Posted: September 8, 2019 by Paul Edwards

Review by a massive IT Fan and also DC World Fan, Paul Attwood.

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After watching the film adaption of The Dark Tower which was very disappointing to say the least and a mediocre attempt at Pet Semetery this year i was a little worried that IT Chapter 2 would also fall short. How wrong I was. 

Director Andy Muschietti captured the essence of Stephen Kings 1986 book brilliantly. I am not sure I would say this is the horror film of the century but with plenty of jump scares with Zombies, mummies and other creatures this will certainly give some people nightmares. 

It (Pennywise) prefers the taste of fear. It is able to take many more forms than shown in both the film adaptations, including werewolves, bats, leeches, and sharks, embodying any of a child’s worst fears to break them down. It has the ability to control the minds and actions of people with weaker wills and make them indifferent to the terrible events that unfolded before their eyes. And he is back following a 27 year hibernation

Chapter 2 Set 27 years after Chapter One with the kids who are now adults having to return to Derry to face their fears again. They have forgotten what happened 27 years ago until Mike calls them back to Derry. They all start to remember the past following a great scene in the Chinese restaurant. The adult cast (Bill Hader (Richie), Jessica Chastain (Beverley), James McAvoy (Bill), James Ransone (Eddie), Isaiah Mustafa (Mike) and Jay Ryan (Ben)) was an exceptional choice. They could not have chosen a better group of actors to play the parts. The accents and mannerisms were spot on for each of them. Bill Hader’s Richie was great with a few joke moments thrown in that did make me laugh, but it was Pennywise who stole the show. Bill Skarsgård’s is back as Pennywise the Dancing Clown and will have you cowering behind cushions hiding behind sofas or running from the room crying. 

In many of Stephen Kings films there are links to other films and Chapter 2 is no exception. I did smile when I heard the words “Here’s Johnny”

Without giving to much away the ending was far better than Tim Curry’s 1990 tv adaption which was slightly disappointing. If you have read the book the addition of the Ritual of Chud and fully explaining what Pennywise actually is gave chapter 2 the ending it needed.

For me as a big Stephen King / Pennywise fanatic Chapter 2 certainly blew me away. The cast, story, interaction with their younger selves and some real jump out of your chair moments from that creepy clown will have me talking about this film for months.

IT Chapter 2 is out now in cinemas.

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