Arrow Season 6 Premiere – Fallout

Depending on where you are at in the world, there has been plenty of time to get yourself in front of a screen and watch this episode. If you have yet to watch, STOP reading and go watch! It is one to not miss!


I have watched Arrow since the show first aired in 2012. Besides the season premiere when Black Canary (played by Caity Lotz) is killed, this was one of the best opening season episodes! Filled with plenty of action and surprise (not as big as that one, but there were still moments of shock), and enough to show how great the rest of the season will be!

Dead or Alive?

It was nice to quickly have the suspense of who in the team was still around (and some costume changes too), but heartbreaking to know who did not get off Lian Yu (so far). One shocker was Thea. She is found to look dead and with Oliver’s reactions to have found her in the state she is, it seems to be confirmed. But later in the episode we find that she is still alive and has been in a coma the past five months with no change. Black Siren was left for dead after Quentin shoots her while saving Dinah. She quickly goes after the team and takes a prototype weapon made by Curtis. Samantha, William’s mother, is able to find Oliver before dying. She has Oliver promise to be William’s father as she dies in his arms.


The episode brings up a lot about fatherhood. Slade, with the help from Oliver, finds information about his son and is off to Calgary to find him. Oliver helps Renee get another hearing for the custody of his daughter Zoe. And Oliver tries to keep his promise to be a father to William.

One moment in the episode Oliver consoles William after he has a nightmare finding that he blames him for Samantha’s death and not Adrian.  Oliver is clearly heartbroken and doesn’t know how to respond. He later tells William that he is not perfect but no matter what he would keep his promise and be there for him as a father.

Beginning Of Six

This season is sure to bring some curve balls everywhere. With not knowing fully who is alive or dead (Talia al Ghul, Nyssa al Ghul, Evelyn Sharp, and Digger Harkness), there are questions to be answered. Who is the head of the League of Assasins? (Malcom is dead. Who will be taking his place?) What prototype weapon did Black Siren take? And what is going to happen now that Star City has seen a picture of Oliver as the Green Arrow?

Best Moment

I love it went I see a cool effect or stunt. Like the boxing glove arrow, when Oliver takes out what looks like a compact but it’s the bow and it folds out in his hands, and just all the stunts period (love James Bamford and team!) This episode, the beginning has a great action sequence with the team fighting Alex Faust at the pier.  But before the action starts, we see two arrows making their mark and then Green Arrow makes his entrance by coming out of the water like he was paying homage to Aquaman. Couldn’t have asked for anything better than that opening!

Next episode October 19th!



Batman: The Animated Series Coming To Bluray

Following on from our recent article regarding the HMV Exclusive release of a DVD box set, containing the complete collection of Batman: The Animated Series episodes, comes news from New York Comic Con that the whole series is now set to be released on Blu-ray next year.

This follows on from the, successful, release of Mask of the Phantasm on the same format and will be welcome news to fans of the show.  Batman: TAS is one of the most influential animated series’ of all time and, come sometime in 2018, Bat-Fans will soon be able to see the show in glorious HD.

This release can’t come soon enough for this fan.

Arrow Pre-Season 6

The fifth season finale of Arrow left fans in a hushed, shocked tone as (SPOILER!) Lian Yu was blown up after Adrian Chase shot himself in front of Oliver and his son William. With EVERYONE on the island, it left fans wondering their real fate.

During the show’s hiatus to when filming for the new season started, fans started getting some hints on who was coming back and who wasn’t. And then they started to make their own predictions.

I, however, like to stay surprised. The only thing I have seen for the new season was the trailer presented at the San Diego Comic Con (which I couldn’t resist). That is it! I follow Arrow on social media from the writers and production staff to the cast members. But as soon as I see something that talks about the upcoming season, I shut the window on my phone. The only things I know are that Slade Wilson, Dinah Drake, and Felicity Smoak are back (I did see something about a wedding??) and that Malcom Merlin is not (even though we only saw the bomb go off like the rest of the island).

I am very excited about the new season due to the name the season was given, Live To Fight Another Day. I look forward to seeing more interaction with Oliver and William, Felicity forgiving Oliver for keeping his son a secret (maybe realizing he did it for William’s protection), the CROSSOVER WEEK(!!!), no more flashbacks (but I think there are some more), and what Slade has in store for this season (friend or foe?).

Arrow Season 6 starts October 12 (now on Thursdays).


Superman: The Movie – A Memory…

As we have confirmation that the, extended, 3 hour version of Superman: The Movie is to be released on Blu-ray (how exciting is that for fans of the Man of Steel?  I know our Editor In-Chief, Paul, has been skipping with excitement ever since the announcement.), I thought, why not share my experience of seeing this movie for the first time, with readers of DC World.  

If ever a tagline summed up one movie, then it has to be the one attached Superman: The Movie; “You’ll believe a man can fly.” Not only does this tagline do what it says on the tin, but it is attached to, in my own humble opinion, the greatest superhero movie of all time. (And my favourite DC Superhero is Batman, so this is a big statement.)

I remember first watching this movie as a 10 year old; the first superhero movie I had even seen (unless you count James Bond in Moonraker as a superhero?). The closest I had ever come to seeing a superhero on screen was when watching the cartoons of the day, He-Man, Dangermouse and the like.  However, I was well aware of Superman and all the other DC comic book characters (DC characters were the first comic book characters I came across and DC is still my favourite comic book company today). Anyway, it was Christmas Day, 1983 and The Queen had just finished her speech, I have no idea what she talked about because, as a 10 year old, I wasn’t really interested, and lunch was done and finished (Nanna always did a cracking lunch). Anyway, after lunch, it was time for a chill out, but I couldn’t hide my excitement as I was about to see Superman for the first time. I had the same sort of feeling I had as when I saw my first James Bond movie, Moonraker, during Christmas the year before.  

So, television on, sound cranked up as far as I was allowed to have it and the announcer tells me it’s time for Superman. (Yes, he told me, he wasn’t talking to anyone else……was he?  At least that’s what I thought at the time). The movie starts and my eyes are just fixed on the TV, nothing could disturb my concentration. The cinema curtain opens on screen and, despite watching on a small 1980’s TV (probably bought from a local Rumbelows store), that little piece of detail gave it a cinematic feel to this young lad. Then the credits roll, or rather fly, on to the screen and, mixed by the wonderful score from the legend that is John Williams, we have a truly wonderful opening. It’s a shame that the days of credits like this has gone by the wayside, imagine something like that at the beginning of Man of Steel or Batman vs Superman. Unfortunately, times have moved on.  

The movie then starts for real. Eek, more excitement showing from me; I was a little giddy. From the first scene, zooming in on the Krypton Council Dome to the end, seeing Superman break the fourth wall and smile to the camera, this had me glued to the television, gasping and whooping at Superman’s heroics. I was in awe of this super man. I won’t go through my experience of watching the whole movie, as this could then be a massive write up, but it was an experience I will never forget.  Seeing him fly, his strength, his heat vision, x-ray vision, they are all there and for a boy of 10 years of age, I was in awe.

I loved how we got to see his origin story; to be fair I didn’t know what an origin story was back then, but I did enjoy how we got to see how he came to Earth and his growing up. I loved the little touch of his Ma’s names as “Martha Clark Kent”, with Clark Kent becoming his own Earth name. I laughed at Clark Kent when he joined the Daily Planet and always thought he was funny, still do. I loved all the characters as much as the other, Lois Lane (took me a while to really notice she was the little girl on the train), Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Lex Luthor etc. etc., all of the just brilliant.  However (and I know CK is the same character), none of these hold up to the Man of Steel himself, Superman. Oh, how he amazed me for that couple of hours (more if you include adverts). This was as much a Christmas treat as the presents I received (I never told my mum that, though).  

Watching Superman then was an experience that will always be with me and one I will always love and cherish; not just for seeing the movie but, as a memory of watching it with my family, particularly my late mum.  I still watch the movie at Christmas time thanks to these memories, whether it’s on the tellybox or if I throw on the DVD or Blu-ray.  

In all fairness, Superman: The Movie is one of my go to films when there is nothing else that I feel like watching. It is a movie that I hold in such high regard. As I said at the beginning of this, I believe this to be the greatest superhero movie of all time and one that all others aspire to, and at nearly 40 years of age that is quite the statement.

“The movie that makes a legend come to life”

We would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the, upcoming, Blu-ray release or your own experiences of watching Superman: The Movie for the first time.  You can comment below or give us a nod on social media.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers, John


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SDCC Review

It may have been weeks ago San Diego had its gathering of Geeks and Nerds, but it’s still fresh in the minds of the thousands that attend each year. Many go just to see the exhibits outside the convention center. While hundreds of lucky ones are able to attend panels to see their favorite celebrities from television and film and to get the inside scoops. And according to Anne Marko (from Long Beach, California) and Carrie Baty (from Canoga Park, California) the long lines inside and outside are more than worth the wait.

Anne with the Outlander men. “I’m so happy they caught me!”

Anne has been going to the comic con since 2003. “If you’re planning to go to the con, throw a plan out the window. There is so much stuff to see that you can be overwhelmed even with knowing the schedule.” she advises. For the Game of Thrones exhibit she waited 5 hours in line. “The lines change your plan.”

Carrie in front of giant Pop! Figures at the WB booth.

Carrie for the past seven years has gone to the Nerd HQ paneling which is usually held at the Children’s Museum near the convention center. Zachary Levi monitors the panels and has proceeds of ticket sales and auctions going towards Operation Smile. But due to some difficulties it had to be canceled this year. Although she was sad about not being able to attend NerdHQ, she was able to get a ticket to SDCC through a friend.
They both look at going to SDCC as an annual vacation. And they always look forward to it. But they do have some advice that even the celebrities have said: 1.) Wear comfortable shoes. Even days after the con, their feet were still recovering. 2.) Can’t be claustrophobic. Every place is a crowded place. And many can be smelly. 3.) Bring hand sanitizer. 4.) Bring a backpack for swag. They give huge bags out, but some of them can fall apart with everything they give away. And it’s a LOT of stuff. And 5.) More than anything HAVE FUN!


Batman: The Animated Series – 25 Years Young

First off all, I will say that I love this show. I always have, since being introduced to it around 12 or so years ago (probably more), and I always will.

Batman: The Animated Series is 25, yes 25 years old!!! First appearing in 1992 it still ranks as one of the finest animated series’ to ever grace the small screen. It certainly has the honour of being the greatest Batman, animated, series of all. It can also be argued that this features the best interpretations of The Dark Knight himself and the best version of The Joker, mainly thanks to the fantastic voice acting of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. How about the wonderful animation itself, influenced greatly by Tim Burton’s’ 1989 Batman movie; the Danny Elfman theme as well as the music used throughout the series; writers including Paul Dini and Alan Burnett; this show had everything needed to make it the huge success it was. Plus, let’s not forget the spin-off movies, Mask Of The Phantasm (1993), Batman & Mr Freeze (1997): Subzero and Mystery Of The Batwoman (2003).

The stories that came with it were not your typical kids stuff usually associated with cartoon shows; these were more mature, darker and far away from your Hanna Barbera type ‘toon usually associated with Saturday morning kids TV.  Because of this, it is very easy for this show to appeal to viewers of all ages.

Standout episodes include Heart Of Ice, The Forgotten, Mad Love and Robins Reckoning; but these are just a few of so many. I do feel that I am missing one though. Ah yes, Jokers Favour goes down as a very memorable episode. Why? Because it introduced us to Harley Quinn, and look how that turned out.

To all those involved, I would like to say a massive thank you for creating something as timeless as this series is, and a very Happy 25th Birthday.

To anyone who reads this and may not have had the pleasure of this series, I recommend that you do. Trust me, you would not regret it, I certainly don’t.

As a treat, here are those wonderful opening credits, featuring the fantastic music of Danny Elfman. Enjoy.

BLOG: Which Justice League member are you?

The Justice League movie is coming on 16 November 2017, and what better way to go to the movie, than already knowing which member of the league you are most like.

Batman is a loner, he isn’t one for friends but doesn’t need super powers either.  We all saw how he kicked Superman’s ass in Batman vs Superman with no need for super powers right?

Superman is a true old fashioned hero, even if from another planet. He takes his glasses off and nobody knows who he is, and saves the world with his laser eyes and his super strength.  And don’t forget, he can fly!

The Flash is a geek who probably… can’t speak.  You’ll find him gaming on his NES and geeking out in his spare time, but he’s a hero you need with the speed to beat Usain Bolt in any 100m race!

Wonder Woman is a true hero, a guardian of life.  She would fight to save the lives of all living beings.  is this you?

Cyborg is a half man, half computer beast.  His super powers mainly include..well… kicking your ass?

Aquaman is a lord of the waters.  He will help, if he needs to… but don’t take this big guy for granted!

Which Justice League team member are you?  Find out with our short quiz below!

COMPETITION: Launching the DCWorld Cosplay Competition!

Everybody loves a good bit of cosplay. I am sure that all of us have had a photo taken with a cosplayer of our favourite DC character at some point or an other!

Well now is the time to praise the very best, to shower the champions in glory.

If you are a cosplayer, or you want to have a go for the first time, you can enter our competition now, to win a Batman Arkham Knight Funko (provided by and a 5 foot 4 (ish) cut out from the Lego Batman movie!

All you have to do is send us a photo of your best cosplay outfit (DC related of course)to [email protected]  Get them over to us by Friday 8th September, and then our team will judge them.  The best 10 will then get put up to vote by the DCWorld readers, and the people will decide who is the true best cosplayer!

Send your entry to [email protected] including your photo and your twitter handle!  Good luck!

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DCWorld in my community: Hall of Justice

With the Justice League coming into theaters this November, it’s a pretty awesome feeling knowing the Hall of Justice design originated in your own backyard. Seeing the Hall in last season’s Arrowverse crossover event is just the start of seeing the building more in real life than just the cartoon version. And with the movies to come, the iconic building may be finally making its debut on the big screen.

The Hall was inspired by the design of Union Terminal, a train station and museum, in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Opening its doors since 1933, it’s one of the last great train stations and is regarded as one of the most widely known examples of Art Deco style. The rotunda has the largest semi-dome on the western hemisphere measuring 180 feet (55 m) wide and 106 feet (32 m) high.

In 1973, Super Friends was introduced to viewers as a Saturday morning cartoon. The show’s production company Hanna-Barbera, which was owned by the Cincinnati-based Taft Broadcasting company, had the idea to give the superheroes a central base. They sent out cartoonist Al Gumer and Joe Barbera to search the city for ideas. Although, the city has never been fully acknowledged, its mark in pop culture has not been lost.

Currently, Union Terminal is going under extensive repairs. “Crews are using special techniques to save and restore Union Terminal, such as mixing acid with historic mortar to breakdown the proper composition of the 84-year old mortar and then recreate it. Experts are also using dry ice blasting to clean nearly a dozen different types of metals used on the building.” If you would like to make a donation to help support Union Terminal, go to