Posted: May 7, 2019 by Erin Marie Durcan

Another great episode in the books for Arrow. Although, it was a great episode a lot of things can’t be said about it. Why? Because there are so many surprises and twists in the episode. And giving spoilers just isn’t fun.

Tommy’s death at the end of Season 1

What can be said is there is another sweet blast from the past surprise: Tommy Merlyn (Chris Donnell) comes back! (And like the others, he has been missed.) The way the story has developed over the past couple of weeks, it was a great way to bring Tommy back into the mix of the Arrow storyline. And remember, Tommy was also in a pile of rubble after a bomb was set in The Glades during in the finale of the first season of Arrow. Oliver found him just before he died. When he passed, Oliver made a vow to become a different person. Will Oliver continue to keep him promise? Or will the pull of ending things with Emiko make Oliver break his promise?

For the writers of the show: what a great homage to Oliver and Tommy’s continuous strong friendship and bond.

Next week’s trailer doesn’t give much away to how this season will end. Seen in the trailer: Black Siren makes an appearance, Oliver tries to have another talk with his sister, Palmer Technologies sign makes an appearance, and Oliver threatens Emiko to kill him. The episode is entitled “You Have Saved This City” which has been changed from “you have failed this city”, a phrase that hasn’t been used in quite some time. Who saves the city? Emiko or Oliver?

With one episode left of this season and then only 10 (heartbreaking)episodes left in the fall, fans should be expecting one heck of a final ride from Team Arrow.

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