Arrow Season 6 Premiere – Fallout

Depending on where you are at in the world, there has been plenty of time to get yourself in front of a screen and watch this episode. If you have yet to watch, STOP reading and go watch! It is one to not miss!


I have watched Arrow since the show first aired in 2012. Besides the season premiere when Black Canary (played by Caity Lotz) is killed, this was one of the best opening season episodes! Filled with plenty of action and surprise (not as big as that one, but there were still moments of shock), and enough to show how great the rest of the season will be!

Dead or Alive?

It was nice to quickly have the suspense of who in the team was still around (and some costume changes too), but heartbreaking to know who did not get off Lian Yu (so far). One shocker was Thea. She is found to look dead and with Oliver’s reactions to have found her in the state she is, it seems to be confirmed. But later in the episode we find that she is still alive and has been in a coma the past five months with no change. Black Siren was left for dead after Quentin shoots her while saving Dinah. She quickly goes after the team and takes a prototype weapon made by Curtis. Samantha, William’s mother, is able to find Oliver before dying. She has Oliver promise to be William’s father as she dies in his arms.


The episode brings up a lot about fatherhood. Slade, with the help from Oliver, finds information about his son and is off to Calgary to find him. Oliver helps Renee get another hearing for the custody of his daughter Zoe. And Oliver tries to keep his promise to be a father to William.

One moment in the episode Oliver consoles William after he has a nightmare finding that he blames him for Samantha’s death and not Adrian.  Oliver is clearly heartbroken and doesn’t know how to respond. He later tells William that he is not perfect but no matter what he would keep his promise and be there for him as a father.

Beginning Of Six

This season is sure to bring some curve balls everywhere. With not knowing fully who is alive or dead (Talia al Ghul, Nyssa al Ghul, Evelyn Sharp, and Digger Harkness), there are questions to be answered. Who is the head of the League of Assasins? (Malcom is dead. Who will be taking his place?) What prototype weapon did Black Siren take? And what is going to happen now that Star City has seen a picture of Oliver as the Green Arrow?

Best Moment

I love it went I see a cool effect or stunt. Like the boxing glove arrow, when Oliver takes out what looks like a compact but it’s the bow and it folds out in his hands, and just all the stunts period (love James Bamford and team!) This episode, the beginning has a great action sequence with the team fighting Alex Faust at the pier.  But before the action starts, we see two arrows making their mark and then Green Arrow makes his entrance by coming out of the water like he was paying homage to Aquaman. Couldn’t have asked for anything better than that opening!

Next episode October 19th!



Arrow Pre-Season 6

The fifth season finale of Arrow left fans in a hushed, shocked tone as (SPOILER!) Lian Yu was blown up after Adrian Chase shot himself in front of Oliver and his son William. With EVERYONE on the island, it left fans wondering their real fate.

During the show’s hiatus to when filming for the new season started, fans started getting some hints on who was coming back and who wasn’t. And then they started to make their own predictions.

I, however, like to stay surprised. The only thing I have seen for the new season was the trailer presented at the San Diego Comic Con (which I couldn’t resist). That is it! I follow Arrow on social media from the writers and production staff to the cast members. But as soon as I see something that talks about the upcoming season, I shut the window on my phone. The only things I know are that Slade Wilson, Dinah Drake, and Felicity Smoak are back (I did see something about a wedding??) and that Malcom Merlin is not (even though we only saw the bomb go off like the rest of the island).

I am very excited about the new season due to the name the season was given, Live To Fight Another Day. I look forward to seeing more interaction with Oliver and William, Felicity forgiving Oliver for keeping his son a secret (maybe realizing he did it for William’s protection), the CROSSOVER WEEK(!!!), no more flashbacks (but I think there are some more), and what Slade has in store for this season (friend or foe?).

Arrow Season 6 starts October 12 (now on Thursdays).


DC World interview with Joe Dinicol from Arrow

Here is our second of many exclusive interviews from London Film and Comic Con we got the pleasure of doing over the weekend at the London Olympia. I met with Joe Dinicol of course you may know him from the Arrow TV series and he played the character Ragman. He was really nice and chatty and told of things he likes to do in his own time as well as when he got the part to play Ragman and learning about the character. He also was signing autographs and having photo shoots with fans too.

A Big thank you to Joe too for his time.

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Teen Choice Awards nominees feature DC TV stars!

The Teen Choice Awards is an annual awards show that airs on the Fox television network. The awards honour the year’s biggest achievements in music, film sports, television, fashion and more. All the nominees and winners are voted for the viewers.

The second wave of nominees have been announced. One category in particular stood out and got the twitter universe tweeting, Choice TV Villain ( #ChoiceTVVillain).

Four out of the six nominees were villains from Dc shows:

  • Cory Michael Smith – Gotham
  • Grant Austin – The Flash
  • Josh Segarra – Arrow
  • Terri Hatcher – Sugergirl

I know who I am voting for. How about you?

Here is how you vote:

  • Voting starts on the 12 July 2017
  • Voting ends on the 19 July 2017

On Twitter:

  • Your account has to be public
  • You can vote from anywhere in the world
  • Your tweet must have #ChoiceTVVillain
  • Your chosen full name OR his / her twitter @
  • You can include gifs, pictures or videos
  • You can only vote 10 times a day
  • Retweets count as votes

Cory Michael Smith took to Twitter this evening to thank everyone for loving Nygma and was delighted to be nominated.

Nygma has definitely been a popular growing villain, especially throughout season 2 of Gotham. Ed started working at the Gotham City Police department as forensic scientist, who also was very fond of speaking in riddles. Edwards path of villainy started when he murdered police offer Tom Dougherty who physically harmed his future girlfriend Miss Kristin Kringle. That romance was not to be as Ed took Miss Kringle’s life. As Jim Gordon looked further into the her disappearance, Ed framed Jim for the murder of Strike Force police officer Carl Pinkney. He was later captured and sent to Arkham Asylum.

Edward Nygma was released after six months into his sentence this was made possible by Oswald Cobblepot, who decided he needed Ed to help him run for Mayor of Gotham.

In a twisted fate Edward met and fell in love with Isabella. She too was murdered which had been organised by Oswald Cobblepot. Nygma soon formed an alliance with Barbara Kean, Tabitha Galvan and Butch Gilzean after discovering Oswald was responsible for her death.
As he took Oswald down, Nygma started on his own way in Gotham. He is ready to unleash wrath on Gotham as The Riddler.

Good luck to all the nominees, I am sure the best villain will win….as always.

POLL RESULTS: What you want most in Arrow!

A few days ago we put it to the public to decide what you wanted most in Arrow. It is now that time to discuss the results and show you what the DC World public want most and love from Arrow.

Oliver & Felicity to get married

queen smoak wedding

The first option was for Oliver & Felicity to get married versus the return of Laurel Lance. Surprisingly, a staggering 95% of you would prefer to see Oliver & Felicity get married in Season 6. Looks like wedding should most definitely be on the cards this season!

Deathstroke to return as a series regular


The second gave you the choice between Deathstroke returning as a season regular, or getting his own spin off series.

Again, perhaps surprisingly, 63% of you would prefer to see Deathstroke back as a season regular in the next season of Arrow!

Arsenal to return as a series regular

roy harper

This one gave us the option between Arsenal or Tommy Merlyn returning as a season regular. Of course most of you want Roy Harper back in Team Arrow next season, surely there was no competition! A stonking 74% of you said that you would prefer to see Roy donning the red leather again next season!

Adrian Chase the best all-time villain

adrian chase

This one gave us the option between Deathstroke, Chase, Ra’s Al Ghul and Damien Darhk as the best villain from the shows previous seasons. Chase got a large lead on this one, with a brilliant 62%, with only Deathstroke coming close with 29% of your vote.

Oliver Queen to remain how he is

oliver queen

For years many Arrow fans have groaned and moaned that it is very far from the comic version of the character. Therefore, I was pretty shocked to see that a thrilling 95% of you would prefer to see Queen stay as he is in season 6, rather than move towards a closer version of the comic book character. Amazing!

Felicity Smoak is your favourite Team Arrow character

felicity smoak

This one gave us the option between every member of Team Arrow, but who was your favourite. Felicity won with just under half of the votes at 47%. Arrow came in second with 31% of the vote. Unfortunately nobody else came close, but feel sorry for Wild Dog, Mr Terrific and Ragman, all of whom got no votes at all!

POLL : The contentious issue of Arrow

For many a moon now, Arrow (The TV Show) has been a contentious issue amongst DC Fans. Many of the fans of the TV show love everything about, even the things that don’t follow the narrative of the comics, such as Felicity and Arrow. Others very much don’t see the point in Felicity and would much rather see the story based on the comics with Dina Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen.

Many of us didn’t enjoy the magical side to Season 4, and most of us preferred this season’s villain, Adrian Chase, over the previous, Damien Darhk.

Here at DC World, we want to find out what you feel about Arrow. Which villain was your favourite?, which member of Team Arrow is/was the best? What scenarios would you rather see happen in the future? You can tell us in our first official DC World poll.

We are gathering the opinions of the world of the DC, with our upcoming Hall of Fame being a big part of that.

However, we thought we would start off early, by finding out your opinions on arguably the biggest argument subject amongst DC TV fans right now. Arrow! We can’t wait to see your thoughts!

Wedding Bells Ringing in Season 6 of Arrow for Olicity?

Breaking news from the panels over in Nashville for Heroes and Villains as Stephen Amell says we wont have to wait all season for an Olicity wedding!

Twitter user “Mindy-HVFF TN” has also shared news with us that Oliver Queen is going to have a brand new apartment in Season 6. At HVFF London, Stephen confirmed that Season 6 of Arrow would be based on Family, so could this new apartment be the start of his and Felicity’s family together?

Twitter user, Stacey Owen, asked if David Ramsey could share anything about Season 6, and his response was ‘Do you like weddings?’. This is a massive hint that Oliver and Felicity will be getting married in Season 6!

Another twitter user, ‘Rachel @ HVFF’, states that William (Oliver Queen’s son) will be a very big part of Season 6, as Oliver adjusts to being a father. This is exciting news as Felicity may take on William as her own now that is Mother has possibly died in the explosion at the end of last season.

One more piece of news, as it has also been confirmed as somebody from Season 1 who has not been seen since then is returning in Season 6. Who could this be? Stay tuned to Arrow to find out when it returns to our screens October 12th, 9pm on The CW!

Adrian Chase returning to Arrow next season?

Adrian chase was one of the most loved villains of the Arrowverse, period. When he died many Arrow fans were truly gutted that this villain was gone forever. Or is he?

Josh Segarra, who plays Adrian Chase in Arrow, was due to be attending Heroes and Villains fanfest in Portland this weekend, but has had to pull out due to filming. And he’s not just filming anywhere.

In this video, Josh states that he’s filming in Vancouver, where Arrow just so happens to film, and is also sporting an Arrow t-shirt. It’s highly possible in this case, that Adrian Chase will be returning for the next season of Arrow.

We must also remember that Legends of Tomorrow and Flash both also film in Vancouver so it’s possible that Adrian could be involved in some episodes that go to the past or be the possible big bad of Legends next season!

Exciting times are head for the villains in the arrowverse!

Black Canary: Celebrating 70 years of fish nets, leather…and crying

Do you even cry?

I know a woman who can show you a thing or two.

It’s no secret the Black Canary universe has been altered and evolved in many a way. The DC superheroine Black Canary has come a very long way from her first debut in the 1947 comic of The Flash. The original fish net wearing, motorcycle riding, 5’4, blonde, blue-eyed, American badass. The original crime-fighting bombshell. However, let’s talk the present-day Black Canary, Dinah Laurel Lance who has traded in fish nets for a fiercer all leather, rock star biker look. Safe to say she’s still a fulltime badass.

What does Black Canary bring to the table besides dangerous good looks? As we know, her character and story have evolved throughout the years. Needless to say it was Dinah Laurel Lance’s calling to become the crime-fighting, costume vigilante we know her to be. Born into a family of crime fighters, she was inspired by her fathers’ work as a police officer in Gotham City, and of course true inspiration came from her mother, the original Black Canary. Dinah Laurel Lance was only 19 when she decided to follow in the footsteps of her mother by taking her identity and adopting it as her own. No thanks to trainer Ted Grant (Wildcat) and many other trainers including Wonder Woman (yes, I know, we would all love to see a training session between WW and Black Canary), Dinah is the most skilled martial artist on the planet. Besides martial arts what else can she bring to the table?

Let’s talk about that painfully piercing cry. The Canary Cry. Who knew ‘crying’ could be a superpower! It is believed that the original Black Canary obtained her Canary Cry from the curse of a witch. However, the more recent, younger Black Canary character suggests she obtained the Canary Cry from simply possessing a metagene, which mind you, was absent from both her parents (weird right?). The Canary Cry is an ultrasonic vibration that comes from her mouth whenever she screams, which is powerful enough to stun and damage opponents and objects. Did you know it is able to reach 300 decibels? Powerful enough to destroy Kryptonians. Now there’s an interesting showdown. Just imagine Black Canary Vs Supergirl.

Between the Canary Cry and her incredible martial arts skills, Black Canary prefers to use her martial arts skills when kicking serious butt. However, when it comes to a super villain, you can guarantee she’ll be putting her ultrasonic scream to good use.

Not only is she a strong, independent female vigilante, she’s also a team player. Teaming up with Justice League, Birds of Prey and of course her on/off lover Green Arrow. There is a strong message here and that is she willing to help others in need.

Here’s to 70 years of Black Canary and powerful super heroines, who although are in an alternate universe, continue to inspire us in the real world.


by Mary Jane Estrada

Guess who’s dead – Arrow

Recently it has been announced that Arrow has been signed up for another series. After THAT ending which resulted in a mass explosion on Lian Yu there could be a culling in for season 6 of Arrow. We discuss who expect to see next season and who we think will be a gonner!

Aww he dead!

It has been rumoured that John Barrowman has signed up for Season 6. Unfortunately this could not be the case. He mentioned on Loose Women (ITV, UK) recently that he has enjoyed his time on Arrow but is looking forward to new projects, so we could have seen the last of Malcolm Merlyn.

Evelyn Sharp had been a part of team Arrow at the beginning but ended up a team member of Adrian Chase’s anti-arrow clan. She had seemingly come to the end of her usefulness in the story at the end of Season 5, and therefore, we can’t see her returning in Season 6.

Captain Boomerang was last seen chasing down Malcolm Merlyn, just before he took his foot off the mine that nearly killed Thea. Captain Boomerang is now a part of ‘Suicide Squad’ in the DC cinematic universe, and although we have seen others like Superman in the Flarrowverse, there doesn’t really feel a place for Harkness in it. Unfortunately for us it’s RIP for Captain Boomerang.

Samantha Clayton is the mother of Oliver Queen’s son. Stephen Amell has already given away that the theme of next season is family, so I think the new dilemma for him is going to be his son versus being a vigilante. Samantha could be dead, leaving Oliver as a single father bringing up his son. This could add an interesting dynamic to the show, and Samantha is not really a useful character anyway.

Maybe baby

This might come as a surprise to a lot of you after the ending of Season 5, but I am not 100% convinced that Chase is gone forever. Chase was the best villain of Arrow since Deathstroke and it would be a waste to let him leave after one series. We expect that he could become the big bad in Legends of Tomorrow or be bought back thanks to a time travelling villain speedster?

Curtis is a useful character in arrow but there are a few in the Flarrowverse with similar personalities, for example Ray Palmer and Felicity Smoak to name a few. There are rumours he has signed a new contract so we are likely to see him back, but I don’t think Arrow would be missing much if he was gone – as much as I like the humour he brings to the show.

Stayin’ Alive

I think it’s fair to say that the rest of Team Arrow (Oliver,Diggle, Thea, Lance, Felicity, Rene and Dina)
are likely to live. They are the main protagonists of the show, and with the theme being family next season, there are storylines to explore with all of those characters.

Slade Wilson came back in the final episode of last season and was arguably the strongest character of the episode. The mirakuru has worn off, people are demanding a Deathstroke series on his own and Manu is perfect as Slade Wilson. There could be room for a character who is neither good or bad to play off Oliver, and Deathstroke would be perfect for that.