We Talk DC Movies with The Dude of Cinema

Hi all and welcome to a special video filmed this week with myself Paul Edwards From DC World and Cody from The Dude of Cinema. Cody has a successful Youtube and twitter site and talks all things TV shows, Movies and more and even does trailer break downs and reviews, not only DC related but on absolutely anything.The Dude of Cinema is in the USA and Im in the UK so to pull this off we had to Skype call each other and record which was fun getting going but we did succeed and below if the finished article. We talk about the upcoming DC Comics movies slate plus some of the changes and also the Flash TV series, The Justice League movie and Trailer and more. So grab a cup of Tea or Coffee, put your earphones in and start watching our chat on DC.

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Dude of Cinema Youtube

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VACANCIES: DCWorld are recruiting!

To continue our growth, we are proud to announce we are recruiting three more writers to join our team! It doesn’t matter where you are located, you can join our team! We are also recruiting for a Junior Web Designer, so if you are looking to become a Web Designer or Developer and want to learn more from our experienced team then get in touch!

We are recruiting mainly in Europe, Australasia and America, but we are open to people elsewhere too.

All we require is that you are enthusiastic, love DC Comics and are willing to learn. DCWorld isn’t a journalist warehouse, but a family, and we only want people who want to be a part of that family.

If you think this could be you, you can checkout our vacancies here: link.

DCWorld new homepage launch!

The past few months DCWorld has been growing into a new shape. This has included a new website, and a team full of awesome writers. We have some much more to come and we are excited to present you with the next part of our evolution.

We were finding that there were user experience issues with our previous homepage, it felt clunky and from our analytics people were coming to our site and weren’t quite sure where to look first.

As a UX Designer I felt that we had to get this right, the experience of our website is the most important part of our user’s interaction, it gets you reading our articles after all.

Please do let us know what you think, and keep an eye on the website and our Twitter for more announcements as a part of our growth in the future.

DC World interview with Marc Bernardin at LFCC

While we were at London film and comic con we got to catch and interview Marc Bernardin, one half of Fatman on batman podcast with Kevin Smith. Marc also has written comics for DC Comics and Marvel as well as appear at numerous conventions around the world. He has also been an editor for the Los Angeles Times.  We talked DC Comics characters of course and the future of the DC movies. This was on July 28th at the London Olympia.

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A big thank you to Marc for his time.




DC World Interview with Michelle Harrison from The Flash at LFCC

Here is our new exclusive DC World interview with the lovely Michelle Harrison who plays Barry Allen’s mum in The Flash TV series. I met her at London film and comic con the past weekend and she was very nice to meet and chatted about The Flash, London, and more. Michelle also signed autographs and had photo shoots with fans too.

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DC World Interview with Phil Lamarr at LFCC

Here is our interview with Phil Lamarr who voices Hermes in the Futurama cartoons and also the voice of the Green Lantern in the justice league cartoons.

Alex Knight interviewed Phil at London film and comic con on July 28th at the London Olympia. Phil talked about the Green Lantern and how he loves the John Stewart character. A big thanks to Phil for his time and hope you enjoy the video.

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DC World interview with Joe Dinicol from Arrow

Here is our second of many exclusive interviews from London Film and Comic Con we got the pleasure of doing over the weekend at the London Olympia. I met with Joe Dinicol of course you may know him from the Arrow TV series and he played the character Ragman. He was really nice and chatty and told of things he likes to do in his own time as well as when he got the part to play Ragman and learning about the character. He also was signing autographs and having photo shoots with fans too.

A Big thank you to Joe too for his time.

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CONVENTIONS: MCM Manchester on top form, Kid

DCWorld were at MCM Manchester on Sunday to provide you with all the DC gossip from Arrow’s very own Manu Bennett. The DC theme of the day was definitely Deathstroke, with Manu as the star attraction and Deatstroke cosplayers killing it with their awesome costumes.

The convention was held at the Manchester Central Convention Centre, a great location to drive to from the M6. The venue was large, with much going on, but unfortunately there was only one big DC star there, and that was Deathstroke star, Manu Bennett.

It did feel that there were too many people in the building at one point during the day, but fun was had by all as the 5000 Harley Quinn cosplayers were swarming around the event (seriously, can girls not cosplay anybody else?). There were some top costumes, including a great Batman, although for us this Deathstroke that we met early on in the day was the winner of best cosplay at MCM Manchester 2017:

Deathstroke cosplayer - MCM Manchester

We also met up with the winner of our exclusive Facebook competition to win tickets for MCM Manchester, Ben Wake. He was super excited to get to be amongst it all was loving the cosplayers and stalls around the arena. He bought his Aunt with him to enjoy the fun, with the exclusive priority tickets that he won courtesy of MCM Comic Con!

Ben Wake - MCM Comic Con Manchester Competition Winner

Later in the day we caught a live interview on the MyMBuzz stage with Manu Bennett (coverage of that is coming in the next few days). Where he spoke about the loss of his Mum and brother, his appearances on Arrow in the upcoming series, and also his relationship with Stephen Amell. It’s one your definitely not going to want to miss if you are a fan of Arrow!

Overall, MCM was a great comic con in Manchester, and we will be very excited to attend upcoming events in the future. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for more coverage of the event in the coming days!

DC World Interview with Sarah Douglas at LFCC

Hi all here is my first of many guest interviews from an amazing weekend at London Film and Comic Con at the london Olympia by Showmasters. My first is below with an absolute lovely lady Sarah Douglas from the Superman 1 & 2 Movies as well as other roles. This was a moment I shall hold onto forever as I’m a big Superman fan and meeting any cast members is always a dream. Sarah is really nice and as you shall see a lot of fun too, also a little scoop maybe that Sarah is up for playing a part in the TV series Supergirl and was asked for season 2 but timing was not right, so lets hope we get to see her in an upcoming season soon.

Thank you to Sarah and her management team.

Enjoy and leave a comment below.

by Paul Edwards


CONVENTIONS : DCWorld at LFCC and MCM Manchester!

Another weekend of conventions has arrived and DCWorld are going to be at more than one of them over the weekend!

Paul is at London Film & Comic Con this weekend, giving out Justice League poster goodies to anyone who goes up to him, although stock is limited so get in there quick if you want some! He was there today, but you should also find him tomorrow! You may also see other members of the team around too so please do say hello!

Myself and Rachel will also be at MCM Manchester on Sunday, meeting the winners of the Facebook exclusive MCM Manchester ticket competition. We will also be running an exclusive competition to win a Batman Funko Pop. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page, as sometime on Sunday we will be going live on Facebook, all you need to do, is work out where we are at the venue and find us first to win!

We are very excited to meet a raft of DC talent across the two shows ranging from Barry Allen’s mother and Ragman to Deathstroke himself! Give us a shout out on Twitter or Facebook if you are at either of the events at the same time as us!