Well where do I start?

Being a superman fan and from seeing the first trailer for Brightburn it caught my eye and immediate attention, not only as the trailer was so close to another movie I love but the style and the theme also caught my attention massively, and I’m not usually a horror fan either.

This was a film that was going to be completely different from the start, a child arrives here from another planet so it seems but instead of being good he is evil and this movie did not disappoint.

I absolutely loved it!!

From the opening it was a go and the stories the parents had to keep secret in this town about their young boy who possessed special superpowers was great, reminded me just like superman but if a bad version of him evil landed here. A boy with laser beams, flight, super strength and more but BAD, this was not going to be a fairytale story let me tell you.

The movie was brilliant there was a few jumpy parts and Jaw dropping moments, literally, it showed us what an evil person with super powers was capable of on a small town.
There were many points that reminded me of Man of Steel and even some of the music was so close at times especially when the mum was talking to her son, when you see it you will  know what I mean.

It also showed What parents would go to to protect their child and the repercussions of such.
Brightburn is not your standard cheesy horror flick but actually a higher budget film with great effects and a good storyline too and was actually a good film and I really did enjoy it.

I really hope it gets a sequel especially on other characters teased at the ending. (no spoilers)

We rate Brightburn 8 out of 10.

Brightburn is in Cinemas worldwide now.

Thank you to Sony Pictures UK

Directed by David Yarovesky

Produced by James Gunn

Watch the trailer below…