penguin used her as bait to draw them out and kill them. Jim is  shocked that Sofia let Penguin do this, she tells Jim not to act the innocent as he knew when he came to Carmine Falcone for help it was never going to be bloodless. Jim questions her plan, get close to Penguin, gain his confidence what will she do after that? Jim wants to know what Sofia is going to do but she refuses, Sofia reminds Jim he wants the city back from Penguin and she will give it back to him. Sofia asks for trust, when palces her hand on his cheek, Jim pulls her hand away and they end up in a passionate embrace.

The familiar sight of Blackgate Prison with its moving floodlights, police cars and announcement is made “get ready. Prisoner walking.” Ra’s al Ghul is lead in chains by two prison guards and he looks rather happy about it.

The next episode of Gotham is called “The Blade’s Path ” will air on Thursday 19th October . Get ready for the return of Drew Powell as Soloman Grundy.



Gotham Season 4 Episode 3 A Dark Knight: They Who Hide Behind Masks.

This episode to me had a very serious sounding title. Do we all hide behind a mask, if so what kind of mask? Compared to the last two episodes this had a lighter tone, comedic but ensuring that Gotham city is still the dark mysterious place that we all are familiar with. Personally I think it’s the best episode of the season 4 so far and we are only 3 episodes in.

The opening scene reminded me of a Ridley Scott historic film, we are taken back to Arabia. 125  AD. A hooded man ( Eddy Toru Ohno ) is riding horseback alone through a battlefield covered in bodies. He finds Ra’s al Ghul as we currently know him dead, he carries him towards the green luminous water which we recognise  as the Lazarus pit. Ra’s al Ghul rises alive and confused as he knew he was no more. The hooded man explains the water has given Ra’s life and he must go forward in finding his own heir. A decorative dagger is handed to Ra’s, he removes it from its case the blade is curved.

Its a full moon in Gotham vigilante Bruce is out patrolling a large shipment down at the docks after hearing a rumour, the shipment belongs to Penguin. Keeping in radio contact with Alfred who is waiting for him parked up in a car,Bruce recites what he sees. Four heavily armed men who belong to Penguin watch the assumed valuable shipment being loaded onto a truck. Bruce decides to take a closer look, which doesn’t surprise Alfred. As Bruce doubles checks before he makes his moves he spots a stalking thief heading towards the shipment, Bruce quickly realises they are walking into a trap. Alfred insists he walks away as he won’t have him risking his life over a thief. The unidentifiable thief makes their way onto the back of the truck, but there is something familiar about the way this thief moves. Checking the different create numbers the thief starts to open up the box marked MDE23. Stalking the outside of the truck Bruce watches through the slats of the truck, behind he hears a gun load behind him, they accuse Bruce of wanting to steal from The  Penguin. Bruce puts his suit to the test as guns are fired but one of the men manages to cut the top of his wrist where there is exposed flesh. The thief inside the truck finds cover from the bullets, tries to take the create but decides to leave it as the bullets fly through  and the men drive the truck away, the thief is annoyed at being empty handed then it is revealed to be Selina Kyle.


A taxi pulls into a palatial home on the coast down south. Jim Gordon gets out of the taxi, he stands and watches a dark hair, slight in stature lady dismount from her horse. A steward greets Jim he explains that Carmine Falcone is not expecting him, but wishes to see him the steward agrees. Carmine Falcone  (Jon Dolman ) is my favorite out of the Dons that have appeared in Gotham and always a pleasure to have him as a guest appearance. Falcone is having breakfast outside overlooking the rolling waves of the ocean, and certainly is surprised to see Jim arrive at his breakfast table, Jim holds out his hand to shake Falcone but he doesn’t return the gesture and comments “your a long way from home?” Jim complements Carmine on his home, but Falcone is not interested in small talk. This is where we are introduced to Sofia Falcone ( Crystal Reed )after an induction by Carmine. I really like how Sofia slightly shakes her head to say I don’t need you to stand to Jim as she takes her seat at the table, Jim looks uncomfortable as he wants to discuss with Carmine, but it is Sofia who asks the question “what are you doing here, James?” Carmine expresses he doesn’t keep any secrets from his children and urges Jim to tell all. When Jim explains that Penguin has taken over the city, the GCPD has turned its back on Gotham, and asking for help to knock Penguin off his perch. Falcone refuses to help as he is dying, the doctors don’t know what off, he may think its karma. Sofia goes to offer her help but Carmine hushes her as he doesn’t think she’s ready for Gotham, Sofia looks hurt and disappointed. Falcone does questions whether this is actually about Jim and his loss of power. Jim is sure of himself when he replies “this is bigger then me.” There was a time when Carmine would of done anything for the city, but not anymore and makes it clear that Jim is on his own.

Whilst sewing up Bruce’s hand, Bruce questions if Alfred knows what he is doing. As Alfred pulls on the thread Bruce comments about Alfred being angry with him. Of course Alfred is as Bruce let his guard down. Bruce decides to go back to the docks as there must be a manifest on the freighter as whatever was in that crate must be valuable if the thief was willing to steal it from the Penguin. Bruce feels this is his chance to investigate real crime, stop it before it becomes something bigger. Alfred suggests not to wear the mask out in daylight as it would bring attention to him, Bruce is confused in how he will get himself on the ship. This is where the title of the episode comes in and Alfred explains “There are other kind of masks you can wear Master Bruce.” This is what the episode is about not essentially vilgilante Bruce, but how many types of masks and the complexity of different Bruce Wayne’s.

Barbara’s weapon shop is finally open for business, she demonstrates a new shot gun on a shuddering man the force of the shot sends him halfway across the room to other customers laughing. A protental buyer is impressed and places an order. Selina turns up empty handed Barbara asks where her crate is, but is concerned that Selina didn’t get seen by Penguins men, which is no as Selina wore the mask that Barbara suggested. Selina feels that Barbara is mad at her which she isn’t, she feels she misjudged Selina and wrong to cut Selina in on the new business. Barbara decides she will get the crate herself which annoys Selina, but she can redeem herself by mopping the floors.

Penguin is satisfied with a good night of business, until Zsasz tells him that someone tried to steal his shipment. Zsasz tells Penguin to relax in own relaxed way that his men stopped the thief. After a brief conversation between himself and frozen Ed, Oswald is anxious as the shipment is full of black market items for an auction in which Gotham’s Elite is invited and Oswald stands to make a fortune. Penguin orders Zsasz to take him to the warehouse so he can bring the items back to The Iceberg Lounge where they will be safe. The part I really like about this scene is when Zsasz and Penguin leave a mystery person appears with a gas flame tourch. We have never seen this character before she is here for one thing only to defrost The Riddler. Oswald’s reaction is everything I thought it would be, a very loud expressive tantrum which is completely OTT, but that’s why we love him. Zsasz lightens the mood in his opinion ” I dunno, kinda opens the room up” Penguin demands he finds who is responsible as they will die for this and he wants Ed back. Oswald is shaking with rage as he holds Ed’s hat that has been left behind in the melted ice and Oswald quietly says to himself “where are you Ed?” Good question Penguin!

Mrytle Jenkins (IIana Becker ) has a history with our Riddler, they attended the same high school ‘Hilltop Elementary’ they both attended Mrs. Macher’s class she used to sit three rows back closest to the window. Mrtyle is officially Ed’s and The Riddlers number one fan, having read every article on his rise to becoming the Riddler. I love how the fandom of Gotham has embraced this delightful character on social media. Ed definitely doesn’t recognise her, he decides he needs to leave but Ed can’t move he thinks he is tied to the bed. Myrtle explains because he has been on Ice he has muscle dystrophy, she has heat lamps surrounding his bed to thaw him out. Ed remembers being down by the river, he asks Mrtyle how long was he on ice, she works it out to be five months. Myrtle shows Ed The Iceberg Lounge flyer and explains that Penguin has opened a new club and Ed was the centre piece. Ed is enraged that he was on display like a caged animal. But Mrtyle is going to nurse Ed back to health so he can reclaim his throne as Gotham’s greatest villain, but not forgetting Mrtyle will be his sidekick, I really like this character I found Mrtyle and her enthusiasm an absolute delight. The return of Ed (Cory Michael Smith ) is perfect timing as I was starting to miss him. The way the defrosting has been done had me slightly disappointed as I thought it would be a big elaborate revenge, anyhow Gotham always likes to surprise us and they did by introducing us to The Riddler’s number one fan.

Back down at the dock Bruce is back in a different disguise flat cap and 1920’s style work clothes. When asked what he is doing Bruce answers in a different deeper drawn out accent that he is looking for his uncle. With reculance the crew above board agree Bruce can came aboard, he makes his way to the Captains Bridge to find the Mainfest. He scans the list and sees the contents written down one of them being an embalming knife. Bruce gets caught by one of the crew, one of the men shows him the injuries from the thief the night before, and believes he is putting on an act. Alfred turns up in overalls, wool hat, he calls Bruce “Andy” he has also changed his filmilar British accent to an American one. As Alfred walks forward to take Bruce home the two guys stop him, Alfred admits defeat “your right though the boys acting does need a bit of work” Que  00Alfred time he punches the two men and they hit the floor, then explains to Bruce, “improvisation is a very important weapon in any actors  tool kit”

Barbara seeks a knife that Oswald Cobblepot is auctioning, he wants to know why this knife is so important to Barbara. It’s of no interest to her, but it’s for her client who has a great interest in it, he has given her a ton of cash. Barbara wants to buy it at a lower price and make a profit, she will triple the opening price at auction as it will probably go for less. Oswald chuckles as he calls out wherever Barbara has been these last few months has not made her a better liar. Penguin knows it not all about profit for Barbara but her mysterious benefactor is her client, all he wants to know who Barbara’s client is then she has a deal. Barbara remains silent, Oswald is impressed how her client has got his hooks into her, he isn’t backing down so Oswald tells Barbara to bring her chequebook to the auction. Once Barbara leaves Oswald opens a crate which contains the knife.

At Wayne Manor Bruce and Alfred are studying a history book.  There is a drawing of the knife on the page where Bruce reads out “The knife was used to Embalm King Balahsi” According to the book he ruled ancient Mesopotamia for the first century. The question they both ask “what thief in Gotham would want a knife like that?” Also whilst trying to work out who hired the other thief Bruce turns over a page in the book to reveal another drawing, which describes a man being healed by water. Bruce recognises his eyes and his face, he asks Alfred “who does that remind you of?” Alfred hesitates but answers “that’s impossible, as the drawing alone is 2000 years old.” Bruce confirms its him Ra’s al Ghul, and it is he who wants the knife.

Jim is on his cellphone telling Harvey that Falcone refused to help. Jim is unexpectedly joined by Sofia down at the beach bar, she hands him a whisky. Jim does question why Sofia has joined him and there are two possible reasons she didn’t want Jim to drink alone and he doesn’t know anybody in town. Sofia has chosen to keep Jim company, she raises a glass to make a toast to her father, Jim shares his respect for Falcone with Sofia. She reveals some truth about how if she wanted to spend with him she had to make an appointment. Falcone being sick has brought them closer together, Sofia tells Jim she has lived down south since she was thirteen. Falcone sent her away from Gotham to be safe, Sofia was never  alone she had Mario. Jim admits that there is nothing he can say for causing the death of Mario, Sofia agrees but she understands he was infected by the virus and Jim did what he had to do.

Ed awakes to find acupuncture needles in various parts of his upper body. In the room you can see a silhouette of Mrtyle changing clothes behind a screen. The really wonderful part of this scene she is so excited for Ed to see her dress that is tribute and calls herself “The Riddlette” she asks Eds opinion he cuts her coldly with his words “I think that rehashing someone else’s idea isn’t very original ” Mrtyle tells Ed how if she was the criminal mastermind like Ed is they would of been together sooner. She goes on to explain it took her months to plan his escape, she  learnt Penguins schedule, when he came and went and devised an exit strategy. Ed is impressed as she managed to outwit Oswald. Mrtyle asks Ed how he would devised a plan, but Ed can’t think, his brain isn’t functioning like it used to, she removes the acupuncture  needles that have not helped his muscles, then she’s come to the conclusion it’s the wrong muscle. Ed’s brain needs stimulating to fire synapses that carry neurons  to the rest of his body. Ed likes Mrtyle’s logical thinking,  she suggests some riddles. Ed excepts as this is exactly what he needs. It is quickly apparent The Riddler can’t riddle anymore.

As Sofia and Jim walk along the side of the ocean, she asks Jim whether he thinks about walking away from Gotham. Jim agrees he has thought about it, but he can’t. Jim feels Gotham is in his blood, his own father spent his entire life fighting for the city and never took the easy way out, neither can he. Sofia encourages Jim to stand still in the ocean, and this is where Sofia places a kiss on Jim’s lips.

As Alfred helps Bruce get ready, they go over the evenings plan which is essentially to buy the knife, which for Bruce will be easy as he is a billionaire. Alfred reminds him that he is a very public one. Turning up at the Penguin’s black market Auction will raise a few eyebrows. With Alfred suggesting bidding on it was the smarter play, Alfred agrees but he doesn’t want Bruce to attend the auction as himself, he asks Bruce what was the idea of him going down the docks and pretending to be someone else. Alfred was teaching him a lesson, because if he wants to carry on down this vilgilante path then he needs to assume other roles. Alfred advises Bruce “Play the role you were born to play. That of a privileged, somewhat pedantic teenager with deeper pockets then anybody else in this city.”  Bruce understands that he needs to play a brat, which is against everything his parents tried to ingrain in him. Alfred agrees, Bruce turns to look at himself in the mirror Bruce Billionaire Brat is ready to spend some money. Bruce doesn’t hold back at the auction we see him spend $250,000 on a painting which he will put in the bathroom!  The Elite of Gotham watch with a mix of awe and disapproval. The whole auction scene is supberb Bruce is loud, he wants to high five Alfred but he rufuses as he declares how much he loves art. Bruce uses his own improvised skills, when Alfred tells him to be steady on what he buys. As Bruce sees it, if he only buys the knife he must be the thief  who tried to steal it from Penguin, so recklessly throwing his money around no one will think twice. One of the funniest parts was when Bruce calls out loudly to Oswald and calls him ‘my friend’ Oswald is surprised to see Bruce, as he tells Bruce he is welcome and so is his insanely large bank account. Barbara Keen arrives and Bruce is surprised as he thought she was dead. She has arrived in time for the next item to be auctioned the embalming knife from the Tomb of King Balahsi of Sumeria the opening bid starts at $50,000. Just before Bruce bids Alfred does warn Bruce that if he wins Ra’s al Ghul will come for it. Barbara instantly bids $100,000 which makes Bruce question why does she want it. Alfred tells him to stay focused. It becomes a biddding head to head with Bruce always going one dollar more then Barbara, she approaches Bruce to ask him let someone else here have fun, he apologies. Barbara puts in another bid in at $300,000, then she is outbid one cent by Bruce. Another rebid by Bruce at $500,000 Barbara and turns to Bruce and tells him to back off you little brat. The attendees gasp as Bruce makes another bid of $2 million dollars, to make sure Barbara doesn’t bid anymore Oswald grabs the auction hammer “sold to Mr. Bruce Wayne” There is applause, Barbara calmly congratulates Bruce and leaves. Penguin is delighted but does warn Bruce that Barbara does not give up easily she will be coming for that knife.

Riddlette Mrtyle is reading a book of riddles to Ed, he gets another simple one wrong. She shows him the title of the book ‘Riddles for children, Ed is horrified. Mrtyle comes to the disappointing conclusion  that his mind is as damaged as the rest of his body. Unknown to Mrtyle Eds body is feeling fine, Ed picks up the book smacks Mrtyle on the side of her head she falls to the floor with a thud.

Selina quietly sneaks into Wayne Manor, unknown to her Bruce sits in the dark he was expecting someone else. He asks Selina why she is there. Selina answers confidentiality she heard about  Penguins auction. Bruce asks Selina because they are friends does Barbara think he will just hand the knife over. Selina genuinely doesn’t know why Barbara  wants the knife she was supposed to get it for a client. The only information Selina knows he is dangerous man and Barbara thinks if Bruce is smart  he would just hand it over. Bruce questions Selina “are you here protect me?” Selina doesn’t see how the knife can be valuable to Bruce but as spent $2m on it he intends to keep it. Bruce asks  Selina in a heated discussion about being Barbara ‘s errand girl, Selina corrects him she is a partner. Selina needs to give the knife to Barbara or she will never see her as a equal. Bruce refuses and tells her to leave.

Jim returns to the GCPD to meet a new detective, Detctive Harper. As she is being introduced Sofia Falcone turns up at the GCPD, she sees Gotham  as her birthright and no matter what her father says she is ready to help bring down the Penguin. Sofia warns Jim not to be sore as he came looking for a gangster and that is exactly what he found, she believes they can do great things together.

Zsasz has tracked down Mrtyle, she explains in a very sad way Ed’s mind is broken he could not solve any riddles, which Zsasz does get right and is delighted, so good to have Zsasz back. Penguin has had so many people steal from him lately Mrtyle needs to be made an example of. RIP Mrtyle.

Ra’s al Ghul compliments Barbara on her fighting technique, we finally know he has been her teacher after bathing her in the Lazarus pit.  He was compentant Barbara would become an ali, she is glad he feels that way. Barbara approaches Ra’s and says “the knife doesn’t seem special” but Ra’s al Ghul informs her she is wrong, the knife is key to everything. The absolute shocker for me at the end of this episode is when Ra’s and Barbara kiss passionately.

The next episode of Gotham is titled “The Demon’s Head” which has been written by Gotham very own Ben McKenzie. He made his directing debut in season 3 “These Delicate and Dark Obsessions” The sneak footage that was recently shown at New York Comic Con looked fantastic. Next episode airs on Thursday 12th October.



Gotham Season 4 Episode 2 The Dark Knight: The Fear Reaper

What is your fear? My fear was just how scary this episode was going to be. I will confess horror is my least favourite genre. When executive producer Danny Cannon comments that the studio asked for the Scarecrow to be tone down, you know they are on to a good thing. It was exceptionally good episode with the balance of creepy, spooky and horror done extremely well.

Gotham doesn’t hold back with opening of the episode. Gordon and Bullock arrive with the GCPD at the Cranes desolate house. They discover more toxin has been made and they definitely know Jonathan has been there as his Arkham Asylum uniform lays on the floor with his inmate number showing 1109 (just in case you ever need it for a pub quiz). The stench of the house reminds Bullock of a Thai restaurant not far from the house. From the window just as a lightening storm starts Jim sees a ragged Scarecrow in the garden. Harvey and Jim go and investigate, as Jim pulls of the hat to reveal Grady from the Merton gang screaming and giving a message to the GCPD “He’s coming, the Scarecrow!”

Bruce is behind bars at the GCPD, he quickly explains to Alfred that him being arrested was a misunderstanding as the most talented lawyer from Wayne Enterprises is sorting out his bail.  Detective Gordon accepts his story of how Bruce was looking for Selina Kyle and that’s why he was on the rooftop. As Alfred and Bruce leave the GCPD Lucius Fox ( Chris Chalk ) questions Bruce about being in a fight. Alfred nervously explains about how Bruce fell through a skylight window whilst talking to Selina “bloody teenagers!” One quality I have always liked about  Lucius Fox how he works out the truth through his own use of forensics without directly asking for the truth. So when he points out that on Bruce’s clothes which looks like concrete and stone residue, Alfred informs Lucius that he is teaching Bruce how to rock climb. There is a wonderful tone in Lucius voice when he says “Rock Climbing” apologising to Alfred and Bruce for keeping them Lucius gives some wise words “be careful on those rocks Bruce, it’s a dangerous sport”.

Back at Arkham Asylum the Inmates are being rounded up for bed. Warden Reed is in his office burning papers in a waste bin. The Scarecrow appears in the doorway, as he walks towrds the Warden he scrapes a reaper along a metal table making it spark. The Scarecrow has caught Warden Reed covering his dirty footprints, he doesn’t realise it’s Jonathan until Jonathan explains how he picked a few tips after spending three hellish years in Arkham. Crane received  ice baths and electric shocks once in a while and Warden Reed just threw him in a cell with no treatments or therapy. The telephone rings and The Scarecrow smashes it up with his reaper so he can make sure the Warden is paying attention as he tells him he cured himself of his fear. When Reed calls Scarecrow by his real name he accuses Reed of not listening as “Jonathan Crane is no more. Call me by my true name, The Scarecrow.” With this he drenches Warden Reed in fear toxin and he instantly starts moaning with fear. Scarecrow explains how his father was genius and he wanted to end fear for his sake. Because his father loved him, and Scarecrow wants to know what the Warden fears? A demonic clown appears into the room making the Warden scream, Scarecrow guesses that it must be something from his childhood. With trying to face his fear under Scarecrows  encouragement  Reed grabs his gun, the corridor he walks down is shown distorted so we know what he is seeing through the fear toxin. More clowns come towards Warden Reed and he shoots them, as he walks away we see that they are his colleagues all laying dead. Scarecrow makes his way into the ward where the inmates are in bed and tells them he wants them to be part of his army because the GCPD murdered his father and he wants the men responsible to truly know fear. Scarecrow then sprays the Arkham inmates with fear toxin.

Oswald Cobblepot always knows how to make an entrance especially when he wants to talk to James Gordon. He arrives with an assembly of people mostly press to find out whether the man that sprayed him with toxin, that almost killed him has been found. Jim try’s to pretend he doesn’t know who Oswald is talking about. Jim can’t hide his annoyance when Penguin mentions Jonathan Cranes name. With Oswald quick to point out that people share with him because they trust him to get things done, unlike Jim Gordon, ouch. When Penguin verbally attacks the GCPD because they don`t know the whereabouts of Jonathan Crane, Harvey intervenes by asking “What is a penguin. A bird or a mammal?” Oswald answers confidently, “A bird. It is a bird.” Bullock lifts the Gotham Gazette newspaper which has the headline `Penguin or Chicken`which he shows to press. This infuriates Oswald and puts his points forward that the GCPD expose themselves what they truly are an outdated, ineffectual and corrupt institution, and feels how much longer do the citizens of Gotham suffer their in competence. Jim makes his point that a man who takes money from criminals in exchange for a license allowing them to victimize innocent people. A deal is made between Gordon and Penguin (who forced Jim to shake on it) that Jonathan Crane must be found and locked up within the next 24 hours or admit to Penguin and Jim’s subordinates and the people of Gotham that Jim  failed, so that allows Penguin to clean up the city of Gotham. I absolutely love any scenes that involves Jim Gordon (Ben Mckenzie) and Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) their on screen verbal sparring is always highly entertaining and engaging.

Selina and Tabitha have been both invited to a unknown location two plush looking business cards were left one outside the door and the other inside there apartment “an opportunity awaits”. They both tentatively enter through two ginormous solid oak doors. Its dark inside, a soft calm female voice greets them. As the room lightens Barbara Keen is the voice that they heard. Tabitha undoubtedly is shocked to see her dead friend and business partner alive as she was there. Barbara has a completely different persona compared to the crazy staby babs we have seen in previous seasons. Her hair is bright bleached blonde cut into a sharp short bob her appearance in sharp black classic suit. With this being Gotham Barbara advises Tabitha to check for a pulse next time. Selina asks what happened to Barbara but she reveals a long story and all they need to know for now what opportunity awaits them. Barbara’s new place is not a new club, she wants it to be their place. She pulls a lever the walls start rotating to reveal new walls of which are full of weapons. Barbara figures with Penguin taken over the city of Gotham every criminal will need supplies and that is where they come in so when the criminals buy their weapons  they will also know what they are planning. Barbara isn’t prepared to go forward without Tabitha and Selina, this is there way back on top. Tabitha instantly refuses and leaves, Barbara appeals to Selina “This will be good for us, please talk to her.”

Back at Wayne manor Bruce is getting ready to go out again, Alfred enters the kitchen as Bruce explains his reasons for wanting to go back out there before the trail goes cold. Alfred isn’t going to stop Bruce, but Bruce asks Alfred ” you not coming?” Alfred refuses as he feels Master Bruce isn’t ready, he admits that Bruce can block punches and quick on his toes but what happens if they have got guns? Bruce explains that he feels more alive out there then he has ever felt before. This is precisely why Alfred won’t stop Bruce but he won’t stand by a watch Bruce get shot.

As  riot takes place at Arkham Asylum a call comes into the GCPD from the guards who have all run away. Gordon and Bullock suspect Crane has used the toxin on the other inmates. Jim calls out to the other officers to see who is with him but he gets no response.  An officer voices his opinion saying that the GCPD badge gets them spat and shot at everyday. For what? What difference have they made out there? Other officers agree. When Harvey refuses to go with Jim. Gordon is so surprised that  Bullock isn’t going with him, but Harvey has a good reason “I told you, one day,  that you would say, Now or never and I would say never, well today is that day. If I go with you, I lose them and then who is going to be the new captain? Because it’s damn well gonna be someone Penguin chooses. So i am sorry partner but you are on your own on this one.” A really brilliant scene and the writing in this scene between Jim and Harvey is superb.

With tourch light Jim investigates the corridors of Arkham, this is where the episode gets even spookier. Low light keeps flashing with an on coming storm rumbling in the background. There is smears of blood on a passing wall, snarling and shrieking can be heard. Jim calls out GCPD several times, behind him he hears a cackling laugh it’s Warden Reed he has painted his face to look like a clown. He knocks Jim to the floor screaming insanely. The Scarecrow is watching Jim on the security montiors, he remembers Jim shooting his father.  Scarecrow announces over the PA that the enemy is here and releases the gate open so the toxin infected inmates can escape and attack Jim. As Jim runs to get away the Scarecrow is playing mousetrap with the gates to ensure he can’t away so he can have some real fun and show Jim fear.

Nobody stays undiscovered in Gotham too long especially if Victor Zsasz is trailing you. Oswald enters with Ivy and Zsasz into Barbara’s new place, Oswald is instantly impressed at the luxurious and tasteful weapon shop. Zsasz thinks it Christmas in a very funny scene where he is drooling over all the weapons. Barbara informs Penguin that she isn’t open for business, unknown to Barbara she needed to run her new business  by Penguin first. Ivy questions who Barbara’s business partners are, Barbara doesn’t confirm that it’s is Tabitha and Selina. Ivy offers to help to talk them into it, but she is viciously told to keep her mouth shut by Penguin. The really interesting part of this scene is when Oswald asks Barbara who paid for it all, as she lost all her money in the Sirens club.  Yes I wonder who did pay for it?

Back to Arkham where Jim is looking for Crane, he has made it back to the wardens office. With a big flash of lightning you can see the Scarecrow standing in the corner waiting. As Jim turns Scarecrow knocks Jim to the floor with his reaper. What is absolutely brilliant about all the scenes with the Scarecrow and especially this one is when Jonathan reveals himself beneath the mask as Jim has made him a believer in fate. By looking at Johnathans face you see how he has darkened around his eyes so when he is the Scarecrow the whites of his eyes stand out and make him terrifyingly creepy. There is a difference of opinion when Jim asks Jonathan what happened to you.  Crane isn’t shaking or scared when he tells Jim. Because Jim killed his father he stopped him from helping people especially himself from being cured of fear. Jonathan considers his father to be a pioneer and without warning sprays Jim with fear toxin. Jim’s fear is actually heart breaking and incredibly deep I didn’t expect what I saw.  Jim hears a lady voice  yelling with pain. He sees Lesley in a bath of her own blood as she attempts to take her own life because of the pain Jim caused her and the pain of losing their child. Jim sees a blade in his hand, the Scarecrow whispers encouragement for him to join Lee, but a voice in Jim’s head is managing to remind him Lee would never want that and he defeats his fear. Scarecrow is furious at how Jim managed to overcome the toxin. Jonathan confides in Jim that his father thought he was weak and he is determined not to become that boy again.

Bruce is back on the rooftops he hears a group of men laughing, he follows them into a room in his hooded long coat and mask. Bruce gets circled by the men they remove his hood and mask. They tease Bruce for being young, one of the men thinks he recognises his face but can’t quite remember his name. Bruce is pushed back onto a table, you can see him working out his escape. With a gun pointed at his face this leads into a brilliant action sequence, Bruce knocks the gun away which fires and hits one of the other men, he grabs an aerosol can and gas tourch to create a ball of flames. This is where we see Bruce use grabblings hook for the first time as he crashes through a window to make his escape, he thinks he safe but the leader knocks Bruce to the ground unknown to him Alfred is ready and waiting with a wrench “now I hate to tell you I told you so Master Bruce.”

Selina is trying to convince Tabitha that joining Barbara would be good for them. Tabitha won’t forgive Barbara for choosing Nygma over her but as Selina points out he’s a giant popsicle now, I love Selina’s bluntness. Tabitha questions why she wants this but Selina is sick and tired of not being taken seriously. She feels teaming up with Barbara and Tabitha will show the creeps of Gotham that she should be taken seriously. A voice in the darkness belongs to Ivy who wants in. Tabitha pulls a gun on Ivy and refuses to listen to her because she is one of Penguins stooges. Ivy is disgusted by this comments and reveals she hates that freak, which makes me sad as I had high hopes for a great friendship between Oswald and Ivy.  Ivy pleads to Selina to believe her and she does but Tabitha doesn’t want nothing to do with Ivy.  Tabitha changes her mind and agrees to talk business with Barbara but she wants something in return.

Scarecrow is still on his mission to destroy Jim Gordon he encourages the toxin infected inmates to go after him. Jim picks up a fire extinguisher and uses the water pressure to shock one of the inmates, but the water washes the toxin away to Jim’s surprise and the inmate. Jim decides to use the sprinkler system on the rest of the inmates, Scarecrow sees this and escapes.

Whilst  Alfred and Bruce argue over the possibility of Bruce getting shot, Lucius is knocking on the kitchen back door. He apologises for not calling but he could not stop thinking about their last conversation and Lucius remembered that when he worked at Wayne Enterprises they were working on a durable material for the military. It has a grip design so you can cling to any surface, extremely lightweight and bulletproof. Which is ideal for rock climbing and also comes with long distance radio communicators so Bruce and Alfred can stay in touch whilst “Rock Climbing”.

Tabitha wants proof of sincerity from Barbara which means cutting off her hand with a meat cleaver. Barbara agrees if that is the only way, she places her left hand ready. Tabitha motions the cleaver towards Barbara’s hand but lucky for her it hits the desk. This is enough for Tabitha and she agrees to start work on Monday!

Gordon’s returns to the GCPD empty handed, with Oswald Cobblepot waiting to remind him again he has failed he offers the police officers triple in pay to Police themselves. Harvey reminds Jim that they are fighting a war, not one battle. He tells Jim to say nothing as Harvey is going to buy him a drink. Over their drink they reminisce about when Falcone ran the criminal underworld. Harvey remembers even though he was vicious he was fair, ran the criminals with an iron fist and there was honour. Harvey sees the look on Jim’s face and warns him not to get Falcone involved. Italians don’t forget and after what Jim did killing his son Mario, Falcone will probably kill Jim. But Jim is willing to risk that because Falcone has an army and they need one to go up against Penguin.

Ivy Pepper has had enough of being nice she wants strength and power and you can hardly blame her. She uses her perfume on the Apothecary shop owner to find the strongest potions that will get into her blood and DNA, which is exactly what Ivy wants. As she drinks the potions her features distort, Poison Ivy is born.

I absolutely love how Gotham are at the moment are ending the episodes with Bruce and his progression into the vigilante. Bruce is trying out his new suit with Alfred in radio control and complimenting Bruce on his Gazelle like leap was an excellent light moment to finish off a spooky fun episode. Bravo Gotham!

Episode 3 which airs on Thursday 5th October will be called “They Who Hide Behind Masks” by watching the promo it looks like Jim Gordon recruits a member of the Falcone Family who we have not be introduced to yet.

Gotham Season 4 Episode 1 A Dark Knight: Pax Penguina

Gotham is the first of the DC shows to return this autumn. Highly anticipated fourth season made its debut on its new airing night Thursday 21st September 2017. With Gotham teasing us with new promos, an exciting trailer and new cast images gave the fandom of Gotham a lot to look forward to. The cast photograph alone showed two new additions to the principal cast, Ra’s Al Ghul ( Alex Siddig) and Sofia Falcone (Crystal Reed ).

The identity of Butch/Solomon Grundy played by one of my personal favourites Drew Powell will be kept a secret until the episode airs. As always the countdown on social media began, especially on twitter. Gothamites got to together to live tweet get the #GothamSeason4 trending. One of favourite tweets was from GothamTvPodcast

So let’s start from the beginning. The episode opened with a darker scenic view of Gotham city as Bruce Wayne surveys and watches, he spots a mugging and intervenes to prevent a potential tragedy. There is something different about this criminal he has a license to commit a crime which has been issued by The Penguin. A movement in the shadows spooks Bruce, Ra’s Al Ghul is watching in the darkness. Alfred and Bruce discuss his training, why he has chosen to wear a mask in a brilliant scene. Bruce discussing the madness of the licenses being issued, I personally am not surprised it is Gotham after all. Alfred expressing his concern that he should concentrate on one thing, get ready for Ra’s Al Ghul. Bruce bring the determined young man he is believes he can do both and make Gotham safe.

One of the stand out scenes in this episode sees the return of a Gotham favourite Victor Zsasz. A wedding interrupted by a gang to rob the guests of their jewellery, unknown to them Zsasz is there to remind them ‘No License No Crime’ Penguins rules. The fun part of this scene was when the wedded couple thank Zsasz, he soon informs them that the another gang arriving does have a license and therefore rob them.

Before we get to see the grand opening of The Iceberg Lounge, Oswald ‘The Penguin’ Cobblepot discusses with new Mayor of Gotham and the Commissioner of the GCPD the value of the licenses. Within three months Oswald took back control of the underworld and reduced crime at a historic low by reducing crime by 57%. The Mayor doesn’t want to unionise crime, but with the usual persuasion from Penguin and that using “Crime Enhanced professionals where they held upon agreed terms.”

With the gathering of the press at The Iceberg Lounge, which is visibly stunning as I expected it to be, Penguin is asked a few tricky questions one being the whereabouts of Barbara Keen as the club used to The Sirens and she hasn’t been seen for months. With Penguin managing to steer the conversation away from the licences he reveals with Ivy’s help the centre piece of the nightclub frozen Edward Nygma. The press believe Penguin’s very well thought through story that Ed was suffering with a brain disease and will remain frozen until a cure is found. Not good old fashioned revenge. Jim Gordon turning up in front of the press doesn’t go down to well as he accuses Oswald of being a fraud.

At least Jim Gordon’s starts this season as a Detective and not demoted or as bounty hunter tracking down the Gotham monsters. His disapproval of the Licenses of Misconduct becomes very apparent as he goes to get his coffee from the corner pub, Frank the owner is being held at gunpoint by someone who has been issued one of these licenses. For Jim his main concern when he discuss the licenses with Captain Harvey Bullock is that the GCPD are losing respect and they would rather turn to Penguin. Jim is not prepared to turn Gotham city over to Penguin. Bullock is prepared to bust Penguin but not yet as Gotham as is getting back on its feet. So what Jim needs to do if he sees a license ignore it and walk away.

Arkham Asylum was another new visual treat. We don’t enter through the usual familiar gates the camera angle takes us over the river of Gotham to see a remarkable side view. Arkham itself has new impressive creepier, darker and spooky feel to it. The Merton gang, lead by Merton (Michael Buscemi) decide because of their failed attempt of robbing the wedding. Grady ( Michael Maize ) an ex orderly from Arkham arranges a meeting with the new Arkham Warden, Warden Reed (Damien Young) who in his own persona is incredibly creepy and hasn’t really got the best intentions for the Arkham inmates. The person they are here for is Jonathan Crane (Charlie Tahn) returning from season one, who is crouched down on the floor in his padded cell scribbling on the floor. Grady recalls how he used to talk about a formula that his father made “some sort of scare juice. Makes you see your greatest fear”.
Merton is keen to get hold of that so they don’t have to worry about Zsasz or Penguin and in fact nobody. So a large sum of money is exchanged and intensively scared Jonathan is taken by the Merton gang. What is left in Jonathan’s cell on the floor a drawing of a Scarecrow which is symbolic as Jonathan Crane’s biggest fear is Scarecrows.
It’s when the Merton Gang take Jonathan to his old family home that’s when I really feel deeply sorry for him. His father, Gerald Crane hid his notebooks and formulas under the floorboards. So Merton himself expects Jonathan to replicate the formula into more scare juice, with this they proceed to rob a bank. With the first question being asked do you have a license and Merton spraying the man full in the face with fear toxin, which he sees fiery demons. With knowledge that the gang that hit the bank had no license Gordon calls it a public message to Penguin. With a lead Gordon notices the way the victims are acting their,terror reminds him of the Cranes formula. As Jim points out to Harvey, Gerald maybe Dead but Jonathan isn’t.

Selina Kyle came out of the darkness and walked into a gang in the alley way, she did warn them to leave her alone. With a crack of her whip Selina takes out all five of them, what I realised at the end of this impressive action sequences it was a training exercise and Camren Bicondova now is doing some of her own stunts. Selina is now with her mentor Tabitha who is impressed with her latest efforts. When they arrive back at their apartment with their pizza, Zsasz is waiting for them. With an invitation to kiss the ring so Selina and Tabitha can obtain their license at the opening of The Iceberg Lounge. Tabitha refuses to work for Penguin, but Selina is quickly points out that she came to Tabitha to do better in life, which ain’t happening at the moment. The roof scene between Selina and Bruce I discussed with my friend Sara who live in Florence Italy, felt it was a very good metaphor. Bruce and Selina were trying to say the right words while trying to keep balance and how their actions related in their movements.

Bruce Wayne definitely starts to show some impressive proto-Batman skills he appears behind Jim at the GCPD after a discussion about the licenses and how to get the master list so they can trace the criminal to the crime. Bruce invites Jim to dinner at the house, Jim turns his back still talking to Bruce, but Bruce disappears in silence.
Bruce and Alfred’s meeting with Oswald at the opening of The Iceberg Lounge was another favourite scene in this episode. Bruce’s confidence and Alfred commenting in the only way Alfred does on Oswald frozen mate and enquiring if Nygma is still alive in there. Bruce congratulating Penguin on what he has done for the city, but Bruce wants to know how the licenses work. Alfred reminding Bruce that a little discretion might be needed. But Bruce pushes forward for information. Of Penguin doesn’t want to implicate himself, but Bruce reassures him that anything is said stays between them. Penguin asks Bruce “would you be agreeable to the idea of licensed crime?”
“If crime had been licensed and controlled three years ago my parents would still be alive.” Bruce quite bluntly tells Penguin. Penguin deals with the guidelines while Mr Penn ( who is stood over in the corner looking awkward) handles all of the details. Alfred congratulates Bruce on his findings, but is soon distracted when he see Selina.

The other Bruce and Penguin scene that stood out for me was when Oswald discovers the Merton gang in the kitchens at the nightclub and decides to make an example of them and why the licenses are needed as they are men that want to put fear into the people of Gotham. Bruce watches on as Penguin wants the people in the club that it’s Oswald Cobblepot that keeps Gotham safe not the GCPD. Bruce intervenes and demanding to know what Penguin is going to do with the men. Bruce understands that Oswald does the dirty work that nobody else will do it, but he feels the Merton gang should be turned over to the police. The key moment for me personally in this scene is when Oswald tells Bruce he is young with a good heart, there is moment in Oswald’s reaction his emotions slip back in as he looks at Bruce almost remembering how he was at Bruce’s age and his desire to be loved and never really having a chance at a good life.
In good old Gotham chaotic style, Ivy decides to get a little bit of revenge on Penguin and shuts down the electrics in the club which enables the Merton Gang to attack Oswald and spray him with scare juice. Gordon and Bullock turn up as Zsasz and Tabitha pull out their guns. Alfred knocks a few of the gang out and ends up in a pretty impressive face off with Zsasz. Oswald opens his eyes after being sprayed and sees his fear, a demonic Edward Nygma asking  “are you scared?” Penguin is left screaming as Bullock and Gordon arrest Merton, still begging and screaming for help Oswald clings to Jim as the press very happily get there opening night pictures at The Iceberg Lounge.

The episode is rounded up nicely with a hooded and masked Bruce retrieving the master list from Mr Penn and following an alarm bell Bruce looks through a glass roof top window watching licensed criminals during a burglary. The glass breaks beneath his weight and sends him cashing to the floor which startles the intruders as they make a run for it as the GCPD turn up and Bruce’s is under arrest.

Grady returns to the Crane house to get Jonathan to make more scare juice to get Merton out of prison. He is greeted by a figure dressed in sacks and a low growling sinister voice “Jonathan Crane isn’t here anymore, just the Scarecrow!”
The Scarecrow has this deep distorted roaring as he gases Grady he falls to the ground screaming. Whilst being left alone Jonathan learnt to embrace his fear.

This was an excellent start to the new season of Gotham A Dark Knight. Some really interesting new characters such as Warden Reed. The return of Charlie Tahn playing Jonathan Crane was a huge relief to lots of Gotham fans as he was a favourite from season 1. You can see why the team at CoSA VFX recently won an Emmy for their special effects work on Gotham already what they have done with the Scarecrow is superb. Victor Zsasz being a huge part of this episode lets hope we see a lot more of this homicidal maniac throughout the season. As always the writing and direction has already surpassed season 3.

The next episode is called “Fear the Reaper” which was previewed to an audience at the New York TriBeCa Television Festival last night, Saturday 23 September 2017. Danny Cannon, Robin Lord Taylor, Ben McKenzie, Erin Richards and Jessica Lucas attended the festival.

COMPETITIONS: Cosplay Competition Winner Announcement

After much deliberation, it is time to announce the winner of our Cosplay competition.

We had many entries, but have decided that the winner will be someone that regularly attends the UK comic cons, and a big fan of Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot in Gotham.

You may remember that Claire had an interview with a cosplayer a few months ago, which can be read here.

It is with great honour we are announcing Tyler Cox as our Cosplay Competition.  The battle was close, but Tyler is gaining a lot of exposure with his Penguin cosplays, and we feel it only fair that he is the winner because of all the hard work that goes into his cosplay outfits.

Tyler will be the proud recipient of our Lego Batman cardboard cutout, and a Batman funko, courtesy of Grt4Toys.

We thank you all for your fantastic entries!

If you are a toy fan, and love funkos and other DC related toys checkout Grt4Toys.  The no.1 upcoming online toy retailer!

HOF: September Semi Final Entrant #1 – Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock

It’s that time of the month again, and we at DCWorld are launching the semi-final for September’s HOF chapter.  Here is the first entrant for the September Hall of Fame, Donal Logue.

When you first think of a detective in Gotham you don’t automatically think of Harvey Bullock. His character first appeared in Detective Comics #441 in July 1974 and was created by Archie Goodwin and Howard Chaykin, as “Lt.Bullock”. Bullocks character was not developed until he was brought back and further developed by writer Doug Moench and artist Don Newton, starting with Batman #361 (1983).
In the story entitled “the most successful species” Bullocks method of doing so is to pretend to be extremely clumsy, which meant spoiling anything Gordon was trying to do, seem like an accident. After inadvertently giving Gordon a heart attack he changed his ways and his character later developed into a well meaning cop. Harvey also formed a close bond with Robin, because of their mutual love of old movies.

The Detective Harvey Bullock I know and admire is the one from the television series Gotham and played by the extremely talented Donal Logue. Partnered up with Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie)  who has an idealistic way at looking at the city of Gotham. Bullock soon shows Gordon it’s seedy underbelly. He is portrayed as a cop that is willing to bend, maybe even break the law to put the lowlife of Gotham away. Harvey also can give off a reluctance to get involved with some cases, especially if it’s around lunch time.
What I found particularly interesting at New York PaleyFest in October 2016 Donal Logue was asked about his the character development of Harvey, because by the beginning of season three of Gotham he had become one of the legit characters in Gotham. In Donal’s own words this is how he sees Bullock,

It’s so interesting and wild that I probably have my own take on Bullock it seems to differ from what people tell me all the time what their take on Bullock is. Bullock was kind of beaten up and crusty and crabby but was always kind of doing the right thing. Jim came in and it really reinvigorated Bullock to believe again and try to save Gotham, and to go deep for Gotham. But the funny thing was Jim was the one who became Bullock-esque and started and from season one partnering up with Penguin and doing all these things. Bullock is now running after him now to try and save his friend from self-destruction. I weirdly think, i might be wrong but Bullock is Gotham in a way. He is settled into Gotham, he is a middle aged man he’s seen a lot come before. He stays in Gotham, I know there’s been an evolution, but as opposed to the kind of arcs that the other characters are on I think Bullock kind of stays he’s kind of a loadstone that you can set your clock to Gotham wise. Bullock hasn’t had any dramatic turns that the other people in Gotham have had.”

So why have I nominated Donal Logue – Detective Harvey Bullock for the Hall of Fame?
One of my favourite episodes of Gotham in season 1 is ‘Spirit of the Goat’ directed by TJ Scott and written by Bruno Heller. This episode showed you a great back story and Bullock is faced with traumatic memories of a similar case from the past. You get to meet ex partner Detective Dix who calls Bullock a ‘white Knight’ much to Jim Gordon’s surprise.
With his connections to organised crime, the crime bosses Carmine Falcone and Fish Mooney with whom he trades police favours in exchange for information. This makes me believe he knows the City of Gotham inside out. Even when Commissioner Loeb demotes him at the beginning of season 2 Bullock decides to quit the force and become a bartender, which doesn’t last long as ‘the Maniax’ escape from Arkham Asylum.

Harvey Bullocks endless amounts of whit and Bullockism’s throughout the seasons of Gotham gives this dark gritty show comedic lightness. But it’s his friendship and partnership with Detective James Gordon that makes him an unsung hero of Gotham. When Gordon got framed for murder and sent to Blackgate, Bullock didn’t give up in finding a way out for Jim. He got back in contact with Falcone to break Jim out of Blackgate. Towards the end of season 3 when Jim had the Alice Tetch virus, Harvey kept Jim in control and reminded him what a good cop he was, in fact the best partner he has ever had.

With being promoted to Captain of the GCPD whilst Barnes was put into Arkham Asylum he took on the responsibility very seriously as he felt he was the senior guy at the GCPD even though it stressed him out.

Donal Logue’s versatility and talent makes him one of the most respected and beloved actors working today. I certainly could not think of anyone else to play Captain Harvey Bullock in the DC Universe.

Are you a Gotham fan?  Do you think Donal Logue deserves to join Robin Lord-Taylor in the Hall of Fame final in December? You can vote in September’s Hall of Fame semi-final here.  Every vote counts so make sure you have your say!

Celebrating Gotham TV Podcast’s 100th Episode

When season 2 of Gotham aired on channel 5 in January 2016 I decided to do my first ever live tweeting, as I felt this gave the show the support it deserved. This is where I discovered John Harrison and Derek O’Neill the hosts of Gotham Tv Podcast.

On a personal level I felt as a Gotham fan, listening to the podcasts widened my knowledge, enjoyment and made me aware that each episode can be looked at from a different perspective.

Gotham Tv Podcast cover everything from the Gotham Central comics, Dc movie reviews, exclusive round table and one to one interviews with the cast of Gotham, convention news and of course all three seasons of Gotham.

The good news that was recently announced they will be covering season 4 of Gotham at the USA pace! Currently the podcast episodes come out on a Wednesday, but with Gotham airing on a Thursday night in the USA the future podcasts will come out over the weekend. This will also give Gotham Tv Podcast to talk about any news that will be relevant for the show.

With Gotham Tv Podcast embarking on their 100th episode of podcasting. I took opportunity to pop on Skype and have a one to one chat with John and Derek about everything DC, podcasting and Cosplay and even our cats gatecrashed the interview.


What do you like about the Dc Universe?

John: Batman, ultimately for myself. There is Superman but I only came to Superman through the movies. Batman was the only really comic in the Dc collection I followed. My love for Batman started with Tim Burton’s batman, followed by a the slight train wreck in between, and then Christopher Nolan came along, I already loved his work on the movie Memento. For him to put that spin on the Batman world which to me echoed the reality of British, principally British authors in the early 80’s how they brought a realism or a more adult theme to Batman. I really enjoyed that and it’s interesting and that’s why I think Gotham was such an opportunity for us to do a podcast about.

Derek: for me I am very much a popular culture fan of Dc. As I grew up Batman was everywhere, I remember watching the 60s Batman show repeats every single week as a kid. Then the animated series came out and also watched that every single week. I was allotted too old for comics and cartoons as people kept telling me, but I never stopped. I would read the connected comics to Batman loads of Batman v Superman comics, I got to know the Dc universe through the eyes of Batman and there was no other character like Batman for me. You would see Arrow who was a little bit of a knock off, as the original creators believed that creating someone like Batman would get more readers in effectively, so you can go over and read a little bit of Arrow but I always got drawn back to Batman it’s one of the only comic books I have continually collected from DC, so that was my gateway for the DC universe. I would know all about the villains and the other characters if they appeared in Batman, otherwise I would not know them.

What did you think of the new Justice League trailer that was revealed at San Diego Comic Con?

Derek: it was fascinating. It looks like they are going to have a lot of fun with it. What’s interesting is DC started out their movie universe just trying to do Nolan with loads of different directors who aren’t Christopher Nolan. Christopher Nolan’s approach to the movie had been very much take out the comic book idea turn it back into a guy who has a lot of money and what could he does with a lot of money. There are still a lot of unbelievable elements as we have talked about before when we were reviewing it and talked about the Dark Knight Trilogy, but what they tried to do with Superman was turn an alien into a grounded superhero. There are some fantastic moments in Man of Steel I think it’s a beautiful film and really interesting but they probably needed a bit more lightness, a bit more fun to having a man that can fly. When I was a kid watching Superman this is something I would love to do, having those type of superpowers which is what fascinates you as a kid. Watching Man of Steel as it was done probably not exciting for a ten year old but very interesting for an adult watching movies. Now we are going into a stage where we have got Wonder Woman, which was a fantastic film! Batman v Superman which was great fun, they found a fun through line to it. Now we are going into a superhero team up movie, where they are going to have fun with it. It looks like a really enjoyable movie.

John: Definitely, although it’s the first I have heard of you wanting to wear lycra*laughs* Derek.
I actually think one of the great things about Gotham and certainly podcasting about it as well, you probably even focus in on it even more. Foremost there is a fan element, then you have to look at the episode slightly differently. We break our podcast down into five points because you are searching for those key points within the show. There is an element where you look at it differently in fact you watch it more then once very quickly just to remind you of the episode, or just to get a quote. You follow it in a slightly different way and what has been really interesting certainly from Batman even with the Tim Burton stuff is very dark, so is Nolan’s but in slightly different ways and I love that about Batman at the same time I love Batman 66 as well. Gotham to begin with we thought it would maybe go down a Nolan-esque type way certainly earlier on, as it was pitched as a detective show. One thing that kicked us off into doing the Gotham Central podcasts was Ben McKenzie on Twitter having the Gotham Central collected edition spread out as some of his reading for the role. There was Montoya and Allen who we’re on the show in the major crimes unit and we thought it was going to be that kind of show, over time we have seen it evolve I suppose with bits of blood and gore of Tim Burtons and the crazy deaths, more serious notes of Nolan. Then embracing the craziness of Batman 66 and I think it’s been really great to see that evolution. I will always mourn the loss of Montoya and Allen it’s a real shame I think they are great characters and would have been good to have kept them. The way they are evolving Gotham now it is starting to show some real strong direction in season three, showing some of their strongest solid work on Gotham.

Derek: What about Justice League?

John: I think…..I don’t know a lot about it to be honest.

Claire: I am not to sure about Aqua man, but I am looking forward to seeing what kind of character he is.

Derek: he does look like he is having more fun then anyone has ever had in a DC film.

John: I am excited to see Justice League certainly because Wonder Woman was awesome. That was a really awesome movie! We recently re-watched Batman v Superman again her part in the movie is really good as well. So in that sense I am looking forward to it and I know The Flash from the television series it will be good to see the take on The Flash in the movie world, certainly as he is being played by a different actor. I just don’t know any back story other then what has been told in the films. I was also thinking what other DC characters I like other then Batman. John Constantine I absolutely adore. Hellblazer that went on for many issues in the comics to the same extent as the walking dead, but then again it’s really dark and magic. Being a huge Doctor Strange fan and one of the great things about the Constantine series even though it was short lived they did Easter egg one of my other favourite DC characters which is Doctor Fate. His helmet that he wears was teased in Constantine, but then it got cancelled. If they did a mystical musical match up on Gotham of the mystical world that would be great and the great thing about that Ben Templesmith who is one of my favourite comic artists and writers now, did a great batman series which involved the mystical elements in Gotham.

Was it a joint decision to start podcasting or was one of you more keen then the other?

Derek: mmm yeah, that’s an interesting one. I am probably the podcast listener out of the two of us. I started listening to a podcast called the walking dead cast, which is based around the walking dead television series and another one of my favourite comics. After listening to it for about two years I was thinking these guys are doing a great job, Jason and Karen the podcasters have a great relationship and are really easy chatting. Both very geeky about certain things they have a discussion, they can argue about certain things and find a balance between them. For about two years I was thinking I like to talk, I’m a bit nerdy. John likes to talk..a lot and he’s a bit nerdy.
I like to ramble, probably.

Derek: and I thought we can do this! We needed to find an opportunity, Agents of Shield came along, the television show in 2013, We had talked for about two and a half months before that show aired about whether we would podcast about it, we didn’t do anything at all and missed the opportunity! So what I decided was the next opportunity we have when the next comic book related property comes up we are going to jump aboard and do our own podcast before anyone else gets word of this and then the perfect opportunity came up. 2013 was the year The Dark Knight Rises was released, then the following February 2014 when a proper confirmation was released that we were getting Gotham. We released our first podcast on the 3rd March 2014 one month after Gotham being announced. Ben McKenzie was the only casting confirmed at that stage. As John said we followed him on Twitter saw his post and said he had been cast in Gotham with a list of comic books he was interested in reading and that kicked us off for seven months worth of podcasting in preparation for a show we hadn’t even seen a moment of until five months into the podcast.

This preparation probably got us the entry via Warner Bros into New York comic con. Ultimately we were started just before the Gotham Addicts group. We were the two initial fan stuff that had started. For me in terms of podcasting, I came to it through Derek. Certainly he was the driver on Gotham but I became very keen, I always like doing the images and of course the talking.

Derek: John is very creative.

John: the podcast editing is a complete nightmare, although I have to put my hands up when it comes to me and editing, that’s why Derek is ultimately primarily the producer now and I keep saying to him I need come back in..

Derek: he doesn’t really want to.

John: it doesn’t really pan out that way. I do need to, but I love the process of podcasting I got on board with it to the extent that I did do unfortunately I was late again it was another learning exercise with Hannibal season 3. Unfortunately I hadn’t podcasted about the first two seasons, you really have to be there at the start. But there are another lot of ideas I have for wanting to do other podcasts, but of course with only the two of us and the same for Derek as well, I suppose it’s just time. Balancing it with family, friends and work.

Derek: also if we are podcasting we want to make sure we are recording the best show we possibly can between the two of us or three, even four of us. We always want to make sure we deliver something that we would listen to which is probably my guide, you make decisions over time on that whether to cut a weekly 2 hour podcast show down to forty minutes tight conversation where you get all your points in, which is one of the decisions we have made over time. Then there are other occasions on special events where we have decided to record a three hour full blown conversation because it’s the right thing to do on that particular thing because we will never talk about it again.

John: I would like to add to my defence *laughs* we definitely started off sharing the editing. I travel a lot with work there were times I recorded from my hotel room through a microphone on the laptop, that suddenly meant I could not necessarily do the editing. I did a lot of stuff for the website and it has just fallen away and I do need to get back to doing more behind the scenes.

Any previous experience in broadcasting?

Derek: my only experience is my best friend is a national DJ for a radio station over here in Dublin. I started when I was fifteen years old traveling to the community radio centre where he was working learning the ropes from him every Wednesday for three years until the end of my schooling. That’s the only experience of broadcasting.

John: my experience was with singing. I had been part of a choir recording in BBC studios in London for a recording with Procol Harem of their song “A Whiter Shade of Pale”, also for the proms as well. So that is the main recording element for me as been through singing and being a member of the Halle Choir back in the day when I lived in Manchester and there were a number of different recording events whether it was singing with Procol Harem or on the proms and a few recordings of pieces which were classical and choral and of course you don’t get to see the bank of knobs, buttons and sliders just delivering into a microphone which is what I am good at you see *laughs*. That’s why I think I could probably sing our next podcast, we should actually do a musical…

Derek: nope we are not doing a musical episode *laughs*

John: like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or like the episode of the flash.

How do you prepare for a podcast?

Derek: we work out the structure of the episode before we record every time we sit down we always put together our show notes and ideas for what’s going to happen. We have watched the episode a number of times and have an opportunity to write what we want to talk about, that allows us to have a structure. I think we were a bit more free form when we began podcasting. We were very free form we came into the episode and this is what we thought about it, off you go and that could lead to a two hour discussion about a very simple small plot line that didn’t matter. Whereas now with the shows we have been discussing especially with Gotham we have been podcasting three and half years.

How many times do you watch an episode before you record?

Derek: we attempt to watch twice minimum, that would be the best way to say it. We try and record on Monday evening, because Gotham airs in the early morning on a Monday in Ireland. It is available to us when we get up in the morning all the way through to the evening and record our podcast on a Monday at 7:00pm. That gives us the opportunity to watch it before we go to work, watch it at lunch time, then get our notes together and then potentially watch it in the evening then record. Watching it twice gives us an opportunity to form thoughts, with Gotham we probably have got a pretty good insight because we have been covering it for so long. We have got good insight to pull out the big points of the show, there will be times where we will watch an episode once where we may get a characters name wrong, a story arc that happened a season before hand wrong but pretty good at picking up the conversation after the first watch.

John : yeah, sometimes it depends on what is going on elsewhere. We need actually to get an episode out so it does forces you to do one take of the show and try and get it out. Because there are so many different elements, doing up the notes, doing the synopsis, getting the MP3 image, getting the episode image and doing the website it sounds as though I have said it has been rushed out, it hasn’t really maybe you only have to watch the episode once and really and try and absorb it all as much as you can.

You have used different discussion systems over the seasons of Gotham. How did you come up with it and why have they changed?

Derek: We started out with Five points each and when we had a discussion about it we kinda felt when we were both struggling to find five points per episode. Then each of us would choose a point, where one would be a very general point about the entire episode of the show. Then you suddenly start talking about one point that happened in the show and then the rest of the points are “did you see the colour of his coat it was the same colour as a character in the comic books, does that mean it’s this character?“. You suddenly got this point and it creates a forty minute conversation and the rest of the points become quick notes. Now we look at it all television series, all movies are three act structures. That gives you your big three points, then around those it gives you some individual elements and your other two points. By doing that it also prepares us much more in what we are going to talk about and we don’t have five points that don’t cross over. It does keep the shows more lean.

John: it definitely keeps them more lean. I also think it helps us, sometimes we would have three of the same points. In the end trying to pick out ten points where actually quite difficult.

Derek: on occasions we would try and get one up on each other and think “I bet he won’t pick up this point, or if I get to talk first then I would be talking more because I got to pick the big point in the episode.”
The podcast we got the concept from is the Walking Dead Cast the first big television podcast and the first one I listened to. Sometimes they would have three people on the show, where they now do a three point structure where each individual person has their three points but even with that half the show can be sometimes one person going “oh actually that is my point as well so can we move on to the next point”. Then you can’t help thinking why put all in the work writing up the notes and all the points you have and the other person write up their own notes and points, we should combine them and have a general conversation about each one.

All the research you do for each episode, for example the director, lead writer has that been easy to find or can it be difficult?

Derek: Sometimes simple, sometimes difficult. The worst part is probably if we have missed a character who is known in the DC Universe and we don’t know them off the top of our head. There have been characters in the past that have passed us by completely, we have had moments in the show when we are doing episode by episode coverage if you miss out that character and they were in three episodes back and then come back as an important character and we go “We have just completely missed the point of our podcast!” * both laughing* So absolutely, research is key, we are very lucky in some senses we don’t record immediately after the show so we do have time to investigate some of this stuff. What we want to bring to the table is as much knowledge as we can without using “we know more then everyone else”. Everyone can know more about particular subjects then other people. But I suppose one of the key rules we have, which we always fail on by the way, for all of our podcasts is one word we are not allowed to use is ‘obviously’ we do use it a lot and you will hear it every now and then

John: we really do try and not use it.

Derek: because the word ‘obviously’ means “I know this so you should”. So for our listeners we have picked up a piece of trivia and we have picked it up because we have watched it and realised, or picked it up through IMDb, Wikipedia or any of the other channels that we talked about. We have picked it up, but someone who is listening have had no idea at all. Maybe they are listening to us because they want that information. One of the key things, we have it written out we try ensure if we find a piece of trivia we deliver it as if the listeners may not know it at all.

John: it’s definitely something we try and not say. I am always constantly saying ‘definitely’ and ‘absolutely’ and I am like will you just stop it! *laughs* it is very much in podcasting trying to prevent some of those leading words that you would naturally do in conversation and limit them, much as the same when using erms for example. One of the funniest things about podcasting was just we got to really appreciate the little ticks or habits we do which we never thought, so saying ‘erm’ was used a lot especially in the first lot podcasts. Even though we were in our own room talking to one another in our own house which we do all the time, you knew eventually this would be going out and there was a nervousness there. I know when we have had on our other podcast that was to begin with four. Irene and Chris who came on board for that, the first episode of that quite nervous and intense we were like we have to be careful what we say and don’t say, conscience about your own voice it’s a strange and weird experience doing that. One of my habits I used to do this strange click before I would say ‘erm’ and you could see this spike, but I don’t do it now or say ‘erm’ but occasionally it might pop in there, It was almost involuntary click.

John do you listen to any podcasts?

Yes! I started listening to the “Walking Dead Cast” which I got from Derek, also the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. podcast “Welcome To Level Seven”. I kind of don’t listen to much about television series, more podcasts about films. I really adore the Empire film podcast I really like them. And the American podcast NowPlaying they are also very good, I also enjoy the Nerdist podcast as well because they have guests on. The Empire podcast is really good, Chris Hewitt is an excellent host. Daniel Butcher who leaves feedback on some of the episodes of Gotham used to be on Welcome To Level Seven and I listen to Legends of Gotham as well because we used to do a lot of work with them, which was great.

You receive lots of feedback from your listeners, is there any feedback you have not read out on the podcasts?

John: Not too much. My only recollection is just one. Only one. Thankfully that kind of situation hasn’t really happened.

Derek: listeners can leave feedback on Twitter and Facebook accounts. On Twitter conversations can go the way Twitter Conversations go. Sometimes there has been feedback, particularly in the first season, when people were jumping off Gotham, leaving Gotham as fans, because they came on board with a different expectation of it and may not of met of what they thought the show was going to be. We became a little bit of a focal point for that at the beginning, also Gotham Addicts got a lot of that as well where they almost blame everyone else in the community for not understanding their opinion and why people still watching the show are so wrong rather than the people who were leaving the show were just not into it. Every type of “Geekdom” has people that are fans of the actual thing and people that are coming with their own expectations. We definitely encountered, we got a few of those comments “that’s it I’m out. I will never listen to your show again” then go on venting what they didn’t like about the show. That’s not what we do, that’s not the kind of podcast we talk about. If you want to criticise a show you’re absolutely right, if you want to dislike us and talk to us about what we are saying and what you are not interested in, absolutely, but if you decided you are going to be away from the show and watching it and you’re not going to listen to our podcasts there is no real point in us airing your opinion.

John: absolutely! Similarly we were on a massive learning curve about doing audio, graphics, design, production, editing and a website. You listen back to our earlier stuff it’s very different. There has been a development in the progression hopefully to the shows we produce, the format for example. For me I look back on it all very fondly we went through and still are going through a journey of thinking did that work? Maybe we should change it up? The good thing we have done is that we are not afraid to change it. Ultimately we think it works. Like going from the five points each to five points or changing the website or even getting new equipment you develop as you go along. Luckily from my recollection direct feedback from a listener that we have not read out on the podcast was only once and I actually think that says a lot about the community. It is very positive for Gotham. It certainly has settled down now into people that like it and like Derek said you have got a lot of shifting sands with people going I’m out, no this isn’t what I wanted, this isn’t Christopher Nolan, this isn’t Tim Burton or whatever they wanted it to be. This is why I think David Mazouz has been such a catch for the show. One of the big things that has been put on him at the start was “why would you do a pre-Batman look and take of Gotham”, that big questions it wasn’t even a criticism it was just a way of digging at the show to some extent. I think David Mazouz playing the young Bruce Wayne originally maybe wasn’t perceived as playing a big part, he has just let that sail over him. He really has developed an amazing on screen relationship with Alfred which I think is one of the best and now when I watch the Batman films I think back now to these two on Gotham and think that’s why they are so close now, what we see in Gotham and that’s a great credit to David Mazouz and Sean Pertwee.

Would you like to do Podcasting professionally?

John: it would be awesome I would do…oh that’s on Radio 4.

Derek: (to John) you would totally do Radio 4 * laughs* we would like to think it could be something you could do professionally. All the ideas we have and the shows we would like to cover we love to dedicate to podcasting you would not be able to do it with a job. We would absolutely i think give it a go, but getting into podcasting for money is kind of a fools errand. We love what we do as doing it as fans and it allows us the opportunity not to worry what people really think about our podcast because we are doing it for the people who like it and we try and give the listeners what they enjoy listening to and we enjoy making it. If we were to do it for money as well you are trapped into covering every single television show that comes out of DC and Marvel that’s out there I am certain we would find a show that we would hate and I don’t want to be in a situation where we are covering a show we hate because we are getting paid for it that would be awful.

John: all of a sudden all your content has to go and be so much more. We do look to keep our podcast regular so that the listeners know when they are coming out and anticipate them. Sometimes maybe certainly earlier on, maybe fell occasionally just because of life but I think we are in a really good grove of getting them out on the times we say. As soon as you are doing it full time there is an increase in content that you are going to have to do, it could be covering Super Girl, Flash, Green Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow plus Gotham. Then any other DC, the movies in more detail, then having to do video casts, to do the trailer reactions and I think our main bread and butter is Gotham. Conventions where we can cover, we will always cover San Diego Comic Con and any that we will go too but we did a brief coverage of SDCC this year.

Derek: it was brief coverage this year on purpose because we knew we were going to get spoiled about Gotham, as we totally thought the finale of season 3 Gotham would have aired by the time of SDCC but because of delays it hadn’t.

Has anyone come to you for advice in how to set up and present a podcast?

Derek: mmm have they…..a few friends have. We have some friends who own a technical website they were looking to set up a podcast and looking for some inspiration and some advice and realised the work involved they decided against it, maybe we gave bad really advice!

Speaking Hypothetically, you are both attending HVFF London next year the prize on offer for the cosplay competition is a trip to New York, you get to go behind the scenes at Steiner Studios on the set of Gotham. Would you enter?

Derek: absolutely! Yes 100%.

John: Yes!

Derek: I would let them choose my cosplay for me as well, because I would not want to get myself in a safe zone for that prize I would dress however they wanted me to cosplay even if it was Tabitha in her leather catsuit. *laughing* I am there.

Claire: I was hoping for that answer *laughing*

John: I would try and be Mr Freeze or Fries, I just don’t have the abs at the moment, So I would definitely wear the suit. I also love The Riddler and a big fan of the character and

Derek: (to John) would you go as Jervis Tetch, the Mad Hatter?

John: yeah, the Riddler and Jervis Tetch are two of my favourite characters, also Scarecrow as well, certainly now he has the mask that I know of coming up in season 4. I would do all of them each day, I would love to do Cosplay I have never really put my mind to it.

Derek: I love cosplay I love the fact that the people who are cosplaying are putting in so much effort into their look and it can look amazing and it can catch someone in their day job where they wear a suit and at the weekends they look like a character out of a movie.

John: definitely! We were asked to a friends 30th fancy dress party which had the theme of princes, princess or comic book theme..

Derek: I think it was just choose any costume.

John: so we just treated it like Cosplay, I spent hours

Derek: the character John went as Is a character from a cartoon called Futurama.

John: i went as Zapp Brannigan from Futurama and Derek went as Zoidberg the lobster.

Derek: we did cosplay heavily as characters, nobody knew who we were at all! We were in the wrong location and it was genuine queens, princess, pirates all general costumes and we were going as people from Futurama.

John: the worst part about my outfit was it’s like a mini skirt effectively his outfit in the cartoon, as we were walking away at the end of the party there were a group of people going “what are you dressed as?”
I answered “ Zapp Brannigan” as I flirted and lifted my tunic. *laughing*

I would like to thank John and Derek for taking time out their busy schedule and chatting with me for nearly two hours!
From all of us at DC World Congratulations on your 100th episode and we will look forward to listening to the next 100!


Here are the details how you can listen and subscribe to Gotham Tv


On Apple Podcasts: or go through
On any good or villainous podcast catcher such as Podbean, Player FM or Podcast Addict just search “Gotham TV Podcast”
Or you can listen through our website at







HOF: August Entrant # 8 – Jada Pinkett-Smith as Fish Mooney

Each month our team of dedicated writers and DC fanatics will be nominating one person to enter the DCWorld Hall of Fame Monthly Semi Final. We will be each posting an article, to put to you the people, why our nominee should go into the HOF Final in December. Here is the eighth and final entry into the DCWorld Hall of Fame August semi-final…

Maria Mercedes ‘Fish’ Mooney – the queen of the underworld representing everything so bad but so tempting.
Jada Pinkett-Smith delivers a powerful performance which is possibly overlooked from time to time. She
makes it impossible to hate the character and instead has become moreish and loveable villain.

Fish Mooney is certainly one of the best female villains of all time in my opinion.
Her beautifully crafted costumes and pitch perfect dialogue reflects female dominance and power,
leaving us anxious to what she has planned next. The level of evil that she portrays is not seen any
TV series before, making it so good. you can’t help respect the trust and confidence that she portrays in each episode.

Fish Mooney ruled season 1 with her right hand man Oswald Cobblepot, a growing friendship that
will be tested in each season. After Season 3 their friendship will be seen from a different light, after everything they have endured.

Show some respect for the best villain out there – Fish Mooney!

SDCC 2017 : Gotham Coverage

It’s that time of year again when television and film from different universes descend on San Diego.

Some of the Gotham cast came back for a fourth year, Robin Lord Taylor, Ben McKenzie, Camren Bicondova, Sean Pertwee, Erin Richards, Jessica Lucas, Drew Powell, Cory Michael Smith and Alexander Siddig came together to do autograph signings and interviews about what is next for Gotham.

Gotham Team at SDCC

The theme running through the season will be ‘Family’. Two comics will inspire season 4 the first half of the season ‘The long Halloween, second half ‘Year one’.

Ben McKenzie has written episode 4, which they are currently prepping. Jim Gordon will be going down a darker path, this is due to Penguin regaining control of the police department and handing out licences to commit crimes. So Jim needs to decide how he is going to fight Penguin, directly or find allies to fight The Penguin.
Penguin will be teaming up with Victor Zsasz to become a powerful duo, I am personally very excited about this and to see The Iceberg Lounge.

Bruce Wayne will be getting full body amour, grapplings and hooks, but will not become Batman. Bruce will also learn from Jim’s success and failures, almost circling each other throughout the season.

Rebirth of Barbara will see her evolve into a different version. Erin Richards commented, “Barbara has been the craziest she can be at the end of season 3.”

Barbara will still intertwine with the other characters in Gotham, including some training with Ra’s al Ghul. The relationship between Tabitha, Selina and Barbara will be very strong sisterhood and they also have a set up in a new location, which is still yet to be revealed. Jessica Lucas ( Tabitha) knew she was brought on the show to be a mentor to Selina. Camren Bicondova has also recently been doing her own stunts. One thing that was also mentioned Barbara and Jim will have a daughter at some point.

The biggest spoiler for me as I still have not seen the finale of Season 3 is that Butch got shot in the head and is really called Cyrus Gold and will become Solomon Grundy. His storyline will be very similar to his origin where Solomon will become best friends with The Riddler!

The Riddler will be very much still on ice at the beginning of the season, not a great a lot of detail was released in how he will escape. Cory Michael Smith is looking forward to see how his The Riddler will change his game plan after defrosting.

So with Ra’s al Ghul dropping a whole heap of hell on Gotham, we will see the Scarecrow also returning to Gotham. The same actor Charlie Tahan will reprise his role as Jonathan Crane. This has had a huge positive reaction from fans on social media. Jonathan Crane will return in a highly toxic full on creepy vibe.

Another casting was announced the actress Crystal Reed. Crystal will be playing Sofia Falcone the daughter of Don Carmine Falcone. She is a strong, intelligent and calculating and has been running the Falcone operation in the south for the past 10 years. Sofia will return to Gotham to help Jim Gordon take down the Penguin.v

This morning through reliable sources on twitter John Stephens executive producer confirmed Harley Quinn will never appear in Gotham.

Gotham returns to Thursday 28th September on Fox.