Last Season on Krypton:

Ian McElhinney as Val-El

The show takes place 200 years before Superman is sent to Earth and Krypton explodes.

This is just the first episode?!

The season begins when Val-El is sentenced to death by Daron-Vex, the Magistrate of the Lawmakers Guild in the city of Kandor. The reasoning behind the sentence is treason. Val-El has found evidence they are not alone in the universe and they are in danger of a being coming to destroy the planet. But no one believes him. He is stripped of his house name along with the rest of his family including Seg and his parents. Val is then executed as his family watches.

Fourteen years later, things have not improved for Seg and his family. They are living in the low parts of Kandor called The Rankless. To help provide money for his family, Seg takes fighting bets at his friend Kem’s bar. Things take a turn though when one morning Seg’s father forgets to take his medicine with him to work at the Military Guild. When Seg gets there, he notices a suicide bomber in the chamber where his father, Magistrate, and the Voice of Rao are. He saves them, only thinking about his father’s safety than his dislike of Rao and the Magistrate.

As a thank you for saving the Voice of Rao and his life, Daron-Vex gives Seg his house name and a binding with his daughter Nyssa. Although Seg has a dislike of the house and the decision he doesn’t have much of a choice but to go along with it. Until Adam Strange makes a visit to him.

Seg-El with the key.

Adam Strange, a time traveler from Detroit, stops Seg and tells him who he is and what he needs to do. “Your grandson becomes the greatest superhero in the universe. You have to save Superman.”  At first Seg doesn’t believe him until Adam hands him a key with the House of El symbol and tells him to find The Fortress just before he vanishes. Seg shares his run in with Adam to his parents and shows them the key. His mother then takes him to The Fortress that was his grandfather’s. Seg realizes everything Adam had said was true and he can’t continue being a Vex.

Things again change for Seg and his family. To get to The Fortress Seg’s mother had to steal a skimmer to get there. When they arrive back at their house, they are soon surrounded by the Sagitari. Seg’s mother then hides him and they arrest her. As she is getting arrested, she pledges her allegiance to Black Zero, a terrorist group against the Kryptonian government. But she only said it to get an audience with the Voice of Rao, Daron-Vex, Jayna-Zod, and other Kryptonians. She proclaims what Val-El had found before he was executed. Things escalated and Daron-Vex demands for her to tell him who else was in the skimmer with her. Before Seg realizes what is going on, his father steps in and says It was him, grabbing one of the guard’s gun. He is shot down by Jayna-Zod, his girlfriend’s mother. Seg’s mother comes to her husband’s body and grabs the gun. Before she can fire, she is also gunned down by Jayna.

Shaun Sipos as Adam Strange

Feeling alone and angry, Seg makes his way back to The Fortress. Adam appears for a second time happy to see Seg took his word. Although, he doesn’t get too far before Seg knocks him down. “My parents are dead because of you!” he tells Adam. But Adam has something to give him some hope. In a bag around his neck he pulls out Superman’s cape. “His name is Kal-El. Emphasis on the El.” But the cape is slowly disappearing. Adam tells Seg about Brainiac and what will happen to Krypton and Superman if they don’t stop him.

The Phantom Zone

What else happens in Season 1?

As season one progresses, Krypton continues to bring surprises and more characters many fans should be interested to see in this show. Although the first season brought many new characters DC fans may not know, others were brought into this world to bring a familiarity to the Superman story: Adam Strange (Justice League member), Doomsday (Death of Superman), General Zod (enemy of Superman and who came from the future to stop Brainiac in the first season), Brainiac (enemy of Superman), and of course (the mention of) Superman. Fans also get a story behind the development of The Phantom Zone and the Zeta Beam, who General Zod’s parents are, how Doomsday came to be, and the Genesis Chamber and Cotex are used from the 2013 movie Man of Steel.


What to expect in Season 2?

A DC character is making his first live-action debut in June. Season 2 is bringing Lobo, a self-centered Czarnian hitman. He is the last of his kind and looks to be stuck in the same place Seg and Brainiac are in from what can be seen in the trailer. Also, from what the last episode showed, Doomsday is just getting started.  

Krypton Season 2 premiers June 12th!